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Men will be Men

By Anmol Singh

Artistic sketch of the musical maestros – Sahir Ludhianvi, Mohammed Rafi, and C Arjun

It took me quite some time to analyze the significance of this song from the film ‘Nawab Sahib‘ and realized that it is neither a romantic song nor a sad song. Rather it represents the mental state of transition between romance and disaster leading to sadness and depression. Rather a word or caution from Sahir. One can say Sahir could pen a poetry for any situation.  

hum me hai kya ke hum me koi haseena chahe
sirf jazbaat hai, jazbaaat me kya rakhkha hai
hum me hai kya ke hum me koi haseena chahe 

Here Sahir Ludhianvi writes a poem on the state of mind of men who love assumptions when it comes to dating or meeting a lady, whether at workplace or a party or in a gathering. The state of mind applies to both unmarried and married men irrespective of the era they belong to.   

itna deewana na ban ai dil-e-betaab sambhal
woh agar mil bhi liye tujhse, to itna na machal
be-taalukh si mulaaqat me kya rakhkha hai
hum me hai kya ke hum me koi haseena chahe 

Here the message is to control your excitement. Even if the lady talks to you, it is just a casual and formal meeting. There is nothing unusual or extra ordinary about it.  

muskurahat ko mohabbat ka ishara na samajh
mil liye honge woh yunhi unhe apna na samajh
aise nadaan khayalat me kya rakhkha hai
hum me hai kya ke hum me koi haseena chahe 

The meeting may turn into friendship it doesn’t mean your friendship has blossomed into love. The message is clear to show maturity in friendship rather being emotional, which can later lead to self-destruction and disaster.  

Pencil Pencil Sketch of Sahir Ludhianvi
Pencil Pencil Sketch of Sahir Ludhianvi

 If we analyze the poetry written by Sahir it also gives us an indirect message. Nothing wrong in having a friendship with lady and appreciating her. We all are God’s creation. But do not try to possess something which doesn’t belong to you or cross the firewall, it will only lead to pain and suffering. If the lady belongs you it will come to you by the grace of the Almighty of course with conditions apply. Till then have patience, be happy with yourself and enjoy life.  

Apart from Sahir’s poetry if we talk about contribution of the music composer C Arjun, he has composed a very light & sweet tune. Rafi Sahab is enjoying the song while singing and providing a word of caution with a healing touch.

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3 Blog Comments to “Men will be Men”

  1. Anmol Singh says:

    Suekha Ji,

    Thanks for the compliments.

  2. Ali Bakrolwala says:

    दिल को छु जाने वाली बातें!
    बहुत बढ़िया!

  3. Suekha Sumit says:

    The article offers an insightful glimpse into the lesser-known side of legendary singer Mohammed Rafi. It’s delightful to read about Rafi’s fun and playful side during recording sessions, showcasing the camaraderie between him and his contemporaries. A must-read for music enthusiasts who admire Rafi’s contribution to Indian cinema.

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