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HE doesnt get a place to rest….

Written by Mr. Achal Rangaswamy. Also adding in comments by staunch Rafi fans.

Rafi Sahab

Rafi Sahab

On the 12th of February, the Times of India carried a front page article on the news of Mohd Rafi Saab’s mazaar having been demolished to accomodate more bodies for burial. In this process many luminaries’ tombs also have been razed. This includes Sahir, Jan Nisar Akhtar, Naushad Saab and Madhubala, amongst others. Islamic law- the shariyat says it does not approve of tombs to be made for the dead. How come we still sing praises of the Taj, Humayun’s tomb, Bibi ka Makbara and so many other monuments and show them off to the whole world?

A great singer and messenger of God brings together people from various places and all walks of life together. Even thirty years after his passing on…and ???!!!!

khush raho ehle chaman..hum toh chaman chhor chaley…khaak pardes ki chhanengey watan chhor chaley.”

….this is what Rafi Saab must be singing ….

My greatest regret is not having been able to visit Rafi Saab’s Mazaar a few weeks back, only because I couldn’t finish my work in Mumbai in time to visit it the same day. I spoke to a couple of friends and business associates and expressed my wish to do so. But sadly, this was not to be…

I am heart-broken.

A.S.Murty writes


On Feb 11, the TOI first broke the story of how the Juhu Cemetry Committee had decided to dig up the grave-sites of Madhubala, Jaan-Nisaar Akhat, Talat Mahmood, Majrooh Sultanpuri, Rafi Sahab and Naushad Sahab, to make way for the new mazaars. According to their tradition, mazaars which are older than 30 years can be thus mowed down. Their scriptures state that in the presence of the Almighty, all are equal and hence no preference can be given to any name.

This news came as a rude shock to millions of Rafi Bhakts. Other journals – Outlook for instance – too carried this story.

Rafi Fans were making hue and cry. We managed to contact Shahid Rafi through the good offices of both Binu Nair and Shirish Kulkarni and while the family of Rafi Sahab is indeed hurt by the decision, they just cannot do anything about it. Also, their view is that they would not like to drag the Rafi Sahab’s name in any controversy. We respect these decisions.

However, Binu Nair did talk to the Juhu Cemetry Committee and he is of the opinion that if media pressure builds up and their is a public outcry, then perhaps the decision will be deferred. Consequently, he has decided to hold two press conferences – one each in Mumbai and Delhi – and also to launch a massive signature campaign from the Rafi Bhakts and music lovers.

Rafi Sahab's Samadhi in Juhu Cemetery

Rafi Sahab's Samadhi in Juhu Cemetery

A draft of the letter has been sent to me today, but after making a few alterations I will forward the same back to Binu Nair. Once approved, the same will be sent to all so that the said letter can be downloaded and signatures of Rafi Bhakts appended. These could then be sent by courier to Binu Nair’s address in Mumbai. I will forward the letter separately in the next two or three days. In case it is difficult by all our friends to put their signatures in one letter, separate letters can be made and we can all try to get as many music lovers and Rafi Bhakts to sign the petitions/letters.

Binu Nair’s letter to the Editor



Music lovers are shocked to read the news about the plan to remove the graves of legends Mohd Rafi and Naushad Ali located at Juhu mosque, Santacruz West, due to lack of space.

The graves of Madhubala, Sahir Ludhianvi, Majrooh, Talat, K.A.Abbas, Jan-ni-sar Akhtar, Ifteqaar have already vanished.

The Juhu mosque authorities do have valid reasons as they cannot refuse a body which comes in.Even Dilip Kumar has written letters to the Collector and the municipilaty for land. The government ought to give the mosque additional space and the efforts for the last ten years to get extra space – have all gone in vain.

In any other country Bharat Ka Ratna Mohd Rafi would have been knighted and an appropriate memorial erected for him – for the benefit of millions of fans.

The Rafi Foundation appeals to the Chief Minister Ashok Chavan to immediately ‘stop’ any plans to remove the graves of our music legends and declare the tiny piece of land as an heritage property.

Rafi Foundation has also undertaken a signature campaign and appealed for ‘status-quo’ to be maintained at the grave site.

Please support the just demand and write in to : or call : cell : 9833 250 701.

Many RAFI lovers cried and went without food when they came to know that Rafi saahebs FINAL REATING SPACE, Do Gaz Zameen would be done away with – anytime from NOW.

We have INTERVENED NOW, to STOP THIS madness and DESTRUCTION OF A SACRED strip of land where the worlds greatest singer and one who has the maximum following world wide is presently given space.

Rafi is India’s BIGGEST AMBASSADOR BY FAR – and any GOVT worth its SALT would have made a NATIONAL MONUMENT for this great legend whose life and times was a LIFETIME example for our countrymen to EMULATE .

NEEDLESS TO SAY – Any other GOVERNMENT WOULD HAVE KNIGHTED the legend and venerated Mohd Rafi.



we ALSO saw recently – the farce of a cabaret dancer and a person who shot down CHINKARAS AND ARRAINGED BEFORE THE law,being adorned with NATIONAL AWARDS on REPUBLIC DAY.




RAFI lover’s will STOP THIS THOUGHTLESS ACT WITH A STRONG SIGNATURE CAMPAIGN from all parts of the world by MUSIC LOVERS – appealing to the govt and the mosque authorities to preserve this PRECIOUS & SACRED PIECE OF LAND till ETERNITY like all our symbols of NATIONAL IMPORTANCE.


Balushree writes

It is of course, the sender avail the privilege to transmit this email.

Certainly, I listened to all Hindi songs sung by Mohd. RafiSaheb. His demise is a GREAT LOSS to this nation! In any case, none can prevent the exit from Mother Earth once entered in!

Its a sorry state to read the news that his tomb at Juhu, Mumbai, has demolished recently by BMC. Also, the great music composer Janab Naushad Ali.

I would also like to suggest that only Mohd.Rafi sung (single not duet) songs be made available on the stalls/shops. His songs of single ones are the BEST ones.

My suggestion to these two great gentlemen is; the Indian Government should launch postal stamp in their memory.

May his soul rest in eternal peace.


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42 Blog Comments to “HE doesnt get a place to rest….”

  1. Rafi ka fan! says:

    What a shameful no respect for a great legend singer of the world! Just a short word to explain, bandoro ko kya pata ke salt ka taste kya hota hai, who ever ideology is this he is fifty years backwards. And living in cooku land. Shame on you.

  2. Md. Khademul Islam says:

    Itne bade duniya main do gaj zameen kam padgayi kya juhu cemetri walo ko? Kiu Mohd. Rafi sahab ki mazar giraya jayega? Itne bade duniya main kya unhe do gaj zameen hum ada nahi kar sakte!! Kya ho gaya hain hum logoko!! Humme insaniyat hain ki nahi?? Request kar raha hoon mat girao Rafi sahab ki kabr ko. Usse aise hi rahne do. Jo Rafi sahab ki diwana hoga usse thoda rahat pa lene do usi kabr ko dekhte huye.

  3. shammi says:

    As usual I find it so difficult to believe and understand why a small area that was allocated to the icon when he died and visited by so many fans has to be demolished. This is once again done to provoke the millions of fans throughout the world who already believe that so much unjustice has been done to the legend when he was alive depriving him of the Bharat Ratna when he was more worthy of that than any recipient and now even as he’s passed away they can not leave him alone to rest in peace and allow that little area for his fans to come and pay tribute him. This is nothing short of DISGUSTING and Heartbreaking.

  4. when I listen rafi sav songs water falls down down down from my eyes (no noe can sing like rafi sav (any family member of rafi sav cut my head I feel proud and next birth if I can sing like rafi sav I AM THE HAPPIEST PERSON (WHEN HE IS DEAD WATER FALLS DOWN FROM MY EYES (THAT TIME I AM VERY SMALL OTHER WISE I RUN AND I CUT MY HEAD AND FANS OF RAFI SAV PUT ME BY HIS GRAVE YEARD I AM THE HAPPIEST MAN NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN IN INDIA AND THOSE

  5. arif says:

    rafi ke chaney walo,

    fikre na karo. rafi mehfooz hey or mehfooz rahey ga – insha allah.
    rafi ashib ki awaz aj bhi zinda hey aur kiyamat tak zinda rahey gi.

    kuch insanyat ke dushman jo ummoman ghair muslim bhi hotey hein – zaroor koshish kartey hein ke musalmano ko giraein. magr snageet key dewany muslim or ghair muslim, rafi, mukesh, kishore, noor-jahan….. lata ko kabi nahin bhoolein gey.

    be happy , be proud, and be grateful that god bestowed the best male voice ever to india.

    rafi sahib – ous par bhi khoosh raho.

  6. mahmood arab says:

    indeed it so sad that destroyed the tomb of such m rafi and mdhubala .what a pitty some poeple can break heart of millions for thier belief. these poeple have no respect for others.
    my resquest ,please provide me addreses and contacts of m rafi , madhubala and naushad,s families , so i can extend offer my sorrow and grieve .please obliged me .awaiting for early response from rafians

  7. Rizwan says:


    First of all some are talking that Islamic authority (IA) has razed and some are talking that BMC has demolished.

    Mostly BMC don’t have rights to demolished any grave (Kabr) in Grave-yard (Kabrastan).

    IA has complete rights of raze any grave.

    And this is Islam, where atleast, we do make grave instead of burning body.
    If u people have problem that IA has razed it, at least try to follow them first i.e. don’t burn body and then argue.

    Second thing If we will keep Rafi Sahab at human level (i.e. don’t differentiate between human), then only he will get best rest and comfort in Heaven, than making him God of singing.

    Have u people ever follow him for his words, which he ever use to say “Namaz aur Riyaaz”.

  8. Sunil says:

    This is really sad..But I would like to appreciate Binu Sir and all Rafi Bhakts for their efforts…I hope we will manage to save that sacred piece of land.

  9. Post No:33: I really support your comments that now Mumbai people dont bother anything only became too selfish in their lifes. There is not much media coverage on this legends also. They are also busy in unnecessary coverages.

  10. BINU NAIR says:

    my friends and Ramesh Kurpad : yes. we will do our best in “stopping” any action on the graves of rafi saaheb and naushad saaheb.
    ramesh ji : i second your proposal. but, in mumbai land has become scarce and the people too are too busy with their lives. sometimes a bit more selfish than necessary.

    mohd rafi does’nt need acres of land. what is needed is a honourable spot where rafi lovers can come and pay their respects. lets put our heads and souls to gether.

  11. ARVIND BABARIA.navimumbai. says:

    after reading & has come to know that RAFISAHAB does not get rest in peace, it is very heart broken matter for me,it reminds me the film MUNNABHAI MBBS,whereas in that one scene if the people who had watch this film ,sanjay dutt describes about MAHATMA GANDHI—jitne bhi mere putle(STATUES)hai wo saare is desh se hato do,meri jitnibhi tasveer hai uuse fhad do mera namonisha mitado, arre rakhna hi hai to apne dil me rakho jahah se marne tak koi nikal nahi sakta. did u get all rafi fans what i meant to say,binuji we r all with u with ur efforts,ikkis saal tak kisine sachin ke baare mei socha nahi ur aaj double century kya marli log oose BHARAT RATNA keliye demand kar rahe hai, RAFISAHAB ka haqq sabse pehla banta hai, ye mai un criket premeeyon se darquast karna chahata hu, hala ki mai khud sachin ka bada fan hu phir bhi mai chahata hu ki BHARAT RATNA rafisahab ko mile.

  12. Rafia Hameed says:

    Hi Ramesh Narain Kurpad

    With due respect to you and your opinion and suggestion..I will second it,,because we have no choice..this is least we all can do for Rafi Saab..

  13. Rajkumar Akela says:

    I request all my rafian friends to kindly click on the link below and vote for our beloved “rafi sahab”…

    rajkumar Akela

  14. rangajee, murtygaru, binujee –

    due to being away and all at sea – couldnt react earlier. when ever i shouted and wrote from the roof top no body listened – all read my mails and kept quiet. ab aap sab rafi bhakton dekh rahe hain ” KALIYUG KAA PRAKOP ” dont blame the bmc or the authorities for these kind of nasty inhuman incidents where they want to dig up tombs of such legends – it is kalugaa which is making everybiody act like this. the worst is yet to come.

    i feel so agitated and in a state of shock because our avataar ( god ) is being ” done in ” even after his death as a human.

    can anyone tell me – ” rafi sahab ney kyaa gunaah kiyaa hai ? key mauth key baad bhi yeh log unhey jagaakar – badee hee berehmee sey kuchal kar raqund rahein hai.

    yah kahaankee nahi – kyaa yahi insaniyat bachee hai iss ” atank bhari duniyaa mein. ” Kyaa yah terrorism nahi –

    mere hisaab sey – yah state sponsored terrorism hai – jahaan aap badey badey hastiyon kee mazhaar ko khod aur raund kar – apnee khwaaishein puree karr rahein hain.

    i am sorry – i am sounding a bit negative – as i am furious.

    aman aur shanti sey milaa huaa do gaz zameen bhee cheen rahein hain yah zaalim log –

    arey naamuradon – upar sey bhagweaan bhee dekh rahaa hai. uski laathi mey awaaz nahi hoti – jab padegi – duniyaa dekhegi aur thookegi.


    NOW THE SUGGESTION :- ( PLEASE DO NOT SCORN OR REBUKE ME – BUT EITHER SUPPORT MY SUGGESTION OR NEGATE IT AS NOT PRACTICAL IN A NICE WAY. ) – this is just a true rafi bhakt giving a suggestion out of agony.

    ” these legends would have had to have a certain fixed measured amount of space alloted for their grave/tomb. – say six feet by three feet ( example )

    they would have say gone four or five feet deep for burial.

    let us ( rafi bhakts/fans ) take official permission from the authorities of the Juhu crematorium – neatly take out that much of earth below rafi sahab’s tomb and personally carry it on a tricolour gun carriage ( the rafi bhakts in the army would provide that ) to the land in mumbai ( a private farm land ) donated by one of the rafi bhakts solely for this purpose.

    chaar paanch acre zameen key beechon beech – aaraam sey rahengey rafi sahab – naushaad sahab etc etc. aur chaaron taraf rahenge gulaab key phool ”

    isey ek international bharat heritage point banaa dengey – ( registered ) – so noone – i repeat no son of a gun can ever tocuh or dig any more.

    the legends will be finally laid to rest –

    December 24th and July 31st will be international RFAFI SAHAB MEETS at this new farm / cum mazhaar spot of our legends and ofcourse rafi sahab.

    we shall come down in history as the true sons of rafi sahab who looked after their father even after his death. WHAT SAY BHAKTON.


    NO ABUSES PLEASE. – these are just my innermost thoughts – please reject it if not appealing or practicable.

    the authorities may not relent – hence this idea struck me in desperation.

    ramesh narain kurpad.

  15. Zulfiqar says:

    Dear Rafians,

    Very strange and condemnable. Why appeals?Why signatures compaigns?Does the Govt has no responsibility towards the legend?A clear interfereance of Govt can avetrt this activity.

    Rafi is an ambassidar of not only India but subcontinent also.Now we have to protest to save the monument of legend of legends.Such people are assests of any country.If the Govt does not pay attention then it is very condemnable.
    I would say that such news should not have been appered in Newspaper.If appeared, first response should have been from indian Govt. But i think Indian Govt not consider Rafi sb as its national heritage.
    What bharat Ratan? Rafi sb would enhance the credibility of this awards.If this award is not for the singer of the millimium, then this awards have lost its worth.

  16. vinod mehru says:

    dear achal and binu nair jl,

    i am extending my full support to this move, agar mujh jaise bekaar insaan ki jaroorat jahan nhi lagegi , i am always there.

  17. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:

    Kudos to Mr. Binu Nair and Mr. Achla Rangaswamy for the marathon efforts they are taking in preserving Rafi Saab’s Mazhar.

  18. pvksraju, mumbai says:

    Dear Sirs,
    The information reproduced in this thread is very much true. It appears in Times of India, Mumbai edition on 11th Feb, 2010 and was very depressing. I had the priviledge of visiting the grave of this legendary singer on 24th of December, 2009 (Thursday) at Juhu Gardens in Mumbai(my desire since Rafi Saab’s death) That also happens to be his 85th birth anniversary. I laid flowers and ittar on the grave as my respect to his soul. Though I would not like to comment on any religious laws, I would certainly appeal that since Shri Mohd Rafi Saab was immensely popular in his lifetime and well after his death, his mortal remains should be either preserved elsewhere(with the consent of his family members ofcourse) and or else a permanent fitting structure be erected in the present place itself. Shri Kishore Kumar ji has a fitting tribute at his cremation site in Khandwa(MP). Great souls in any field are born rarely. Shri Mohd Rafi Saab with so many admirers is himself a national treasure like Lata ji. Let us all initiate the process to preseve this site for future generations of admirers. May his soul always rest in peace……
    With due respects to the to Rafi Saab……… I moved to Mumbai in July 2009.
    pvksraju oshiwara mumbai
    +91 98690 45806

  19. Dilip says:

    Dear all,
    It is really shocking to read such news. We should try all possible methods to stop this madness. Signature campaign from rafibakths is one such step. Our support will always be there.

  20. Ghulam Mujtaba says:

    Remember his historical songs: “Janhan Dal Dal Par Sone Ki Chirian Karti Hein Basara Wo Bharat Desh Hey Mera”, “Sar Jhokaney Say Kuch Nahi Hota Sar Uthao Tu Kio Bat Bane”, Meri Awaz Sonu Piar ka Rag sonu, dedicated to Shiri Nehruji, Sonu Sunu A Duniawalo” Dedicated to Shiri Muhatuma Gandi ji, Is this possible to demolition his grave ? who have made the history with his piecefull and melodious songs. We are not in position to bear this sad news. We may request to Govt. of India to stop the demolition of his grave and preserve this area like a noble person.

    Rafi ji, aap Khuda Qasam tamam zindgi hamarey dilo mein rehngay, Aap ka nemulbadal koi nahi.

    Ek Dua go. Ghulam Mujtaba / Lahore Chapter Old Mohammad Rafi Home Town.

  21. Emdad says:

    Post 6:

    Islamic law has nothing to do with demolition of any grave. It is lack of space to bury more bodies prompted the demolition. It is highly regrettable that a big country like India can not find space to preserve the graves of person like Rafi, Naushad. Shame!!

  22. Dear Sir,

    Being an ardent lover of historical places i had been to agra many years ago to see the tombs of Mughal emperores. All the tombs are intact and have been preserving with care since many years.Although we have the knoledge about the Mughals from the books we still respect the tombs

    Mohammed Rafi was a phenomenon. millions of music lovers still remembering him.Those who could not see him when he was alive will get a chance to see atleast his grave. As per islamic belief the grave should never be considered as a sacred one.Contrary to the belief the sacredness of the Mughals tombs are still preserivig.Let it be.So the authorities should keep the grave of Rafi Saab as it is without makeing any alteration.I mean, need not have to modify or decorate. it should be preserved and the authorities should give a chance to see the grave for the admirers like me once in our life time.

  23. shashank says:

    Its very sad news on that fateful day, which I have a cutting of this sad article with me. Its a really shocking news for everybody. Its a direct target to this great artist for some other reasons. I feel everything will be alright if the fans will make some agitation happens about this thing in front of media.

    shashank chickermane

  24. BINU NAIR says:




    the result is there to see. from the fourth position the legend has jumped to the “second” position – through actual voting by rafi fans. this is also unlike the rigged binaca geet mala programme of our friend mr.amin sayani – for various considerations.

    keep on voting as rafi saaheb is no one – by far. he must get a lead of 50,000 from music fans ’cause that is his true place.

    well done akela ji….. aap akele nahin hai; hum sab saath saath hai. many thanks.

    third point : the rafi foundation is on the second phase of development and we are confident that we will march ahead faster now. our aim remains to provide a platform of expression to rafi lovers as also to provide music lovers with the ‘best musicals’ – wherever possible.
    many thanks rafi lovers for supporting us through thick and thin.

  25. BINU NAIR says:

    RAFI LOVERS : Pls write your note to safeguard Rafi saahebs grave on this thread itself, with your name and city details.
    we will take a print out of this thread and give it to the chief minister maharashtra : shri ashok chavan – personally along with your comments.

    zaman saaheb, manas mukherjee and rafi bakhts : your points noted. please take out a copy of this appeal, get signatures and send to us .

    rafi foundation : mumbai : cell : 9833 250 701.

  26. Emdad says:

    Islam allows to move graveyard from one place to other. As such, Rafi’s graveyard can be moved to some other place where a monument can be built by Rafi Bhakts. I do not understand why Rafi’s family is not coming forward to preserve the graveyard in present place or relocate it in some other place.

  27. shabeer Ali says:

    With all respect with the Islamic law and i agree it, please dont do like with him, he is the best singer of the last milleniem and also a good human being

  28. Hussain Shareef says:

    I am sure, and everyone who has listened to Late Mohammed Rafi songs will definitely vouch that he is the greatest singer ever born in India. I dont think anyone can replace him even after 1000 years. Such is his versitality. The Government of India has failed to recognize his contribution and he was awarded only Padma Shri. He should be presented with Bharat Ratna and Padma Vibushan awards. I trust the Mohd.Rafi trust will take up this matter with we will be happy to see the outcome.

    Moreover, Mohd. Rafi, Naushad Saheb and others mazar is raced to the ground and we must save the graves of these stalwarts and preserve it since it is our heritage.

    With best wishes

  29. M.Zaman says:

    Dear all,
    I am hopefull that if we put our effort all togeter we will able to protect our “Rafi sahab’s” Mazaar. my appeal to all , please launch a massive signature campaing and press conference all over india .
    in kolkata i will lead the campaing with all rafi fans . Mr.Nair , Mr.Murthy , Mr. Kulkarni , I am having a great hope on you that you will guide us how to do our aggitation in right way. please do it as early as possible.

  30. gautam banerjee says:

    It is heartening to read the news. . But I think it is more important that we request Indian Govt. to give a posthumous “Bharat Ratna”. That will be a better way to pay respect to the great son of this country.

    Gautam Banerjee

  31. Dr.Vasudha says:

    Achal and Murthyjee
    It is a matter of shame that such a vast country of ours cant afford 3X6’of valuable space to the great singer.This act has to be condemned.It is not his mazaar but pyaar ka mahal.He will rest in my heart eternally–

  32. Actually A god fearing rafi sahab could not have wished to be cremated at any other place apart from that place. since it is a part of anyone’s religious belief and rituals, laws etc etc we just can lament and do nothing. we are helpless guys. when I read this, one song came into my mind…..itne hain badnaseeb zafar, dafn ke liye, do gaz jameen bhi na mili…..(he had sung for Lal Qila). He had got that but now that has been snatched. Ye duniya agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hai……..

    with heavy heart
    sudarshan pandey/kolkata

  33. Padmanabhan NR says:

    Superb, Achalbhai.

    do gaz zameen bhi na mili koo-e-yaar mein…never in our wildest dreams had we thought that this would become a reality! When even the final resting place is not final, what is then? The recent protests from some quarters might have stalled the move but it might re-surface again after some time. As beneficiaries of his never-ending largesse, maybe the answer lies in creating a monument at a prominent place with contributions from genuine Rafi bhakts. that would be the place of pilgrimage for so many of us on each 24th december and 31st july.

    By articulating it so very well, you have given words to the deep agony being suffered by all of us. Thank you so much.

    Padmanabhan NR
    Rafi Foundation, Hyderabad Chapter & Baar Baar Rafi, Bangalore.

  34. Manas Mukherjee says:

    I am working in ONGC and posted at Kolkata. For my official work, I visited Mumbai a time of times and almost everytime i went to Rafi saab’s mazaar to show my deepest love and respect for the greatest singer of the last millenium. It is shocking to see the news of destruction of several great persons tomb including God of several millions Md Rafi. I appeal to the Mosque Authority with folded hands not to do this shameful act.
    My request to Mr. Binu Nair that if you think of any signature campaign, just contact me over phone in the number 919432020026.

  35. Nasreen says:

    I am so shocked so shocked to read this!! My hands are not even able to type this without trembling in frustration and yes, rage. How can this happen? Why should it? Rafi Saab is not just anybody – he is a legend that is colossal beyond words. Don’t give him the Bharat Ratna if that hurts you. Don’t give him anything, he does not need anything from us – but please don’t take from him either. Don’t take away his grave. We need it – the people of the whole world need it to pay their respects. A grave is a holy place, the only physical place where we can make some connection with someone who has left t his world. Please don’t take it away.

    Let us unite in reversing this unthinking decision. Achal-ji, like you, we are all feeling heart-broken at this but please let us try to save it before it is too late. Ya, Allah, let this not happen.

  36. Elina,Russian Fedration. says:

    Rafi was a great son of INDIA and his mother land should protect his tomb and build at least little TAJ to make his memory unforgetable.

  37. Aaisha Sameena says:

    I completely agree with the islamic law, but a small portion of my heart says that the grave should be left alone for all the Rafi lovers irrespective of caste creed or religion all over the world who are crazy about him whose untimely death left all his fans in grief.
    I personally appeal to the authorities to leave the grave as a monument and pronounce it a heritage place for Rafi followers.


  38. n k v ranga rao says:

    I am really saddened by reading the news it is a shame to the entire country. I hope wisdom will prevail over the people concerned with all the efforts by rafi fondation and others. Bollywood should also be involved so that Govt would take appropriate steps to respect the sentiments of millions of people.

  39. SalRafi says:

    Adaab Rafi
    It is sad that the Greatest of all artist, Rafi Saab’s tomb is going to be demolished. I don’t think government can do anything in this because it is in a public cemetery managed by religious people and there were doing this for ages. What we Rafi bakhts can think of building a memorial somewhere close where all fans can visit during his birth and death anniversary to pay tribute. May be one in every major cities where local branches can take the responsibility of maintainng. Sounds far fetched……only my view……your opinions or discussion is encouraged. Thank you bakhts…..take care.

  40. Niharika says:

    We are family fans of Rafi shahab. We are really shocked to know this !! We stand in support of all actions against this act. We too wish that these places declared national monuments.

  41. nagesh sidhanti says:

    Dear Achalji and Murthy sab,

    Hopefully all the efforts by Rafi Foundation and others, would yield fruits
    and I would like to believe that govt would take due cognizance of sentiments
    of millions of Rafi fans.

    Am I right that Rafi sab’s tomb is still untouched?

    Aadab rafi

  42. A S MURTY says:

    Achalbhai, your highlighting this matter could not have come at more appropriate times. Saddening as the news is, the government is practically not moved. So also the film fraternity. it is not just Rafi Sahab’s mazaar that is being targetted. Luminaries of the film industry, who have given their entire synergies for millions of film music lovers for several decades are today forgotten by the same industry and not one has voiced his/her protest. where are the dilip kumars, the jeetenders, the dharmenders, the shammi kapoors, the shashi kapoors, and a host of other veteran film producers, directors, music directors, other actors ? Has the matter been taken up by the film fraternity with any authority so far ? The media did bring this out prominently on 11th and 12th feb and possibly subsequently too, but not with the same intensity that it has gone about fishing about a arushi murder case here or a bmw hit-and-run case there. if the general media has more important issues to cover, what about the filmy media ? there are several media personnel, tv channels doing the rounds of various studios in mumbai and running after the present day actors/actresses trying to get some masala story, rather than pick up the real issues confronting the film industry. beneficiaries of rafi sahab’s songs in the film industry which include several present day veteran actors have chosen to keep their mouths shut. We pray to the almighty to come to the rescue and maintain the sanctity of the graves of Rafi Sahab and Naushad Sahab who between them ruled the film industry for more than four decades and whose contributions will remain golden and unmatched eternally.

    achalbhai, thanks very much for highlighting the story and in such a poignant manner too.

    Hyderabad Chapter.

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