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Greatness of this peerless singer

By Mr. Binay Bhushan

Binay BhushanI would like to draw your attention towards this interesting fact about Rafi Saab’ssongs. Despite being a male playback singer, most often music directors called him to render those songs which were to come from the background in the film, butpasteurized on female characters. Here I am listing four songs for proof:

  • Khush raho ahle chaman ham to chaman chor chale – film: Main chup rahoongi, MD – Chitraguta
  • Shama bhoozhne ko chali shama bhoozhne ko chali – film: Ganga ki lehren, MD – Chitragupta
  • Daman mein daag laga baithe – film: Dhool ka fool, MD – N. Dutta
  • Tera aana bhi dhoka tha tera jana bhi dhoka hai – film: Mere arman mere sapne, MD – N.Dutta

The first and the third song have been picturised on Meena Kumari and Mala Sinha respectively.

Such was Rafi Saab’s impact that MDs used to look upon him for these songs which were meant for female characters , andpasteurized from background in the film.

I would like to recall two other songs – although these two songs don’t come from the background in the film ( i.e. male artists are singing these two songs ) but definitely these 2 songs are meant for the female artists:

  • Kahan ja raha hai tu aye jane wale – film: Seema, MD – Shankar Jaikishan.
  • In this film, Balraj Sahni is singing this song but the song is meant for the actress Nutan.
  • Ya kah de hum insaan nahin ya man ja tu bhagwan nahin. – film: Chaaya, MD – Salil Chowdhari.
    • This song is sung by a beggar in this film, but the song is meant for the actress Nirupa Roy.

    There are number of such songs by Rafi Saab. I would like from all of you to name his other songs which fall in this category also ( i.e. sung by male artists in the film but meant for female artists).

    I salute the greatness of this peerless singer.

    – Binay Bhushan

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    2 Blog Comments to “Greatness of this peerless singer”

    1. mohamed parvez says:

      great article by binay busha ji article is about backgroundsongs by rafi saab everybody should read this article

    2. Bonifacius says:

      Great article. I am just sad I dont know how to reply properly, though, since I want to show my appreciation like many other.

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