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Rafi Saab-The Gentlest of Souls

By: Mr. Murali Nagaraj.
This anecdote is what I heard from my Father. He passed away in 1990. But he was an ardent fan of Mohd.Rafi and he has so many stories to tell about Rafi Saab. I would like to share this one with our Fan Club. It just amazes me reading so much about him and I am not SATISFIED yet, Never will I be satisfied reading about our Rafi Saab. I am pretty sure that there are more and more stories about him.

Mohd Rafi with wife

Mohd Rafi with wife

I would like to share one which I heard from my late father. I believe that Naushad saab used to visit Rafi’s house often and during conversations would tell Bashira Begum (Rafi Saab’s wife) that ‘She was the most LUCKIEST Woman on the Planet’ and when asked why….Naushad saab’s reply was ‘Aapko tho sub kuch itni Meeti awaz mein milthi hai, Pyar ki baaton bhi and Gusse ki baaton bhi’.

Bashira begum was supposed to have replied saying…’Pyar ki baatein chod dhi jiye, Gusse Ki baatein tho aaj tak nahi mila hamein, Gussa tho unko aatha hi nahin, agar aatha bhi…woh bus utke chalein jathe hain’. Naushad and Bashira agreed to a plan to make Rafi saab loose his temper time and again…..but their plan never materialised because Rafi Saab never lost his temper. A child plays tantrums, it never gets angry for, it does not know what anger is…..That’s what our Rafi Saab was.

Mohd Rafi with wife

Mohd Rafi with wife

Coming back to the above, finally Naushad and Bashira broke thier plan to Rafi Saab and they had a hearty laugh. Rafi Saab supposedly told Bashira….’Agar aapko hamari awaz se Gusse ki Baat sunna hain…tho aap humse pooch lijiye….Hamein parishan math ki jiye. Aap hamein bataa di jiye ki…kya kya bolna hain and hum bilkul usi tara bolenge aapko’. That again is a sheer testimony of the GENTLE NATURE of this Great HUMAN BEING.

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16 Blog Comments to “Rafi Saab-The Gentlest of Souls”

  1. R.Padmanabhan says:

    A professional person [in any field for that matter ] rarely compromises with his
    fees, which of course is his bread and butter. But Rafi Saab was cast by the
    Almighty in a different mould. After a duet recording with Kishore Kumar for the
    film Deedar-E-Yaar, Jeetendra the actor and producer of the movie paid Rs. 20,000
    to Kishore Kumar as there was a time gap of about two years since the original
    agreement for payment of fee to the singers. When Jeetendra’s assistant enquired
    about the fee to be paid to Rafi Saab, the former directed him to pay Rs.20,000 to
    Rafi Saab too. When Rafi Saab’s secretary[his own brother-in-law] told him that
    the actor paid him the higher amount, he immediately returned Rs.16,000[the
    original agreement was to pay Rs.4,000 ]

  2. mohamedparvez says:

    dear murali nagaraj ji thanx for sharing anecdote you heard from your father,about rafi saab,i would like to inform you that i have uploaded , documentry on rafi saab produced by films division,also i have uploaded,rafi saab”s interviews,and rare songs,also i would like to inform you that ,i have created a blog on rafi saab,total over 300 pages you will find,to go to next page,kindly click older posts,you will find bottom of every page,kindly visit this links ,take care


    mohamed parvez

  3. Priya Sanyal says:

    yes indeed…I bilieve every words here!

  4. DEBASIS DE says:

    Rafi Sab is my heart and he is in my blood circulation.I am very very luccy since I have heard his live songs in Kolkata Indoor Stadium in 1978.My 15 years only son who is learning vocal music is a die-hard Rafi and Sonu Nigam Fan.Since Sonu Nigam sings for Rafisab,my son prefers Sonu Nigam.So this is my achievement that I made my very young son to Rafisab.

  5. gopal rao says:

    i am fan of mohd.rafi saab……..i like his all songs in all languages…….
    he was great singer…….he had gifted voice……..that is why every person get attracted to his voice irrespective of language.

  6. Imran Rustam says:

    Dear Mr. Murali Nagaraj Jee…….Very Nice…………..

    Waiting for another great story of a great human being as Rafi fans always love to hear about him…….
    Gentleness obvious from his voice and face.

    Long Live Rafi Sb.


  7. A S MURTY says:

    Ref post 6 by me on the songs where Rafi Sahab has himself scored the music. I am informed by a young rafi-bhakt – muveen from new delhi – that the following is the list of songs where rafi sahab gave the music composition also :

    Songs Lyrics Music
    Chale Aa Rahe Hain Wo Zulfen Bikhraae K Mohinder Singh Bedi Mohammad Rafi
    Chale hai kaabaye aks to haaji Mohammad Rafi
    Chalo Madeene Mohammad Ka Naam Leke Mohammad Rafi
    Darbaar E Madeena Dekhen Mohammad Rafi
    Fazal E Rab Ho Gaya Haj Ada Ho Gaya Mohammad Rafi
    Ghata Hai Baagh Hai May Hai May Hai Subah Hai K Mohinder Singh Bedi Mohammad Rafi
    Haj ka mahina aa gaya Mohammad Rafi
    Haqeeqat Mominon Ramzaan Ki Tum Ko Batata Hun Shabab Meenaai Mohammad Rafi
    Khuda Hi Jaane Yaar Aaye Na Aaye K Mohinder Singh Bedi Mohammad Rafi
    Labbavaek ya harem Mohammad Rafi
    Main Sunaata Hum Tumhen Sachchi Rivaayat Momino Shabab Meenaai Mohammad Rafi
    Mere Aaqaa Mere Sarkar E Madeena Mohammad Rafi
    Mubarak Hai Ye Din allah ka Mohammad Rafi
    Salla Ho Allaah Va Salaam Mohammad Rafi
    Shukra Hai Tera Aye Khalif E Baha O Bar Mohammad Rafi
    Soo E Haram Maula Ke Deewane Chale Anwar Farooqabadi Mohammad Rafi
    Utha Suraahi Ye Sheesha Wo Jaam Le Saaqi K Mohinder Singh Bedi Mohammad Rafi
    Ya Muhammad gham ke mare Mohammad Rafi

    Anwar-ul-haq sahab. loosely translated my post in hindi reads as under :

    Rafi Sahab as a Music Director ?? It is hard to believe but this is true. The blog writer Mr sagar nahar from hyderabad had wondered for long if such a great playback singer and a great musically inclined human being as rafi sahab had indeed ever composed music himself and the answer to this was found in a gujarati news paper in an article by mr ashok dave who gave this list of four songs where the music was indeed by rafi sahab.

    The four listed songs by sagar nahar are :
    2. दूर से आये थे साकी सुनके – door se aaye the saaki sunke
    3. घटा है बाग है मय है सुबह है जाम है – ghata hai baag hai, subah hai
    4. चले आ रहे हैं वो ज़ुल्फ़ें बिखेरे – chale aa rahe hai zulfein

    But as given above, the full list seems to be larger and Muveen has given the 18 songs where the music was scored by rafi sahab.

  8. binu nair says:

    Post 6 : A.S. Murthy saaheb:

    Yes Mohd Rafi was very modest and a very humble person. Rafi saahebs life and work is an open book meant for the syllables of universities and schools. He is an example for many of us in real life .
    mohd rafi is one of the greatest born indian according to the times of india and lacs of his lovers.

    i do not understand why some of rafi fans do not want to understand the real rafi saaheb .
    why they need to go on advertising themselves in the name of rafi. why does people want to print cards proclaiming them to be the voice of mohd rafi. why they claim that they know 10000 songs by heart – and fumble when asked to sing few lines of a song over a national channel. why they wish to take centre stage and bore people to death by their singing in the name of our grand mohd rafi in some of the concerts ????
    well : these are some of the answers i am struggling to find as a mohd rafi lover.

    binu nair….

  9. sukhjit singh makkar says:

    dear murthy sahib, these are the only 4 songs tuned by the great rafi saab and all these are ghazals penned by the late sardar m.s. bedi.
    all these are available on a casette of hmv .
    side a has 2 gazhals and the side b opens with the other 2 ghazala.
    i would be able to give the cassette number in a few day.
    the recording quality is also excellent.

  10. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Ref. post 6,

    Dear Murty ji,

    Can you please translate the Hindi into English? I will be very thankful to you, as I can not read the Hindi manuscript.

    Thanks and best regards.


  11. A S MURTY says:

    adaab rafi to all. that rafi sahab was a very modest and humble person is known to the entire world. also known to all is that rafi sahab lived a very honest and simple life, spreading love and affection to all and these pious virtues showered on the world singing heaps of praises on this great human being. but what perhaps is not known to many is contained in the small write-up (though in hindi, i beg the pardon of many) is that rafi sahab has also scored the music for some songs and this information is contained in the following :

    One of my friends here in Hyderabad – Sagar Nahar – runs his own blog in Hindi called “Geeton ki Mehfil” and he posts some of the rarest songs and also information. I am giving the link of his blog as also excerpts from his blog page which lists four songs where Rafi Sahab has given the music. The link to the blog page is :

    http://mahaphil. blogspot. com/ 2009/04/blog- post_28.html

    and the following is excerpt from his blog page. Makes interesting reading.

    रफी साहब संगीतकार भी थे?

    बड़ा अजीब सा प्रश्न है ना? लेकिन क्या आपको ऐसा नहीं लगता कि इतने गुणी गायक और संगीत के इतने बड़े ज्ञाता मुहम्मद रफी साहब ने किसी फिल्म में संगीत क्यों नहीं दिया। ये प्रश्न मेरे मन में बरसों से था और आखिरकार गुजरात समाचार के वरिष्ठ हास्य लेखक अशोक दवे की रफी साहब के गाये गैर फिल्मी सूचि से पता चला कि रफी साहब ने कुछ गानों में संगीत भी दिया है।
    सूचि में चार गानों के नाम दिये हैं वे निम्न है।

    1. उठा सुराही
    2. दूर से आये थे साकी सुनके
    3. घटा है बाग है मय है सुबह है जाम है
    4. चले आ रहे हैं वो ज़ुल्फ़ें बिखेरे

    मैने अपना संग्रह संभाला तो पता चला कि उठा सुराही वाला गाना तो अपने पास है, पर ऑडियो क्वालिटी थोड़ी उन्नीस है सो नेट पर खोजा और आखिरकार ईस्निप्स पर ये गीत मिल भी गया।

    तो पस्तुत है मुहम्मद रफी साहब द्वारा संगीतबद्ध गैर फिल्मी गीत उठा सुराही ये शीश…..

    utha surahi…



  12. Lalit Bhambhani says:

    Dear Murali Nagaraj,
    Thanks for this super story first . Yes it is truth that Rafi Sahab never lost his temper in his lifetime . He always smile . I have a big collection of his photos & in every photo he looks very nice with smily face . I am thankful to you for sharing this fantastic story with us . Yes , Rafi Saheb : The Gentlest of Souls . May I expect some more stories from you about Rafi Sahab ?

    Thanks & Regards
    Lalit Bhambhani [ Atlanta , Georgia ] ( U.S.A.)

  13. mohamedparvez says:

    dear murali nagrajji you have shared with us very nice thing about rafi saab he never lost his temper you will find rafi saab smiling if he is singing sad song his face will smile kinly visit rafi saabs blog you will find rafi saabs rare pictures and articles and videos total over 300 pages are there kindly click older posts to go to next page kindly visit all the pages kindly visit this link thanx

  14. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Dear Murali Nagaraj ji,

    Yes! You are right!
    He has the gentlest of souls.

    Many many thanks for sharing the super story. Can we expect some more stories you have heard from your late father?

    Thanks and best regards.


  15. Firoz Ahmed says:

    Rafi saab wife’s name was Mr. Bilquis Rafi, not Bashira.

  16. biman baruah says:

    Respected Nagraj Ji
    great write-up about a great human being as wel as a great singer all time. lot of thanks for sharing a great storyline about our beloved Mohd. Rafi Sahab. keep it up………………………….

    with best wishes & regards
    biman, sivasagar, assam

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