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Let’s Float MRP

By Mehtab Masih

The 33rd Anniversary of Mohd. Rafi, The Great Singer of this Earth planet falls on 31st July. 33 Years means two generations and certainly Rafi sahib is still impressing the coming generations also. The mass have always been with Mohd. Rafi, though he has never been judiciously recognized by the India Govt. He was never given any civilian award of the country higher than ‘Padamshri.’ We must say and it is a fact that the highest awards like ‘Bharat Ratan’ are just dwarves before Rafi Sahib.

He never longed for any awards in his lifetime. Rafi Sahib can never be imitated. His melodious songs are really a repertoire and the whole world [the people who understand Hindi/Urdu] always want to have a glance of it.

Rafi Sahib’s every song is just like a gem, studded in the hearts of all the Indians. We are blessed and fortunate that his songs still show us the real paths of life and soothe our souls. His every song has been a bunch of motivations and inspirations for numerous human beings. A lone person can easily spend his or her life only with the songs of Rafi Sahib.

Mr. Binu Nair of Mohd. Rafi Foundation is successfully leading all the fans of the Great Accentor Mohd. Rafi. All the fans of Rafi Sahib must unite under a single banner and they should form their own political party also; so that the MPs, MLAs, MLCs, Councillors, Sarpanches, Mayors of Mohd. Rafi Party place their RAFI Agenda before people more vigorously. One should always remember that the generations/nations/communities become significant only with the political power.

Mohd. Rafi Party Should be a reality in near future, Shahid Rafi should be its Patron and Mr. Binu Nair may be its President. RAFI Agenda will definitely for the Peace & Prosperity at our earth. The public representaives of Mohd. Rafi Party shall always be generous to all, they shall love to all and they shall belong to everyone just like Rafi Sahib. They shall work for betterment of the humanity and they will help to eradicate the corruption and all other social blemishes/evils.

Let’s float/create/establish ‘Mohd. Rafi Party’ (MRP) in the 33rd year of Mohd. Rafi’s physical separation. Everyone may think at first glance that the view about floating a Political Party in the name of Mohd. Rafi is not practical or even ‘ridiculous’ but you please think over it seriously; it is a need of the hour. Now, we have surrounded by almost the corrupt politicians and leaders whereas in MRP, we would be surrounded by the Rafi-Lovers, who can’t go to wrong side of any path as Rafi Sahib is always guiding him/her through his immortal, melodious, incomparable voice and songs.

Mohd. Rafi Zindabad!!!

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8 Blog Comments to “Let’s Float MRP”

  1. only Mohommad Rfi can sing these songs

  2. vikram says:

    I would never ever be part of a political party floated in Rafi sahab’s name. He is nothing less than a God to me and I am pretty sure to us all, the writer of the article included.
    I understand Mr. Mehtab’s intentions are good, but the thought of a political party in Rafi sahab’s name makes me go numb.

  3. Uruj Shahid says:

    Rafi sahab kisi bharat ratan ke mahutaj nahin hai . unki awaaz ki kasish kal bhi aur aaj bhi logon ko sukoon aur anand ka ahsaas karati hai aur qayamat tak karati rahegi ins’shaalah. Qayamat ke din Allah pak Rafi sahab ko jannat mein rehne ka sabsa bada tohfa denge in’shallah Ameen!

  4. shammi says:

    Dear masihji, A beautiful article, well written and I couldn’t agree more. The way he conducted himself through all his life even through fame and popularity should be rewarded with the highest award possible as you couldn’t get a better role model than him who was fully grounded, religious and a lovely human being and then to top all that he was by far the best singer India has ever seen. It really saddens mean that especially in todays world people are becoming popular and rewarded for all the wrong reasons, actresses like Sunny leone are given so much air time and publicity. I suppose with corrupt politicians and the film industry going down the gutter with all it’s filth what are we to expect. However, legends like Mohd Rafi don’t come around often and should be given the respect and recognition they deserve.

  5. vinod mehru says:

    dear Mehtab bhai,

    Yaar hum log jo rafi sahab ke deewaane hai kya iss had tak neeche aa jaayenge ki hum logon ko political party banani pade. haan phir bhi sabhi MP/MLA aur Mayor yaa sarpanch agar sabhi apni apni partyline chodh kar hum logon ke saath aaye to achha hoga.

    Rafi sahab ki yaad ko political mein tabdeel karna theek nahi hai, Hamare mumbai mein har baras rafi sahab ke kai aise deewaane hai jo alag alag partiyon se sambandh rakhte hai lekin phir bhi hamare saath hai. jahan tak maine bhi mahsoos kiya hai ki har baras santacruz mein rafi sahib ke kai political dewwane bhi aate shraddhanjali dene.

    Mumbai ke Munincipal counceller Sh Ashish Shelar jo BJP ke aur Sharad Pawar ji ki party ke kai log bhi aate hai.

    vinod mehru


    Rafi sahib melody k duniya k betaaj baadsha thy his songs are still popular today as they were yesterday. Allah aapko jannat nasib kare Aameen

  7. Israr says:

    Rafi shahab app aaj bhi logon ke dilon me zinda h aur ta qayamat tak zinda rahenge. Allah appko jaanat aata kare…Aameen…….

  8. GURUPRASAD. says:


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