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Rafi harmonic for first Lover Boy of Indian Cinema:Joy Mukherjee

(A musical tribute to Joy Mukherjee on his 2nd death anniversary)

By Biman Baruah

Banda Parwar Tham Lo Jigar

Mohammed Rafi was the magical voice of actor Joy Mukherjee from LOVE IN SHIMLA (1960) to LOVE IN BOMBAY (2013). In the 100 years of Indian Cinema, it was a very exceptional case that release of film almost after 40 years from its completion. Normally, there is delay in completion of a film, but in this case the delay was in release. In 1971, Joy Mukherjee produced and directed LOVE IN BOMBAY at the huge budget of Rs. 30 to 35 lacs which was completed in 1973-74, but due to some unavoidable reasons he was not able to release the film in two-three attempts. After his death at the age of 73 on 9th March, 2012, his wife Neelam, sons Munjoy and Sujoy had taken lots of inventiveness for release of the film. It had taken almost one year to restore the old negatives with AVITEL POST STUDIOZ. Finally, music released with HMV SAREGAMA and film was digitally released on 2nd August, 2013 with PVR. The film was not run in theatres successfully due to change of time and taste of audiences. But if it was had released in early 1970s, most likely it was a hit due to different storyline and best-seller music by Shanker-Jaikishan. As gratefulness to actor his family had taken lots of pain in releasing the film and fulfilling his dream. Most of cast and crew of the film already leave this world before long back. But a survived artist did not wish release of the film after long back and also remarked as Joy Mukherjee was not a big hero like Dev Anand which disappointed me a lot. We should learn to respect all human being equally and not judge someone in terms of money and his influence. I would like to convey my personal gesture to Joy’s family for taking pain in releasing the film.

In the film, Rafi Sahab sung a duet, “Rani Nacho Cham Mak Cham” with Kishore Kumar composed by Shanker-Jaikishan in the lyrics of Majrooh Sultapuri. In this comic duet, Rafi Sahab playback for Joy Mukherjee and Kishore Kumar for himself. This is the last film of Mohammed Rafi and Joy Mukherjee combination.

Love in Bombay

Joy Mukherjee was born at Janshi, Uttar Pradesh in 24th February, 1939 to Sashadhar Mukherjee and Satirani Devi. He was the second son of producer Sashadhar Mukherjee, others are Rono Mukherjee, Deb Mukherjee, Shomu Mukherjee and Subir Mukherjee. His paternal uncles are producer Ravindramohan Mukherjee, producer-director Subodh Mukherjee and producer Prabodh Mukherjee. His maternal uncles are actors, Ashok Kumar, Kishore Kumar and Anoop Kumar. The present actresses, Kajol & Tanisha (daughter of Shomu Mukherjee and Tanuja), Rani Mukherjee (daughter of his cousin Ram Mukherjee) are his niche and director Ayan Mukherjee (son of Deb Mukherjee ) is his nephew. Joy Mukherjee was the “Golden Boy” of Mukherjee family.

As an actor of 1960s, Joy Mukherjee was the very fortunate of his time for the following reasons:-

  1. Firstly, Joy was son of producer Sashadhar Mukherjee who was co-founder of FILMSTAN Studio with actor Ashok Kumar and director Gyan Mukherjee in Goregaon (West) and co-owner of FILMALAYA Studio in Andheri (West) with his producer brother Ravindramohan Mukherjee.
  2. Secondly, Mohammed Rafi Sahab was the customary voice of Joy Mukherjee from his first film, Love In Shimla (1960) to Love In Bombay (1974) who sung some lilting romantic songs for him.
  3. Thirdly, he was worked with some fine directors of 1960s, like R.K. Nayyaar, Nasir Hussain, Raj Khoshla, Pramod Chakraborty, etc.
  4. Lastly, he was mostly paired with top heroines of 1960s like SADHANA (Love in Shimla, Ek Musafir Ek Haseena ), VYJAYANTIMALA (Ishaara), MALA SINHA (Bahu Beti), ASHA PAREKH ( Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon, Ziddi, Love in Tokoyo), RAJSHREE (Ji Chahta Hai), SAIRA BANU ( Door Ki Awaaz, Aao Pyar Kare, Saaz Aur Awaaz, Yeh Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hain, Shagird ) and SHARMILA TAGORE ( Dil Aur Mohabbat, Humsaaya). 

Joy Mukherjee became a big star with his first film, LOVE IN SHIMLA (1960) and got the title of “Comic Lover Boy”. There are number of musical Love Stories in Hindi Film Industry which were huge hit keeping a mark forever and the actors & actresses became star overnight. For instance, Bobby (1973) starring Rishi Kapoor & Dimple Kapadia, Love Story (1981) starring Kumar Gaurav & Vijeta Pandit, Hero (1983) starring Jackie Shorf & Meenakshi Sheshadri, Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (1988) starring Amir Khan & Juhi Chawla and Maine Pyar Kiya (1989) starring Salman Khan & Bhagashree. Love In Shimla is the pioneer of all these love stories and Joy Mukherjee is the foremost Lover Boy of Indian Cinema. He was the real “Lover Boy and Joy” of Hindi romantic films.

Mohammed Rafi was the core playback voice of lover boy Joy Mukherjee from his first film LOVE IN SHIMLA (1960) to LOVE IN BOMBAY (2013).The association of Mohammad Rafi and Joy Mukherjee with composers like Iqbal Qurashi, O.P. Nayyar, S. D. Burman, Shankar-Jaikishan, Kalyanji-Anandji, Ravi, Naushad Ali, Laxmikant-Pyarelal, Usha Khanna and Datta Naik gifted some wonderful films with chartbuster music for music lovers.  A brief review of distinguished musical hit films of this lovable combination of Mohammad Rafi and Joy Mukherjee as follows :-

Mohammad Rafi, Joy Mukherjee and composer Iqbal Qurashi:

Love in SimlaIn late 1950s, Producer Sashadhar Mukherjee wanted to start a new film with Shammi Kapoor and debutant director R K Nayyar, who had assisted Raj Kapoor. Joy was not the first choice for the film and many newcomers including Dharmandra were considered for the venture, but director R K Nayyar noticed producer Mukherjee’s young son Joy, a BA Final year student who was singed for the film. In this romantic comedy named LOVE IN SHIMLA, Joy played the role of DEV, a bachelor who concurrently fall in love with two cousin sisters, played by AZRA & SADHANA. In the film, simple Sadhana renovates into a slim shower to compete with her traditionally beautiful cousin Azra and for Joy’s fondness. Mohammad Rafi sang some lilting songs for Joy in the film. The film had 11 songs composed by Iqbal Qurashi in the lyrics of Rajinder Krishan out of which 10 songs to the credit of Rafi Sahab. The film was a big hit which was in 7th position out of top ten box offices grosser and Joy became a romantic star with his very first film. In this extreme era of remake, if LOVE IN SHIMLA will be remake, definitely it will be a best romantic comedy as on date. As a family man, Director Ayan Mukherjee can try his hand in this regard with Ranbir Kapoor.

List of Love In Shimla Songs:

SLNo. Description of the Song Playback Singer
1 Dil Thaam Chale Hum Aaj Kidhar Koyi Dekhe Rafi- Chorus
2 Love Ka Matlab Hai Pyar, Pyar Diloon Ka Karar Rafi- Asha Bhosle
3 Gaal Gulabi Kis Ke Hai, Nain Sharabbi Kis Ke Hai Rafi- Chorus
4 Alifzaberah Alifee So Rafi-Sudha Molhotra
5 Ah Baby, Aa Ji Idhar Aao Rafi- Asha Bhosle
6 Hasinoo Ki Sawari 2 Badi Taqdeerwali Rickshow Hamari Rafi-Suman Kalyanpur
7 Kiya Hai Dilruba Pyar Bhi Kabhi Ha Tumse Ho Gaya Ji  Abhi 2 Rafi- Asha Bhosle
8 Dar Pe Aayen Hai Kasam Le, Dil Hathelee Par Tu Sun Le Mukesh
9 Muskuraye Khet Pyase Tarse Tarse Rafi-Suman Kalyanpur
10 Husnwale Baafa Nahin Karte Ye Kisi Ka Bhala Nahin Karte Rafi-Shamshad Begum
11 Yeh Zindegi Ke Rastee Savarte Chale Gaye Kadam Kadam PeHum Tumhe Pukarte Chale Gaye Rafi

The film started with the song No 1 picturised on Joy Mukherjee in the Kalka-Shimla world heritage Toy Train. The other popular songs from the film: song no. 2 was picturised on Joy, Azra and Sadhana in an indoor location. The song No. 3, a Rock-N-Roll by Rafi Saheb was picturised on Joy & Sadhana in a Shimla Club. The song numbers, 5 to 10 was also pictusised on Joy & Sadhana, out of which No. 5 & 6 are notable for picturisation, first one in indoor and second one in outdoor, i.e. in the Shimla street very beautifully in a hand pulling Rickshaw. The song No. 11 was played in the Background at the end climax of the film.

Joy Mukherjee and Azra in the song Love Ka Matlab Hai Pyar
Joy Mukherjee and Azra in the song Love Ka Matlab Hai Pyar

During shooting of LOVE IN SHIMLA, a real life love story was also started, Director R K Nayyar and Sadhana fell in love, but her parents filed a legal case against Director Nayyar, since Sadhna was under 18 at that time. After her success in films, her mother strongly disapproved Nayyar as Sadhana’s boy friend and advised her to marry someone like Rajendra Kumar. But in 1965, with intervention by Raj Kapoor and supported by her father, Sadhana married RK Nayyar. Later on, R K Nayyar directed Joy Mukherjee in two more films: AAO PYAAR KAREN (1964) and YEH ZINDEGI KITNI HASEEN HAI (1966). 

Mohammed Rafi, Joy Mukherjee and composer Ravi:-

This combination worked in four films: UMEED (1962), DOOR KI AWAAZ (1964), BAHU BETI (1965) and YEH ZINDEGI KITNI HASEEN HAI (1966). The Rafi solo written by Shakeel Badayuni from Ummed, “Mujhe Ishq Hai Tujhi Se Meri Jann-E_Zindegani, Tere Paas Mera Dil Hai Meri Pyaar Ka Nishani” is very timeless romantic. Rafi solos “Husn Se Chaand Bhi Sharmaya Hai, Teri Surat Ne Gazab Dhaya Hai”, “Muqqdar Azmana Chahta Hoon, Tuhme Apna Banana Chahta Hoon, Mujhe Baas Pyar Ka Ek Jaam De Do”,  “Dil Mera Aaj Kho Gaya Hai Kahin” and duet with Asha Bhosle “Haathon Mein Haath Hoothon Pe Afsane Pyar Ke” from Door Ki Awaaz are romantic fantasy. The soft romantic Rafi solos from Bahu Beti, “Jeeyo Tu Aise Jeeyo Ke Sab Kuch Tuhmara Hai” and “Saab Mein Shamil Ho Magar, Sabse Juda Lagati Ho” are very heart touching.  The Rafi solos, “Mohabbat Rang Layegi, Haseena Maan Jayegi”, Jawan Ho Mashallah” form Yeh Zindegi Kitni Haseen Hai are romantic rocking.

Ek Musaphir Ek Haseena and Phir Wohi Dil Laaya Hoon

Mohammad Rafi, Joy Mukherjee and composer O. P. Nayyar :

This combination worked together in EK MUSAFIR EK HASEENA (1962), PHIR WOHI DIL LAYA HOON (1963), HUMSAAYA (1968) and EK BAAR MUSKURA DO (1972), out of which first two were box office 2nd and 3rd grosser of the year. Ek Musafir Ek Haseena was the second super hit movie produced by Sashadhar Mukherjee and directed by Raj Khosla starring Joy Mukherjee, Sadhana and Rajendranath. Rafi Saheb sung all the songs of the film for Joy which were poetry of S.H. Bihari, Raja Mehdi Ali Khan & Shevan Rizvi. The Rafi solos, “Mujhe Dekhkar Aap Ka Muskurana, Mohabbat Nahin Hai Tu Phir Aur Kiya Hain”, “Bahut Shukriya Badi Meharbani, Meri Zendagi Mein Huzoor Aap Aaye”,Hum Ko Tumhare Ishq Ne”, “Phir Tere Shahar Mein, Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon” and the duets with Asha Bhosle  “Aap Yunhi Agar Humse Milte Rahe, Tu Dekhiyee Ek Din Pyar Ho Jayeega”, “Main Pyar Ka Rahi Hoon, Teri Zulfoon Ke Chayye Mein Kuch Der Thehar Jayoon”, “Tumhen Mohabbat Hai Humse Mana”, “Zubane Yaar Man Turki” were all everlasting.

Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon was a second production of Nasir Hussain after Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai, also being written and directed by him starring Joy Mukherjee, Asha Parekh, Pran & Rajendranath. The film contains many beautiful songs of Mohammad Rafi written by Majrooh Sultanpuri. The Rafi solos, “Banda Parwar Tham Loo Jigar”, Lakhon Hain Nigahon Mein, Zindegi Ke Rahoon Mein”, “Aanchal Mein Saja Lena Kaliyaan”, “Aji Qibla, Mohtarma, Kabhi Shola, Kabhi Nagma” and duets with Asha Bhosle O Hamdam Mere Khel Na Jaano Chaahat Ke Iqraar Ko”, “Zulfoon Ki Chhaon Mein Chehre Ka Ujaala Lekar” were big hits. This song-studded romantic love story was first colour movie of Joy which became a silver jubilee hit making symbolic of Joy’s image.

Lakhon Hain Nigahon Mein and Banda Parwar Tham Loo Jigar

Mohammad Rafi, Joy Mukherjee and composer S.D.Burman:

Joy Mukherjee and Asha Parekh in ZiddiThis combination work together only in ZIDDI (1964) produced and directed by Pramod Chakraborty starring Joy Mukherjee, Asha Parekh and Mehmood. Rafi Sahab sung some exceptional romantic songs written by Hasrat Jaipuri for Joy Mukherjee. Three Rafi Sahab solos from the film, “Teri Surat Se Nahin Milti Kisi Ki Surat”, “Jaanoon Kya Mera Dil Ab Kahaan Kho Gaya”, “Pyaar Ki Manzil Mast Safar Tum Ho Hansi Hum Hain Jawwan” were real glowing. The musical hit became 4th box office grosser of the year.

MohammadRafi, Joy Mukherjee and composer Kalyanji-Anandji:

This combination worked in ISHARA and JI CHAHTA HAI both in 1964. Ishara was a social and romantic drama, produced and directed K. Amarnath staring Joy Mukherjee, Vaijantimala, Pran and Jayant. Kalyanji-Anandji was assisted by Laxmikant-Pyarelal to compose music in the lyrics of Majrooh Sultanpuri. The Rafi solo from the film, “Dil Bekarar Hai, Humko Khumar Sa Hai, Jabse Tuhme Dekha Sanam” is one of the best gem of this combination. The Rafi-Lata duets from the film, “Hey Abdullah Nagin Wala Aageya Jadu Baan Ka Sah Gaya Chere Hai Been Pyar Ke” and “Chori Ho Gaye Raat, Nain Ki Nindiya, Sapoon Mein Aa Gayee Koi Jag Uthi Bindiya” are also very popular and foot stepping. In ISHARA, Mukesh Sahab also sung his best song “Chal Mere Dil Lehera Ke Chal Mausam Bhi Hai Wada Bhi Hai, Uski Gali Ka Faasla Thoda Bhi Hai Jada Bhi Hai”  for Joy Mukherjee.

The Rafi soloHumne Dekha Hai Tumhe Aisa Guma Hota Hai” and duets with Suman Kalyanpur “Kiya Kehene Mass Allah Nazar Teer Aapki Ji Chahta Khis Lo Tasveer Aap Ki”, “Ae Jaan-e-Tamanna Ae Jaan-e-Baharen, Mujhe Tu Mile Zindegi Mile Gayi Hai”  from JI CHAHTA HAI created wave in the screen.

Mohammad Rafi, Joy Mukherjee and composer Usha Khanna:

Usha Khanna composed music for two Joy Mukherjee films: HUM HINDUSTHANI (1960) and AAO PYAAR KAREN (1964). In HUM HINDUSTHANI, Rafi Sahab playback for Sunil Dutt in the solo “Hum Jab Chalein To Ye Jahan Bhi Chale” and Mukesh Sahab playback for Joy Mukherjee in solo “Raat Nikhri Huyee Zulf Bikhree” as well as in duet “Neeli Neeli Ghata O Bheegi Bheegi Hawa”.

AAO PYAAR KAREN was a romantic drama directed by R K Nayyar starring Joy Mukherjee, Saira Banu and Sanjeev Kumar. Rafi solos, “Jinke Liye Main Deewana Bana Woh Kehte Diwana Mujhe”, “Dilber Dilber Ho Dilber”, “Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Nigahein Teri” are dance numbers and “Jahan Tu Hai Wahan Phir Chandni Kaun Poochega” “Dil Ke Aaine Mein Tasveer Rehti Hai” are eternally romantic. The Rafi-Lata duet, “Tum Akele Tu Kabhi Baagh Mein Jaya Na Karo Aaj Kaal Phool Bhi Dilwale Hua Karte Hai” was a romantic spat.

Mohammad Rafi,Joy Mukherjee and composer Naushad Ali:

This combination worked in one film SAAZ AUR AWAAZ (1966), directed by Subodh Mukherjee had some classic songs composed by Naushad Ali in the lyrics of Khumar Barabankvi. Rafi solos, “Saaz Ho Tum Awaaz Hoon Main, Tum Bina Ho Main Hoon Tar Rok Sako Tu Rok Lo Apani Apani Ki Jhankar”, “Dil Ki Mehfil Saji Hai Chali Aaiye, Aap Ki Baas Kami Hai Chali Aaiye” and duets, “Tum Ishq Ki Mehfil Ho Ya Husn Ka Jalwa Ho”, “Aa Pyar Raah Bahaar” with Asha Bhosle, “Aa Ji Kisne Mujhe Sada Di Kisne Mujhe Pukara” with Suman Kalyanpur are very traditional and prolific.

Mohammad Rafi,Joy Mukherjee & composer Shankar Jaikishan:

Love In Tokyo

This combination worked together in LOVE IN TOKYO (1966) and LOVE IN BOMBAY (1974). Love In Tokyo is was produced and directed by Pramod Chakravorty starring Joy Mukherjee, Asha Parekh, Mehmmod and Pran. The songs of the film were become very popular in the voice of Mohammad Rafi and Lata Mageshkar. The amazing title song of the film, “Le Gayee Dil Gudiya Japan Ki, Pagal Mujhe Kar Diya, Japan Love in Tokyo” was picturised on Joy & Asha Parekh in different hi-tech places of JAPAN. The other solos of the film by Rafi Saheb, “Aaja Re Aa Zara, Lehrake Aa Zara, Aakhon Se Dil Mein Shama”, “O Mere Shahe-Khuban, O Mere Jane-Janana” are also expressive. Another song from the film, “Sayonara Sayonara, Kaal Phir Aayongee Sayonara” by Lata Mageshkar in Japaneese style was becomes a signature tune. This musical hit became 5th box office grosser of the year.  

Mohammad Rafi, Joy Mukherjee and composer Laxmikant-Pyarelal:

ShagirdThis combination worked in SHAGIRD (1967) produced by  Subodh Mukherjee and directed by Samir Ganguly, starring Joy Mukherjee, Saira Banu, I.S. Johar. In the film, Rafi Sahab echoed very beautifully for Joy in the songs like “Bade Miyan Deewane, Aise Na Bano, Hasena Kiya Sahe Humse Suno” with I.S. Johar, the Rock-N-Role “Duniya Pagal Hai, Ya Phir Main Deewana, Mujko Chahat Hai Zulfoon Mein Yulzana” in a Shammi Kapoor manner and the duet with Lata “Woh Hain Zara Khafa Khafa” in slow motion. In this golden jubilee hit, Joy showed a well stylishness comedy as a lover boy of village belle Saira Banu and love guru of Professor I.S. Johar which in fact was the last successful film of lover boy Joy. As a musical hit, it was 5th grosser in box office for the year.

Mohammad Rafi, Joy Mukherjee and composer N. Datta:

Aag Aur DaagThis combination catches up in two films: INSPECTOR (1970) and AAG AUR DAAG (1971). Datta Naik composed quality music in said films in the lyrics of S.H. Bihari. The Rafi-Asha Bhosle duet, “Bura Tum Na Mano Tu Ek Baat Keh Doon” from Inspector is hummable. The Rafi solos, “Tere Iss Pyar Ka Shukriya, Mere Mehrban”, “Aaj In Haathon Mein Phir Se Zindegi Hai Saaz Hai” and duet with Asha Bhosle “Hamse Badhakar Kaun Hoga Aapka Deewaana” from Aag Aur Daag are too romantic.

In addition to above songs, “Zulf Bikhrati Chali Aayee Ho” from EK KALI MUSKAI (1968) composed by Madan Mohan, “Tauba Yeh Adayein Dekhe Se Khumar Aaye, Gora Taan Aisa Dilwalo Ko Pyaar Aaye”  from EHSAN (1970) composed by R. D. Burman and “Ae Meri Jaan-e-Chaman, Dilruba Shola Badan” from MOOJRIM (1790) composed by Sonik-Omi of this singer-actor combination are also notable.

A List of Top 10 Rafi gems picturised on Joy Mukherjee :-

SL No. Year Film Song Music Lyrics
1 1960 LOVE IN SHIMLA Gaal Gulabi Kis Ke Hai, Nain Sharabbi Kis Ke Hai Iqbal Qurashi Rajinder Krishan
2 1962 EK MUSAFIR EK HASEENA Mujhe Dekhkar Aap Ka Muskurana, Mohabbat Nahin Hai Tu Phir Aur Kiya Hain O. P.Nayyar S. H. Bihari
3 1963 PHIR WOHI DIL LAYAHOON Laakhon Hain Nigahon Mein, Zindegi Ki Rahoon Mein O. P. Nayyar Majrooh Sultanpuri
4 1964 ZIDDI Teri Surat Se Nahin Milti Kisi Ki Surat S. D. Burman Hasrat Jaipuri
4 1964 ISHAARA Dil  Bekarar Sa Hai, Humko Khumar Sa Hai Kalyanji-Anandji Shailendra
5 1964 DOOR KI AWAAZ Husn Se Chaand Bhi Sharmaya Hai, Teri Surat Ne Gazab Dhaya Hai Ravi Shakeel Badayuni
6 1964 AAO PYAAR KAREN Jinke Liye Main Deewana Bana Woh Kehte Diwana Mujhe Usha Khanna Rajinder Krishan
7 1966 SAAZ AUR AWAAZ Saaz Ho Tum Awaaz Hoon Main Naushad Khumar Barabankvi
8 1966 LOVE IN TOKYO Le Gayee Dil Gudiya Japan Ki Pagal Mujhe Kar Diya ShankarJaikishan Hasrat Jaipuri
9 1967  SHAGIRD Duniya Paagal Hai Ya Phir Main Deewaana Laxmikant Pyarelal Majrooh Sultanpuri
10 1968 HUMSAAYA Dil Ki Awaaz Bhi Sun Mere Fasaane Pe Na Jaa O. P. Nayyar Shevan Rizvi

In the late 1960s, due to growing eminence of Dharmendra, Jeetendra and rising of new romantic icon Rajesh Khanna, there was a turn down in the career of Joy Mukherjee. Then Joy became producer-director with HUMSAAYA (1968), where he played double role opposite Mala Sinha and Sharmila Tagore. It was a lavish production, Joy Mukherjee and O.P. Nayyar made all their efforts for success of the film and revitalizes their careers, but the film did not click in the box office. However, the following Rafi gem of the film was become very popular in the signature tune of O.P. Nayyar with glittering lyrics of least known lyricist Shevan Rizvi.

Dil Ki Awaaz Bhi Sun, Meri Fasanee Pe Naja

Meri Nazroon Ki Taraph Dekh, Zamanee Pe Naja

(Listen to your Heart, Don’t Believe in My Story, Try to find the Truth in my Eyes, Don’t Believe Others)

It was a polite romantic song tremendously sung by Rafi Saheb, but exhausted to some extent due to unfortunate picturisation. The best lines of the song, “Waqt Insaan Pe Aisa Bhi Kabhi Aatta Hai, Raah Mein Chorke Saaya Bhi Chala Jaata Hai (There are be occasions in person’s life when even his shadow absconds him) and the said lines became best manifesto of the later careers of both Joy Mukherjee as well as composer O. P. Nayyar.

In early 1970s, Joy Mukherjee’s ambitious films like EHSAAN with Anjana Mumtaz, MUJRIM with Kumud Chuggani, PURASKAR with Sapna, INSPECTOR with Alka, AAG AUR DAAG with Komal, KAHIN AAR KAHIN PAAR (1971) with Vimi were unsuccessful and EK BAAR MUSKURA DO (1972) was a moderate success due to melodious score by O.P. Nayyar. After Ek Baar Muskura Do, Joy was again seen with his real life brother Deb Mukherjee in the film HAIWAN (1977).

Mohammed Rafi sung about 200 songs for Lover Boy Joy Mukherjee. Rafi Sahab was the core playback voice of Joy Mukherjee in his films with an exception of Mukesh Sahab in HUM HINDUSTHANI and Mohendra Kapoor Sahab in DIL AUR MOHABBAT. In fact, his material uncle singer Kishore Kumar rarely sung for Joy Mukherjee. He was a golden boy of box office in 1960s (from 1960 to 1968) fully supported by golden voice of Mohammed Rafi. Apart from UMMEED (1962) and HUMSAAYA, EK KALI MUSKAI both in 1968, all films starring Joy are musical hit and successful in box office. As an actor, Joy Mukherjee acted in 32 films in a career span of 25 years. Out of which he had 19 hit films, 18 as a solo lead hero and one as a villain (INSAAF MAIN KAROONGA).

Chaila BabuAs a director, Joy Mukherjee directed three films: HUMSAAYA (1968), LOVE IN BOMBAY (1974) and CHHAILA BABU (1977), out of which last is a golden jubilee hit staring Rajesh Khanna and Zeenat Aman. It was a suspense thriller which earned Rs. 4.00 Crores at box office in 1977. The songs from the film like,“Main Hoon Babu Chhaila” and “Yaar Dildar Tujhe Kaisa Chahiye, Pyar Chahiye Ya Tujhe Paisa Chahiye” composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal was became very popular among music lovers. In the period of 1974-76, Rajesh Khanna in the course of an awful stage of his career since good number of his films unsuccessful in the box office. Without considering his pessimism, Joy offered him Chhailla Babu and after success of film, Rajesh Khanna promised Joy that he would offer him an offbeat role in one of his future films. Rajesh Khanna fulfilled his promise by providing Joy the role of villain in INSAAF MAIN KAROONGA (1985) which was a super hit at box office. Thus, Joy Mukherjee is the one of the few actors of Indian Cinema whose debut as well as last film both were super hits at box office.

In Mumbai, there is already Rafi Chowk in Bandra (West), which is only 2 minutes walk from Bandra Station’s west gate. The crossing of S.V. Road and Hill Road is called Padmashree Mohammed Rafi Chowk near lucky restaurant. Last year, on 24th February, 2013 on the occasion of 74th birth anniversary of Joy Mukherjee, an elongate of Yari Road in Andheri named after Joy which was inaugurated by Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu.

Joy Mukherjee was absolutely not considered as a top of actors like Dilip Kumar, Dev Anand, Shammi Kapoor, Rajendra Kumar, etc though he was a box office topper from 1960 to 1967. But his smiling face, boyish good looking tall figure with western clothes made him a beloved by cine-goers, especially by female fans in romantic family dramas. All through his career, his popularity was greatly supported by the echoing songs sung by Mohammed Rafi. For a few years in the 1960s, he was one of the romantic kings of Hindi Films with films like LOVE IN SHIMLA (1960), PHIR WOHI DIL LAYA HOON (1963), ZIDDI (1964), LOVE IN TOKYO (1967), and SHAGRID (1967). He was mostly romanced with top heroines of 1960s like SADHANA, VAIJANTIMALA, ASHA PAREKH, SAIRA BANU and SHARMILA TAGORE. He will always be remembered as A RAFI INFLUENTIAL HERO and FIRST LOVER BOY & JOY OF INDIAN CINEMA. 

Filmography of ample Rafi Hero: Joy Mokherjee.

SL No. Year Film Director Co-stars
1 1960 Love In Shimla R. K. Nayyar Sadhana, Azra, Shobhana Samarth, Kiran Kumar.
2 1960 Hum Hindusthani Ram Mukherjee Asha Parekh, Sunil Dutt,Helen, Sanjeev Kumar.
3 1962 Ummeed Devendra Goal Nanda,Leela Mishra, Agha, Ashok Kumar.
4 1962 Ek Mushafir Ek Hasina Raj Khoshla Sadhana, Rajendra Nath, Dhumal, Jagdish Raj, Kamal Kapoor,Sujit Kumar.
5 1963 Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon Nasir Hussain Asha Parekh, Rajendra Nath, Veena, Pran.
6 1964 Ziddi Pramod Chakraborty Asha Parekh, Mehmood, Pran.
7 1964 Ji Chahta Hai Bibhuti Mitra Rajshree, Jeevan, Rajendra Nath, Motilal.
8 1964 Ishaara K. Amarnath Vajayanthimala,Jayant, Pran, Aaga
9 1964 Door Ki Awaaz Devendra Goal Saira Banu, Pran, Om Prakash.
10 1964 Aao Pyar Karen R. K. Nayyar Saira Banu, Sanjeev Kumar, Mac Mohan.
11 1965 Bahu Beti T. Prakash Rao Mala Sinha, Ashok Kumar,Mehmood,Mumtaz.
12 1966 Saaz Aur Awaaz Subodh Mukherjee Saira Banu,Kanhaiyalal, Mumtaz.
13 1966 Yeh Zindegi Kitni Haseen Hai R. K. Nayyar Saira Banu, Ashok Kumar, Manmohan, Madan Puri, Motilal.
14 1966 Love In Tokyo Pramod Chakraborty Asha Parekh, Mehmood, Subha Khote, Pran.
15 1967 Shagird Samir Ganguly Saira Banu, I.S. Johar, Nazir Hussain, Madan Puri.
16 1967 Sonai Dighe (Bengali) Ashim Banerjee Joy Mukherjee , Pran
17 1968 Humsaya Joy Mukherjee Sharmila Tagore, Mala Singha,Rehman,Madan Puri
18 1968 Ek Kali Mushkai Vasant Joglekar Meera, Ashok Kumar,Mehmood,Om Prakash.
19 1968 Dil Aur Mohabbat Anand Dutta Sharmila Tagore, Ashok Kumar,Nasir Hussain, K.N. Singh, Anoop Kumar.
20 1969 Dupatta (Punjabi) Mahinder Wahi Sonia Sahani, Ravindra Kapoor, Indira.
21 1970 Puraskar Ram Kumar Sapana, Abhi Bhattacharya,I.S.Johar,  Helen.
22 1970 Moojrim Kewal Mishra Kumud Chuggani, Dev Kumar, Jayant.
23 1970 Inspector Chand Alka, Helen, Jayant, Kiran Kumar.
24 1970 Ehsaan Shiv Kumar Anjana Mumtaz, Rajendra Nath,K.N.Singh
25 1970 Aag Aur Daag A. Salaam Komal, Madan Puri, I.S.Johar,Helen, Jayant.
26 1971 Kahin Aar Kahin Paar Maruti Vimi, Sheikh Mukhtar,Helen, Shyam Kumar, Anwar Hussain, Nadira, Jayashree T.
27 1972 EkBaar Mushkura Do Ram Mukherjee Deb Mukherjee, Tanuja, Shobhna Samarth
28 1977 Haiwan Ram  Rono Deb Mukherjee, Prema Narayan.
29 1980 Saanjh Ki Bela  Madhusudhan Nutan, Rehman, I.S. Johar, Iftekhar
30 1985 Insaaf Main Karoonga Shibu Mitra Rajesh Khanna, Padmini Kolhapuri, Tina Munim, Shakti Kapoor, Om Shiva Puri, Aruna Irani.
31 1985 Phoolan Devi Ashok Roy Rita Bhaduri, Suresh Oberoi, Padma Khanna.
32 2013 Love In Bombay Joy Mukherjee  Waheeda Rehman.Kishore Kumar, Sonia Sahani.


Mr. Biman Baruah, Author of the Article
Mr. Biman Baruah, Author of the Article

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15 Blog Comments to “Rafi harmonic for first Lover Boy of Indian Cinema:Joy Mukherjee”


    Wonderful, mind blowing write up Biman Barua ji. I feel proud of you as because we both are working in the same Organisation. Rafi sahab’sang contribution was immense in Joy Mukherjee ‘s career. You will rarely hear these songs in popular FM channels due to reasons known to them only.

  2. Dr. Souvik Chatterji says:

    Great article Bimaji,
    You previously also wrote a good article on Rafisahab and Joy Mukherjee. One great fact about Joy Mukherjee films were that from Love in Shimla to Shagird, between 1960 to 1967, his films featured in first 5 super hit films in every year. Although his box-office was not as strong as Dilip Kumar or Raj Kapoor, he brought huge revenue for bollywood. The major credit goes to Rafisahab’s romantic songs and brilliant compositions of Shankar Jaikishan, Naushad Ali, OP Nayyar, Ravi Shankar Sharma and others. Thanks for the elaborate article.

  3. Dr. Souvik Chatterji says:

    Great article Bimaji,
    You previously also wrote a good article on Rafisahab and Joy Mukherjee. One great fact about Joy Mukherjee films were that from Love in Shimla to Shagird, between 1960 to 1967, his films featured in first 5 super hit films in every year. Although his box-office was not as strong as Dilip Kumar or Raj Kapoor, he brought huge revenue for bollywood. The major credit goes to Rafisahab’s romantic songs and brilliant compositions of Shankar Jaikishan, Naushad Ali, OP Nayyar, Ravi Shankar Sharma and others. Thanks for the elaborate article.

  4. Binu Nair says:

    Grt Research…….and Big amount of Hard Work. Was travelling hence saw the article late…

    Nasreen ji….. the song Yeh Parbaton Ke daayere in on another grand hero Biswajit ji….from Movie Vaasna.

    Rafi saab sang some TIMELESS songs for Biswajit too.

    Joy Saab was a Handsome Hero….I could Not Meet Him which is a Big Regret.

    From The Rafi Foundation,
    Cell : 9833 250 701

  5. m.ibrahim kunhi says:

    yeh mera naseeb hai ki rafi saab ke gaane mere zindage ke ek ang hai

  6. mfazam says:

    Thank you so much BB Ji for yr so impressive article on our Rafi Murhoom Saheb. Every musim should raise hands for his ‘Eisaal
    Sawaab’. I vivdly recall during 1960s we teens never missed Joy Mukherjee films to specially enjoy Rafi Saheb’s shokh-chulbul songs with full of entertainment which kept us in jolly mood during school exam day. Ofcourse,Until today,I still as a gesture of warmest gratitud
    to my life partner after serving ‘culcuttia biryani to our foreign guessts,
    I always sing ‘B O H O T shukriya, badi meherbani copying Rafi sa heb’s voice.I always miss my father like Rafi saheb. May ALLAH(swt)
    keep his soule in peace(ameen).Thank you , Blessings, Azam

  7. tjayaraj says:

    Kishore sang one of the popular numbers in Ek Baar Muskrado-Savere ka suraj—but it was filmed on Deb Mjukherjee

  8. Mike Guddoy says:

    Joy Mukherji is well known for imitating the Shammi Kapoor style of acting. With the help of his producer father,many good directors, great musicians and Rafi, many of his films were box-office hits. He copied Shammi, who created a totally new genre of movies and trend which other young actors copied. Music and songs were fundamental aspects of his movies. This is why the Shammi/Rafi/Shankar-Jaikishan magic can never be matched to this day.

  9. K P Hassan says:

    An excellent article. Hope we can read more and more such interesting articles in future also.
    My heartiest congratulations to Mr.Bimanji.

  10. terrific narration. terrific compilation. My compliments to you, Biman ji

    warm regards

    Achal Rangaswamy

  11. r l arora says:

    Lot of thanks for sharing excellent and soul-pleasing details about our beloved Rafi Saab. Truly information and facts of Rafi Saab is blissful and gives unparellel joy. Kindly keep sending/sharing such pleasure-giving details about legend Rafi saab.

    r l arora

  12. Nasreen says:

    Don’t know why Shammi and Joy Mukherjee were never cast as brothers in any film, somehow I always found similarities in them. Their ways, they body types, so many things.

    Anyway, now the song playing is “tu bemisaal hai teri taareef kya karoon?” Rafi Sahab is indescribable. It’s a gloomy day outside, but my day is made. The one who is bemisaal is Rafi Sahab himself!

  13. Nasreen says:

    I am reading this beautiful and interesting article and the song playing on the site is “Yeh parbaton ke daayere” – Oh My god, what pleasure!!

  14. u.k.achan says:

    An extremely well researched article;a good index for Rafi fans;currently I am
    hooked to one of Rafi Saab’s last songs from “Mera Salaam” in 1980.”Aaya ho mere dilbar tere anjuman mein lekar”…….Rafi Saab is unique.

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