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Rafi with Music Composers – Part 2

This article is by Mr. Anmol Singh.

Rafi with Ravi

Ravishankar Sharma known as Ravi originally hails from Mathura. Ravi is the son of a temple priest. Earlier an assistant to Hemant Kumar later became a full-fledged music composer. Ravi who has been instrumental in promoting Mahendra Kapoor, choices none other than Rafi Saab to render title song “Waqt Se Din Aur Raat” based on Raag Bhairavi for the film ‘Waqt’.
Who can forget the evergreen mind blowing Ghazals like “Chaudvi Ka Chand” based on Raag Pahadi, “Ye Wadiya Ye fizayen” based on Raag Pahadi, “Door Rah Kar No Karo Baat”, “Husn Wale Tera Jawab”, “Cho Lene Do Nazuk”, “Aa Lag Ja Gale Dilruba”, “Jaane Bahaar Husn Tera” based on Raag Malkauns, “Kis Tarah Jeete Hein”, “Ye Sham Ki Tanhaiyan” based on Raag Shuddha Kalyan, “Yeh Zulf Agar Khulke” render by Rafi Saab for Ravi. In the last song Rafi Saab provides a twist every time he sings the word “Achaa”.
Some of the Sad solos composed by Ravi are also unforgettable viz. “Bhari Duniya Mein Aakhir” based on Raag Bhairavi, “Raha Gardishon Mein Hardam” based on Raag Darbari Kanada, “Is Bhari Duniya Mein” based on Raag Bhairavi, “Zindagi Kya Hai”, “Mili Khak Me Mohabbat”, “Baazi Kisi Ne Pyar Ke Jeeti”, etc. The film ‘Neel Kamal’ is remembered for two songs. In the song “Tujh Ko Pukare Mera” based on Raag Pahadi, Rafi Saab provides a haunting touch for the word “Aaja”. No voice can describe a wandering soul so well. Another song “Babul Ki Duwane Leti Jaa” describes Rafi Saab as the most loving Father in the world. Coming back to the wandering soul theory, there is another hunting classic composed by Ravi, “Sau Baar Janam Lenge”. Here Ravi uses Raag Kaushik Kanada. Rafi Saab sings with great feeling and perfection.

No marriage in India is complete without the song “Aaj Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi”. If there are songs for beggars like “Gharibon Ki Suno” based on Raag Bhairavi, “Olaad Waloon Phulo Phalo” again Rafi does full justice to the character. Being the son of a priest gave an advantage to Ravi for composing some of the best devotional songs or Bhagans of all times. Asha Bhosale has sung many devotional songs for Ravi. Rafi Saab has also contributed equally; but the most memorable is the one from film ‘Khandan’, “Badi Der Bhai Nandalala”, truly remarkable.

A Tribute from Ravi
“Rafi sang more for me than any other male singer did, and all our songs together were super-hits, whether it was ‘Iss bhari duniya mein…’, ‘Chaudhvin ka chand…’, ‘Sau baar janam lenge…’ or those two cult songs without which no marriage ceremony is complete even today – ‘Aaj mere yaar ki shaadi hai…'(Aadmi Sadak Ka) or ‘Babul ki duaen leti jaa…’ (Neel Kamal). At every Idd he would send mutton and sevaiyan to my house. Some years later he came to know that I was a strict vegetarian! He asked me why I have never told him this and I said that I did not want to turn back the cherished tokens of his love for me, and that I would pass the mutton over to my musicians! He would embrace me every time he loved one of my songs.”

Rafi with Madan Mohan

A man from Army joins the All India Radio, Lucknow and later has the honor to become the Shagird (Student) of Legendary Ustad Fayyaz Khan and Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, which makes him one of the greatest Ghazal composer of all times. Lata calls him “Ghazal Ka Shehzada” till date. He is none other than music composer Madan Mohan. Madan Mohan was an assistant to Dada Burman in his earlier part of his career.
Rafi Saab had the privilege to sing the some the most classic Ghazals for Madan Mohan. To name a few “Aapke Pehelu Mein Aakar”, “Chirag Dil Ka Jalavo”, “Rang Aur Noor Ki Baraat” based on Raag Puria Dhanashri, “Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho”, “Kabhi Na Kabhi”, “Mein Yeh Soch Kar Uske Dar”, “Tu Mere Saamne Hai”, “Teri Ankho Ke Siwa Duniya” based on Raag Jhinjhoti, “Mein Nigahen Tere Chehre Se” based on Raag Darbari Kanada, “Tujhe Kya Sunayu Mein Dil Ruba”, “Tumhari Zulf Ke Saaye”, “Do Ghadi Wo Jo Paas Aa”, “Hamsafar Saath Apna Chhod” based on Raag Gara, “Yun Rootho Na Hassena”, etc.

Being an Army man in the initial part his career made him compose the best patriotic songs, where he could put extra life into it. The song “Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan” is a landmark in Indian music, which would enlighten our spirit and make us feel proud to be an Indian. Madan Mohan choices none order than Rafi Saab to give a master performance. The soldiers who protect our borders so that we can sleep in peace, it is only Madan Mohan who can understand their feelings and sorrows for being away from their family. The song “Hoke Majboor Mujeh Usne” is tribute to all our soldiers sung by Rafi, Talat, Manna Dey and Bhupindar. There are many such masterpieces Madan Mohan has composed. “Hindustan Ki Kasam” is another example.

Belonging to Punjab, Madan Mohan has contributed to Punjabi folk composition also. This can be seen from the song “Yeh Manna Meri Jaan” from ‘Hanste Zakham’; Madan Mohan uses Punjabi folk singer Balbir along with Rafi to give a master performance. The unique aspect about this song is, that it’s a Qawwali mixed with Bangra drumbeats of Punjabi folk music. Another film, which portrays the Punjabi culture, very well is ‘Heer Ranjha’. In “Yeh Duniya Yeh Mehfil” Madan Mohan provides a Sufiana touch where Rafi Saab does full justice. Another song “Meri Duniya Mein” based on Raag Kalyan / Yaman is a duet sang by Lata & Rafi almost music less, which appears more like a conversation between two lovers, but actually both are singing. Full marks to Madan Mohan. Though Madan Mohan was labeled as a ‘Ghazal Composer’, but pratically speaking he had the capability to compose any type of song. There is one devotional number sung by Rafi Saab, “Basti Basti Parabat Parabat” based on Raag Darbari Kanada.
Madan uses Rafi in ‘Laila Majnu’ and ‘Mausam’ in the mid 70s. Songs “Tere Dar Pe Aaya Hoon” based on Raag Jhinjhoti, “Barbad-E-Mohabbat Ki Dua” and a duet with Lata “Es Reshmi Pajeb Ki Jhankar” and “Chadi Re Chadi Kaisi Gale ”. For the duet with Lata in Laila Majnu, Madan Mohan apart from S D Burman also uses Rafi for high scale operation compared to Lata. Madan Mohan did not live to see the musical success of these two films. Jaidev completed the music for ‘Laila Majnu’ after Madan Mohan’s death in July 1975.

Madan Mohan could win many film fare nominations but did not receive an award in his entire career. But he was honored with a National Award for his unforgettable compositions for the film ‘Dastak’. It was a totally offbeat film. But the songs sung by Lata are excellent, perhaps could be rated as one of her best performances under Madan Mohan. Rafi Saab has delivered one solo in the same film “Tumse Kahoon Ek Baat”. Here for the words ‘Halke Halke’ again Rafi Saab provides a hunting effect.

Rafi with Roshan

If we talk about the Seventh Wonder of the World, “The Taj Mahal” we remember the legendry composer Roshan Lal Nagrath popularly known as Roshan. Roshan hales from Gujranwala, Punjab. The songs “Jo Waada Kiya” based on Raag Pahadi, “Paon Chu Lene Do Phoolon”, “Jo Baat Tujh Mein Hai” for the film Taj Mahal rendered by Rafi Saab and Lata Ji are a tribute the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan & Mumtaz Mahal and to all the lovers world wide.
If we talk about most beautiful actress of all times “Madhubala”; there only one song “Zindagi Bhar Nahin” from the film ‘Barsaat Ki Raat’ which describes her beauty the best. Roshan selects Rafi Saab to sing the classic composition using Raag Kalyan / Yaman. There is another Ghazal “Mein Ne Shayad Tumeh” based on Raag Pilu, where Rafi Saab operates between low and high scale effortlessly. In a Qawali from the same film “Yeh Ishq Ishq Hai”, Rafi Saabs makes a late entry in style surpasses every one. There is another classic Qawwali, “Na To Caravan Ki Talash” based on Raag Kalavati, sung by Rafi Saab along with Manna Dey. Both singers are too good here and sing with great control incorporated with many twists & turns.

The song from film ‘Chitralekha’, “Mann Re Tu Kahe Na Dhir Dhare” is another landmark in Indian music based on Raag Kalyan / Yaman. Rafi is excellent here. Rafi Saab has sung many classic solos for Roshan, “Dil Jo Na Keh Saka” based on Raag Yaman, “Hum Intezaar Karenge”, “Mile Na Phool To Kanto Se”, “Aapne Yaad Dilaya”, “Ab Kya Misaal Doon” based on Raag Khammaj, “Mehefil Se Ut Jaane Walon” & duets with Lata, “Rahen Na Rahen Hum” based on Raag Pahadi, “In Hawaoon Mein Akele Na Phiro”, etc.

Rafi with Salil Chowdhary

Mukesh was the favorite singer of Salil Chowdhary. Rafi has sung few everlasting songs for Salil. In ‘Do Bhigaa Zamin’ there is a great number – “Ajab Tori Duniya Ho More Raama”. For ‘Madhumati’ a high pitch solo “Toote Huve Khwabon Mein” based on Raag Darbari Kanada, no one other than Rafi could do justice. From Dev Anand starred ‘Maya’ two songs are remembered till date “Koi Sone Ke Dil Wala” & the duet with Lata, “Tasveer Tere Dil Mein”. Being a Bengali it is indeed amazing that Salil Chowdary could compose a song based on Punjabi Folk, “Mein Koyi Jhoot Boleya” from the film ‘Jaagte Raho’. Again Balbir joins Rafi here. Prem Dhawan writes excellent lyrics speaking the reality of the system, presented in a comical form.

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31 Blog Comments to “Rafi with Music Composers – Part 2”

  1. Kapil says:

    Ravi was a mind blowing composer, his output primarily in 60’s was superb, beyond any doubt, Rafi Sahab rendered divine numbers this composer.

    Songs from the movies like “Kajal” , “NeelKamal” ,”Chaudvi ka Chand” etc are still highly irresistible, can’t get enough out of them really ..

    Few of my favorite songs from this composer, with Rafi Sahab, are:

    Raha gardishon mein hurdum, mere ishq ka sitara

    Ye zulf agar khulke bikhar jaye to

    Chhu lene do nazuk hoton ko

    Aapke pas jo aayega, pighal jayega

    Na jhatko zulf se paani

    Aaja .. tujhko pukare mera pyar

    Yamma Yamma Yamma .. tu parwana main shama .. duet with Asha

    Badi der bhai nand lala

    Sau baar janam lenge, sau baar fana honge — Haunting melody

    and the list goes on and on


  2. Haseeb says:

    Can u plz provide the Main Yeh Sochkar (Haqeeqat) song sung by Great Rafi Sahab

  3. mohanflora says:

    Remembering Mohd. Rafi – A Tribute by Sailesh Ganesh at 3.24am
    Yesterday (July 31) was the twenty sixth death anniversery of Mohammad Rafi, who, in my opinion, is the greatest (male) singer of the hindi film industry. Rafisaab had a deep and melodious voice over which he had such control that he could sing just about any type of song. The genius of Rafi lies in the fact that he could make just about any song seem easy to sing. Perhaps no greater proof of his genuis can be found than the fact that Madan Mohan (of whom it was said that while the rest composed for the masses, Madan Mohan composed for the classes!) almost always preferred Rafi’s voice for the male singer because only he could have done justice to his compositions.

    In rememberence, I initially decided to list my ten most favourite songs of Rafi, but it was a damned difficult choice even with separate listings for solo and non-solo songs. Hence I have taken the easy way out and simply listed only those songs where Rafi sings for Madan Mohan! (Why Madan Mohan? Because he was the most brilliant of all music directors.)

    1) Aakhri geet mohabbat ka suna loon toh chaloon

    2) Aapke pehloo mein aakar ro diye

    3) Baad muddat ki yeh ghadi aayi (with Suman Kalyanpur)

    4) Main nigaahen tere chehre se hataaon kaise

    5) Main yeh sochkar uske dar se uthaa tha

    6) Meri duniya mein tum aaye (with Lata Mangeshkar)

    7) Rang aur noor ki baarat kise pesh karu

    8) Tu mere saamne hai

    9) Tujhe kya sunaaon main dilruba

    10) Tum jo mil gaye ho

  4. mohanflora says:

    Listen to the great songs of the Rafi-MadanMohan team here !

  5. mohanflora says:

    Dear Naraayansir,
    You are right -it was the loss of Salil,Biswas and RDB of not using Rafisaab more. It did not make difference to him but using him more could have added to the repertoire of the above mentioned MDs.Madan Mohan believed in Rafi and even when Rafi was going through a low, he used him in Laila Majnu which brought Rafisaab back to the top. Please enjoy the following and other great songs from the film:

  6. kalyani says:

    superb work Anmol and nice comments

  7. Anmol Singh says:

    Dear Nair,

    LP and R D Burman are in the next part. Perhaps the write up for LP is the longest.

  8. Nair says:

    Dear Unknown!

    Let’s enjoy that magic……….also the wonderful articles given to us by Anmol Singh, Mohan Flora, Venkatadri, Sunil Handa and many others. You are a true fan of Rafi Sahab, no doubt about that. Had Kishore Kumar seen the way in which some of his fans degrade Rafi, he himself would have asked them to shut up and said “I am a Rafi fan”.

    Anmol, I am awaiting for the part on Laxmikanth-Pyarelal.

  9. unknow1 says:

    Sir Nair,
    You r right,I will try to not say anythink bad about any singer,
    but Sir Nair i don’t know why I become crazy when some one say bad thing about Mohd Rafi or say that this singer is better than Mohd Rafi,I think that is the magic of Mohd Rafi voice but I will try my best.

  10. Nair says:

    Dear Unknown!

    I got your point regarding Teri Bindiya re.

    By the way, do you feel that we the fans of Mohammed Rafi the Great need to argue his greatness with blockheads, with whom you confront almost daily in a neighboring forum of substandard quality? You must be remembering that we viewed those foolish trespassers into our site with aversion and disdain.

  11. unknow1 says:

    I don’t understant why few people say that Kishore was a brilliant Singer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????I agree that he was good singer only and good actor.Also some said that Mohd rafi was workless!!!!!!!and said that KK was NO 1 after giving one hit film!!!!!!!!!!
    who said that please listen to Mohd rafi songs from 1970 to 1975

  12. unknow1 says:

    Sir Anmol,
    I know that “Teri Bindya Re’ but when u see the film this songs is not sing by Bachchan as a playback singer in recod room as KK songs in the film.

  13. Anmol Singh says:

    Dear Sagar,

    Thanks for the appreciation.

  14. Anmol Singh says:

    Dear Unknow1,

    SD used Rafi along with Lata in the song ‘Teri Bindya Re’.

  15. unknow1 says:

    Dear fans
    Do u know why SD used KK not Mohd Rafi in film Abhimaa?
    because no way that Mohd Rafi will lose from Lata as kk lost in the film,

  16. Sagar says:

    Dear Anmol Sir,

    I have no words to explain the hard work u have put in !!!

    This is just DA BEST !!!!!!!



  17. Anmol Singh says:

    Dear Mehtab,

    Thanks for your views. I agree that Kishore was a brilliant Singer, he sang his best songs when Rafi was there. In order words Rafi’s present gave him competition to perform better and better. Once Rafi was gone, Kishore sang very few melodious songs in 80s. The few good ones he sang were no where near to what he sang in the early 70s. Rafi’s present had maintained an equilibrum in music in the detoriating standards of late 70s. Possibly I believe Rafi should have been there for next 5 years, melody could have not suffered so severly.

  18. Anmol Singh says:

    A tribute from Sanjeev Kohli (Son of Madan Mohan)

    ” Whenever we asked him to pose with the harmonium for a photograph, he would play and sing the song ‘tumhari zulf key saaye mein’ from Naunihal and keep telling me that this was his favourite and why it was such a brilliant composition. It was my first encounter at being told by somebody I worshipped, that my father was way above the others. He also told me that MM had given him a new lease of life with Laila Majnu.

    “At the time, everybody, including the hero of the film, wanted Kishore Kumar to be the male lead singer for the film. Rafi Saheb was not at the peak of his performing career, yet my father put his foot down, adamant that only Rafi should sing the songs or he would leave the film.. Of course, after Laila Majnu, Rafi became Rishi Kapoor’s voice in films like Karz., Amar Akbar Anthony, etc., etc”…

  19. mehtab says:

    Anmol Singh ji,
    You have really a magic in your views. The fans of Rafi Sahib are thankful to you Sir. I ‘ve come to know from your interactions at this website that still there is an ‘Anti-Rafi Lobby’ active in the Indian film industry. Shame on that lobby! I want to say that so-called lobby that the name of Mohd. Rafi and his songs are immortal, their efforts would not bear any fruit. The awakened, wise & innocent public of this planet knows every fact about the immense contribution of Rafi Sahib. Rafi Sahib had so much musical stamina that none other male or female singer could access his talent. That is why, Rafi Sahib can never be imitated. He can be recalled only through his thousands of immortal songs. All the songs of Rafi Sahib are like gems which are shining like stars in the night. None other singer can reach those stars. I am not downplaying today’s star singers. They might have records in their credit. In this regard my plea to the above-mentioned so-called lobby is that the public knows everything, so they should desist their every move. Rafi Sahib had such a ‘Midas touch’ in his voice that he made every lyrics, actor, film a super-duper hit. He sang every type of song like Hindus’ Bhajan, Sikhs’ Shabad, Masihi Song, Muslims’ Naat, Sufiana Kalam, Qawaalis, Romantic numbers, Sad Songs, Jazz ones etc. ; with equal devotion. Kishore Kumar ji had also a great regard for Rafi Sahib, that is why he easily got ready to move his lips upon the songs of Rafi Sahib in the Films like Ragini (Man Mora Bawra) & Shararat. Similarly Talat Mehmood also acted upon Rafi Sahib’s “Hai Kali kali ke lab par” (Lala Rukh) with pride, because he knew the reality of that legendary singer i.e. Rafi Sahib. The melodious sweetness, innocence & greatness of Rafi Sahib’s voice attracts everyone automatically. The ‘so-called lobby’ would always be helpless in this regard. The deadly fans of Rafi Sahib can never be discouraged in such type of constructive competition. Rafi Sahib was great and is still great. He still excels the other singers in the Farmayeshi or Phone-in Programmes of Radio & TV. Hundreds of films were released after the death of Rafi Sahib, which had the pride of his earlier recorded songs. None other singer had such a record in his or her favour. The so-called lobby will definitely reach its tragic end. The reality will surely win.—- MEHTAB-UD-DIN, Chandigarh (India).

  20. unknow1 says:

    Dear friends
    don’t forget song”Aadmi Musaphir Hae (1978)”because this song singed by Amit Kummar at Zee TV and people said him sing it again but he can’t

  21. Nair says:

    Thank you Mohan Flora! The article in the link is a well-written one. Rafi Sahab’s voice has many acoustical features which are of interest for researchers.

  22. Anmol Singh says:

    Dear Mohan,

    Thanks for the information on Ravi’s other compositions sung by Rafi Saab.

  23. Anmol Singh says:

    Dear Venkat_brahma,

    I recall the interview with Ravi in ‘Jay Mala’. Ravi indeed mention the despite the miss understanding with the BR films banner, I will convience Rafi Saab for singing the title song for Waqt. Then he mentioned about the song ‘Babul Ki Duwayen Leti Jaa’, in Rafi Saab becomes emotional, due to his daughter’s wedding. Ravi said to himself ‘Bhai Koi Galati Ho Gai’, later he learnt about the fact.

    Regarding Mahendra Kapoor Ravi has carried out remarkable compositions under the BR films banner, where Mahendra Kapoor won 2 film fare awards in 60s. After Rafi Saab’s death Ravi’s contribution to Mahendra K’s success continued through films like ‘Nikaah’, ‘Aja Ki Awaaz’ and later through a TV serial ‘Bahadur Shah Zafar’ played by Ashok Kumar.

  24. mohanflora says:

    Hi guys!
    What about the peeyakar song “Jungle mein mor nacha kisine na dekha”
    sung by Rafi so perfectly for Johny Walker in Madhumati(music Salilda).For many years I thought it was sung by Johny himself! The jazzy orchestration and Rafi’s nuances along with the hiccups made for great hearing.

  25. mohanflora says:

    Dear Anmol,nair ,unknown,kalyani and other great fans,

    While browsing the site I came adross an article written by Raghav and he has best summed up the voice quality of Rafisaab and I agree with him fully. Some of the qualities he states are as follows:

    “Mohd Rafi was a great singer, unparalleled, and there can never be another Rafi. I have been a great fan of Rafi and I have always loved to enjoy his songs, analyze them and appreciate them all the more.
    Rafi had 4 unique qualities:
    Quality of voice
    Voice differentiation
    Ability of expression
    Mastery of late entry
    which are unique to Rafi and Rafi alone.

    Rafi perhaps was the only singer with this rare capability of smooth ascent and descent with such a short runway, his voice was the equivalent technology of V-TOL (vertical take-off & landing) and S-ToL of modern day high-tech Harrier jets!

    Rafi even had a different style for MD,s. Rafi’s voice had subtle difference for Naushad, O.P.Nayyar, S.J, and Madan Mohan, SD Burman.

    Another great quality of Rafi was his superb late entry which was as enthralling as GR Vishwanath’s late cuts in his prime!

    Rafi used to enter the song halfway through, very coolly, very surreptitiously and suddenly capture the center-stage, which used to get the other singer/s clean bowled!”

    For full article please click

    What are your views,please?

  26. unknow1 says:

    Dear fans as u know that there was and there is anti-Rafi lobby because as u know that KK became super star with Rajesh Khanna in one film and in the same film the best songs was singed by Mohd Rafi,How is RD?where is the Naushand Ali,SJ,LP,MAdan Mohan,Ravi and many more but they put RD the best?!!!!!!!!!!
    film like Amaanat who else can sing these songs and many more hit in 70,s but there is Anti-Rafi lobby, if it is not(Anti rafi lobby)Lata never got Bharat Ratna award before Mohd rafi.

  27. mohanflora says:

    Ravi has recently said that he was in awe of Rafi. Why not? That great rock’n roll anthem of the Roadside Romeos and trendsetter of the sixties sung so tantalisingly by Rafi ” Bar bar dekho, hazaar bar dekho” film China Town was composed by Ravi and brought him films by the dozens.All five songs songs sung by Rafisaab from the film “Amaanat” like “Door rehkar na karo baat”, “Matlab nikal gaya to pehchan te nahin”, “Teri jawani tapta mahina” etc. were big radio hits. The film songs were released sometime around 1973(the film -a delayed project-finally released in 1977) and were regularly requested by listeners in the radio programmes of that Rajesh Khanna -KK era.In fact we had an overdose!
    Another marriage song by the duo very popular among band bajas is the “Ghori par hoke sawar chala hai dulha yaar” from Ghulam Begum aur Badshah(1973)

  28. Nair says:

    It would be unfair, if I fail to mention Ravi’s Malayalam compositions such as those for Panchagni, Nakhakshatangal, and Sargam in the voice of Sri Yesudas – a big Rafian hmself.

  29. Nair says:

    Ravi’s is a kind of music that has a strong aesthetic appeal. It touches the soul and has the power to lift us out of the ordinary, to elevate our experience beyond the everyday and the commonplace. His love for soft ragas like Malkos and Shudha Kalyan exemplifies this. If this capability of Ravi is fastened with Rafi Sahab’s power to unpack the structured complexities of the song and pass on to the listener, Ravi-Rafi combination produces a therapeutic effect on the listener. Many Rafians can endorse that such experiences are powerfully insightful.

    Nair/Tim (listening to Door Rahkar Na Karo Baat)

  30. mohanflora says:

    It was Rafi who took a young Mahendra Kapoor to BR Chopra’s house, as the film maker recalled in an interview to Times FM (Radio Mirchi in its new avatar), recommending him to the film maker. So, to some extent, Chopra’s success with Mahendra Kapoor is due to Rafi. And to add, even for Dastaan, the pivotal and the most popular song, “Na tu zameen ke liye”, was rendered by Rafi, impeccably as usual.”

  31. venkat_brahma says:

    Anmol Ji,

    As usual, a nice, analytical piece!

    However, based on a long interview with Ravi by Vividhbharati, I wish to say asfollows:

    Ravi was constrained to go in for M Kapoor mostly only in BR Chopra films because of a certain misunderstsndings that occurred between BRC and Rafi Saab, at one time. Ravi also says that he had pleaded/convinced both parties to make that “Waqt ki Kal Aur Aaj” song happen!


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