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Mohammad Rafi Saab, the golden voice, the very definition and the ultimate, in playback singing…!

By Chandan (KS Ramachandran)

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

Many singers past, present and even future (I can vouch this with certainty) cannot match the singing prowess of Mohammad Rafi Saab, when it comes to playback singing. He is certainly the ultimate to meet the total expectations of the various parameters of playback singing, be it voice, range, feel, depth, nuances, diction, clarity, emotions, mood or what have you!

Many music directors have exploited and taken full advantage of his extremely unreachable heights of his singing qualities and Rafi Saab in turn, has delivered more than what any music director would have expected. Such were his singing abilities and qualities.

I have always debated as to why he was always the best of the best. Probably, besides a great singer, he was a matchless human being par excellence!



When we listen to his songs even today, after literally 32 years of his demise, we feel that his renditions are as true as nature! In the words of music composer duo Shankar Jaikishen, Rafi Saab had “Aatma” in his voice! Shri KJ Yesudas, a renowned carnatic vocalist and exponent, having gone through rigorous “Gurukulam”, besides being a great playback singer himself, proudly says that “Rafi Saab is my Maanaseeka Guru”. In the words of the living singing legend Shri SP Balasubramaniam “Rafi Saab is the ultimate in playback singing”

In the words of the nightingale singing queen Lataji “Aise Gayak Baar Baar Janam Nahi Lete”

Above all, the very fact that we are talking about Rafi Saab’s songs even today after 32 years, is in itself a proof and a message on his singing power and prowess..!

Beethe Dino Ki Yaad Saatati Hai Aaj Bhi – 2
Kya Woh Zamaane Phir Kabi Wapas Na Aayenge
Kya Hum Tamaam Umrubar Yuheen Rohe Jaayenge
Beethe Dino Ki Yaad Saatati Hai Aaj Bhi…

Kaise Kate Ghi Zindagi Tere Begair, Tere Begair (2)
Paaoonga Har She Me Kami, Tere Begair, Tere Begair
Kaise Kate Ghi Zindagi Tere Begair Tere Begair

Phuul khilento yuun lage phuul nahin ye daag hain – 2
taare falak pe yuun lagein jaise bujhe chiraag hain
aag lagaae chaandani tere bagair tere bagair

Kaise Kate Ghi Zindagi Tere Begair Tere Begair

Chand ghata me chupgaya, sara jahaan udaasu hai – (2)
Kehetihai Dilki Dadkane Tu Kahi Aas Paas Hai
Aanke Tadap Raha Hai Jhi, Tere Bagair
Paaoonga Har She Me Kami Tere Begare, Tere Bagair

Kaise Kate Ghi Zindagi Tere Begair Tere Begair

There can be only one Mohammad Rafi Saab…. always!!…

rehti duniya thak khayam rahegi!!

May HIS soul rest in peace and I kneel before the Almighty to give HIM the best of everything for the world to remember him forever and acknowledge his contributions to film music and for our dear country India to award him the much awaited “Bharat Ratna” on 31st July 2012, on this very day, when he passed away 32 years ago…

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12 Blog Comments to “Mohammad Rafi Saab, the golden voice, the very definition and the ultimate, in playback singing…!”

  1. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Dear Chandan,

    A simple and crisp write-up, straight from the heart. I concur with your point that no singer past, present and even future can match the singing prowess of Mohammad Rafi Saab. There is only one Rafi, the last word in playback singing.

    J.K. Bhagchandani

  2. Ahamed Kutty says:

    dear chandanji,
    very attractive article.a rafi fan will be happy if he see rafi saab’s
    name in a magazine/newspaper or somebody is telling about
    rafi each rafian will have very good knowledge about
    rafi saab.this is something very rare which will last for ever.

  3. Good day to All. I wish to say something if I am allowed. Thanks. God is my life, God lives inside me. Me having this life… I live. I live- this is my worship to God: Being alive. However, in my full state of consciousness I worship something that God made manifest in human form. It is God’s gift to the Universe. It is a Sound, a Voice…A voice that Commands attention and harmonizes us with the pervading. Just before the complete cycle of the day, I still wonder… “Is it actually God’s Voice”?. This voice is now on it’s 32nd rest on the octave. Harmonize on Cosmically MOH’D RAFI. To all of us who were lucky to live through the Golden Era; we really are Ringside-seat witnesses to the Best that will ever pass through this Planet. Apart from the breath of life, I thank God for allowing me to be born at this time. We as humans, are of a passing nature, but what he was sent here to deliver is Absolute. We are really Blessed to be around. Thank you very much.

  4. Sanjay says:

    Dear friends, I have rare audio footage of Rafi singing in Creole when he visited my homeland of Mauritius… you can find it on my tribute episode to Mohammed Rafi below…







  6. G.D.Sharma, Chennai says:

    Mohd. Rafi Saab was a gift to mankind. He was a Legend of Legends. Not even mentioning about his death anniversary in any of the local print media is more than committing a sin. But as many of us have said, Rafi Saab does not require local publicity – sooraj ko roshni kya dikhana ? We are indeed blessed to have been born to listen to, and even sing his songs. We, the fans and admirers of Rafi Saab, pay our tributes and prayers to his evergreen memory, and await the ordain from the Heavens for the Bharat Ratna to be conferred on him. Today, as always, we wil sing his songs and in our own small way, pay our tributes to the great Soul, the immortal Rafi Saab.

  7. Rakesh Kohli says:

    Tha juda sabse mere ishq ka andaaz suno……………………….

  8. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:


    Straight from the heart. I echo each and every word of your article. We all should thank God that we were born and brought up during the golden age of Film music, with so many talented singers, lyricists, Mds contributing and especially Rafi Saab and Maa Saraswati, I mean Lataji.

  9. Chandan says:

    Thanks Raji for your feedback and message.. Could not have been explained better…Thanks…

  10. k.S.Mani says:

    Wonderful article, written from the deep depth of the heart of a very sincere and devoted student and who breaths in and breaths out Rafi songs…it will be definetly a great tribute to mohd Rafi Saheb if the much deserved Bharat Ratna is awarded to him…well said, Chandan

  11. Raji says:

    A beautiful heart rendering Shraddhanjali Chandan Saab ! With genuine singers like you, we are fortunate that Rafi Saab is alive in every which way almost daily amongst us ! Keep rendering His greats and keep enthralling all of us ! Rafi Saab, you are remembered not just today but every single day ! RIP Rafi Saab …….

  12. mohamedparvez says:

    Dear Sir,Thanx For Sharing Great Article,About Rafi Sahab, As You Said He Was Not Only A Great Singer,He Was Great Human Being,It Was Allah”s Gift To Him,To Know More About Great Rafi Sahab,Kindly Visit This Links,Take care,

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