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Melodious and Sweet Velvet Voice Born

This article is written by Mr D.P.Bijoor

24th December will mark the birthday of our beloved King of Melody Mohammed Rafi Saab. This day a Melodious & Sweet Velvet voice was born almost 84 years ago to be destined as the Greatest Ever to rule the Music Industry confined not only in our Country but the entire Universe as a whole.

Such a personality having great humanitarian values and possessing the most simplicity mannerisms is probably most difficult to be found in the near future

As a mark of respect to the Greatest Rafi Saab, we all his near & dear fans & admirers wish to remember him with floral tributes by silently humming:

Baar Baar tum ye gao, Bar Bar dil ye gaye
Tumharee yaad jeeye hazaro Sal
Ye Hum Sabkee Aarzoo
Happy Birthday to Rafi Saab
Happy Birthday to you !!!

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18 Blog Comments to “Melodious and Sweet Velvet Voice Born”

  1. 12.2.2009

    Dear Friends

    I have compiled two CDs of Rafi saabs songs and gifted it to some of my friends.The CD has many uncommon songs sung by Rafi saab for the Panchratana music directors, Roshan,S.D.Burman,,Madan mohan Jaidev&,Naushad, besides S.J, O.P.Nayyar, K.A.and others. As a connoisseur of music, Iam in the process of making the third CD with another set of melodies. This CD is available with me at NO COST to all Rafi fans.

    Talking of Rafi saab, he was a true Avatar of GOD. It is said that whenever, God makes his presence, the entire battalion comes with him, So was the case with Rafi saab. The galaxy of actors, music directors,lyricists, during his period is a true testimony.

  2. Imran Rustam says:

    No doubt Rafi Sb. is the greatest singer of the world and his personality is unique among all the singers. His sweet voice and his simplicity can never be forgotten as it is difficult to find a person who is a great singer and has a great personality as well.


  3. pvks raju, jagdalpur 36 garh says:

    Indeed, Rafi Saab just cannot be forgotten. His songs, simplicity, his down to earth nature, that bright and affectionate smile, that whisper like speech above all his charitable heart…… just impossible for any other person to inherit or possess. To say he was very saintly person may be appropriate term. There will not be a second Rafi…. or a second avatar of Rafi on this globe….. He is up there… somewhere….. twinkling…. like his famous smile. Time and again, like Shri CN Sivaramakrishnan wishes…. I had expressed a similar request to the Padma awardees through these column(s) to honour the memory of Rafi Saab with a Bharat Ratna award. He definitely deserves like his contemporaries like the great Lata, MGR etc…. Even MGR if I can remember was awarded postumously in Jan 1988….. so why not this noble soul. Rafi was a musical university. Singers keep copying him to this date

  4. I respect the feelings & sentiments of Mr Sivaramkrishnan that our beloved King of Melody — Mohammed Rafi Saab should be conferred with the highest civilian award namely the Bharat Ratna
    In my personal opinion can there ever be any award which can be conferred on this pious personality and the calibre of Rafis magnitude who has always remained & will remain the greatest ever the universe & the almighty has created


    Rafi saab was a legendary singer. Many of his songs are simply nerve wrecking. Iam wondering why the higest civilian award – BHARAT RATNA was not confered on Rafi saab posthumously till now. We, the admirers of Rafi saab should strongly represent to the juries of the the padma award committee. The duet song – Piya Kaisee Miloon tujse – with Lata will simply touch the heart an soul of the juries. Is any one listening.?

  6. majid gaddi rajput says:

    may god leave the heaven window open till the day of ressurection,and may raise him as a gracious one, ameen

  7. J. Rana says:

    Happy Birthday to the greatest singer ever lived and a humble human being.

  8. 84th Happy Birtday to Legendary Rafi Sahib.
    Pyaar Ka Saaz Bhi Hain, Dil Ki Awaaz Bhi Hai
    Mere Geeton mein tumhi tum ho Mujhe Naaz Bhi Hai…..
    Chheda mere dil ne tarana tere pyaar ka
    Jisne soona kho gaya poora nasha ho gaya…..
    These lines are really true because today which songs were sung by
    us that is the property or ( virasat )of legendary rafi sahib. I thanks
    all of you & please keep maintain the memory of rafi sahib the flames
    of candle.

  9. Gagan says:

    Many many happy returns of the day to the greatest singer ever Rafi Saahab. Long live the king of melody our beloved Rafi Saahab.


  10. Rafi'n_pk says:

    Happy Birthday to Rafi Sahab

  11. jasbir singh zando(rishra) says:

    aapke aane ki aas hai dost
    yeh ghadi kyon udaas hai dost
    mehki mehki fiza yeh kehti hai
    aap(Rafisaab) kahin aaas paaas ho dost
    aap yahin ho……hamare paas hamare dil mein
    kyon ke hum aap ko bahut pyar karte hain……rafisaab

  12. jasbir singh zando(rishra) says:

    24th dec is the golden day in the musical history of film industry when an angel,perfect humanbeing,frishton ka farishta,humble to his last toe,lovable,most popular in the whole world and magnetic personality -an anmol rattan rafiaab was born…..brought tons of pleasures n smiles over the faces of billion admirers n worshippers…whose voice is a medicine for them……..already long time due to be honoured with bharat rattan …….now govt should wake up from long n passive slumber……alltime favourite n evergreen immortal voice of future….rafi saab…

  13. biman baruah says:

    Respecred Rafi Lovers

    Today is a special day for us and all music lovers . On this day our beloved Rafi Saheb, the “Awaaz Ke Jadugaar” was born who ruled the music world for a long 36 years and still touching the heart of all music lovers with his golden voice.

  14. This day is a very auspious day of the film hindi music industry the great playback singer Mohdrafisahab was born and he sang more than 26000 songs in his entire 35 yrs of his career. But one sad thing is there is no articles on his birthday in any newspapers. Fine. I remember one song “Baar Baar ye din aaye”.

  15. A.T.M.SALIM says:





  16. Imran Rustam says:

    Dear Rafi Fans,

    This day is a great day for all Rafi fans. Rafi Sb will remain our hearts forever as a voice of our hearts. God creates such gems once in centuries.

    “Hazaron Saal Nargis Apni Benoori Pe Roti He
    Badi Mushkil se hota he Chaman me Deedawar Paida”


  17. A S MURTY says:

    Bijoorji by posting your article on the 84th Birth anniversary of Rafi Sahab you and this website have paid a tremendous tribute to the “gayiki ka shahanshah” as I often refer to the revered name of rafi sahab. such a voice was never heard before nor will it ever be born again. i join you in greeting all the rafi fans across the globe in humming the few words of birthday wishes penned by you at the end of your write-up.

  18. Khaja Aliuddin,MD says:

    Rafi Sahab ki melodious and sweet velvet aawaz ke bare me agar yeh kaha jaye to beja na hoga.
    ” Rok sakta hame zindane bala kiya Majrooh
    Ham to aawaz hain deewar se chan jate hain ”
    Happy Birthday to Rafi Sahab.
    With regards to all Rafi lovers,
    Long live Rafi Sahab,
    Khaja Aliuddin, MD.

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