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Rafi, Asha and O.P.Nayyar

This article is written by Mr. H.V.Guru Murthy

Mohd Rafi, Asha Bhonsle and O.P.NayyarWhat a combination it was, Mohammed Rafi and Asha Bhonsle under the direction of O.P.Nayyar, Vintage Music in the fiftees and especially early sixties. Perhaps, OPN had special chemistry with Rafiji and Ashaji and the Singers also gave the maximum melodies under OPN’s baton. Otherwise we would not have got songs which we remember and rejoice even today after more than 30 years.

The list is long, perhaps starting with CID – “Leke Pehla Pehla Pyaar” along with Shamshad Begum followed by three duets in NAYA DAUR – “Sathi Hath Badana”, “Ude Jab Jab Zulfen Teri” and the super melodious “Mangake Saath Tumhara”. Shammi Kapoor had “Dekh Kasamse” and “Sar Par Topi Lal” in TUMSA NAHI DEKHA. The first song especially had the Grand Entry of MR in the last stanza. KASHMIR KI KALI had three duets – “Isharon Isharon Me”, “Hai Re Hai” and perhaps one of the best romantic duets ever recorded in the Indian Film Industry “Ye Dekhake Dil Zhooma”.

O.P.Nayyar and Mohd Rafi
O.P.Nayyar and Mohd Rafi

“Hoton Pe Hasin” from SAWAN KI GHATA also had the late entry of Rafiji in the last stanza. BAHARE PHIR BHI AYENGI had two wonderful duets – “Suno Suno Ms Chatterjee” and “Dil To Pehle Hi Se”. PHAGUN had the melodious “Mai Soya Ankhiyan Meeche”, “Ek Pardesi Mera”, “Tum Rootake Mat Jana” and “Jaa Jaa, Jaa Meri Chodade Kalayi”. KALPANA starring Ashok Kumar and Padmini had “Pyaara Pyaara Hai Sama” and “Mai Aaongi Kidiki Me ………..Aji Chalega”.

Separate chapters can be written on the combination for Joy Mukherjee and Biswajeet starrers. Who can forget songs from Biswajeet movies like “Phir Miloge Kabhi” and “Aapse Maine Meri Jaan” from “YEH RAAT PHIR NA AAYEGI, “Roka Kai Baar Maine”, the super melodious “Humne To Dilko Aapke” and “Haanji Haanji Haanji” from MERE SANAM. Similarly Joy Mukherjee starrers had songs like “Zulfa Ki Chaon Me” and “Door Bahut Mat Jayiye” from PHIR WAHI DIL LAYA HUN, “Tera Shukriya” from HUMSAYA and the four super wonders in EK MUSAFIR EK HASINA – “Bahut Shukriya”, “Aap Yunhi Agar”, “Mai Pyaar Ka Rahi Hun” and “Iran Humne Dekha”.

Mohd Rafi, O.P.Nayyar and Asha Bhonsle
Mohd Rafi, O.P.Nayyar and Asha Bhonsle

Though Rafiji and Ashaji have sung more than 900 songs containing lot many wonderful, melodious and popular songs for other MDs, but the songs under OPN had a separate magic. Under OPN, Ashaji has also sung many good songs with Mahendra, Mukesh and KK, but most of these songs never came anywhere near that of Rafiji and Ashaji duets. Similarly, under OPN, Rafiji and Geethaji also gave hit duets.

I also personally feel and I am very sure, most Music lovers will agree with me that Ashaji blossomed under OPN and her own standard came down after she left OPN. RD never gave with Ashaji solo songs like PUCHO NA HAME HUM UNKE LIYE from “Mitti Me Sona”, JAYIYE AAP KAHAN JAYENGE from “Mere Sanam”, AANKHON SE JO UTARI HAI DIL ME from “Phir Wahi Dil Laya Hun”, CHAINASE HUMKO KABHI from “Pran Jaye Par Vachan Na Jaye”, RAAT KO CHORI CHORI from “Mohabbat Zindagi Hai”, HUZUREWALA from “Yeh Raat Phir Na Ayegi”, AAO HUZUR TUMKO from “Kismat”, WOH HANSKE MILE HUMSE from “Baharen Phir Bhi Ayengi”, MOHABBAT HO GAYI JINASE from “Kahin Din Kahin Raat”, HAATH AAYA HAI from “Dil Aur Mohabbat”, O BARASO RE and CHAM CHAM GUNGARUN BOLE from “Phagun”, etc., which OPN could regularly churn out with Asha.

Even the so called popular Cabaret numbers of RDB and Ashaji’s were no where near the class of Ashaji and Senior Burman in “Talash” – KARLE PYAAR KARLE KE DIN HAI YAHI, “Jewel Thief” – RAAT AKELI HAI and JALTE HAI JISKE LIYE, LA LA LA LA LA LA and “Sharmilee” – RESHAMI UJALA HAI, which were very melodious and sensuous but never loud like that of RDB’s.

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58 Blog Comments to “Rafi, Asha and O.P.Nayyar”

  1. jasbir says:

    rafi sahib was not only a great singer , but was also a great person, in film industry i think no star can match great rafi

  2. jasbir says:

    no singer can match rafi sahib, he was god of singing

  3. Ali says:

    Asha ji said on Radio with Ameen ji that she is because of OPN,OPN made her and she is only who sang around 900 songs with Mohd Rafi ..

  4. THANX dr.goswami,i like and appreciate your comment.though the hindi film industry is a very old and huge industries the numbers of music directors and playback singers are not much.therefor let us enjoy our music with an open heart.and ignore the personal conflicts. with best wishes—–dr b,sharmah.

  5. if satyajit roy,lata,rafi,dilipkumar and dada s.phalke are mount everest then raj kapoor,kishore kumar and kamal hassan are like indian ocean—full of varieties.

    h.f.industry is full of talented people with immense contributions.kindly look at the bright side only.please dont compare the personal life,it will increase the hatred and unhappiness.they are human beings —everyone has personal problem and a tale to tell—good,bad or ugly.

    hundred and one humble salutes to the hindi film industry .with much love and regards to you all.—dr p.goswami.

  6. azad akbar says:

    the cruelty asha had done towards op nayyer sab during his crises is unforgetable is said that neyyer had earned his livlihood by selling homoeo medicines in his last decades.when lataji heard of the tragic situation of op sab she send one lakh rupees to him. but op rejected the money because he had not given a chance to lata during his music life( asha was the no1 female singer to op , even by neglecting geeta dutt ) really rafi saab and op neyyer had much helped asha in her carrier

  7. pmc thangal says:

    even though asha got much fame and name under the baton of op nayyer,she had done much injustice to opn. in early 70’s asha presented a vishesh jaimala programme of vivid bharathi,in that one hour programme she had not uttered even a singe word about op or played any songs of neyyer sab. it is said in the stage programmes also she avoide his songs.

  8. Rajnath Singh says:

    I met Ashaji in delhi few years ago, she was came for annual function of school in which i was accounts manager. I took her autograph on recording photo of rafi-asha in studio, she was surprise & she believe rafi is best & ashaji talk to me so much that my other collegues & also management & directors feel jealous.

    Ashaji was outspoken & change her views frequently at different place. Lata never ready to support her sister (Watch movie Saaz casting Shabana & Aruna). At that time musicians took asha with rafi, because that time lata haveing roylaty issue with rafi saab.

    Among all singers, Asha sung maximum songs & highest duets in hindi music Rafi-Asha, Kishore-Asha, Rafi-Lata & Kishore-Lata.

    Asha never sucess in her career without Rafi Saab & opn. no musician consider her seriously.

    Asha told me her favourite duet was “Phir milonge kabhi is baat ka vaada kar lo” no doubt this song well known for rafi saab….so high pitch…..asha’s stanza not important. All mukhada, first antara, ending of second antara was finish by rafi saab.

    may be possible she prefer sometime kk, but by her heart she admire rafi saab…..she told rafi saab bahut sharif insaan the.

    She went first at rafi’s residence after his death & I have one photograph in which she was cry so much, even kk also present & he was also cry. I never see, never heard about lata…..she was present or attend funeral I don’t know.

  9. xxx says:

    binu ji,,

    needless to say anything abt gr8ness of nayyar sahab & also there is nothing much left for me to tell abt nayyar sahab as odrs already added amazingly regarding dis….

  10. xxx says:

    ref to p::38

    “”””even a bee sting is better than a sting from “monica darling” “”””

    well said mr.haldar

    you r always dominating wd ur gr8 humour……..

  11. rafian1 says:

    Dear Rafians

    Though I am agreeing with you 100% about Asha Bhonsle I would like to request you not to use harsh words about her or any other bcs we must not forget that we are Fans of the most humble Rafi saab.I believe a person is a true Rafi saab fan only if he or she is having few of Rafi saab’s character at least(humbleness,willingness to help others,no bad mouthing,no self promotion,not forgeting those who helped you etc).Forgive me if I am wrong.

    ABout Asha b.I would like to request her to visit both and then she can understand where she stands and where Rafi saab stands.

    Long live Rafi saab.

  12. ssmakkar says:

    it is truly surprising. the way asha bhonsle has chosen to have amnesia about her most productive years in film music which she had with opnayyar ji and rafi sahib. it is a sad reflection on her.
    but all the same, her songs are great – at least the old ones.

  13. P. Haldar says:

    ref post 32:

    binu ji, even a bee sting is better than a sting from “monica darling”. As mr. raju korti informed us, a bee sting on the beach made pancham cry “ooh ooh ooh ooh”, setting the stage for one of the most romantic songs in film history. mr. korti, I hope you’ll reconsider your decision and keep posting your refreshing comments.

  14. binus2000 says:

    vikas bhai :
    are u a doctor or an authority in “music” or both?..

    dont’s u have valid arguements to counter the other view?

    binu nair.

  15. The ascerbic langauage some people use in this forum, especially against individuals is hurting. This forum is for discussing on the greatness of Rafiji, especially remembering his golden songs and not to belittle the contributions of others, who also have served the Indian Film Industry in their own way. In fact, we are greatful to all of them including KK, Lataji, Ashaji, OPN, RDB, etc. for having given us so much pleasure. Also let us admit that every individual is entitled to have his / her opinion on all the Singers / MDs. Let us not criticise them if their views do not coincide with ours. This new year let all of us, we Rafi lovers, pass a resolution that let us contribute positively to the web site and not criticise other individuals including other Singers / MDs. Even if some individuals continue to indulge in such harsh criticism, it is better to ignore them rather than join issue with them.

  16. manthan says:

    Thanks Venkatadri for knowing the facts.

    Vikas bhai, my hindi is not strong hence i cant measure the depth of stupidity in your post.

    Be polite or go to the asha bhonsle forum with your pain and despeartion. My reading of Asha is based on facts and I can say without any hesitation that she is a blot of the art of singing and human decency in general. Ask RD Bumans mum what she did to the poor lady after Pamcham died.

    If you are a kk propgandist then know that Asha belives Sanjay dutt sings like KK, I will not be surprised if KK lobists take this as a compliment.

    What a Tai? that what you KK fans call her dont you….lol

    You are a kid, go and mix with children, this place is for grown ups!!

  17. binus2000 says:

    asha ji…..

    o.p. nayyar saab was a “contrast character” of sorts…. ur are
    right partly as i know that he also had a golden heart “too”for people
    whom he liked and loved..

    binu nair. mumbai..

  18. binus2000 says: : what about o.p.nayyar saab (babu-ji) to his near and daar

    binu nair… the rafi foundation,, mumbai….

  19. binus2000 says:

    post 29…

    haldar saab: u mean that if r.d.b had spent some more time
    with rafi saab, it would have been “meaningful”.

    very true… his liasion with asha was put him ‘off’ his arts. he
    lost his confidence and banners.

    m.d. ravi saab told us last week : rafi saab used to come regularly
    to his house at 9.00 am. shakeel used to be called in the morning
    and sahir would come in the evening…

    time spent with the farishta rafi saab with open mind and ears would
    have been definitely “musically profitable” to everyone…. well said
    haldar saab.,.

    binu nair.

  20. xxx says:

    the maestros who really appreciated by d true classes were::::

    1.rafi sahab
    2.naushad ji
    3.dada burman
    8.pancahm da
    9.manna da

    and its a well known fact that only these persons were appreciated most by true classes like pandit jasraj ji, pandit shiv kr sharma ji, pandit bhimsain joshi ji & by odrs as well……

    asha bhosle although gr8 singer but never surpassed the above maestro’s class & mass appeal….

    so whooz d looser???????

  21. Asha says:

    I don’t see a reason for Asha should give her respect and even think of OPN. OPN as his character goes in many articles was a womanizer. He was marvellous and a gem in music, but as a human being.. I doubt. Not that I approve of Asha’s reasons for that matter.

  22. P. Haldar says:

    vikas is too young to know about the dirty politics in the music world, so please don’t be unduly critical of what he says. He loves good music and the great singers of yesteryears, so that’s what matters.

    I’ve also commented before that pancham shouldn’t have got involved with asha. Mixing business with pleasure is not a good thing. I hear that the last few years of his life were really sad. Mira di should have never let in “raat akeli hai” asha into the jet bungalow. Pancham should have taken a few tips from OP. Instead of the relationship with Asha, if he had jalebis and halwa sitting in Rafi saab’s car, he would have become an even greater md.

  23. b.venkatadri says:

    Mr. Vikas Sharma,

    Did you indeed post your post no. 26 in response to the highly reasonable and factual post no. 25 of Manthan Ji? Or were you responding to something else?!

    I fully second Manthan Ji for his post no. 25 and his factual reading of Asha Bhosle!


  24. binus2000 says:

    vikasji : i request u to be polite with people who do not share
    ur views….

    what’s ur honest comments on my post no 22 since the facts
    are from the people who is close to asha bhonsle…

    binu nair. mumbai.

  25. vikas sharma says:



  26. manthan says:

    Asha Bhonsle is a disgrace to playback singing and decency in general. She always had a jealous spot for Rafi as Lata believed Rafi is the best and rightly so and Rafi had the same views for Lata.

    She is a thankless creep as she does not even acknowledge that without OPN she would be no where. Her ignorance stems from the fact that even after singing record number of duets with Rafi, she fails to recognise the obvious that no singer comes even a million miles close to Rafi.

    Just to woo the poor Pancham she backed KK. Pancham was a fool that he got involved with this manilulative beast who sounds like a witch when she sings now.

    Asha bhnonsle is a laughing stock of HFM

  27. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Post # 23: Asha Bhosle should feel proud of singing most duets with Rafi Saheb, and note that Rafi Saheb is No. 1 favourite singer not only in India but in the world. KK is no close to Rafi Saheb.

  28. rony says:

    asha sang so many super hit songs with rafi. still asha says kishore is the best. the people from kolkata or most part of india like kishore more than rafi. had mohd. rafi’s name been rafi kumar, he would have been unanimously the no.1 favourite singer.

  29. binus2000 says:

    post 16:

    Aasha Bhosle ji ki kahani sunno:

    she used to stay in borivli east in a shanty or a chawl : u may say.
    she was povertied; her husband used to thrash her. it was a love
    marriage which happened at 14 years.

    she has seen much hardships but god has been kind with her.
    by her struggles she came up in life to become the second best
    singer (female).

    today she is rich n a bit powerful in the lobbying world. she lobbies
    for kishore kumar, r.d.burman and few of her cronies.

    she never would take telephone calls or messages from people
    who helped her to climb the ladder of success. she wants to show
    to the world that mohd rafi saab is a singer “of no consequence”.
    she refused to speak of mohd rafi saab when a journo called her
    citing bad throat.
    for six months she did not take the calls of naushaad saab.
    but when her son called up naushad for an appointment for u.s.
    based n.r.i s , naushad saab gave the appointment – the very next
    this is the difference between cultured people and people who have
    no morals….

    truly, the mangeshkars and the bhosles have very less respects
    in the peoples hearts – is my experience…..

    after 27 years where willl their image carry them..?
    Pls. make a comparison between rafi saab and these sisters…

    binu nair.

  30. Rajaram says:

    OP Nayyar was a genius Music Director. Though he a set pattern of repeatitive tunes they were always enjoyable and foot tapping. But he had his ego problem of never adjusting with anybody which led to the separation of asha and rafi from him.

  31. A S MURTY says:

    thanks very much mr ambuj pandey, i am sorry that i was misunderstood. i reiterate here that there is indeed scope for improvement for all singers, just as you have mentioned. my point was not aimed at the singers, but at the way music is compiled today and with the music directors. i had not intended to hurt any one’s feelings, if that be it. kindly read my comments under these feelings. i appreciate for your prompt reply and providing your email id also. thanks.

  32. AP says:

    Murty Sir,
    I respect your comment but i strongly disapprove your point that these singers have no room of improvement. sorry to cut your point, as i am so much of a novice, but every one has some room for improvement, be it any field. I have heard of various techniques and riyaaz’s which melodifies your voice and enhances your range. Practice makes one more and more perfect, and there is no saturation point for pefection.
    I agree that media must promote our golden era of music. There should be
    programmes and singing contests completely dedicated to our golden era of
    My name is Ambuj Pandey and my id is

  33. A S MURTY says:

    Dear mr ap, whatever is your full name, it is not all surprising that at your young age you are attracted to the new generation of singers that you have named in your comment. They are all good singers no doubt. but i also admire your views on today’s songs, the lyrics etc. It is most unfortunate that the media is also ignoring the golden era of music and the lyricists of today are not writing good poetry. so also the music directors are also not creating the class music that was the hallmark of yesteryears and these are the main reasons for the songs which do not last even a few months, leave alone several years. the singers have no room for improvement. the likes of you from this generation are going to be the carriers of the fragrance of the old hindi songs and after reading your comments, i am sure, many youngsters would also take to listening the time tested beauty of old songs. please give your email id and/or phone number for us to also be in personal touch.

  34. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Post # 13, Mahendra Kapoor was never awarded National Award!

  35. Rajnath Singh says:

    Sorry for this my note…..& alpolize to opn & ashaji.

    I herad that opn & asha had unfair relations, although asha was widow but opn have family…….& at this moment rafi gave friendly advise to opn stop relation with asha its not fare to opn’s wife & family.

    opn felt insult from rafi saab…& he was searching some way to boycott to Rafi….& once day rafi came late…..& opn get sucess to quit him..

    but, later opn realised…but not except in public. He said no better than Rafi Saab……& Lata is No. 1 & Asha is No. 2

  36. BOBY SAIFI says:

    in realty,rafi shahb was a very simple person.rafi shahb ke liye sab bada aur kushgawer vaakiya woh tha jab unhe pt.jawaher lal nehru ne apne gher per bulaya tha.jab nehru ji khud apne haath se rafi shahb ko cofee aur snack diye,to rafi shahb ki aankhu se aansu nikal aaye the.mager yeh aansu khushi ke the.uske baad 2 ghante tak rafi shahb apne fun ka jaadu nehru ji ki family ko dikhate rehe.1960 se leker1970 tak rafi shahb ka jaadu sir chadker sadi me unhone aise beshkimti geet hame diye jo aaj tak logo ki zuban per hai aur hamesha rehge. 1970 ke baad maholl thode change hua to rafi shahb ki maang me kuch kami aa gayi lekin rafi shahb ne himmat nahi hari aur maidaan me lage rehe.1970 ke baad rajesh khanna,amitaab bachchan dhermander aur dev anand ki filmo me geet gaker kishor da ka lavel uth gaya tha.aur chaaro tref kishor da ka naam chaane laga. lekin rafi shahb to ek nayaab khoinoor hira the,unhone jaldi vaapsi kari aur baghawat, mr.naterwal, karz, hum kisi se kam nahi naseeb,ram balram, qaatilo ke kaatil, aadi filmo ke geet gaker vaapsi kari.woh phir maidaan me aa gaye aur unke naam ka danka phir bajne laga.unki maqbhuliyat vaapas aa gayi thi mager afsos zindagi ne unke saath wafa na ki aur farihtaye-e-ajal ne is khoobsoorat awaaz ko hamse cheen liya aur apne karodho fans ko ashqbar chod rafi shahb raahi mulke-e-adem ho gaye.

  37. unknow1 says:

    OPN was great as said by Asha ji OPN is the man who made her famous.
    OpN said his bigest mistake was that he didn’t work with Mohd Rafi for two long years boz Mohd Rafi came late and OPN said If there was no Mohd Rafi there was no OPN.
    Late JI never singed for OPN and OPN said about Late Ji that she is good singer but her voice is not good for the tape of music I give.
    if we compare MOHD RAFI ASHA OPN with MOHD RAFI Lata and Madan Mohan or Mohd Rafi Naushand Lata or mohd Rafi Geeta and OPN.
    OPN Mohd Rafi and Shammi Kapoor or SJ MOHD RAFI and shammi Kapoor,Naushand mohd Rafi and Dilip kummer there will be no answer…………………………………………………….

  38. Incidentally the song “Badal Jaye Agar Maali” fetched the National Award for Mahendra Kapoor.

  39. Krupesh Patel says:

    OP used Asha, Geeta & Shamshad many occasions…

    But, for Male Singer Only Rafi Saab……he used Mahendra for few songs for short period dispute(from OPN) with Rafi Saab…….

    He used KK only when he was on pick or demand of director or hero.

    OP Nayyar said to Amin Sayani….Rafi Saab greater Human being then Singer.

  40. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    dear gurumurty sahebre,

    thanks for the nice article.

    its all the numbers of rafi sahab, asha ji with the leadership of o.p.nayyar ji that wew were able to able to have the feel of a ‘ ghoda gaadi’ during our child hood and even till today.


  41. b.venkatadri says:

    1966 was an important year for HFM, as this was the year which had sowed the seeds for most future events!

    This was the year when OPN had fallen apart (quite foolishly, as OPN himself would admit later whole-heartedly!) with Rafi Saab. The 1968 Humsaya Rafi song was probably recorded years earlier.

    OPN would again make up with Rafi Saab around 1971 or so, but by that time all was lost and much damage already done. After 1966 when he broke up with Rafi Saab, none of OPN’s films could really make the earlier impact musically. Even after the patch-up in 1971, in the handful of films of OPN even with Rafi Saab, things were not the same again, as by that time even Asha Bhosle had opportunistically deserted OPN!

    What else were the results of this 1966 OPN-Rafi spilt? The most important result was that OPN without Rafi had no more any big banner Films and all those were cornered by SJ and others. This self-inflicted weakening of OPN also led to the strengthening of LPs and RDBs of this world! In turn, this undeserved strengthening of lower-talented MDs had opened the gates for lower-talented singer(s)!

    Why did OPN break up with Rafi Saab in 1966? For a silly reason! Rafi Saab was delayed at a SJ recording and reported late at the Film:Baharen Phir Bhi Aayengi’s recording of the song, “Badal Jaaye Agar Maali, Chaman Hota Nahi Khali”! The highly talented, but arrogant, OPN was furious and told Rafi Saab to clear out as he would not want anything to do with him in future! Rafi Saab was apologizing (though he did no great blunder!) and held on to the scene for a long time and then walked out crestfallen!

    Here, friends, in fairness to OPN, one must also understand his extreme possessiveness for Rafi Saab, whom he admired and had gone on using only him for all his songs from 1950 onwards!

    Anyway, quite ironically, that “Badal Jaaye Agar Mali, Chaman Hota Nahi Khali” was ultimately sung by Mahendra kapoor, a Shagird of Rafi Saab. But, while OPN appeared to mean by this song that if Rafi Saab (Mali) is changed/replaced, OPN’s career would not become ‘Khali’, the fact was his replacing Rafi Saab had caused irrepairable damage to OPN immediately and probably some damage to Rafi Saab years later!


  42. AP says:

    Hi Everyone,
    This is my first post on this fabulous forum. I’ve been following Rafi since past one year. I am only 17 years of age. Since past one year, i’ve been in a heavenly state, rather a musical one. I am flooded with Rafi songs. His songs flow in my veins. Though I cant sing even 1% closer to him, I keep hymming his songs all the time. I’ve collected 600+ songs of Rafi from wherever possible.
    What I feel bad is that today’s generation has completely forgotten what melody means. Being one amongst them an year ago, i know now what huge degradation has taken place in todays music. I, like others, loved nasty romantic nos., meaningless songs with raps & hip-hop of todays. I used to hear Himesh too (yuk). I, like many others, was unaware of the jubiliant heritage we have in our country.
    What i feel is that more & more awareness of our melodius past should be spread amongst todays youth. And everyone will steadily start loving our old songs, esp when we have supremo Rafi’s golden collection in there.
    Also i feel that the level of contemporary music must be uplifted. We all accuse today’s music to be worthless, but only accusing is not the solution. It’s not that we have all bad singers. My personal top five contemporary singers are Sonu, KK, Shaan, Kunal Ganjawala & Sukhwinder. Sonu himself has learned a lot of singing & style from Rafi. Infact everyone can learn something or the other from Rafi. Sonu’s latest song Yeh Nigaahen from Khoya Khoya Chand is fantastic. It has an essence of Rafi’s Style. Also his Main Agar Kahoon from OSO was great. What we lack today immensely is good lyrics. Lyrics are the most important thing for a song. We don’t have very good lyricists now a days (only a few left). We need new lyricists. Music Directors must also include more numbers which are soft, which have a calmness factor & which explores into pure singing. Also there is a lot of talent in todays generation. But they really need good guidance and training to exploit their best. There was a contestent (also winner) in the recent SAREGAMAPA Challenge, Aneek. I loved his voice and singing. I personally feel that he can become a gem of a singer if guided correctly and not pushed into the fusion trends. Also there was Abhaas from VOI.
    Summing up, I feel that music is a joy of heart and it increases on and on
    whenever shared. We must all influence others to return to the golden era of music. This chain will untimately end up in a transformed youth of pure music lovers. Only this way we can bring a revolutionary change in our contemporary music. I have done so with my friends and they have all now turned into Rafi bhakts. In the end, i thank Rafi Saab immensely for the pleasure he has given me with his perennial songs.

    Note: For all the Rafiians – there is a website which has a large repository of old songs, many of those which are rarely found elsewhere.

  43. Emdad says:

    Plenty good articles on Mohd Rafi are posted on the Internet by competent people. Most of the people are not aware of these article as Internet is still accessed by a very small section of people in this sub-continent. As such, Rafi will remain undiscovrred to the mass. Rafi’s voice did the publicity for him in the past and even today it is only his voice speaking for him. Electronic media (except Internet ) continued to ignore him–there is hardly any article published on his birth/death day. I believe this forum should take steps to publish all the good articles in the leading newspapers and magazines in addition to publishing on the Internet.

  44. biman baruah says:

    gurumurty sir thanks a lot for a very good article .

    O P Nayyar who famous for “Tanga Songs” used Rafi and Asha for most of his songs and the team created many hit songs in 1950s and 1960s. The songs of B R Chopra’s Naya Daur(1957), Nasir Hussain’s Tumsa Nahin Dekha(1957) and Shakti Samanta’s Kashmir Ki Kali by OP, Rafi and Asha are so memorable. Rafi Saheb sang a total of 197 songs for OP out of which 56 solos .

    biman baruah
    sivasagar, assam



    1.-A nice article with deep thoughts for trio.
    2.-I think there is no parallel for OPN.
    3.He was just masterpiece..and specailly when he was having in mind the songs for RAFI SAB and ASHA JI..
    4.-Just too good.


  46. Nadeem says:

    Good article but there is not mantioned about their last relationship (Between OPN & MR). If I m not wrong last film of this pair was “Bin Maa Le Bachche” after the settlement of their misunderstandings, and the song was a great hit after Rafi Saab Death. According to OPN “Kash Ye kamyabi Rafi Sahab Apni Ankhon Se Dekh Pate.

  47. The fact was Rafisahab, Ashaji and before that Geetadutt was his favourite singers. He gave very good and melodious songs to the film music. Rafisaab sang many songs in his music directions in 50’s to 60’s. so, he is the great music director.

  48. Harvinder says:

    OP Nayyar sahib definately had the maximum punch in his music by way of good lyrics and his music brought out the best in his singers, namely Asha, Rafi, Shamshad begum. Even a rare Mukesh number Chal Akela chal was a masterpiece. Listen to “Main shayad tumhare liye ajnabee” or “Yehi woh jagah hai” or “Phil miloge kabhi is baat ka wada harlo” – one is left dumb on hearing nayyar magic.
    I thought Asha had fallen out with Nayyar Saheb, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear Asha say “OPNayyar sahab had good music and the best feature of his music was his deep understanding of Urdu and its poetry, hence he took pains to pick very meaningful lyrics.” To me it was his brilliance to give ultra sad numbers, majestic romantic numbers and most entertaining peppy and foot tapping numbers.

    Nayyar Saheb rated Rafi saheb as the best ever singer.

  49. Manish Kumar says:

    Without OP Nayar – there would be no Asha Bhosle.

  50. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Mr. H.V. Guru Murthy, it’s a nice article. Rafi Saheb, Ashaji made super songs with O.P. Nayyar. Their songs are hummed even this day and one feel fresh. One cannot get bored at all listening their songs. There are so many songs by above trio. They’ll be remembered forever.

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