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My Meeting With Muhammad Rafi

By Mr. Zahir Amhed (

I was perhaps 10 years old when I first heard Rafi’s voice… was a song from the film JUGNU [1948] ……YAHAN BADLA WAFA KA……. This was a duet with Noor Jehan. It was a famous song at that time. Next I heard him in ANMOL GHADI … TERA KHILONA TOOTA…. I began to hum his songs and also sing them. His voice was a magic voice full of emotions and feelings. In this song, Rafi exactly depicted the feelings of the poor boy whose toy broke when his playmate girl was leaving for Bombay.

Soon after the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, Rafi sang a great song about the Mahatma…. SUNO SUNO AIY DUNIYA WALON, BAPU JI KI AMAR KAHANI. This song swept the entire nation and Rafi became the household name in India.

Then came another great song about the Holy month of RAMADAN….the story of a young boy who fasted during the month of Ramadan. This song was played over the radio every day during the month of Ramadan for decades and once again Rafi became the most beloved singer. While I was in High School, I heard his songs in DEEDAR.. MERI KAHANI BHOOLNE WALE….. NASEEB DAR PE TERE… These songs gave a new dimension to his talent ….they were high pitch songs and no other singer could match his voice. His song in BARSAAT MAIN ZINDAGI ME HUR DAM ROTA HI … was a remarkable song. Rafi became the SUPERMAN to all the music directors of the Bombay Film Industry. He could solve their problems by singing any type of song…..happy, sad, high pitch, tragedy, children’s songs, comedy, religious, and so on. It was impossible to find any other singer who had such multiple singing talents.

In my opinion some of his best songs were done with music directors Hasan Lal Bhaghat Ram, O.P. Nayyar, Shanker Jaikishan [Basant Bahar]. Of course his classical based songs of Shabaab and Baiju Bawra are also quite remarkable. Who could forget his song EK DIL KE TUKDE HAZAR HUWAY… with the beat of Hasan Lal Bhagathram??? Who could forget his song CHOUDWEEN KA CHAND HO… All through my college, I sang his songs in the college functions and won awards. When I moved to the United States for higher studies during the 60s, I presented the music of India in an international student gathering at YALE University. I played the SITAR album of Ravi Shanker and then I sang a song of Muhammad Rafi…..AYE NA BALAM WADA KAR KE. Later on when I moved to Los Angeles, California it became a tradition among the India-Pakistani community here to have my songs in every evening party for a few years.

Most of my songs were RAFI’s songs. A great event happened during the 70s here in Los Angeles. Rafi saheb used to come to Los Angeles almost every year for live stage performances. I went to the airport along with a few friends just to meet him. When I shook hands with him, I invited him to come to my home and bless us with his visit. After a few moments of thinking, he accepted to come to my home with his wife.

It was truly a great day for me……the person who had greatly influenced me since my childhood was coming to my home. I took him and his wife in my car and drove to my home. At home we had TEA and we talked for a long time. I told him my story of singing his songs in Los Angeles. He was very impressed. He then asked me if I could show him HOLLYWOOD. After dinner, I and my wife took him and his wife in our car and drove him around the entire Los Angeles area…..Disneyland, Movieland Wax Museum, Beverly Hills. We then finally came to Chinese Grumman Theater in Hollywood. There I showed Rafi saheb the footprints of numerous great stars of Hollywood ……Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, Gary Cooper, Cecil B. DeMille and so on. He looked extremely happy and he thanked me and my wife for showing him the Hollywood area. He was a very humble man, down to earth, with extreme politeness.

Next year I was in Bombay in Naushad’s home when I was told that Muhammad Rafi was coming to see me. I was very surprised. I said Rafi saheb, the great name of India is coming to see me !!!!!. When he came, he sat across from me and told Naushad that I and my wife showed hospitality to him in our home and then took him around Los Angeles and showed him Hollywood. He had come to thank me for this. I was very much moved by this great treatment. When I visited Filmcenter Studios with Majrooh Sultanpuri, the people in the studio already knew me through Rafi saheb ….the person who showed him Hollywood !!!!!!

When he passed away, I was in Los Angeles and sang many of his songs in his memory. Then I met a lady, Nalini Ramji, who has founded the RAFI FAN club. We had a function in Rafi’s memory. Next year I visited my hometown, Bangalore.

One of my relatives told me BHAIJAN, do you know Muhammad Rafi spoke about you in an interview here in Bangalore?? I was stunned and I told him Show me the proof. After a few days he brought a clip he had saved from a Urdu newspaper in which Rafi saheb had mentioned my name as the person who showed him Hollywood.


Muhammad Rafi is truly a great singer whose songs will NOT die. Through his songs he gave us a variety of life patterns like sadness, happiness, religiousness, romance and love. Most of all his humbleness and sense of gratitude will remain in my heart forever. I will always pray for him. A memorial must be set up in his honor.

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33 Blog Comments to “My Meeting With Muhammad Rafi”

  1. MAJAZ MUNGERI says:


  2. Sara says:

    Ahmed sir, you are truly blessed and I am so envious of you that you got to meet Mohd Rafi the great man and spend some time with him. It doesn’t surprise me that the great man was so down to earth because part of his appeal to millions of his fans is his lovely nature. What a great role model he was as he never let his fame and fortune change him and how many stars from the past and especially the present can you say that about?

  3. Pls pls send me mohammad rafi ji all collections

  4. U r the lucky person who met Rafi saheb ji i m proud of u god bless u

  5. U r the lucky person who met Rafi saheb ji

  6. Rajesh says:

    Rafi Ki Ruhaniyat
    Saturday 9th January, 2016
    Timing: 8.00 pm Onwards
    Venue: Aspee Auditorium
    B. J Patel Road, Opp SNDT College, Malad West, Mumbai 400 064.
    For Tickets Call: 9833286441


    If there is a god of music, that is Md.Rafi

  8. Mr. Saleem ul haq, a pioneer of music retail and considered to be one of the largest collector of old Hindi film songs, especially of rafi Saab would like to sell of his entire huge collection whichincludes LP, SP and old records, cassettes and music registers, magazines. Interested people can contact on 9885092266.

  9. Prem Shankar Raut says:

    jab se maine hosh samhala Rafi Sahab ki aawaz man ko achchi lagti thi jaise jaise bada hota gaya aur jndagi ki musibato ka samna karna suru kiya to rafi sahab ke gyan bhare geeton se sabak leta raha aur jindagi ko unke geeto se nasihat lekar jeeta raha. jindagi ne kabhi bhi mere saath wafa nahi kiya aaj main 53 yrs ka hun meri patni gujar gayi meri duniya ujad gayi magar bachchon ke liye jiye ja raha hoon: kewal rafi sahab ke geeton ke sahare unki aawaz aur geet aaz meri ujdi jindagi ka sahara ban gayi hai. unke geeton ka karaoke khojta hoon aur use gane ka nirarthak koshish karta rahta hoon. Pata nahi kyon unke geet gaane ka jnun kahan se mujhme aa gaya jo aaj mere jine ka sahara ban gaya hai har waqt unka hi dhun rehta hai man men, har waqt kuch na kuch man gungunaya karta hai. shayad ye unka karam hai mujh par ki meri andheri jindagi me wo nahi rahte hue bhi raah dikha rahe hain. Rafi Sahab mere adarsh mere guru mere hamraz aur meri shakti hain. main uneh koti koti naman karta hoon. ishwar unki atma ko shanti de. ek geet yahan yaad dilata hoon- Tu jo nahi koi mera mera koi nahi koi nahi, zindagi teri yaado men khoyee phir bhi khoyee nahi- Prem

  10. Bawa Ka in London says:

    Mohamed Rafi Sahib was God of Music. He did not follow Music, But Music followed Him

  11. Rounak says:


  12. nafisa says:

    comment no. 20.

    search on youtube “ramzan ki dastan (roza song) you will find it.

    comment no. 15.

    i can think of three to four duets with similar words with mukhda also and antara also. containing same things. you are likely to find which one u want at you tube.

  13. Khaja Aliuddin,MD says:

    Sister Ghazala, ASA,
    If you are in USA or in Canada, I can send you the copy of Cd with the title “Ramazan ki azmath” sung by our maestro, Rafi Sahab.
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin,

  14. Ghazala says:

    I am desperately looking for the Ramadan song which the great maestro Muhammad Rafi sang about the young boy who fasted during Ramadan. I heard it millions of times as a child. Can someone tell me the title of it and where to find it.Will be much obliged.

  15. Dr.Zarghaam Malik says:

    I m a great fan of Mohammad whole family likes Rafi’ songs.

  16. Khurram says:

    Dear Rafi fans,

    I have a guy who sings Rafi songs so good that you guys would luv him. He is in Lahore Pakistan (NOT ANWAR RAFI). Infact much better than him. If anyone interested pls let me know. We should plan a function in Lahore.
    Take care

  17. ibrahim says:

    mohammed rafi great singer the other thing rafi has shining face that is gift from gold . rafi saab is my best last mounth he passt 29 year but in my heart . i love mohamed rafi sahaab

  18. Najma Syed says:

    July 31st was Rafi,anniversary,This whole week I listened his songs and have been reading about him. I like your views about him. I heard ,he had two wives,is it true?

  19. Mukesh says:

    I need some help , if any one can please tell me about the song which has middle lines(antra)like

    ” Dekho Ruthon Na –Uhh –Uhh, Hum Koi Gair Hain Kyan–Uhh–Uhh”

    I dont know which movie it is but think the sinrs rae Rafi Ji and Lata Ji.

    Please Help

  20. pmc thangal says:

    Dear zahir sab,I like almost all songs of rafi me comic songs are much interesting.but alas, our radios very rarely played such songs.they broad cast only certain types of songs and repeat that almost all can hear the songs of kashmir ki gali, songs of an eveening in paris each day.while radio ceylon was in its peak, they played rafi saabs different songs. that good days had gone forever.

  21. sa backer says:

    dear zahir saab,rafi saab had given music to certain non filim songs,ek dilse theree yaad…is such one song,the lyric of the song was shakeel badayuni and sung by rafi, on the space of music was not written on the disc.the song is good one,but due to shyness rafi saab had not revealed the truth that he had given the music of that famous song. sa backer panakkad

  22. pmc thangal says:

    dear zahir saab, u r a lucky man indeed u had got many chances to spend with that great man .rafi saab is a precious gem to me because he sings all types of songs in its perfect manner.he performes the songs in different style and different manner that is why one could not feel bordom in hearing his songs. accordig to singer jesudas rafi saab him self is an univercity-one can learn and study different types & methods of singing from him.

  23. Mahmood Ali says:

    I am from lahore pakistan.
    I like Muhammad Rafi songs .I love fafi . I listen all songs avery day . He is a great singer of east .

  24. india says:

    Aap Ayee Bahar Ayee is the films name tajuddin

  25. tajuddin says:

    sir i am tajuddin and i really a very very big fan of mohammad rafi saheb
    sir actually since last 2 or 3 weeks before i am searching the song “mujhe tere mohabat ka sahara mil gaya ho ta, agar toofan nahin aata, kinara mil gaya ho ta” please sir give me a name of this film song. i really like this song.
    so please i am weaiting for your favorable response.

  26. Farooque Azam says:

    sir ,
    If possible avail me the all songs of rafi ji any web site where i can get the list
    Farooque -Nepal

  27. Naeem Farooqui says:

    Being a Rafian, I am a Pakistani and can sing all the singers correctly also to Talat Mehmood. I can also say “Mehal Udas or Galian Beetin” what the great singer sung in London Program. Does not mean that I am Rafi but trying to say that God Bless me a voice that I can sing easily all the singers.


  28. sajid ramzan says:

    i need the address of any Muhammad Rafi’s relative.

  29. Lee Stevens says:

    This one makes sence “One’s first step in wisdom is to kuesstion everything – and one’s last is to come to terms with everything.”

  30. AJAY KUMAR GOYAL says:

    Please send list of great singer Mohd Rafi’s all songs in his life.
    I collections of rafis’ songs.
    My add:
    PACHORE 465683

  31. please send me muhamma rafi new collections.

    with thaks.

  32. shmiak says:

    malady front…

    Outsoles are made of enduring compounds and are a in Queer Street needle of left over shoe existence….

  33. Bonifacius says:

    Great article. I am just sad I dont know how to reply properly, though, since I want to show my appreciation like many other.

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