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Mohammed Rafi 25 A to Z letters songs actors movies

By Sharad Desai

I have made a list of Rafi sahab 25 different songs, with different letters, with different actors, and different movies. Help me list a song starting with letter ‘X’.

S.No. Letters Songs Actors Movies
1 A Aaj kal me dhal gaya, din hua tamam Sunil Dutt Beti bete
2 B Bar Bar din ye aye Jeetendra Farz
3 C Chale aaj hum jahase, hui jindagi parayi Dilip Kumar Udan Khatola
4 D Dard e dil, dard e jigar, dilme jagaya apane Rishi Kapoor Karz
5 E Etni najuk na bano, haye Etni najuk na bano Bishvjeet Wasana
6 F Falasafa pyar ka tum kya jano Dev Anand Duniya
7 G Gore hathon par na julam karo Sanjay Khan Mela
8 H Hum kale hai to kya huva dilwale hai Mehmood Gumnam
9 I Is bhari duniyame koi bhi hamara na hava Guru Datt Bharosa
10 J Jangalme mor nacha kisine na dekha Johny Walker Naya Daur
11 K Kya miliye, kya miliye aise logonse Dharmendra Izzat
12 L Lakhon hai nigahame, jindagi ki rah me Joy Mukherji Phir vohi dil laya hu
13 M Mehruba linkhu, Hasina linkhu ya dilruba linkhu Rajendra Kumar Sangam
14 N Naseeb me jiske jo likha tha Manoj Kumar Do Badan
15 O O Jane man janana, ek nazar edhar bhi Shammi Kapoor An evening in paris
16 P Paas baitho tabiyat bahal jayegi Jagdeep Punar Milan
17 Q Qayamat hai, qayamat hai Kader Khan Mr. Natawarlal
18 R Roshan tumhise duniya, raunak tumhi jahaki Mahipal Parasmani
19 S Sau bar janam lenge Pradeep Kumar Ustadon ke Ustad
20 T Teri bindiyare re, re  aye haye teri bindiyaare Amitabh Bachhan Abhiman
21 U Unake khayal aye to Co-Artist Lal Patthar
22 V Vada karale sajana Vinod Khanna Hath si safai
23 W Wa wa wa wa is diwane dilne kya jadu chalaya Shashi Kapoor Jab jab phool khile
24 Y Yuhi tum muzse baat karati ho Rajesh Khanna Sachha Zootha
25 Z Zindabad Zindabad E Muhabbat zindabad Motilal Mugal-E-Azam

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46 Blog Comments to “Mohammed Rafi 25 A to Z letters songs actors movies”

  1. Shakeel says:

    Who are the 10 Actors who Rafi has lent his to the most?

  2. Dipak says:

    hi my name dipak

  3. Anonymous says:

    Muzh ko mere bad zamana dhundega rafi saab ne kha tha besak

  4. Anonymous says:

    I mise u mohammad rafi sahab

  5. opshrivastava says:

    Mohd. Rafi Saheb was a great gift given to us by God.I am great fond of his songs top ranking in my list of male singers, rest are far lagging behind of him. My sincere tribute for Rafi Saheb.

  6. shakil says:

    Tere nagmo ki yad ehle nazar yuhi nahi kehte, Tere geeto ko dil ka humsafar yuhi nahi kehte, Dukh the lakh fir bhi mutmain the dard ke mare, Teri aawaz ki shabnam se dhul jate the gam sare, Teri tano me husne zindagi leta tha angdai, Tuje Allah ne baksha tha andaz-e-masihai, Tuhi tha pyar ka ek saaz is nafrat ki duniya me, Are garimat thi teri aawaz is nafrat ki duniya me….

    Salam Rafi Shahab ko…. Rafi sahab ki aawaz ta-qayamat hamare dilo me mehfuz rahegi….mehfilo ke damnome sahilo ki aaspas, Ye sada gunjti rahegi sadiyo tak yuhi aaspas…….

  7. Faiz says:

    @Debasis, no he didnt sing any. He sang 9 nazrul geeti.

    @administrators, can you please make the commenting system so that one can reply directly to a previous comment and the original commenter gets a notification in his email about the answer? there are lots of plugins which can do that and those are free as well. that will be real handy in answering queries.

  8. muhammad asghar says:

    i like rafi saab

  9. Plz koi mujhe bataiye, rafi sahab koi bengali rabindra sangeet gaya tha?

  10. Farook Ali says:

    Rafi sahib ke naam hi unki pahechaan hae. Rafi ka matlab rafa’a se hae ya irfa’a se hae matlab ‘uchaai’….jaisa naam waisa muqaam allah ne unhe diya tha.

  11. Binu Nair says:

    On July 31st – hundreds of Rafi Saaheb Lovers will gather at the Mohd Rafi Mazhaar located at the Grand Mosque in Juhu Santacruz, Mumbai and offer flowes and prayers to the singer.

    Every day of the year there are fresh flowers on the Saintly Singer Rafi Saaheb’s grave .

    But with every passing year the – July 31st see more and more fans visiting the holy ground.

    Lucky is that nine year old girl who lies besides Rafi Saaheb – her family unfailing to visit her grave – week after week.

    This time too Rafi Saaheb fans will be there – visiting in large numbers.

    See you there friends.

    From the Rafi Foundation.
    Cell : 9833 250 701

  12. MK DEY says:

    When I listen any songs of RAFI Sahebs, I forget myself & fully entered in the Voice (Md.Rhafi) & even in the Lyrics & Music in any SONG of such Greatest Play Back Singer. He never dies but vividly alive with us Forever. Wherever he stays, keep in PEACE.

    His one of the beloved Fan, (MK DEY)

  13. teen says:

    good to come acroos this site by accident may be thisis gods gift to me , i found my god

  14. Sarwat Baig says:

    I have never been to one myself, and don’t know if I ever will, but if I do it will only be to show support and be with Rafi Sahib’s fans. Don’t worry, Shammi Sahiba, he will live for ever and ever, Insha Allah as he is in the hands of the Almighty and not a few biased individuals.

  15. shammi says:

    Yes Sarwatji, I must admit there is a lot of pride when large numbers of people turn out for concerts that are linked to the great name of Mohd Rafi and I suppose with TV channels and radio stations playing less and less of the great man’s songs it is a great way of keeping his memory alive.

    Maybe it’s because I haven’t yet gone to a Mohd Rafi tribute concert that I’ve probably been a little harsh on those who take part in one. However, I think deep down inside I probably will go and should really reserve judgement until then.

    I was barely a 14 years old girl when Mohd Rafi passed away and I probably subconsciously feel that I should have seen him live in concert and because I wasn’t able to do that I probably think listening to his songs sung by someone else is a betrayal to him, even though this is obviously not the case.

    It is nice to speak to someone like you who obviously shares the same passion for their music.

  16. Sarwat Baig says:

    Part 1 of my comment has hit the moderation queue.

  17. Sarwat Baig says:

    And personally I have never been to a concert, but admit to listening to anyone singing on TV as I feel he or she is professing his love for the one and only Rafi Sahib. As far as my money is concerned, I will spend it only on the original songs. But I must admit one more thing, it makes me very happy when concerts organised in Rafi Sahib’s name are a huge success.

  18. Sarwat Baig says:

    I don’t want to sound mean, but thanks to them, the standard of music, singing, and lyrics declined to a point of no return. But the name of Rafi Sabin still makes them insecure. I hope people will stop buying anything that does not fund the Rafi Foundation. We all know that Sonu Nigham at one point refused to sing Rafi Sahib’s songs, but the chance to sing with the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra was an offer to good to be true. Look at the quality of songs sung by Rafi Sahib for Dev Sahib and then the ones later on when he started chasing butterflies in strange hats. I am all for stricter copyright laws, but don’t know about tributes as Rafi Sahib’s fans organise events in his memory. The singers should get a one time fee, but the proceeds should go to the organisers who should spend it on publicising his name and keeping us aware of the shenanigans of the channels. The singer’s should not get any benefit from the sales of cassettes etc if we want to discourage future Sonu Nighams. I agree wit your assessment of the two-faced creatures, Shammi Sahiba.

  19. shammi says:

    sarwatji, please don’t get me wrong I’m not talking about people like yourself who do the occasional concert and keep the great Mohd Rafi’s name alive but more so artists who have made a living of doing this on a professional basis.

    As far as people like Lata, Asha and Rajesh Khanna are concerned I hate the lot of them as they are two faced they have all used Mohd Rafi for their own personal gain and then turned nasty. Rajesh Khanna started his career and became famous by using Mohd Rafi’s voice for playback singing and then turned his back on him, I’m sure if it wasn’t for him Mohd Rafi would have dominated playback singing right until he passed away leaving more memorable songs behind instead of songs that sound like karaoke sung by Kishore Kumar.

  20. Sarwat Baig says:

    Funny that people who make remakes, sing other people’s songs, or have nothing significant to contribute are adjudicating in different shows on all the channels. As far as this trend of forcibly removing people from their positions, I would blame only two people although they are unmatched in talent themselves: Mr. Rajesh Khanna (still can’t fathom why) for insisting that not just in the movies that he starred in but in others as well KK should be asked to sing. I don’t think that KK is in any way to blame for this. As for Ms. Lata all I can say is that charity begins at home. Her sister might have forgiven Didi, but can we for depriving us of Ms. Suman? Now the TV channels have become the new Mr. Khanna and Didi. E.g. the results of the recent polls.

  21. shammi says:

    I have to also add that I personally think Sonu Nigam has milked the whole tribute system enough and really there has to come a point where he should make a name for himself based on his own talent as he will always be remembered as the artist who copies Mohd Rafi’s songs. I know he has also sang a number of Indian film playback songs but I can’t remember any that have made any impact. Leave the originals as they are is what I say. Remakes of Indian films is another thing that seems to be becoming a trend and what a disappointment these films often end up being which just goes to prove my point the expectations are usually high especially when the original was good in the first place.

  22. Sarwat Baig says:

    The younger generation is listening to the copycats because the golden oldies are not given prime time on the major TV or radio channels. We know them because our parents kept them alive otherwise singers such as Mohd Rafi Sahib had passed away when I was in junior school and Mukesh Sahib when I was probably in kindergarten. Our children know them because of us. My thirteen year old does not like Sonu Nigam singing Rafi Sahib’s songs. The dafli walay Rishi Kapoor is Rafi Uncle, but the senior Rishi Sahib isn’t. Asha Sahiba goes around pretending as if chura liya hai is sung only by her. As a child I did not know that o meray sona re has Rafi Sahib’s voice also until I watched the video of Teesri Manzil in my college days as a prestigious channel such as AIR would not air his lines nor mention his name. But what is heartening is that even six year old children are listening to him as Anu Kapoor will testify in his programme The Golden Era. Long live Mohd Rafi Sahib. Ameen

  23. shammi says:

    I think copying other singers would be fine providing the artist has copy rights. As flattering or complimentary as it maybe to the singer whose songs they are copying it’s also unfair as these copy cat singers are making money from other artists who no doubt have put a lot of blood sweat and tears into their work. It must be remembered that there are lots of other original artists to consider as well for example the lyricist, music director as well as the singer and they all deserve their dues.

    I personally refuse to listen to anything other than the originals and can’t see why anyone would want to listen to them either but if the younger generation do and if there is a demand then the original artists or their families should get their due, surely that’s only fair and I’m sorry but a tribute to the original artist in this case the great Mohd Rafisaheb can only count as a tribute if the artist sorts all these issues out.

  24. Raj says:

    There are lot of comments about singers copying Rafi saab. I think imitation is biggest compliment anyone can give to a great singer. And if there is a mention of Sonu Nigam, he is one of the biggest fans of Rafi saab. So he tries to sing like Rafi saab, or has sold a CD of Rafi songs, that is only to pay tribute. I have no issues with that In fact as great a singer as Sonu is, when he sings Rafi saab songs, it clearly shows, with todays technology, music support he can not come close to the original songs by Rafi saab. And that is a greatness of Rafi saab.

  25. shammi says:

    I think as much as I love Mohd Rafi and am a very big fan I think Mohd Rafi and his family would have benefited greatly finacially had he accepted royality fees for his songs because like his daughter has said that there is a lot of people who have taken advantage of him over the years. Whilst I agree that he was a humble, god fearing man and not greedy, I honestly believe he didn’t know so many people would exploit him. Besides if anyone should benefit it should be his family any Tom, Dick and harry seems to be making lots of money by singing Mohd Rafi’s songs and all these so called super singers like Sonu Nigam who are now being compared to the likes of the great Mohd Rafi started their careers by using Mohd Rafi’s talent by imitating his style of singing and copying his songs. I find this so annoying because if they were that talented they should have adapted their own style and not sung songs made famous by the gifted Mohd Rafi.
    There should be a ban on this practice as it is well regulated in western countries and people especially in India should not be able to exploit the talent of others.

  26. Ahamed Kutty says:

    The practice of copying songs of Rafi Saab should be stopped.
    The words rendered by Rafi Saab,the lines rendered by Rafi
    Saab if we hear from somebody in these CDs cannot accept
    since these are for Rafi Saab only.In Kerala Yesudas ji
    once opposed other singers singing his songs even in live

  27. Syed Sayeed Khundmiry says:

    Dear Rafi Sahab Lovers: This is the good effort by great-fans of great Rafi Sahab whom we still love and mesmorising his music and songs and till I do not know but for-ever and ever his songs are still YOUNG & PURE and GODLY. I really have faith in music (OLD s GOLD), specially Rafi Sahab and other Great Legends of our Hindi Cinema.

  28. Sarwat Baig says:

    I am surprised that people listen to copies, and not only do they enjoy them, but several people do not know that they are copies. Rafi Sahib has brought us all together, and we must appreciate the fact that people who do not know the language are such avid followers as witnessed by this site when fans from Malaysia or Trinidad profess their love for our idol. Therefore, zindagi or jindagi, it is Rafi Sahib’s beautiful voice that unites us.

  29. pradeep.khanchandani says:

    dear sharadji,
    song no.5..”itni nazuk na bano”do not reflect letter”E”
    for letter”E”there are many songs,one of them is ”ek tera saath,humko do jahan se pyara hai,
    for letter”X” ITHINK THERE IS NO SONG
    there would be many songs starting with letter”X”
    if rafisaheb would had sung afew songs in”chinese”language
    because letter”X”is most commonlyused by thay language
    i think ?l

  30. pradeep.khanchandani says:

    dear sharadji,
    song no.5..”itni nazuk na bano”do not reflect letter”E”
    for letter”E”there are many songs,one of them is ”ek tera saath,humko do jahan se pyara hai,
    for letter”X” ITHINK THERE IS NO SONG

  31. shammi says:

    Jayanthji I totally agree with what you have written. I too am fed up with other artists trying to duplicate Mohd Rafisaheb’s songs and like you I believe a time will come that people will forget the original as the original songs sung by Mohd Rafisaheb will not be available as there would have been so many covers done by various artists. I personally would never purchase or like to listen to any copy cat artists and I urge others to do the same and I don’t like the fact that these artists are using his name to make money and then say it’s a tribute to Mohd Rafi saheb this is all a load of bull—-!

    If it is a tribute to him then the proceeds should go to the foundation opened in his memory or the profits should go to charity.

  32. sundeep pahwa says:

    song no 5 the film name is VAASNA and song no 22 film is HAATH KI SAFAI

  33. sundeep pahwa says:

    song no 21 unke khyal aaye is sung by G M Durrani on the screen playback singer popular before Rafi saheb

  34. JAYANTH K MORO says:

    Sir. Iam one of the best fane of the Great Mohd. Rafi sab. his songs that are in original should be in orginal itself. Now a days so many un known Artist, some un known Directors, Music Directors from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and fro Calcutta are duplicating the Orginal Rafis sabs song. if keep on going this practice. there will be a day The orginal Records of Rafis sabs songs will decrease and a sure will be a day whwn original records of Mohd Rafis songs are not abailable in ant part of india, so people say next generation might be after 20 years the next generation will ask WHO IS RAFI this should not come in any part of world or centuries. So I request the private recording institute should stop the recording the original records of Rafi Sab given more than 20 volumes around 50000 around given to us for ever and ever just like The Sun god. if suppose sun not rise what will be happen to the world. like this if Rafis songs in original comes down we the

  35. jrajt says:

    X is problem.So I will use any film that has X.So I suggest movie mr.X and the song lal lal gaal—-

  36. ashar says:

    dear Sir,
    Thank you for composing the list of Rafi Sahib’s few songs. I want to make a correction for the future that who ever wants to do such composing or writing His songs, please write proper Urdu as the songs were in Urdu not in Hindi. for example, the word is Zindagi, not Jindagi, then it is Nazuk, not Najuk, Zulam not julam etc.
    I hope you don’t mind to correct your urdu

  37. Mohan Ram says:


    Extremely sorry for the wrong mention of name of the movie

  38. Mohan Ram says:


    Extremely sorry for the wrong mention of name of the movie for song Jungle Mein Mor Naacha

  39. Mohan Ram says:

    The song JUNGLE MEIN MOR NAACHA is from movie CHORI CHORI

  40. Shardool says:

    The song # 10: “Jungal mein mor naacha kisi ne na dekha” is not from naya Daur but from Madumati.

    Song # 13 is : Meherban Likhoon, Haseena Likhoon Ya Dilruba Likhoon !

  41. rajiv says:

    Dear Sharad,

    Good effort indeed, nobody might have thought about such a grouping or compilation.

  42. akbar khorakiwala says:

    please note…jangal mein mor naccha.. is from the movie MADHUMATI,and NOT NAYA DAUR

  43. tushar pandya says:

    Dear Sharadbhai,
    Nice compilation.
    X seems to be a problem.
    I think Mugle Azam song is picturised on Kumar.

  44. Sarwat Baig says:

    In English, words starting with othe letter X are either associated with the sound of “x” or “z”. Example: x-ray and xylophone. Good luck!

  45. Venkat says:

    Song No.10 the picture is Madhumati and not Naya Daur

  46. Mohan Ram says:

    Dear Desai Saheb,

    There is a small correction the song GORE HATHON PAR NA ZULM KARO is from the movie PYAAR KIYE JAA and the song picturised on SHASHI KAPOOR.

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