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Jahan Daal Daal Par Sone Ki: Hamara Bharat


Happy Independence day to you all. It’s 15th August and our mother India is 60 years old. At the age that most people retire and relax in life, India has no choice but to go on. The sad thing is that like most people of this age, she too is tired – be it with the religious fights, social onslaughts, caste discrimination. There are so many things that we, her children do to turn her into an old and shriveled woman. What we should ideally be doing is infuse her with energy, the spirit of nationalism and love each other so that her spirit becomes that of a 16 year old again.


On this occasion, I am taken back to a time when India was younger. The song “jahan daal daal par sone ki chidiya…” summarizes my sentiments to the tee. From the movie Sikandar-E-Azam, this song speaks of the glory of our nation and the riches that we possess – material as well as non material. The movie is about Alexander and Porus and though people would have forgotten what the movie is about, the song still remains in the minds of most. Mainly about the fight between the ruthless and legendary Alexander and the fiercely protective Porus, this movie has many other like it, which show their take on the historical clash between the two great leaders. But along with that, there is also a deep nationalist and patriotic streak in the film. There is no better validation than this very song.

India celebrates her Independence Day
India celebrates her Independence Day

With Prem Chopra and Prem Nath singing it on screen, the song starts off with an auspicious prayer that all Indians are familiar with. Then the two talk about the richness of our nation by declaring proudly that on every tree there is a bird of gold. Truth and non-violence, as demonstrated by Gandhi are the ruling words in this nation. Further, it glorifies the religious nature of the country, saying the sun too comes to greet us the first. Our country is endowed with rivers that are as pure as milk. Then, it mentions the various festivals that are celebrated with much gusto in this multi cultural setting.

The wonderful thing about this song is that it takes so much pride in everything that our country holds-it is amazing because just listening to it makes the patriot in you come alive. The lyrics are dripping with the spirit that every Indian should have. Written beautifully, they cover everything and more than what 6 minutes permit. The music too is completely in sync with the great lyrics, the variations and inclusion of different folk music is masterfully adapted to the song.

It would be criminal not to mention the great voice that adorns this classic- once again, Rafi Saab’s voice flows into our ears filling each pore of our body with melody. There is positively no one else who could have done justice to this song.

All I would like to say in the end is that this independence day, we should all try to take some time and think about the sacrifices that our fathers and brothers have made for our freedom and feel thankful for this wonderful gift that we have. Listening to this song makes you admire the greatness of our nation and feel grateful for the fact that we have been calling it OUR nation for 60 years now.



Happy Independence day to you all.

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14 Blog Comments to “Jahan Daal Daal Par Sone Ki: Hamara Bharat”

  1. R Nanjappa says:

    One of the greatest songs of Hindi movies. Every Indian feels proud when listening to this timeless gem. Great theme, nice music, and the voice of Rafi saab with great feeling. It truly touches the heart. Well done Hansraj Behl, Rajinder Krishan and Rafi Saab. I bow to them.

  2. tejas says:

    mohhammad rafi ke gane bajate samay may rota hun

  3. PIYUSH TIWARI says:

    One of the thousands of great songs sung by greatest Rafi Saheb


  4. Madhavi says:

    rafi sir ke is gaane ke liye mera huzaar namaskaar…. patriotic songs me …. ye sabse aage hey… hat off to you sir !!!!

  5. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    ref post no- 9,
    Mr Shashank please listen to the number ‘ Main zindagika saath nibhaata chalagaya’ from the same film. i listen to this number when ever I am pensive. this number gives a lot of moral boost. look at the renedering of rafi sahab. it starts with a very very heavy pull from deep within when rafi sahab recites’ Main zindagika ka saath ‘ . How much stress he puts on ‘ M ‘ & ” Z ‘. to me it appears as if a huge jumbo jet is taking off. just close your eyes and feel this song.

  6. i love his songs very much, one song when i am desperate the song is “Kabhi Kud pe Kabhi Haalat pe” from Humdono, thinking that the song is for me what a lovely sone written by Sahir & music by Jaidev.

  7. nobody could have sang this song except rafisahab, it was Hansraj Behl the musicdirector who composed this song, he was very nervous at the recording room & asked rafisahab how much will he take for the song, but rafisahab refused to take money and asked Behl that in his pocket one flower is there give me that coz before that Mr.Behl had gone to the temple. so such kindhearted rafisahab was.

  8. unknow1 says:

    these songs are fresh as yesterday that is a magic of mohd Rafi voice

  9. A S MURTY says:

    A great composition, this song rekindles the patriotism fervor among all Indians and like it is mentione in the article, it speaks volumes about the greatness of the country, its people, its culture and the bountiful natural resourses. One of the all time great songs on the country though there are innumerable other patriotic songs which are also equally important. And the icing on the cake is that most have been rendered by the one and only Mohd. Rafi sahab. The opening JALTE BHI RAHE MITE BHI RAHE, AAZADI KE PARVANE, JEENA TO USIKA JEENA HAI TO MARNA WATAN PE JAANE from the song Aye Watan Aye Watan from Shaheed (Manoj Kumar) are just to be listened to get one’s blood rushing and the patriotic zeal awakened. Several other partiotic songs of Mohd. Rafi sahab also are unparalled.

  10. ATM SALIM says:


    **** JAI HIND *****

  11. My favourite Rafi Sahab’s patriotic song is “Kar chale, hum fida, Jaano tan saathiyo, ab tumhare havale, watan saathiyo!
    Everytime i hear this song, tears well up in my eyes. His voice coupled with great lyrics of that song has made it a masterpiece.
    Thanks, Rafi Sahab.

  12. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    I salute & bow my head to my country with utmost benevolence. This number rendered by our treasure RAFI sahab creates an inexpressible vibration within & sow a seed of patriotism who so ever listens it for the first time.
    Long live india, my mother, my native land. my salutes to the brave who have sacrificed their lives for our country & for our welbeing.

  13. rafifan says:

    Happy birthday, Mother India. We love you. May you remain prosperous till eternity!

  14. Harvinder says:

    Wonderfuly sung by rafi saheb. diction of sanskrit as well as hindi is perfect.

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