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Maa Hai Mohobbath Ka Naam

Written by Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

The word “ MAA” is the sweetest word in the world. When you express the word “ MAA”, your lips kisses together. This is unique, beautiful and amazing, SubhanAllah.

Although, many “ Mother’s Day  celebrations world-wide have quite different origins and traditions. In America, Anna Jarvis celebrated first time in 1908 on second Sunday of May. After this brief description on “Mother’s Day “ I would like to connect our beloved Rafi Sahab with “ Mother’s Day”. Rafi sahib has sung so many beautiful numbers on “MAA”. Maa hai mohabbath ka naam is one of his masterpiece from the movie “ Maa ka Aanchal “, beautifully composed by Madan Mohan with heart touching lyrics by Kaifi Azmi. When you listen to this song, you get mesmerized thinking about your mother.

I would like to mention few other beautiful numbers of our Maestro on “MAA”. I tried to compile with my memory and I am sure there are many more naghme of rafi Sahab on “MAA”. In this regard, I need help from Rafians.

  1. Maa tujhe dhoodun kahan from the movie Maa, L.P. MD and lyrics by anand Bhakshi. This very touch and sentimental number with master piece “Gayeki” of our Baadshah.
  2. Aai Maa tere khadmon me Bhagwan jhuka hota from the movie Ganga, music by N.Dtta and very well written by Aziz Kashmiri.
  3. Gare ga man aaj yehi from the movie Koi Ghulam Nahi composed by S.N. Tirpathi and penned by SK Deepak.
  4. Janam diya jis Maa ne from Badi Maa. A rare combination of Mohd. Shafi and Indeewar.
  5. Mat bhool ke tu ek Maa hai. A beautiful Bhajan with Chitrgupt and Prem Dhawan.
  6. Bin Maa ke Bacche phirte mare mare from the movie Bin Maa ke bacche. Rafi sahib is at his best as usual.
  7. Kisi ki Maa na mare, a very touch duet with Asha from the movie Zameen ke Taare, composed by S. Mohinder.
  8. Aai maa tu khan meri andi aankhen dhoondh rahi hain. A duet from the movie “Aank ka Taara”, composed by C. Arjun and lyrics by Pradeep.

I would like to mention my favourites on “MAA” sung by other Golden Era singers as follows:

  1. Meri duniya hai Maa sung by Burman da for the movie “Talash”. This is a beautiful song by Burman Da with beautiful lyrics by Majrooh Sultanpuri.
  2. Maa tu mujh se pyar na kar sung by Manna Dey for the movie “Mai Inteqham loonga”.
  3. Maa mujhe apne Aanchal me chupa le from the movie “Chota Bhai” sung by Lata.
  4. Chalo chalo Maa, sung by Asha for the movie “Jagriti”, composed by Hemanth Kumar and penned by Pradeep.
  5. Tu kitni acchi hai pyari pyari Maa from the movie “Phirki Wali” sung by Lata.

Mother is the center of the house. Ghar ki saari ronaqh aur chael pahal is ke dam se hoti hai. Maa ke beghair ghar veeran aur be ronaqh ho jate hain. Mother plays a big role in the raising and bringing up of a child.

On my request, sister Ghousia Sultana wrote a “ Khususi Tahreer “,   Aai Maa. For which I am thankful to her. Enjoy it.


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2 Blog Comments to “Maa Hai Mohobbath Ka Naam”

  1. Nasreen says:

    Very nice article on “Maa”. There is one song which seems to have got overlooked. By the other great singers like Mahendra Kapoor and Manna Dey.

    “Usko nahin dekha humne kabhi par iski zaroorat kya hogi, aye Maa aye Maa teri soorat se alag bhagwaan ki soorat kya hogi…”

    What words by Majrooh Sultanpuri!!

  2. shakeel ahmed says:

    Rafi the very word thrils us his songs are treasure for us.words are shy before him.He will be adored till doomsday

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