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Rafi harmonic for versatile actor Sanjeev Kumar

By Mr. Biman Baruah, Assam

Mohd Rafi with Sanjeev Kumar

Mohd Rafi with Sanjeev Kumar


It is one of my beloved songs which depict the great personality of our beloved Rafi Sahab and the song was picturised on versatile actor Sanjeev Kumar in the film BADAL (1966). Long back in my school days, I had seen this song for first & last time in RANGOLI telecast by DD-1 at 07:00 AM. From that time, I was under presumption that it was being sung by Rafi Sahab. Since, I do not have collection of this song and recently with a plan to work on Rafi – Sanjeev Kumar combination; I searched the song details and disconsolately came to know that it is being sung by Manna Dey not by our beloved Rafi Sahab, though the song was composed by Rafi devotee composer Usha Khanna in the lyrics of Javed Anwar.

The tune of song also confused with essence of Shanker-Jaikishan and Madan Mohan. Nevertheless, it is a great song from all side which appreciates listeners to help others in crucial time. The song always appreciates me to help others and also knock me to work on the versatile singer-actor combination of Mohammed Rafi and Sanjeev Kumar. There is a similar great song sung by Rafi Sahab, starting with the words, “Apne Liye Jiye Tu Zamane Mein Kiya Jiye, Jeena Wohi Hai Jo Kisi Aur Ke Liye Jiyo” from the film, SAUGANDH (1961) depicting his great personality and immense contribution to Music world .

Rafi Sahab sung for the versatile actor Sanjeev Kumar in the films: Nishan, Raja Aur Rank, Khilona, Devi, Dastak, Bachpan, Naya Din Nai Raat, Mausam, Dhoop Chhaon, Takkar, & Love and God.

Sanjeev Kumar born in 9th July, 1938 as Harihar Jariwala made his first film appearance in the film HUM HINDUSTANI (1960) and became hero in Aspi Irani’s NISHAN (1965) where Rafi Sahab sung the classic romantic song “Haaye Tabassum Tera” for the actor which was composed by Usha Khanna. Then he acted in about two dozen films from 1965 to 1970, out of which in SANGHARSH (1968), he made a score playing opposite the tragedy king Dilip Kumar.

The golden voice of Rafi joins together with the actor and he reached the path of success with RAJA AUR RUNK (1968) complemented by the following hit romantic Rafi gem:

O Phirkiwali Tu Kaal Phir Aana
Nahin Phir Jana, Tu Apni Zuban Se
Ki Tere Naina Hai Badi Be-imaan Se……….

The song was picturised on Sanjeev Kumar & Nazima in a very legitimate outdoor location. Rafi Sahab also harmonic for Sanjeev Kumar in the film in an another group song, “Sang Basanti, Ang Basanti, Rang Basanti Chha Gaya, Mastana Mausam Aa Gaya” sung by Mohd. Rafi, Lata Mageshkar, Usha Mangeshkar, Manna Dey & Chorus  which was picturised on Sanjeev Kumar, Nazima, Master Mahesh, Mukri with a group in a Holi sequence .

In 1970, film KHILONA made him a star with golden voice of Mohammed Rafi. The title song of the film, “Khilona Jaan Kar Tum Tu Mera Dil Tode Jate Ho” was sung by Rafi Sahab very emotionally for insane Sanjeev Kumar which was nominated for Filmfare Best Male Playback Singer Award in 1970. The film won the Filmfare Best Film and Best Actress Award for Mumtaz in 1970. In Khilona, Rafi Sahab was also peerless in the following song for the actor which was picturised on Sanjeev Kumar, Shatrughan Singha and Alka.

Teri Shaddi Pe Doon Tujhko Tofa Main Kiya
Pesh Karta Hoon Dil Ek Tuta Huwa………………
Khush Rahe Tu Sada , Yeh Duwa Hai Meri
Bewafa Hi Saahi , Dilruba The Meri ……………….

Both the film RAJA AUR RANK and KHILONA were produced by L .V. Prasad under his renowned banner Prasad Productions (P) Ltd., Madras and directed by K.P. Atma & Chander Vohra respectively.  Laxmikant Pyarelal composed music in the lyrics of Anand Bakshi for both the films.

Mohd Rafi with Sanjeev Kumar

Mohd Rafi with Sanjeev Kumar

In 1970, Rafi Sahab sung for the actor in another three films, DEVI, DASTAK and BACHPAN. The song from Devi,“Shaddi Ke Liye Razamand Karli, Maine Ek Ladki Pasand Karli” which was picturised on Sanjeev Kumar & Nutan.  It was a one of the best exciting song picturised on the serious actor and the actor made a good foot-step in the song. Rafi Sahab also harmonic a children song,  “Loly Pop Loly Pop” in the film for Sanjeev Kumar.  The Bachpan song, “Aaya Re Khilonawala Khel Khilonee Leke Aaya Re” is a still ambitious for children. Dastak (The Knock), a black & white film written, produced & directed by Rajinder Singh Bedi had the following superb Mohammed Rafi gem composed by ghazal king Madan Mohan in the lyrics of Majrooh Sultanpuri .

Tum Se Kahoon Ek  Baat Paron Se Halki
Raat  Meri  Hai Chhawon Tumhare Hi Aanchel Ki

This romantic song was picturised on Sanjeev Kumar and Rehna Sultan in a rainy night and the film won three National Awards for Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Music Director in 1971.

In the early 1970s, he worked with well-known director Gulzar with whom he did nine films including AANDHI, MAUSAM, ANGOOR and NAMKEEN and out of which in Mausam Rafi Sahab sung for him in the below mentioned duet with Lata Mangheskar. The song was composed by Madan Mohan in the lyrics of Hasarat Jaipuri which was well picturised on Sanjeev Kumar & Sharmila Tagore where she played dual role of MAA & BETI.

Chaddi  Re Chaddi , Kaise Gaale  Mein Paddi
Paon Ki Beddi,  Kabhi Lagee Hathkhaddi

In early 1970s, due to Kishore Kumar’s facilitation after Aradhana , the songs of films like Seeta Aur Geeta, Manchali, Anamika, etc. where the actor played lead role took over by Kishore Kumar under patronization of R. D. Burman though Rafi Sahab’s voice best matched with the actor’s voice and personality.

Sanjeev Kumar reprised the classic nine roles in NAYA DIN NAYI RAAT (1974) already performed by Sivaji Ganesan in Tamil film NAVARATHIRI (1964) and by A. Nageswara Rao in Telugu film NAVARATHRI (1966) which has improved his position and character as an actor in Hindi Cinema.  Sanjeev Kumar played nine roles of Saviour, Drunikard, Doctor, Murderer, Swami, Leper, Richman, Amusing Actor and Hunter in the film directed by A. Bhim Singh where Rafi Sahab sung a beautiful song for drunkard Sanjeev Kumar as follows:

Main Wohi , Wohi Baat
Mere Liye Tu Har Din Naya Din
Har Raat Nayi Raat………………..

The song was composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal in the lyrics of Rajinder Krishan which was picturised on Sanjeev Kumar and Jaya Bhaduri.

In 1977 film DHOOP CHHAON, produced by S N Jain & directed by Prahllad Sharma had a very good romantic song sung by Rafi Sahab for Sanjeev Kumar as follows:

Judde  Mein  Gajra  Mat  Bandhoo, Mere  Geet  Mehek  Jayeega
Teri  Preet  Sulag  Jayeegi,  Mera  Pyar Chalak  Jayeega

The song was composed by Shankar in the name of Shankar-Jaikishan which was picturised on Sanjeev Kumar & Yogita Bali in indoor location and Sanjeev Kumar & Hema Malini in outdoor location.

Sanjeev Kumar with Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra, Amjad Khan on the sets of Sholay

Sanjeev Kumar with Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra, Amjad Khan on the sets of Sholay

The role of Thakur Baldev Singh played by him in G P Sippy’s blockbuster SHOLAY (1975) made him immortal in Hindi films and from then he did more supporting roles than playing the lead role of hero which became an obstacle for singing opportunity by Rafi Sahab for the actor. The actor, who acted in about 140 films, was always ready to take unusual roles which challenged him as an actor. For instance in Satyajit Ray’s classic SHATRANJ KI KHILADI (1977), he played the role of Mirza, a chess-obsessed Luckhnowi. Unfortunately, the actor who played many elderly roles, he did not attain the age of 50 and in 1985; he died at the age of 47 due to heart disorder. He remained a bachelor all his life, since he was in love with Hema Malini but turned down by the actress. Later on he also involved with singer cum actress Sulakshana Pandit whom he did not marry.

After his death, ten of his completed films released with his final film PROFESSOR KI PADOSAN (1993). The much delayed film LOVE AND GOD is a notable release after his death which takes 20 years in making due to death of director K. Asif in 1971 and the film was finally released in incomplete form in 1986. In fact, Love and God is the last film of this singer-actor combination which was a great disaster in Box Office.

Sanjeev Kumar won two National Film Awards for Best Actor for film DASTAK (1971) & KOSHISH (1973) and three Filmfare Awards for film SHIKAR (1968), AANDHI (1975) & ARJUN PANDIT (1976). He was also nominated for Filmfare Best Actor Awards in eleven times for films: KHILONA (1970), KOSHISH (1973), SHOLAY(1975), MAUSAM (1976), YEHI HAI ZINDAGI (1977), ZINDAGI (1977), PATI PATNI AUR WOH (1978), DEVATA (1978), TRISHUL (1978), ANGOOR (1982) and VIDHAATA (1982).

This singer-actor combination of Hindi Film Music will be best remembered for their versatility in their own field and the songs like: “Haye Tabassum Tera” from NISHAN, “Phirkiwali Tu Kaal Phir Aana, Nahin Phir Jana” from RAJA AUR RANK, “Khush Rahe Tu Sada Yeh Dua Hai Mere” from KHILONA, “Shaddi Ke Liye Rajamand Karli, Maine Ek Ladki Pasand Karli” from DEVI, and “Main Wohi Wohi Baat” from NAYA DIN NAYI RAAT will be interminable and to be best remembered by Hindi Film Music Lovers forever.

Biman Baruah, the author of this article

Biman Baruah, the author of this article

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32 Blog Comments to “Rafi harmonic for versatile actor Sanjeev Kumar”

  1. APS BHALLA says:


  2. SANJAY ARORA says:



  3. Shyam kewde says:

    Hi was my idal

  4. Jae-Bee says:

    Here is great duet by rafi-asha on BigB-Helen, the movie was BeNaam and md was rdb “Aa raat jaati hai guzar jaane ko”

  5. Ashok Mehta says:

    Dear Siva

    Thanks you sir for your response.Njoyed your comments on music of 50s and 60s.I would like to make a mention of few of my other favourites like OP Nayyar,Sajjad Hussain,Nashad,( Baradari FAME ) Khayyam,anil Biswas,N.Dutta( for his movies with B.R.Chopra )Ravi, Iqbal Qureshi,C. Ramchandra,Vasant Desai,( for V.shanta Ram’s movies )Salil Chowdhary,Sardar Malik,Shamshad Begum,Kamar Jalalabadi,Kavi Pradeep,Anand Baxi, Indivar,Neeraj,asad Bhopali.Infact these decades have given us so many beautifull songs that can never be forgotten ever.Really golden era for hindi film songs.Your message is really very encouraging and shall help me come out with my fears of getting embarrsed Thanks once again .

  6. Ashok Mehta says:

    Dear Romesh Dixit

    Thanks for providing your Mail id.Can i have your phone no also to speak to you if it is convenient to you.
    I have really enjoyed listening to few of the Rafi song ,i could lay my hands on, for Big B.Particularly “teri Bindiya Re” I infact rehersed this song and sang on Kaeroke.I thoroughly enjoyed it.Thanks once again.

    Ashok Mehta, New Delhi

  7. ROMESH DIXIT says:

    Dear Ashok Mehta Ji @ Other Rafi’s Fan
    Please Note My Mail ID For Any Comunication
    Please Mention That My Name Is ROMESH not RAMESH
    Thanks With Regard

  8. siva says:

    Dear Mr Ashok Mehta–refer post #20-please do not ever feel embarassed in talking about old hindi film songs–in fact the decades 50’s and 60’s were the golden era in indian film music. Though purists would always consider classical music as the best from of music, if you go by popular perception, the music of 50’s and 60’s were in no way inferior.
    And we had the golden voices of Rafi, Kishore, Mukesh, Talat, Manna Dey, Lata , Geeta, Suman, Asha etc….music maestros like Naushad, S-J,Roshan, Madan Mohan, SDB, Hemant Kumar, K-A, L-P, RDB etc…..,sheer poetry from Lyricists like Shakeel, Sahir, Majrooh, Shailendra , Kaifi, Rajendra Kishen, Hasrat, etc..

  9. girish prahalad says:

    saifee ji – post 19

    the song you have mentioned is from the movie – Prem Kahani

  10. Imtiyaz says:

    there is a song music by Madan Mohan and Rafi-Sanjeev combination which was the best ….tumhari zulf ke saaye mein …the best composition and best shaaayris

  11. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Few more songs of Rafi Sahab picturised on Amitabh Bachchan:

    1) Oonchi oonchi baaton se kisi ka pait bharta nahin with Usha Mangeshkar from film Mr. Natwar Laal
    2) Teri bindiya re with Lata ji from film Abhiman (One of most memorable songs of Rafi-Amitabh combo)
    3) Aa ja ni baliye, meri moong phaliye with Dilraj Kaur from film Wilayeti babu (Panjabi song)

    Furthermore following songs mentioned in post 17 by Romesh Dixit ji are NOT sung by Rafi Sahab:

    1) Zindagi imtehan leti hai (Naseeb)
    2) Anhoni ko honi kar de (Amar Akbar Anthony)

    Thanks and best regards.


  12. biman baruah says:

    Respected Ashok Ji

    Please find my article link on Rafi-Amithabh combinations.


  13. ashok Mehta says:

    Dear Rameshji

    Many many thanks to provide me the songs by Rafi for Big B.Ihardlly knew any such song before you provided the list to me. I could never believe there are so many such songs.

    If it is not asking too much pl provide your phone no so that i can talk to u and say thanks to you.I would love to do that if ok with you.

    I must additionaly thanks this Rafi forum through which we can interact with each other and talk about Film songs.I always wanted such forum for communicating on our favorite singer.

    Normaly i would feel very hesitant to talk to someone on film songs.May be i feel people may not carry a good impression about a person talking about film i was looking for this type of forum where you can talk to likeminded person without any hesitation because you will be apprciated rather than feeling enbarrassed.Ashok Mehta

  14. Saifee says:

    Left out one good song in Amitabh’s Film Saath Hindustani..(Koi Aur Duniya Mein Tumsa Haseen)

  15. romesh dixit says:

    dear ashok mehata gi
    please note some another songs , rafi sings in amitabh’s film ,but for other stars like
    1 ek rasta aha aha (for dharmendra with kishore in ram balram)
    2 ab to ram hi jan bachaye (for dharmendra in ram balram)
    3 diwane hain diwano ko na dar chahiye( for unknown person with lata in janjeer)
    4 janu meri jan ( for shashi kapoor with kishore in shan)
    5 yamma yamma ye khoobsurat sama ( for shashi kapoor with rd burman)
    6 aate jate hue main ( for mazahar khan in shan)
    7 sare ga ma sare ga ma( for dharmendra with kishore in chupke chupke)
    8 roothe yar ko manana (for unknown person in majboor)
    rafi sings a duet song with lata in abhiman for amitabha & jaya “ke aye haye teri bindiya re’

  16. romesh dixit says:

    dear ashok mehta ji
    as per your reuirement about rafi’s songs with big b,i am sending some songs list,rafi gi sings for amitabh bacchan
    1 patta pata boota boota hal hamara jane hai (with lata film ek nazar)
    2 tumse door rahke hamne jana(adalat with lata)
    3 hum premi prem karna jane(parwarish with kishor)
    4 teri rab ne bana di jodi(suhag with shailendra singh)
    5 athra baras ki tu hone ko ayi(suhag with lata)
    5 ai yar sun yari teri(suhag with shailendra singh)
    6 kal ke panjo si bachao(suhag with asha)
    7 jon jani janardan (naseeb)
    8 zindagi imtahan leti hai(naseeb with anwar & asha)
    9 mere dost kissa ye kya ho gaya(dostana)
    10 apas me prem karo (desh premi)
    amitabha also sing a duet song with rafi in film naseeb .. chal mere bhai tere hath jodata hon
    some another song
    1 bane chahe dushman (picturised for shatrughan sinha in dostana with kishor kumar)
    2 parda hai parda for rihi kapoor in amar akbar anthony
    3 hamko tumse ho gaya hai pyar kya karen for rishi kapoor in amar akbar anthony with kishore & mukesh
    4 taiyyab ali pyar ka dushman for rishi kapoor in a a a
    5 anhoni ko honi kar de with kishore & mahendra kapoor in aaa
    6 zindagi to bewafa hai as background song in muqudar ka sikandar

  17. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    To whom it may concern

    I appeal to the concerned to create a forum for Mukesh ji in this site, since Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosle and Shreya Ghoshal have forums on this site, if Mukesh ji have his forum, this site will become a Teerth Sthal for the music lovers, as the three greatest singers will be at one place and their fans will love this site more than ever.

    when Mukesh ji died, Rafi Saab had said ” ” Once, while Rafi Sahab and Noushad Sahab were discussing a song, They were informed that Mukesh had breathed his last in America. Rafi Sahab was stunned. The only words which he uttered were:” Hai kitna achha gayak, kitna achha insaan, kitna pyaara saathi chala gaya ! ”

    This will be a Tribute to our greatest singer, that his contemporary will beside him alive like him in the memory of millions of music lovers.

    Thanks for considering my request

    H.A.K. Walijah

  18. Ashok Mehta says:

    I have really enjoyed this article Dear Biman.You have braught to my notice some of the finest songs sung by Rafi for the actor.No doubt interesting articles.I have a wish if a similar article be written for rafi songs for Amitabh Bachhan .I am not able to figure out songs of Rafi for Big BI am not sure but feel there may not be many such songs.If you can provide info on this shall be highly appreciated.

    Another interesting reading would be Rafi songs for Kishore Kumar and Ashok Kumar.

  19. sundeep pahwa says:

    biman ji the song chadi re chadi kaise from the
    film mausam was written by gulzar and not by
    hasrat as mentioned sundeep pahwa delhi

  20. Imtiyaz A. Sharif says:

    I fully agreed and support to the request of H.A.K. Walijah.

    Very best regards,

    Imtiyaz A. Sharif

  21. nutspanin says:

    great writeup,,,here are some missed films
    ladies tailor-all the songs sung by rafi saab
    swarg narak

  22. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Dear Biman Baruah ji,

    Brilliant article on this beautiful combination. Sanjiv Kumar indeed was a great actor and Rafi Sahab had sung many immortal songs for him.

    Adding few more songs on this great combo:

    1) Ajeeb zindagi hai ye – Film Door nahin manzil
    2) Dil kabhi tum ne diya tha – Film Rocky mera naam
    3) Larhki gali ki le gayi dekho mera dil – Film Angaare
    4) Main aisa ek khilona – Film Shandar
    5) Meri biwi jahan se nirali hai – Subh o sham
    6) Taqdeer ki qalam se koi bach na paye ga – Film Be-rehem
    7) Gaon mein peepal, peepal ki chheyyan – Film Sooraj aur chanda
    8) Jeena marna hai ab din raat – Film Sooraj aur chanda

    Thanks and best regards.


  23. Lt Col Javed Sayyed says:

    Good article. Rafi sahabs voice as always, fits extremely well with sanjeev kumar too. others singers singing for him sound labourous, loud.
    Keep it up.

  24. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    Dear Moderator,

    My hearty desire is to see Mukesh ji Forum on this site, as the two greatest singers are available, and I am sure that we are missing one of the important link that is Mukesh ji on this site. If you consider my request and include one Forum for Mukesh ji, it will be a sone pe suhaga wali baat hogi. Becuase Mukesh ji voice and singing style entirely different and melodious.

    I request the senior members and writers of this forum to put together the efforts to see our another legenday singer Mukesh ji on this musical site for the sake of billions of music lovers.

    I hope that in near future my wish and desire will be fulfilled.

    With my hearty regards to all music lovers

    H.A.K. Walijah

  25. Prince Lalit Bhambhani says:

    Very Nice Article Mr. Biman,
    Thanks for that . It was really best combination of two great personalities ( Rafi Sahab & Sanjeev Kumar ) in Indian Film Industry . You also forgot some more songs by Rafi Sahab which he sung for Sanjeev Kumar.
    ( Film “NAUNIHAAL” — Song is “Tumhari Zulf ke Saye mein sham kar loonga…. ) & ( Film — HUM PAANCH — Song — Dheere chal zara… , Kya kahiye insaan se… ) , ( Film — “Biwi O Biwi” song is — Paise Ka Khel Nirala….. ) , ( Film – “LADIES TAILOR” – Do Chahne Walon Ki Mulaqat Hai… ),
    ( “Takkar” – Maakhan Chor Nand Kishore…. ) , ( “Rocky Mera Naam” — Soja Sanam teri jawan palkon tale…. ) & so many great songs by Great Rafi Sahab .

    Prince Lalit Bhambhani
    Atlanta, Georgia ( USA )

  26. Utthara says:


    a great topic__a hatke actor and the singing god. You have very well brought out the magic of this combination. Sanjeev Kumar is undoutedly a great actor. Even when Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh were ruling, Sanjeev held his own in movies like Anhonee, Khilona, Manchali, Apne Rang Hazar, Angoor, Dastak, Anubhav, Koshish, Parichay, Andhi …

    Rafi saab sang in a different way for Sanjeev__ a fine example is the wonderful song Khilona jan kar where Rafi saab stresses every word. Similarly, in Suraj aur chanda __ Tere naam ka deewana tere ghar ko dhoodta hai __ is again a good example of these two.

    Thank you for a wonderful article.

  27. Hai Biman Ji,

    Wonderfully written and narrated article on Rafi Saheb and Sanjeev Kumar.
    I logically understand that this duo of legends didn’t have much songs to share due to Sanjeev Kumar’s few films in lead roles.Nevertheless,all the renditions of Rafi ji for s.k. were super hits.In fact for whomsoever Rafi Saheb sang was instantly written in the musical pages of geeta/kuran/granth sahib/bible on this planet.

    You have nicely and thoroughly counted most of rafi saheb’s renditions for s.k. But still I wouldn’t hesitate in mentioning my favourite and in my view one of the best five film ghazals sung by Rafi Saheb and this one picturised on s.k., i.e. “tumhari julf ke saaye mein shyam kar loonga” from Naunihal(1967). Of course you know this landmark ghazal is one of the superlative ghazals of legendary Madan Mohan ji.

    Another melodious song, soulfully rendered by Rafi ji and picturised on s.k. (suraj aur chanda-1973) “tere naam ka deewana tere ghar ko dhundta hai”,makes me speechless and spellbound whenever i hear this gem of rafi sahab.

    kudos for this thoughtful write up.


  28. girish prahalad says:

    One of Rafisaab’s best romantic songs – Tumhari Zulf Ke Saaye Mein – Naunihal

  29. rajendra mudliar says:

    dear bimalji,
    thanks for that informative write up on sanjeev kumar. sanjeev kumar was indeed one of india’s great actors. he had a style of his own . he delivered dialoque without opening his mouth much and clenching his teeth. it was really good to see him that way. he was also good at comedy. my favourites are khilona,aandhi, mausam,namkeen, manchali. his earlier movies like shikar, sungharsh were also very good.
    thanks once again . keep writing.

  30. vinod mehru says:

    biman ji , thanx lots for such lovely rite up, excellant combination of two souls that is rafi saheb and sanjeev kumar, u forget to mention one film naunhaal in which balraj sahani and sanjeev was there and musc composed by mADAN MOHAN JI. meri awwaz suno tribute to pandit nehru.

    yes u rightly mentioned that compositions usha khanna and laxmi pyare with golden voice of rafi saheb played a major role in life sanjeev ji.nishhan ka gaana to mujhe mere bachpan mein le jaata hai almost 47 yrs old(1964)

    aap ke is write up par i must say that this is the real tribute to two outstanding versatile legends.
    thanx biman i am looking some write up on shammi ji and mehmood bhai with rafi saheb.
    vinod mehru

  31. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    Biman ji

    Indeed a good write up, but it seems all more attention have drawn on Sanjeev Kumar than Rafi Sahab. This is more likely to be biography of Sanjeev Kumar rather than focus on Rafi Sahab magical singing prowess.

    Moreover, I congratulate you for your painstaking and research write up on Rafi -Sanjeev collaboration. I appreciate your insight and deep elaborative portrait of Sanjeev Kumar, the talented actor, rarely comparable in recent times.

    My Regards

    H.A.K. Walijah

  32. Grt8 article .thanks for this detailed information. superb.

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