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Mohd Rafi and Dev Anand Magic Lingers On

By: H.A.K. Walijah

Dev Anand in Guide

Dev Anand in Guide

Mohammad Rafi has sung many hit songs for Dev Anand`s films, the magic of Mohd. Rafi and Dev Anand still lingers on when we listen songs such as: Khoya Khoya Chand (Kala Bazar), Main Zindagi ka saath (Hum Dono), Jiya o jiya zara (Jab pyar kisi se hota hai); Teri zulfon se judai (Jab pyar kisi se hota hai); Cheda Mere Dil Ne (Asli Naqli); Tere ghar ke samne (title song); Tu kahan yeh bata (Tere ghar ke saamne); Dil ka bhanwar kare pukar (Tere ghar ke saamne); Falsafa Pyar Ka Tum Kya Jaano (Duniya); Aise to na dekho ke hum ko nasha (Teen Deviyan); Kahin bekhayal hokar yun hi chu liya (Teen Deviyan). His combination with Mohd. Rafi has given us great moments.

No one forget the evergreen songs of Guide (1965) where Rafi Saab provided for Dev Anand three fine solid melancholic numbers. And one appreciates Rafi more now listening to him. I think the seriousness with which he was considered however no one could take away from that fantastic voice. The super haunting numbers in Guide! ~ Din Dhal Jaaye Haaye; kya se kya hogaya; Tere mere sapne ab ek rang; and in Hum Dono (1961) Kabhi Khud Pe Kabhi Halat; Main Zindagi ka Saath nibata; – Ham Bekhudi Mein Tum Ko (Kala paani); and an out and out romantic number, the most unforgettable duet with Asha Bhosle~ Abhi na jao chod kar ke dil abhi bhara nahin. Further in CID the duet ~ “Ankhon hi ankhon mein ishara ho gaya” ; Aaja Panchi akela hai (Nau Do Gyarah); Sau Saal pehle mujhe tum se pyar tha (Tere ghar ke samne); Dil pukare aare aare (Jewel Thief) and many more memorable songs.

Dev Anand had high regards to Rafi Saab and from time to time he always remembers the immortal singer, some of the statements found from his twitter ~

“Rafi is indeed immortal and always feel he is around and in our hearts and soul. I admire his voice and range,” Anand had tweeted.

“Rafi a quiet and fine person,” wrote Anand on Twitter, as he recalled the songs from films like Jewel Thief (1967), Man Pasand (1980) and Guide (1965). “`Dil pukare aa re…` from Jewel Thief and I think `Logo ka dil…` in Man Pasand was his last song for me.”

“All the songs he sang for me like this faster one `Jiya o jiya kuch bol do` and many more were the best and I can`t write them all. Rafi (was a) a great soul very quiet and fine person,” he had said in a series of posts on the micro-blogging site.

Dev Anand

Dev Anand

Dev Anand, the debonair hero, whose signature puff hair and swagger, enchanted fans across generations, outlived many of his contemporaries with his infectious zeal for life and cinema. The charismatic star lived by the philosophy of “Main Zindagi Ka Saath Nibhata chala gaya, har fikar ko dhuen mein udata chala gaya,” a song written for him by friend Sahir Ludhiyanwi in 1961 film “Hum Dono“. He has left an indelible mark on his fans with his style of dialogue delivery, tilted hats and a penchant for nodding while speaking. The Bollywood legend redefined and enriched cinema with everlasting classics like “Guide“, “Taxi Driver” and “Hum Dono“. When his contemporaries like Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar stopped playing the leading men in movies, Dev Anand continued to woo young heroine in movies till 1983.

Born Dharamdev Pishorimal Anand in Gurdaspur of undivided Punjab to a well-to-do advocate Pishorimal Anand on September 26, 1923, he graduated in English literature from the Government Law College in Lahore. He was the second of three brothers born to Kishorimal Anand. Dev’s younger sister is Sheela Kanta Kapur, who is mother of Shekhar Kapur. His brothers Chetan Anand and Vijay Anand were also into filmmaking. Love for acting made Dev Anand leave his hometown and arrive in Mumbai (then Bombay), where he began working at the military censor office at Churchgate, reading letters written by soldiers to their families.

His first breakthrough “Hum Ek Hain” in 1946, with Pune’s Prabhat studios, did little to boost his film career but he found a lifelong friend in fellow actor-director Guru Dutt. The duo made a pact: if Dev produced a film, Guru Dutt would direct and if Guru Dutt produced a film, Dev would act in it.

Dev Anand was offered his first big break by Ashok Kumar for Bombay Talkies “Ziddi” co-starring Kamini Kaushal in 1948 which became a success. Always the one to think ahead, he decided to start producing after Zinddi’s success by launching his own company Navketan in 1949. As promised, he signed his friend Guru Dutt to direct the crime thriller ‘Baazi‘ (1951). This creative collaboration was a success. In the 40s, Dev Anand got a few offers to star opposite singer-actress Suraiya, an established actress of that time. While shooting these films, he became romantically involved with Suraiya. The two of them were paired in seven films together –“Vidya“, “Jeet“, “Shair“, “Afsar“, “Nili“, “Do Sitare” and “Sanam” , all hits at the box office.
He finally proposed Suraiya on the set of “Jeet” but Suraiya’s maternal grandmother opposed the relationship as they were Muslim and Dev Anand Hindu. Suraiya remained unmarried all her life. He married Kalpana Kartik after meetin her on the set of “Taxi Driver“.

He broke new grounds, playing a smuggler in “Jaal“, absconding gang member in “Dushman“, blackmarketeer in “Kalabazaar” and a murderer in “Bombay Ka Babu“. Still, critics accused him of being more style than substance. But, Dev Anand proved his detractors wrong – first with a class act in “Kala Paani” (1958). Then came “Hum Dono” (1961) and he finally sealed all doubts with a nuanced performance in “Guide” (1966).

Honoured with the Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 2002, Dev Anand, the ‘Evergreen Romantic Hero’ of Indian cinema, has passed away in London on December 3, 2011 following cardiac arrest. He was 88. Dev Anand, who had come here for medical check- up, was not keeping well for the last few days, His son Suniel Anand was with him when he breathed last.

In his halcyon days, with his hair set in a puff and his loose-limbed half runs, were trademarks that sent his fans into a tizzy. His style, whether upturned collar, casually placed hat, buttoned up shirt, carelessly flying mop of hair, that crooked smile, multi-jointed movements of arms (and legs), From Sadhana to Waheeda Rahman, Usha Kiran to Nalini Jaywant, Dev Anand romanced most of the beauties of the black and white era. The songs picturised on him and his leading ladies boosted his romantic image and made him the heartthrob of millions. What a combos were those days when heroines like Sadhana, Waheeda, Mumtaaz, Nutan, Madhubaala, Vaijayantimaala, Tanuja, Zeenat, and Hema. I can’t forget those lovely scenes of those movies.

Dev Anand personified youthful energy and magnetism. He was and always will be an inspiration to the aspiring younger generation. His best acting In Guide fetched him the best actor Filmfare award, when I saw the first time Guide I was moved deeply with his performance in “Guide” He was a decade ahead of his time period, he was a modern thinker. Dev Anand was one of the most ‘life affirming’ individuals in the world. No wonder the ‘Evergreen’ tag was reserved exclusively for him. His zest for making ‘motion pictures’ (he never called them ‘movies’) was matched by his insatiable appetite for fame. Disciplined and meticulous, he lived by his own rules. His image was carefully constructed and jealously guarded by him throughout his extraordinary life. From the way he dressed (layers and layers of clothing, with a bomber jacket, colourful scarves and high collared shirts. It didn’t matter whether he was a ‘Jewel Thief’ or a ‘Guide’. Nothing changed, except the get up. People of that era called him the Cary Grant of India. Both men were charismatic, debonair, urbane ‘matinee idols’ whose real love affair was with their image in the mirror.

Dev Anand was dashing debonair and hearthrob of past generation, he will be remembered forever. Dev Anand a great actor, with full of enthusiasm, dedication to his profession, and positive attitude towards life, is a role model to be emulated. He is truly one of the most charismatic actors of all times.

Will always miss him and shall be remembered him through his movies.

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45 Blog Comments to “Mohd Rafi and Dev Anand Magic Lingers On”

  1. swarna says:

    AND SO ON…………….

  2. Ahamed Kutty says:

    dear banerji saab,
    the story will not complete without mentioning the tragedy
    of rdb in his last days.i repeat that once anu malik was
    saying he had seen rdb in a place where he was asking
    for a work short,the more dependence of
    rdb on kk whose abitlity as a singer is limited is the reason
    of his set back.we are lucky to have singers like udit narayan,
    kumar saanu and sonu nigham with the efforts of new generation
    mds could bring back the lost image of hfm and good music.

  3. Andrea Correa says:

    post 42 Santanu ji.

    few facts ….

    rdb ruled the roost for four years from 70 onwards but the music wizard shankar jaikishan held it for 20 years as numero uno, laxmikant pyarelal little longer for 30 years…..

    Both the above mentioned pairs used mohd rafi saaheb as their main singer in maximum hits.

    rdb ‘s usage of kishore and asha indeed brought his downfall and he died early due to his broken music and broken married life.

    but, whenever the artist rdb joined rafi saaheb – there was magic and sparks of brilliiance. Percentage its mohd rafi who scores with song hits than any one of his competitors or contemporaries – lata, asha or kishore.

    second, when rdb, kishore and asha did a musical at the calcatta maidan in late seventies, they had to face mohd rafi / usha timothi team for the second half of the historic musical.

    when the musical finished early morning, the multitude of people had only ‘one name’ on their lips. it was rafi, rafi and rafi alone.

    finally rdb or sdb could not take kishore much ahead after some early successes.

    after all mohd rafi’s 41 years of singing abilities with class and his godliness ruled supreme and rules supreme inspite of some composers rooting for other singers at that point in time.

  4. Santanu Banerji says:

    If Vickyji thinks he has perceived the right opinion while stating that Devanand himself said Kishorejis voice suited him more than Md Rafi, then by the same logic he has to admit that Lataji, the god of music has held Md Rafi to be the greatest singer recently in Hindusthan times! Beside Lataji, great Manna dey, Mahendra kapoor, Shankar and Jaikishan, Naushan, Roashan, chitragupta, Ravi, OP Nayar, LP, N Datta, Vasan Desai, Jaydev and in these days, Sonu Nigam, Udit, Runalayla and even A R Rehaman, who did not declare that Md Rafi is the best singer in Hindi music ever? And let us not forget the simple fact that SD Burman shifted from Kishoreji and Talat to Md Rafi sahab way back in 1957, and till 1970 Md Rafi was SD Burman/s main playback singer, while the voices of all other male singers were in their prime and it was none but Md Rafi sahab was Devanand’s voice, when he was ruling Bombay film Industry along with Raj kapoor and Dilip Kumar. In my opinion SD Burman’s dependence on his son RD Burman compelled him to shift once again to kishore kumar in the early 70s. Moreover, once RD-kishore combination was ruling the roost in Bollywood in the early 70s, SD Burman did not want to break the success trajectory of his son-kishore combination also, because his son, RDji also had to wait for 10 years, before he became the no 1 music director of Bombay film. So he possibly did not want to recall the best singer to unhinge the Rahul Dev – Kishore combination. And Ashaji also might have had support behind this project.

  5. vicky says:

    rafi sahab is great………but most of devanad song is sung by great kishor kumar……devanad also said kishore voice stimulate my voice not rafi…

  6. LUCKY says:

    Dear Walijah Saab,

    Really wonderful and beautiful write-up. Most of your essays contained more matter & information than mere style, as some people falsely running towards style and artificial makeup language than content, which I firmly believe unreasonable.

    Thanks a lot and wishing you a very healthy prosperous life in order to see some more attractive essays on Rafi Saab.



  7. Y. Sharif says:

    Dear Walijah Saab,

    A straightforward write up on two legends namely Rafi Saab and Dev Saab. I do not have anything to write in comment column, since many distinguished rafi fans have already written and exprssed their views. Once again thank you for your essay.

    Looking foward to read your next essay soon on this website.


    Y. Sharif

  8. Hashmat Alvi says:

    Dear Walijah Saab,

    Very nice tribute to the legends ~ Rafi Saab and Dev Anand. Just keep it up.

    Thanks for the nice piece of writing.

    Hashmat Alvi

  9. RAJA says:

    Great personalities leaves this world with their footsteps at their back so that the next generation remember them for their achievements. Rafi saab one among such great personalities.

  10. Suhana Safar says:

    Dev Anand like other actors were very fortunate that Rafisaab sang for them. I cannot imagine any other voice singing Din Dhal Jaye.
    Rafi fans get irked about why Rafi was not actively singing for Dev in 70’s but seriously the 70 songs were a shadow of the songs of the 60’s and I am happy Rafi did not waste his effort on those sungs.

  11. Binu Nair says:

    my salute to greats : dev anand, shammi kapoor, jagjit singh, nawab of pataudi,
    pt bhimsen joshi who left us in 2011 – suddenly and unexpectedly.

    as december was closing in, our good and great friend and mohd rafi lover mr sulaiman aged 55 passed away on dec 30 from a heart attack.

    mr sulaiman was the president of rafi lovers club in kasargod and the managing director of moulvi travels, a travel company.

    there is only one full fledged office of a mohd rafi fans club and that is located in kasargod and sulaiman was the key person running it.

    may his soul rest in peace.

    from the rafi foundaton, mumbai

  12. Hans says:

    here in rohtak rafi sahab’s birthday is being celebrated in an open stage – in a cold amawasya night – with lesser known singers singing his songs like door rehkar, hui sham unka, suhani raat dhal chuki etc. with nominal local orchestra. neither is their singing anywhere near the great legend, but the real thing is the heart-felt love for him.

    actually his popularity is gaining day by day in my opinion. every rafi lover remembers him daily and 24th december is only just a special day. thats all.

  13. jasbir singh says:

    rafisaab is immortal…..greatest n anmol rattan of world…he will remain always above so called bharat rattans…best wishes to all his billion fans all over the world…rafisaab aap hamare dil mein ho…aap ke hazaron gaane…mental peace for all of us…..jai rafi saab….

  14. Today our beloved Rafi Sahab’s 87 birthday. All rafi fans around the world is celebrating the birthday of this great human being and singer of the millenium. I also want to wish my dear great Rafi Sahab a very very happy birthday. Though rafi sahab is physically not with us but he lives in our heart and shall remain always.
    What more i can say but ‘bar bar din ye aye bar bar dil ye gaye tu jiye hazaron saal ye meri hai aarzoo happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to dear rafi sahab happy birthday to you’.

    With best wishes,
    Birendra Singh

  15. Binu Nair says:

    happy birthday to the singer of the millenium – mohammad rafi sahib.

    Remembering the voice of god and a paragon of viurtues – today 24th december.

    the economic times says in its half page issue of 23rd dec headlined:

    Rafi’s hit lends zing to retro chic heineken ad.

    “jaan pehchaan ho, jeena aasaan hai” has been used by dutch company of amsterdam for their heineken beer – in far-away americas. Song released in 65 which has music by shankar jaikishan…..

    long live the king of music….and our golden era cinema legends.

    the rafi foundation, mumbai

  16. JYOTI MOHANTY says:

    happy birthday to our beloved rafisaab!!!!
    long live the singing god ………..

  17. Binu Nair says:

    the rafi foundaton, nagpur chapter inaugurated with 200 mohd rafi fans attending the evening concert on the eve of the legends 87th birth anniversary.

    welcome to the team lions club members who supported the event.

    and every city, town and radio stations are celebrating the legends birthday.

    long live legend mohammad rafi saaheb.

    the rafi foundation, mumbai.

  18. vijay bavdekar says:

    24 dec,rafisahabke janmadin par unhe pyarbhara tohfa pesh karata hun,”Ai Mohammad rafi….tere rukhsatpe,teri khamoshi pe aansu nikal aye the…par ishwarse koi gila na koi shiwa…tere nagmo ne wo sukun diya jo jannat me bhi naseeb nahi hoga….salam un mausikaronko jo naushad..nayyar..shankar jaikisan..madanmohan..burman aur na jane kitne..tujhme samate gaye…tujhme chhupe kohinoor ko is tarha ujagar karte rahe ke khud kohinoorne tujhpar sajda kiya..Ai Rafi,bhoolkar bhi koi bhool nahi sakata teri bemisaal jadubhari awaaj..tere mast mast nagme jinhone murdonko bhe jaagne par majboor kiya…he ooparwale tujhse pyarbhar darkhwaast hai ke Rafiko phirse hame lauta de.vijay bavdekar nagpur.

  19. ashok says:

    very sad to come to terms tthatt devji is no more among us.. may god rest his soull in eterrnal peace and give us all his fans and family the strength to bear this heavy loss…

  20. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Walijah saab,

    Wah!! This is the most comprehensive write-up on Dev Anand- Mohd Rafi combination. Please accept by compliments for coming up with timely article.

    All of us are missing one film of Dev Anand. It was ‘Amar Deep’. It had a couple of songs sung by Rafi saab including super hit ‘Dekh humen awaz na dena..’ (duet with Asha Bhonsle). Then there was a beautiful qawali in movie ‘Mahal’ (Hum tujhe dhoondh lenge…).

    Jae Bee saab (Post 14):

    I agree with you that Dev Anand- Kishore Kumar combination too provided some great songs (for example: Manaa janaab ne pukara nahin…, Ye dil na hota bechara…, Hey nigaah-e-mastana…., Phoolon ke rang se dil ki kalam se…, Shokhiyon mein ghola jaaye.., ‘Ye duniya wale poochhenge…’ etc. Similarly Dev saab also had some wonderful songs with Hemant Kumar and Talat Mehmood.

    -J.K. Bhagchandani

  21. Ahmad Misbaah says:

    A very well written write-up on the contribution of Rafi Sahab for the actor Dev Anand. The songs were all classics. Rafi Saab songs suits more closely to Dev Anand ‘s cinematic characters.

  22. achal rangaswamy says:

    Resp Walijah Saab

    thank you for a wonderful recounting of those truly magical numbers that Rafi Saab and Dev Saab jointly produced. each song is a gem.

    personally, i cannot think of a better combination, even though Rafi Saab sang for numerous actors. when it came to singing for Dev Saab, he exhibited a rare kind of controlled intensity and passion without eliminating the fun aspect in the happy songs and the mild melancholy in the sad ones.

    you made me remember so many of those wonderful songs that shall always linger in the hearts of the fans of both these great artistes who regaled us for so many years.

    thank you sir for your great write up.


    achal rangaswamy

  23. hamza says:

    It indeed a sad demise of Dev Anand everyone has to go oneday.I remember reading in of the website Dev said listening back to his songs rafi was far ahead of kishore kumar.

  24. Binu Nair says:

    Post 16….
    Sunil ji…..

    in the nine odd decades of the bollywood industry – legends such as Dev anand, Shammi Kapoor and our own mohd rafi will Never be forgotten cause as their songs are ‘immortal’
    music and artists never will die . they will stay in our hearts for ever.

    from the rafi foundation,


  25. dear walijah sahab, very good article. In Dev sahab’s prime most of the songs were sung by rafi sahab gave him many hits and memorable songs. I think rafi sahad’s voice was more shoot on dev sahab. and about dev sahab he was a genious. He shown the way to hindi film industry by making movie such as guide, hare rama hare krishna, des pardesh and many more which were based on social subject and was ahead of its time. dev sahab’s zest for making movies till his end shows his never say die attitude that’s why he is called evergreen. Dev sahab was a institution himself and he will be a source of inspiration for the comming generations. The evergreen dev sahab is immortal as well as rafi sahab. 2 more rafi sahab’s songs from maya “Koi sone ke dil wala and duet with lataji-tasveer teri dil mein are also unforgettable. I salute to these legends of hindi film industry ‘evergreen dev sahab and singer of the millenium great rafi sahab.
    regards, Birendra Singh

  26. Syed Zameer says:

    Comment is under moderation since 2 days. I don’t believe this

  27. RAJA says:

    Dear Walijah Saab,

    Very nice write up as tribute to the legendarry combo of Rafi Saab and Dev Saab and the songs are all classics.



  28. sunil kumar says:

    Dear friends this year is coming to a close and but our heart is saddened the the turn of events this year as we lost two of the greatest admirers of music. But life has to go on and we will be celebrating 87th birthday of Rafi saheb and I request Binu ji to dedicate this year’s celebrations to these two legends of Hindi cinema. Rafi saheb had played a major role in making the image of these two legends thru his songs. Dev saheb and Shammi ji has totally different styles and Rafi saheb modulated his voice to suit both . When we hear “Dil ka bhanwar kare pukar” we see the image of Dev saheb nodding his head in his own imitable style . when we hear “Lal chadi maidan khadi ” we see shammi ji dancing in his own style . Their styles were entirely different but Rafo saheb modulated his voice for both. In fact I remember Manna Dey saying ” No body modulated his voice as Rafi saheb did”. My salute to these two and time is for celebration but i don’t know if there are any such programs in Delhi. I am a Rafi lover and there is no day when i don’t hear rafi saheb songs in fact it has made my entire family including my children who are young Rafi bhakt . So for me it is celebration every day for rafi saheb. I carry his songs in my mobile so i carry it everywhere with me.

  29. Syed Zameer says:

    Very nice write up on the legends that are no more among us. But their memories will be cherishing in our memories in years to come through the movies and great songs. Rafi Saab contribution to the popularity of Dev Anand is very much evident when we listen the songs specially composed by SDB. Be it guide, kala bazaar, kala paani etc.

    Dev Anand got two times Film Fare Awards for Best Actor – one for Kala Paani and the second one for Guide in his entire film career.

    Right from my High School and College day’s people of our generation virtually grew with Dev Anand. I never missed any of his film – Paying Guest, Hum Dono, Guide, Jewel Thief and the unforgettable Hare Rama Hare Krishna all these films still linger in our memory. Even now we are enchanted with the melodious Abhi Na Jao Chodukar. Dev Anand until he died was full of optimism and flamboyant. His one movie “Guide” is better than the entire movie output of the last 20 years! I am sure many of the fans have seen the cult classic “Hare Rama hare Krishna”, Kala Bazar or Jaal. We would change our opinion if you do so. And the songs are still fresh after so many years.

  30. Binu Nair says:

    music is the loser when stalwarts such as Shammi Kapoor and Dev Anand leave us – finally.

    Both the stars had big ears for great music. both used to be there in the recording studios – often to hear their songs.

    in later years dev saaheb lost this natural trait especially after the death of S D BURMAN. rdb could never come any way near his dad and dev saahib had t o switch his composer for laxmikant pyarelal.

    it will be the 87th birthday of badshah-e-mausiqui rafi sahib this month 24th and innumerable music events are being held all over the globe.

    a smiling mohd rafi is looking at his admirers from huge cut-outs and bill boards in mumbai put up by ashish shelar the bandra corporator and huge mohd rafi lover. the event will be at rangsharada and fourth time in succession.

    this is indeed celebration time by millions of mohd rafi lovers along with Christmas and new year revellers.

  31. Ahmad Misbaah says:

    A very well written write-up on the contribution of Rafi Sahab for the actor Dev Anand. The songs were all classics. Rafi Saab songs suits more closely to Dev Anand ‘s cinematic characters.

    Dev Anand was really a great actor, even though he is dead today but these memories will always keep him alive in our mind. He should be an inspiration to millions of Indians, as inspite of his age he never stop working. Will never forget him and his movies which always take us to good old days of my life. Dev Anand, set one of finest examples of human being, great visionary, untiring person at all time and age. His films were unique, entertaining, having good theme and messages. His contributions shall remain forever in India and in film industry. There is lot for everyone to learn from the life of Dev Anand.

    I don’t belittle the contribution Dev Anand has given to film industry. Guide, Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Kala bazar are definitely mile stones. But except Hare Rama Hare Krishna his directorial performance is disastrous, not on the box office but on the merit also. I still believe, Dev had vast potential but he fallen in love of self image and due to that no one taken him seriously as director and movie maker.

  32. Jae-Bee says:

    post # 5 your are right sir. For everyone who enjoys rafi-dev combo a big thanks should go to md opn who was the first to use rafi for dev in cid. until then like you mentioned sdb and sj and other mds used kk hk talat mukesh etc. for dev. After cid’s aankhon hi aankhon mein – sdb used rafi sahab for two songs in nau do gyara and md sj soon picked up and the rest as they say is history. I would also say that the combo of kk-dev from bw movies are also ever lasting. RIP dev sahab.

  33. Khaja Aliuddin, MD says:

    ASA, Walijah Sahab,
    Bahut khoob, as usual marvellous write-up.
    Khuda kare zore khalam aur ziyada.

    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  34. Ahamed Kutty says:

    respected walijah saab,
    fantastic write up.i think a beautiful song of rafi saab on
    dev saab had been missed by everybody.the song from
    the film “gambler” ‘mera man teraa pyaasa’.this is a very
    special song for me since for public programmes i used
    to sing this song during my college days.

  35. Prem Kumar says:

    Dear Walijah Saab,

    It is good to see your write up for the legendary hero – Dev Anand and Rafi Sahab, who not only sings for him but breathe the life into almost all melodies composed by S.D. Burman. We have seen the list of songs many rafians already pointed out those melodies. I like to specially mention the songs of Guide.

    *** Tere Mere Sapne ab ek rang hain
    *** Kya se Kya hogaya
    *** Din Dhal jaye

    Dev saab, you continue to make us feel young even though we are aging, thanks!

    Dev Anand stands for –
    D- Dedicated,
    E- Energetic,
    V- Versatile,
    N- Nostalgic,
    ND- Never-say-Die

    He remained youth at heart till the end. He worshiped youth. Though he was not known for his histrionics, his handsome look, mannerisms and hearty smile mesmerized millions in the 50s through the 70s. His sense for lilting music was admirable. He was an entertainer to the core. Though he has not produced a block buster for a long time, he will be missed a lot.

    It was you I envy most. I became Die-hard Optimistic & romantic person. I pay homage to you from the core of my heart. Salute you, salute your passion, Zeal……….., Kabhi Alvida na kehana.

  36. Prasad says:

    Walijah Sir,

    Very nice of you to come up with a timely write up that dedicates the two immortal artists of our Hindi cinema, Rafi Saab and Dev Saab. The songs which Rafi Saab had sung for Dev Saab were unforgettable, I am sure you mentioned all those songs in your essay.

    I grew up watching his movies, each one several times over. Imitated his dialogue delivery from Johnny Mera Naam and Guide during my college days. An actor of Dev Saab’s charisma can never be born again. All of his fans can only say……..Abhi Naa Jaao Chor Kar Ke Dil Abhi Bhara Nahin……
    Dev Saab had incredible screen charisma. He gave us wonderful movies with great storylines and unforgettable songs. His passion for cinema and zest for life remained undimmed right till the end.

    We will miss you Dev Saab…

  37. Shabana says:

    A beautiful essay for the legends.

    Dev Anand, a legendary figure with which myriads of his fans grew watching him on the screen. A down to earth an untiring at 88 a towering personality of the bollywood will live forever through the melodious songs of Rafi Saab.

  38. Very well written article..It is not understandable as to why Kishore Kumar comes to mind when we talk of Dev Anand whereas the bests of Dev Anand are from Rafi, In fact number of songs Great Rafi has sung for Dev is much more than Kishore Kumar and all songs are immortal..
    Rajesh K Ranga , save the

  39. ANEES says:

    Yet another tribute from a popular Rafi fan to Rafi Saab and Dev Anand in a true spirit. I wish to convey my salaams and congratulations for coming up with one more beautiful essay on Rafi Saab and Dev Saab. As everyone knows the songs prior to 70’s sung for Dev Anand by Rafi Saab were classics now and unforgettable and will always linger on in our mind.

    Another childhood hero passes away soon after Shammi Kapoor. Dev Anand was active till his death pursuing his passion of film making and that talks about his positive energy and never says die spirit. His beautiful movies will always live in people’s mind. The man was a legend, with his tight button down shirt, the cap, and tight pants. He will remain alive and will be fondly remembered by everyone for his acting style for his films and of course for his energy. Even in his 80’s he was full of energy and spirit.

    This itself is a tribute to this great artist & he continues to live within us. Mortal Men & Immortal Melodies.

    My regards to all rafi fans.


  40. A. Almas says:

    Dear Walijah Saab.

    Very refined essay on Dev Anand, the thespian who had his own identity through acting and dialogues and movie making. Walijah saab, you will not leave any occasion to praise our dear singer Rafi Saab, you come up with some untold stuff to the readers of this site. Congrats…

    The person who worked up 88 involved in making films itself is a record. I still remember the movie GUIDE and I was only a child but for some reason it had left an impression on my mind. For some reason my favorite Dev Anand movie was Jewel Thief, I have absolutely no idea why these movies were so interesting to me as a child but I watched all the re runs on TV whenever they were telecast.

    The songs enlisted in this essay are all gems of Rafi Saab sang for Dev Anand.

    Please keep going and come again with more write ups on the great legend Rafi Saab.


    A. Almas

  41. gautam banerjee says:

    This pair came into being since S.D.Barman used Rafi since 1957. Before that Kishore Kumar, Hemant Kumar and Talat mahmood used to sing for Dev Anand of which music was scored by Sachin DevBurman. Please correct me if i am wrong.

    Gautam Banerjee.

  42. sdchaugule says:

    Some songs from pre-Baazi era are missing. To mention few of them, the song Kinare kinare chale jayen ge from Vidya and Yeh Kaun Aaya Karke Yeh Sola Singhar from Ziddi would have been tribute to Suraiya and Kishore Kumar as well. Very well researched article.
    Warm Regards,

  43. jayarajt says:

    Lovely tribute indeed.A small correction:The song Sausaal pehele is from Jab pyar kissise hota hai,not tere ghar ke samne.

  44. Man Mouji says:

    Walijah Saab,

    You come again with some real stuff. Hats off to you.

    How can we forget films like Kala Pani, Jewel Thief, Guide, And Jhony Mera Naam. Dev Anand the legend reminding us through the memories come flooding asociated with his films – Guide,Hum Dono,Teen Devian, Jewel Thief, Hare Rama Krishna , Des Pardes…. many more, such was the power of his films. A Jewel Thief who stole the hearts of millions of Indians and a Guide who led the way in making films for decades who said Main Zindagi ka saath nibatha chala gaya in the voice of great Rafi Saab. And with him dies an era of eternal youthfulness and grace….One line sums up Dev Anand: “Mein fikarr ko dhuyein mein udata chala gaya”……….Now the world will look at moon and wonder–“Khoya khoya chand, khula aasman, tum bhi nend kaise ayegi”. Dev sahab’s films and songs would be remembered as long as the human civilisation lasts.

    The combo of Rafi and Dev Anand was simply amazing and marvelous. the top great songs of Rafi Saab has already mentioned in the article.

    The top 10 songs of my liking:

    1) Hum bekhudi mein tumko pukare
    2) Jayen to jayen kahan
    3) Yeh raat yeh chandani phir kahan
    4) khoya khoya chaand
    5) hai apana dil to awara
    6) Dil aaj shayar hai
    7) Main zindagi ka saath nibhata chala
    8) tere mere sapane ab ek rang hai
    9) choodi nahin yeh mera dil hai
    10) dukhi man mere sun mera kehna, jahan nahi chaina.

    I loved the way he delivered his dialogues in old black and white films.
    Dev Anand, the real style icon of the film industry, his flamboyance, persona are stuff of the legends. A timeless personality in true sense. His zest for life was unmatched

  45. Zaheendanish says:

    Thanks for the tribute to the two great legends.

    Four articles have already been published on this website about Dev Saab. Yours is fifth one. But your write up is quite different than the other four as you told everything in a nutshell. Yes it is really magic to listen the songs of Rafi saab expecially for Dev Anand, a great entertainer of our times, specially with his songs like “khoya khoya chand…….. Dil ka bhanwar kare pukar………His memories will over live is physical form!!!

    Dev Saab will always be alive in our heart , in our memories forever. He will remain alive and will be fondly remembered by everyone for his acting style for his films and of course for his energy. Even in his 80’s he was full of energy and spirit. He is an inspiration for all the young and old people to remain active and keep working and never let our heart to age like our body.
    One of the most honest and straight forwards person, who live life on his own terms, never falls in controversy. Never work under any film banners but on his own banner- Navketan…never attend film premiers but in his own films whole bollywood cames with so joy…man of spirit and never say give up…trully real hero of bollywood…

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