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Rafi Sahab Jinki Aawaaz Bane…

Shared by Saiyed Farooq Jamal

Read what Shammi Kapoor, Johnny Walker, Dilip Kumar, Devanand, Dharmendra, Jeetendra, Kishore Kumar and Rajesh Khanna have to say about Rafi Sahab. The language in the graphic is Hindi. For the benefit of fans who do not understand Hindi, I request some of our Hindi knowing fans can translate these in their comments.

What filmstars have to say about Mohd Rafi

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20 Blog Comments to “Rafi Sahab Jinki Aawaaz Bane…”

  1. shammi says:

    I would have loved an english translation on this article. I have lots of respect for the actors who stood by Mohd Rafi the legend of ALL legends in his hard times. Especially, music directors who lets face it know their subject better than famous stars and a lot of them refused to budge and continued to use Mohd Rafi despite some of the idiotic stars determination and insistance for Kishore Kumar, these are the films that lost out big time on the musical score and are probably forgotten now anyway. I have to say my favourite stars who stood by Mohd Rafi has to be Shammi Kapoor, Raaj Kumar and the gorgeous Dharmendra who for most women like myself will always be the most handsome man of bollywood and to complete the whole image who better than Mohd Rafi to provide the beautiful voice for his image and character.

  2. Uzair says:

    someone please translate this

  3. murad says:

    can somebody translate this?

  4. Ali says:

    Rajesh Khanna!!? Once when kishore replaced by mohd rafi clone The singer Anwer so he said the feeling which given by Anwer ji even mohd rafi can’t, so mohd rafi not there because back to God but there was kishore so why not sang by him!!
    When Dilip kumar stop using mohd rafi he lost his place but when mr bachchan stop using kishore da so mohd rafi clone toke the place and the loser was kishore da not mr bachchan but in mohd rafi case who stop to use mohd rafi they lost there place one other name is super star of 1960’s Dev ji, also rd lost his place and rd back to mohd rafi and his last music hit was film Shaan………

  5. Ali says:

    There was a game played in 1970’s but who can stop sun to rise to the earth, all bollywood were in one side but only one man alone he showed to the world that who made by God not be compare with human made, mohd rafi was god gift to music world but music world became selfish so God toke his gift back where we will not able back him again to his earth. we have to learn from this man what is mean to be a god human. When we r honest in our work we got support from super power who made us so mohd rafi was got support from that super powe (God) so still he is number one singer.we miss him more than any one else even from our lost family members.

  6. Raj says:

    Rafida i am not able to express my fellings in word.

  7. Jae-Bee says:

    post 8 – Mr. Binu nair jee
    you are mistaking the song from Haathi Mere saathi, where after so many takes kk finally asked md lp to get their favourite singer to sing Nafret ki duniya.. for the song from Maryada refer to post -No. 9 By the time Pratigya was being filmed rafi sahab was back in the game. Even during rajesh and amitabh’s hey day, Dharmendra had a solid following and was in the top lead, and could have easily insisted in using rafi sahab if not for all atleast half the songs in his movies eg. jugnu, black mail, kahani kismet ki etc. If Rajedra kumar can convince Naushad to use rafi sahab instead of Talat, in Palki why can’t dharmendra? and if it is the call of Producer only to choose singers regardless of the md’s choice or favourites then why didn’t shammi kapoor choose rafi sahab for Manoranjan. To make it short I stand by my earlier comment that among actors only Jaani(raaj kumar) sahab was faithfull to our rafi sahab. please don’t get me wrong I am not bad mouthing my favourtie actors in order: Shammi, Shashi, Dharam, Dilip, Johnny.

  8. madan says:

    Rafi for kishore – film PYAAR DEEWANA- apni adat hai sabko salaam karna, husnwalon ko jhuk kar salaam karna, kya khabar thi ke aap bura maanenge – heroine – mumtaz

    Sufi song- Pavitra paapi- alla re alla kar pyare bahi alla re alla, thandi aahen na bhar pyaar na, bhar puyaare na, allah re allah.

    For nAvin Nischol- Tum jo mil gaye ho, to ye lagta hai

  9. Rumman says:

    Check this song … Kishor Kumar Kumkum duet sung by Rafi-Sumon

  10. Ali says:

    We can say many things about songs but one thing we all agree that mohd rafi was able to sing any song when other singers not, Rajesh k used mohd rafi only for around 20 songs and mr Bachchan only around 16 and they are super star of 1970’s both, mohd rafi gave both super hit songs I can say more than 90% songs were super hit from total of 36 songs for both actors.

  11. jasbir singh zando says:

    post 8,actually the song mohabbat ke suhane din…..from film maryada was picturised on raj kumar,sung by rafisaab…no on rajesh khanna….while in case of wade tera wada…..kk(he knew his limitations that was why he always advised mds to call guru–rafisaab) was forced by rajesh khanna to sing despite his strong refusal becoz of classical turns n quawali…

  12. Binu Nair says:

    Post 7.. Jay-Bee..

    According to Pyarelal Bhai, KK refused to sing : waada tera waada and had to be cajoled. KK had reportedly said : give this to mohd rafi saaheb.
    then in one recording, kk walked away telling the composers, yeh geet tumhare singer se gawayiye…
    there are many stories, emerging from the recording rooms on how mohd rafi was called at the last minute to record a song.
    u know the case of mukaddar ka sikander. and also the maryada number – mohabbat ke suhaane din, filmed on rajesh khanna.
    mohd rafi had stopped singing for a while its now confirmed. so kk had a field day along with some singers you named in your post.
    dharmendra saab also stood by mohd rafi. for his home production, pratigya, mohd rafi whistled and belted : Mai jat yamla pagla diwana.
    after the song, mohd rafi told dharmendra, his thick friend – maine mera kaam kiya. abhi aap apna kijiye aur kamaal dikha-iye.
    this song was close to mohd rafi’s heart and i was fortunate to hear m.r. sing this at shanmukhananda hall – three months prior to the release of the movie.
    rest is history.

    the rafi foundation
    9833 250 701

  13. Jae-Bee says:

    regards to comment no.1 except for shammijee’s quotation, the rest of the article is by the author only. Rajesh Khanna never said anything about rafi sahab. Although I agree with Gitaroji that rk didn’t fancy rafi sahab. LP wanted rafi sahab to sing the qawalli of Dushman since he is the king of singing qawallis, but rk insisted kk sing it and the end product was so lame and slow as far as qawallis go. rk also played a part is postponing the release of Mehboob ki Mehandi which had rafi’s songs(during kk’s hey days) just like manoj kumar did with amanat(during mahendra kapoor’s days) both these movies had great songs by rafi sahab. In my opinion it was rajesh khanna alongwith the sisters and the ungrateful md’s that gave us the lean period of rafi sahab. The only commandable actor was Raaj Kumar, and md’s madan mohan, usha khanna, sonik-omi who stood by the king.

  14. shekhar says:

    Rafi saab was a great singer. I really feel unfortunate that I could not get chance to hear him in person or his live concert. I would like to see his video. His voice is such that nobody can imitate his divine voice. He is simply great and unmatched.

  15. Ali says:

    L for LP also said how i can be able to make music without Mohd Rafi!!!(1980)
    OPN great music Director without using the Queen Lata ji but without Mohd rafi he lost his place in Bollywood and he back to Mohd Rafi also in 1970’s OPN said give me one film I will show you who is Mohd Rafi also he said I am because of mohd rafi,
    Madan Mohan said I should not be pay when Mohd Rafi is the singer…
    SJ when they not agree about song music they asked Mohd Rafi and they did as Mohd rafi advised them…
    There is big list of music Directors and they know more than actors about music.
    I can say Mohd Rafi voice made the film hit but other the film made there songs hit

  16. Ashok says:


    All these stars are already famous. I feel we all should also think of those who could not become so polular, because of any reasons.

    I care for the non-popular actors more than the stars who were otherwise fortunate to have been lent Rafi Sahab ‘s golden voice.

    Some of these are :

    Madan Puri
    Om Prakash
    Manmohan Krishna (Character Artist)
    Mohan Choti
    Prem Chopra
    Kadar Khan
    Satish Kaul
    Nana Palsikar
    Nazir Hussain
    Sujit Kumar
    Balraj Sahni
    Tarun Bose
    Anwar Hussain
    Kesto Mukherjee
    Manmohan (Villian)
    Naseeruddin Shah
    Amol Palekar
    Utpal Dutta

    Not to forget certain unknown faces like :

    1. The beggar in “Bin Maa Ke Bachche” (1980) who sings the title song “Bin Maa Ke Yeh Bachche Dekho Phirte Mare Mare” in a running express train.

    2. The beggar in “Dus Lakh” (1966) who sings “Gareebo Ki Suno Woh Tumhari Sunega” on the street.

    3 The beggar in “Ek Phool Do Maali”(1969) who sings “Aulaadwalo Phoolo Phalo” on the street.

    4….and there are many such actors of whom we are still unaware of….

    I strongly feel that some one please write volumes and volumes on these great actors as well…….especially I am curious to know the names of all such “beggars” in the hindi cinema…..and their present whereabous.
    I hope no one is hurt by my comments.

    Thanks & Regards,


  17. mohamedparvez says:

    asalamu alaikum saiyed farooq jamal saab,thanx for sharing write about our rafi saab,i request to rafi saab fans ,to translate ,this tribute,in english,also kindly visit rafi saab”s blog,total over 500 pages are there,to go to next page,kindly click older posts,you will find bottom of every page,don”t miss any page,kindly visit this links,take care

  18. Factual article..however there are many othe actors who could not become star without Rafi..The most important actor is Jubilee Kumar “Rajendra Kumar” amongst others like Bharat Bhushan, Pradeep Kumar, Sanjay, Sunil Dutt, Shashi Kapoor, Biswajeet etc –to name a few.. Wish article is completed by adding the great Rafi Sahib’s contribution in making them saleable stars..

  19. Gitaro says:

    Please don’t believe Rajesh Khanna. He doesn’t like Rafi Saheb.
    I Can’t understand his reaction on Rafi Saheb.

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