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Many Happy Returns of the Day to our Dearest, Beloved & Cute Mohammed Rafi Sahab

By Mr D P Bijoor

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

Today on his 86th Birthday we all his fans & admirers get together to wish our beloved King of Melody Mohammed Rafi Sahab Many Happy Returns of the Day.

On this day all these years long I always admired as to what would be the gift if presented to the Legend would be appropriate but always would be in a fix as to whether to present him the same or not, mainly since any valuable gift on this Earth would automatically turn out to be the least when compared to the charisma & sheer greatness of our beloved King of Melody.

Over these long years and till date my cell caller tune always sang & still sings “Ghar tum bhula na doge sapane ye sach hee honge hum tum juda na honge” indeed an apt voice module from the lips of the Immortal Legend Mohammed Rafi Sahab.

I desperately try to find words always to narrate but end up finding it most difficult to pen down in respect of Rafi Sahab, whom I personally consider him to be above all the Institutions.

How true & lovely are his words Kya tum mujhe yoon bhula paoge – ya kissi ke bass mein hain mujhe yoon bhula pana?

Happy Birthday Mohammed Rafi Sahab.

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12 Blog Comments to “Many Happy Returns of the Day to our Dearest, Beloved & Cute Mohammed Rafi Sahab”

  1. rameshkurpad says:

    there are two appearances the almighty made in the blessed land of bharat and every bharatvaasee never refutes and protects it with a smile ( irrespective of religion caste creed colour ) simply because in both the appearances the birth life and death was in bharat itself.


    rafi sahab

    ramesh narain kurpad

  2. Hussein Sheikh says:


  3. post 9,


    very nice observations made by you – though very strong and precise – you are i feel missing the point – rafi sahab is concerned with HFM and a play back singer.

    if you consider the genre of music he belonged to and his deliveries and if you consider comparing his contemporaries of those times – irrespective whether it western or indian or chinese or greek – he would give a run for the money.

    on a scale one to ten take all the singers mentioned and you would say that rafi sahab would stand very tall and rather legendary. he was so very perfect and divine that – only by picking just a few of his very easy looking / sounding numbers would shatter the earth below you to know that none could even attempt singin it.

    simply beacuse he had that most gifted talent of converting the most difficult song into looking easy and breath taking.

    we are well aware of frank sinatra and all those legendary singers – they were great in their own style of singing.

    using a harsh word like ” nonsensicle ” is being too judgemental – i would rather put it this way ” not a good comparaison ” or ” doesnt hold reason ” etc.

    we are all having our opinions which highly individualistic in nature and may slip in expression.

    basicsally this is a dedicated rafi webiste and you are bound to come across huge accolades being heaped on this divine singing god called ” rafi sahab “.

    please do not mistake me mr. ash, generally your observation is very apt and i found it to be very appropriate and brought a strong facet in itself.

    ramesh narain kurpad

  4. Ash says:

    ” Rafi Saab, is indeed the best singer of all times.”…………….this statement is nonsensical.
    Yes – Rafi was a GREAT singer by ANY standards and will remain a iconic figure in Indian music.
    But all nationalities have their own ‘greatest singer of all time’ eg, Elvis , McCartney, Sinatra…..and that’s not counting African, Chinese, Russian, Czech singers etc.
    Another thing …a singer is utterly useless without great lyricists and music composers. The singer can be replaced…..but the creation of the music and the words with which the singer can demonstrate his talent often goes unnoticed and should be given equal credit as the singers talent.

  5. bijoor sahab,

    adaab rafi – chand labzonmein aapney bakhoobi duniyaa koh hum logongkee jholee main daal diyaa. waah bijoor sahab waah.

    king of melody woh the hee – woh kyaa nahee the – yah aaj hamey dekhney kee bahut avashyakataa hai – ehankaar aur lobh.

    jis din insaan aham aur lobh koh tyaag dengey – uss din sey unhein rafi sahab ( avataar kee jyot dikhaayee dengee ) kee acchaayiyonsey ashirwaad milegaa.

    bijoor sahab – i expected a bomb of an article from you but you threw up an

    ramesh narain kurpad

  6. santosh says:

    Great write up.Wishing rafi saab a very happy birthday.Of course comments of marginal bhakts like me wont matter a lot to people here.I once agian request all of you to publish the article on umesh makhija of Ahmedabad.good article but I am sure the article of Umesh Makhija will be great tribute to our rafi saab.

    Once again happy birthday rafi saab.You are missed in each breath of mine.

    May god enjoy ur magical divine voice

  7. bijoorji.

    Really nice article from you. I wish Rafisaab many happy returns of the day.

  8. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Nice write up. Many happy returns of the day to our FARISHTA..


  9. mohamedparvez says:

    dear Mr D P Bijoor thanx for sharing great article with us, i would like to invite to visit each and every body rafi saab”s blog,total over 500 pages are there,i have posted rare pictures,scanned articles,interviews ,tributes,song,and many more,to go to next page kindly click older posts,you wil find bottom of every page, please don”t miss any page,kindly visit this link,take care

  10. jyoti mohanty says:

    “na tum sa koi tha,na tum sa koi hai…..
    we have not seen god;but surely,he must be having a voice like yours!!!

  11. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    Badhayee ho sab rafi lovers ko aaj Rafi saab ka 86 janam din hai.

    Tere geeton ne mujhe bekhud kiya tha
    Log samjhe ke main ne pee rakhee hai

  12. Jayant Sanyal says:

    Dil ke dard ki Dawaa hai teri aawaz,
    Murjaaye chehron ki raunak hai teri aawaaz,
    Dil ke aasmaam par Muhabbat ka paighaam hai teri aawaz,
    Teri Khudaai aawaz mein khokar, koi khuda ko bhi paa jaaye,
    Rafi Sahab, Saalgirah ki angeenat mubaarakbaad!
    Aap yuhi zinda rahenge hamaare dilon mein,
    hum rahen na rahein!

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