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Rafi Sahab sang many landmark songs as offbeat songs which became super hit

By: Dr Souvik Chatterji (Associate Professor in Law and Head of Department, JIS University, Kolkata)

Mohd Rafi

Rafi Sahab is remembered all over the world on his birth anniversary on 24th December, 2021. He had remained an inspiration for numerous singers all over the world. While he received filmfare for best male playback singer 6 times, there were many more songs in which he deserved the filmfare award.

There were some songs which were considered off-beat songs but due to excellence of Rafi Sahab those songs ended up being super hit songs.

In Raj Kapoor sahab’s film Main Nashe Me Hoon, Rafi Sahab’s song “lo khoon se khoon juda hua” which was the theme song of the film. It was picturised on Nasir Hussain sahab’s role which played the grandfather of Raj Kapoor sahib. It was composed by Shankar Jaikishan Sahab and became smash hit in 1959.

In Sunil Dutt’s film Nartaki Rafi Sahab’s song “zindagi ke safar me akele the hum” became smash hit in 1963. Nandaji acted opposite Sunil Dutt Sahab. Ravi Shankar Sharmaji composed the music.

In Dharmender’s film Akashdeep, Rafi Sahab’s song “mujhe dard e dil ka pata na tha” opposite Nandaji was an offbeat song which became super hit. Chitraguptji composed the music.

In film Chailababu, Rafisahab’s song “tere pyar ne mujhe gham diya tere gham ka umra daraaz ho” became super hit composed by Laxmikant Pyarellalji. It was first song of the duo but the film was released in 1967 after Dosti and Parasmani.

Sunil Dutt and Rafi Sahab
Sunil Dutt and Rafi Sahab

In Sunil Dutt Meena Kumariji film Ghazal Rafi Sahab’s duet song with Suman Kalyanpurji “mujhe yeh phool na de” became super hit. It was composed by Madanmohan sahib in 1964.

In Rajender Kumar’s film Palki, Rafisahab’s duet song with Suman Kalyanpurji in ghazal Andazdil e betaab ko seene se lagana hoga” became smash hit in 1967. It was composed by Naushad Ali Sahab.

In Ajitsahab’s film Shikari opposite Raginiji in 1963, Rafisahab’s song “chaman ke phool bhi tujhko” became super hit. GS Kohli sahib composed the music of the film.

In Shashi Kapoor Raginiji film Yeh Dil Kisko Doon in 1963 Rafi Sahab’s duet song with Ashaji “kitni haseen ho tum” became super hit. It was composed by Iqbal Qureshi sahib.

In Sanjeev Kumarji Rehana Sultanaji film Dastak, Rafi Sahab song “tumse kahoon ek baat” became super hit in 1970. Madanmohan Kohlisahab composed the music and incidentally got national award for the film.

In Jeetenderji Mala Sinhaji film Mere Huzoor, Shankar Jaikishan sahib composed qawalli andaz song for Rafi sahib and Lataji “kya kya na sahe humne sitam aap ki khatir”. It became bumper hit in 1967.

In Biswajeet Sharmilaji film Yeh Raat Phir Na Ayegi Rafisahab’s song “aap se maine meri jaan muhabbat ki hai” became bumper hit. It was written by SH Bihari sahib composed by OP Nayyar sahib and released in 1966.

In Pradip Kumar Meena Kumariji’s film Noorjahan, Rafisahab and Ashaji’s duet song “aap jab se kareeb aye hai” became super hit. It was a historical film composed by Roshanlal Nagrath sahib and released in 1967.

In Raj Kumar Meena Kumariji film Kajal, Rafisahab song “yeh zulf agar khulke bikhar jaye to accha ho” became super hit. Ravi Shankar Sharmaji composed the music and it was released in 1967.

In Raj Kumar Biswajeet Kumud Chugani film Vaasna in 1968, Rafisahab sang a landmark song in intoxicating andaz titled “aaj is darja pila do kena kuch yaad rahe” became bumper hit.  Chitragupt Srivastavaji composed the music of the film.

In Kanwaljitji Pradeep Kumarji film Shankar Hussain, Rafisahab song “kahin ek masoom si ladki” composed by Mohammad Zahoori Khayyamji became super hit in 1976.

Rafi Sahab never had any lean period. Right from Dilip Kumar to Rajender Kumar, Dharmender to Jeetender, Rishi Kapoor to Sanjeev Kumar, majority of stars were indebted to landmark songs of Rafi Sahab. The films and songs require restoration.

Dr Souvik Chatterji, the author of this article
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4 Blog Comments to “Rafi Sahab sang many landmark songs as offbeat songs which became super hit”

  1. Dr Souvik Chatterji says:

    Thanks Vasudevanji Murtyji Rangnathanji merry Christmas happy new year. Rafisahab live in our hearts and will live for ever.

  2. R Vasudevan says:

    Yes, well worded write up.
    Rafi always lives in our heart and I don’t go to sleep
    any day without hearing his song. A voice that has become a part of us.

  3. A S MURTY says:

    Excellent write up Souvik ji. Good to read your posts.

  4. N.G.Ramaswamy says:

    Beautiful Souvikji. Kudos to you for this write up.

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