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Eternal Rafi Saab – Kahin Bekhayal Hokar

This article is written by Bina. She belongs to the Baar Baar Rafi Fan Club in Bangalore.

Rafi Saab with Dev Saa

Rafi Saab with Dev Saa

Tarannum woh ho ke jo dil se chale
Toh lab-e-shaayar mein jaadoo sanwar de
Magar hoton se jab goonje fiza mein
Toh zameen-o-aasmaan ko ek kar de…

Each and every heart reading this has at one point or the other come across a particular song that seems to be in your rooh, that which spreads a soft light in the corners of your heart and seeps into your conciousness giving an infinite moment of happiness.

Kahin Bekhayal Hokar is that song for me in Rafi Saab’s voice..An extraordinary voice that touches the heart of a simple listener…and hooks her for life…the voice of a man who is perfection personified.

This beautiful ghazal with a touch of the Sufi music in it is actually an ordinary ghazal…It is Rafi Saab’s voice that raises it above average and breathes life into it. I never can get hold of the right words to describe the thousand and one expressions and emotions that flit across that voice..

Listen to Kahin Bekhayal Hokar from Teen Deviyan

The velvety humming and the feathery touch of the three words of the first line captures my senses like no other song ever did..Its a song dreams are made of. …a song every woman would want her man to sing to her some time. In this song we have three women, Simi, Kalpana and Nanda looking completely bewitched with his voice…

Mere Dil Mein Kaun Hai Tu.. Ke Hua Jahan Andhera
Wahin Sau Diye Jalaaye Tere Rukh Ki Chandni Ne…

Rafi Saab..Your call makes my heart soar to heaven while my feet are firmly planted on terra firm….truly zameen-o-aasmaan ek kar ke…

Kabhi Us Pari Ka Koocha Kabhi Is Haseen Ki Mehfil
Mujhe Dar Badar Firaya Mere Dil Ki Saadgi Ne..

Vasudha, Utthara..Asha.,Vinatha….and all you girls out there will agree with Rafi Saab here na…..Divine Love is generous, so I am not at all jealous gals…

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

Hai Bhala Sa Naam Uska Main Abhi Se Kya Bataun
Kiya Bekaraar Aksar Mujhe Ek Aadmi Ne…

Rafi Saab are that aadmi…you make me stop in my tracks mesmerized by your voice…
The mood of the song is set with Dev Anand in a poetic mood in the midst of a mehfil in Kashmir…

Jo laakhon karodon ke samajh mein aa jaaye wohi meri zubaan hai
Jo laakhon karodon ko bhaa jaaye wohi mera jasba hai
Mera dil Hindu hai na Musalman hai, na Sikh hai na Isayee hai
Mera Dil Insaan Hai… Mera Dil Hindustan Hai

Majrooh Sultanpuri once said that this ghazal was actually composed by Jaidev, then Dada Burman’s assistant. But Rafi gave it the ‘soft croon’ the Rafi-Dada touch.

One among the five hits of Teen Deviyaan, and arguably one of the finest of soft renderings of Rafi Saab, this ghazal competed with the nasheela Aise Toh Na Dekho by the same captivating voice. .and won hands down in my heart..

SD Burman could not help giving his best genre of songs to Rafi Saab for Dev Anand in this movie, who has made no bones of the fact that he is a Kishore lover. KK could not have touched these songs and he knew it. The breezy Arre Yaar Meri Tum Bhi Ho Gazab, Khwab Ho Tum Ya Koi Haqeeqat and the evergreen duet Likha Hai Teri Aankhon Mein were right up KK’s sleeve….but the sweetness and cream of Kahin Bekhayaal belonged to Rafi Saab.

Arre Mujhpe Naaz Waalon Yeh Naazmandiyaan Kyon
Hai Yahi Karam Tumhara Toh Mujhe Na Doge Jeene..

That’s the simplicity of Rafi Saab speaking …Twenty nine years have passed without him in our midst. But is that really so? there ever a moment that his voice is absent from our lives? He has lived among us for an entire generation and will live for ever more and for ever more…

“What moves through us is a silence, a quiet sadness, a longing for one more day, one more word, one more touch, we may not understand why you left this earth so soon, or why you left before we were ready to say good-bye, but little by little, we begin to remember not just that you died, but that you lived. And that your life gave us memories too beautiful to forget.”

Kahin Bekhayal Hokar Yoonhi Choo Liya Kisine
Kai Khwaab Dekh Daale Yahan Meri Bekhudi Ne….

And my dreams live on…

Tarannum – the musical rendering of Urdu poetry
Lab-e-shaayar – the words of the poet, or the poem

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102 Blog Comments to “Eternal Rafi Saab – Kahin Bekhayal Hokar”

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  1. Jay Iyer says:


    What a great review of a great song by Rafi. You have shown a great command of both urdu and english and weaved a great passionate canvass of words detailing your love of this song and of the singer, Rafi. I, as your friend, am extremely happy to see all the deserved praise for you from all the readers of this site. You should expose them to your other reviews and write ups. I am sure they will love them.


  2. sid says:

    Excellent topic. I just feel that saying kishore couldn’t sing it was being a bit harsh. I mean sure, we know that and kk knows it, but no need to show kk in a bad light, as he was a man who our rafi sahib respected and loved.

  3. myk says:

    Dear Mr. Sandeep Nadkarni,

    Can you please share any stories about RDB and Rafi-saab (I am very curious to know). Did you have the opportunity to work in any of their songs as a violin player ?.

    Please also share more on SDB and Rafi, your excerpt on the recording of “Kahin bekhayal hokar” was excellent, Thanks a lot.

  4. Nagalakshmi says:

    Subhan Allah Bina !

    Main ab hairaan hoon ki kiski tareef karoon?

    Rafi saab ki, jinhone apni mudhoshi awaaz se is gazal me jaan bhar diye?
    Ya phir jaidev ki jinhone aisi surili nagma banaye?
    Ya phir tumhari, ke tumne bahut qoobsurti se is ghazal ki tareef hum aam logonko samjhayi
    Ya phir tumhari patidev ki jinhone badi pyarse apni Bina keliye is qoobsurat gana qud ganeki tamanna pesh kiye?
    Ya phir saare
    rafi saab ke bhaktonki jo tumhari tareef dil kholke kiye?

  5. Anil Cherian says:

    Wll done, Binaji.
    Your article has made me take take a fresh and hard look at this masterpiece and let me say this one is right up there (along with ‘aise to na dekho…’ which’s always been a great favorite of mine).
    Looking forward to more articles from you.

  6. abdul salam pk says:

    dear sister bina,
    like you said this is one of those songs only rafisab can sing.

  7. Deepali says:

    Dear Bina,
    A fantastic descripting of a great poetic love sung by our fav Rafi Sahab..We have learned hindustani classical music and love old melodious songs of the 50s n 60s many of which were based on Raagas. We love the rendering by Rafi sahab n Lata didi.
    No one can match their prowess in playback singing field with the combination of great MDs like Naushad saab,Madan mohanji,Burman da, O.P.Nayyar saab,Roshanji, Shankar Jaikishen duo,LP duo and many others.
    We love this song very much and urge the new radio channels to play this in Matinee show or Yaadein..Keep it up your words are true from a women’s heart

  8. Dr. Khaja Aliuddin says:

    Bina Bahen,
    Aapne to ghazab kardiya. Beautiful and splendid narration. Aapko hazar salam. The selection of the song shows your high IQ of admiration towards Mohd. Rafi sahab. PLeeeeeeease continue to write on this great legend.
    with regards to all Rafi lovers,
    Long live Rafi Sahab,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  9. Pradeep Kumar says:

    Kahin Bekhayal Hokar is a rare gem of a song as attested here by the legends of Mohd Rafi fans. Excellent writeup by Bina. I did not know that the original song was composed by MD Jaidev (another genius who never got his due) who assisted MD SDB.

    I would like to know from the fans who have replied to this article whether MD’s Laxmikant Pyarelal also had a hand in creating this masterpiece. I note through the threads that there possibly are a few musicians who actually attended the recording of Kahin Bekhayal Hokar. As it has described many times, LP arranged music for several MD’s in the early 1960’s (including songs for SDB, especially Ziddi of 1964). I ask this since there are shades of Kahin Bekhayal in several of the early LP songs – “Shokiyan Nazar Mein Hain”, “Abhi Kamsin Ho” and the masterpiece “Khamosh Zindagi Ko” – all sung by the one-and-only Mohd Rafi Saab himself.

  10. binu nair says:

    the lyrics is penned by shri majrooh sultanpuri and we played this song live at a musical at santacruz where mrs. sultanpuri was seated with her family in the first row.

    dr.ashok khare had sung the song to a big aplause.

    binu nair

  11. ramesh narain kurpad says:

    binaji – i take great pride in saying that i too belong to baar baar rafi fan club and that we know each other because of a god called ” mohd rafi ” who in this avataar mesmerised every human who loved music.

    binaji – words fail me – your expression – your take on this song – your analysis on rafi rendition – rafi a mystery.

    i wish you head the international forum of ” research on rafi “.

    keep coming back with your most thought provoking analysis of rafi sahab.

    ramesh narain kurpad – in colombo.

  12. Bina says:

    Mere pyaare doston:

    I want to especially thank all my fantastic friends at Baar Baar Rafi Fan Club, my husband, and my sister who have been a great source of inspiration and encouragement to me always.

    Sandeepji..aapka patr padhke to main phoole nahi sama rahi hoon. Please give me the opportunity to meet you and touch your feet.

    Pradeepji, please provide my email address to Sandeepji at his request.

    Warm regards,
    Bina Krishna

  13. shrirang nawathe says:



    s nawathe
    from muscat

  14. A.T.M. SALIM says:

    REF :POST-28




  15. A.T.M. SALIM says:




  16. ASHA VIJAY says:

    Oh!! Im proud to be one of ur best friends… Aap ne is gaane ki jo baarikiya hai unko samne layi hai..aap ki kalam ka jadoo lajawab hai… Keep writing..
    Love you

  17. Anoop Kulkarni says:

    This is a top-drawer!! What a fantabulous review!

    You’ve simply left me spellbound with your passion for Rafi Saab and his works, impeccable command on both urdu and english and your neat presentation. A combination of these qualities is simply devilish.

    No doubt, we have some of the best people here.
    I am proud of having personally known you.

    Binaji.. applause!! applause!!


  18. Narayan says:

    Sandeep Nadkarni saab post 28
    Sir we Rafi bakts n poojaris are proud of the fact that a talented Violinist like you have played Violin for any immortal songs of our icon n guruji Rafi sahab.
    We are also member of various fans association set up in loving memory of Rafi sahab like Rafi Foundation and Baar Baar Rafi Fan Club to name a few.
    Since we are based at Bangalore where also Rafi sahab has huge fan following and some of our members are from South Canara D.K district is it possible to get your contact land number or mob numbr or email id to interact with great personaities like you..
    My name is P.Narayanan mob numbr is 9886779557
    email id is

  19. Chandan says:

    Dear Mr. Sandeep Nadkarni Sahab
    I was excited to learn from your response that you and your friend played violin for the song. I am particularly interested to know about your experiences with music directors, lyricists and above all the playback singers, especially Rafi Sahab.
    Please let me have your mobile no so that I could call you and be in touch with you. My mobile is +91 98410 71388

  20. krishna aghoram says:

    My dear sweetheart:

    You have proved once again your poetical prowess, which you have been time and again showing, but in small sparks. Your collection of Hindi and English verses, which i used to browse, while we were just married, has now come to limelight in the form of your passion for the immortal “Rafi-saab”.

    Your crisp language and silken smooth presentation transforms a novice (in the musical subject) like me to a different mood, now wanting to know more and more about this song number. It reminds me of my school teacher ‘Joe Sheth’, who would explain Wordsworth or Tennyson to even the very ordinary student in such passionate diction, that he would recreate the poet as though in real form. You have done just that.

    Let me see if some day i could sing this number for you,(after a good rehersal).

    Me and our children are truly proud of you. Keep the flow. I am sure the connoisseurs of music and Rafi-fans would be truly enjoying.

    God bless.

    Love always.


  21. sahiba says:

    hi im one of rafi fan i really enjoy all of his sad melodies,and i like kishore kumar songs aswell

  22. Hashim Khan says:


    Aap ka andaz-e-bayaan, Kya baat hai.
    Very beautiful expression, Kabhi bekhayaal Ho Kar is a personal favourite of mine. You have romanced the lyrics so well. Venus and Mars can re- travel back on the wings of this haunting gem to a soft moonlit night. Sheer magical moments, courtesy none other than the eternal Rafi Saheb

    Hashim Khan
    Rafi Lovers Circle / Kolkata

  23. Dear Binajee
    What an article and above all great expressions. Because in my personal opinion no human being on Earth had such fantastic & beautiful expressions and the quality range sweet voice as the greatest mohammed rafi processed. Rafi was indeed a Gandharva!!!
    How true it is when you said that this beautiful ghazal from the film teen deviyan was indeed the work of the great musician Jaidev and just see as to who has taken the honors
    My child Binajee today you have indeed won my heart mainly because the way Rafi Saab has rendered this song in the recording room (I and my dear friend Peter were performing on the violin in the SDs team for this song since specially recommended by RD). After the final take SD was so excited that he almost came running towards me & peter and hugged both of us & the scene almost brought tears in Rafi Saabs eyes who in turn immediately offered one thousand rupees to both of us.
    I shall never ever forget this great generosity from a human being of Rafi Saabs caliber par excellence

  24. Bina says:

    My dear fellow Rafi Bhakts:

    I am touched by your huge response to my simple, heart-felt analysis of Kahin Bekhayal Hokar. Such was Rafi Saab’s talent that I may never be able to do complete justice in my words about his singing, which we all can only feel deep in our hearts, but I can always try. I feel truly and completely inspired by Rafi Saab’s depth of character and this is my humble tribute to the greatness of a man whose blessings, I feel, I am lucky to have. His is the inspiration that make my feelings pour forth and become words

    My dear doston, I will try to live up to your expectations.

    I thank each and everyone one of you from the bottom of my heart for such encouraging words.


  25. Raghunaath says:

    This article is the most interesting and thoughtful as the singer is Rafi saab who has created immortal songs including gazals.In fact this gazal of Rafi saab is fantastic and the article is very thought provoking too.More such artilcles will keep me well informed and attentive.


  26. MANOJKUMAR says:

    A great article Binajee. I hope that you would have watched Programme on
    Times now channel as TOTAL RECALL THE KING OF MELODIES, MOHAMMED RAFI SAAB. In the same, I saw Dev sahab appreciating Mohamed Rafi Saab for the songs Rafi Ji sung for Dev in movies like Tere Ghar Ke saamne, Kala Bazaar, Guide. Din dhal jaye hai brought tears in the eyes of the audience, Abhi na jaao chod kar a romatic song, draving sorrows Kya se kya ho gaya, etc. Rafi worked closely with music director legendary S D Burman for songs Hum bekudi mein, & with other notable composer. Deewana hua mastana, with dada burman Rafi created a range which was unprecedented. If SD burman created a mood he knew one man who delivered notes to notes.
    I have the video of Total Recall the King of Melodies featuring shammi kapoor, Dev Anand. Rishi kapoor called Rafi sahab Awaz as Khuda ki Awaaz etc.


  27. vikas sharma says:

    Respected Bina ji,
    I have really become ur fan by reading this article this very song is one of my all time favourites and i was so intoxicated by this song that when i first heard it was by chance and that time i didnt had the pc with me i heard this song on the radio when the song abt 5 years ago at the death anniversary program on rafi sahib on the vivid bharti but i was not able to record at that time and i was completely taken away by the tune of the song and it kept coming to my mind for full 3-4 years untill i finally got the song in cd format when i brouht the pc . This is undoubtely the best song of rafi sahib -s.d burman combination the other ones that comes after this song is from the movie “GUIDE” and the song is “DIN DAAL JAYE PAAR RAAT NA JAYE ”

  28. vinatha rao says:

    Bina,very well written on one of the most romantic numbers of rafi and Sd.I like the piano also and it feels as though rafiji is playing it but the scene is so different.I like this the best from this movie.Yes Bina dear I would like you to write about another beautiful number picturised on Dev and again SD composition from Guide…Din Dhal Jaaye Hai Raat……Thanks

  29. sabimanoj says:

    Bin,you have truly outdone yourself……….truly proud to have you as my sister……….as always.I can just picture manoj singing this and every other romantic rafi and kk number to me and I am transported to another time.Keep it up and give us rafi fans more of your valuable insights .God bless!

  30. A S MURTY says:

    Among the thousands of songs that Rafi Sahab has presented to music lovers are hundreds of the very sensuous and the most wooing songs that are unique in their own way. no other parallels exist on this turf. it will remain for ever the rafi-territory. singers have come before rafi sahab and afterwards, but it is strange that not one could come anywhere near rafi sahab as far as the presentation of the word ‘l o v e’ can be so diversely expressed as vividly as rafi sahab. strange it is for us to even sometimes accept that from the land that the best of lyricists and music directors who could present the real gems as far as music is concerned that even after rafi sahab left us all with treasurehoves of the songs of this genre that not one repeat not one singer could even dare to tred on this divine path. i am compelled to concede that not only the vandanas, the asmas, the vanithas, the lakshmis and the millions of the music loving and understanding ladies, the gents were not too far behind in being bewitched and being wooed (or shall I say swooned ?). I know of the bhadresh joshis, the dhananjay parikhs, the sanjay ravals, the narender shahs and hundreds of my other friends and myself included who are all floored by songs like ‘kahin bekhayal hokar’. rafi sahab knew exactly when to stress or expand a word, on how to give it that much more meaning. he always came trumps up whenever given a song of this ilk, much to the bewilderment of all those connected with the making of such songs. i had always maintained that rafi sahab gave much more than what was ever bargained for by the song writers, the music directors and the directors of the movies. just imagine these songs in the voice of any other singer and one shudders at this very thought. we have had many good compositions and poetic depiction of feelings go awry when handled by lesser mortals. that rafi sahab was ‘the difference’ was known then and this will remain a historical fact.

    what gives us the pleasure even more when songs of this rare beauty are so expressly described by rafi sahab’s endowed fans and binaji you have come out with a class act. reading your article transponds us to that ‘ek doosre jahan mein’ feeling which we always feel while listening to such vibrant songs as “kahin bekhayal hokar youn hi chhoo liya”. more and more articles on similar themes should come out as often as possible. kudos to binaji. this was wonderful reading and listening to ‘kahin bekhayal hokar’ just as i am penning my thoughts here.

    a s murty, rafi foundation, hyderabad chapter

  31. santosh vishwanath says:

    Dear Rafi fans,

    This song is a great song and the rendering is one of the best by rafi saab.Some songs cannot get better .The other perfect renderings by our rafi saab which comes to my mind is : aaye bahar banke lubha kar chale gaye , o duniya ke rakhwale etc. One more song which no one is mentioning is from the film Pyar kiye ja starring shashi kapoor,kishore kumar and om prakash.There is one song on shashi kapoor sung by rafi saab .The song goes like this : Kehne ki nahi baat ……..Ramlal murdabad and so on.In the antara rafi saab sings the last lines which reminds of typical Elvis Prestely style.this I feel can only be sung by rafi saab as his voice suits the Beatles style of music etc.Another such song is from film janwar of shammi kapoor which goes like this : Tumse hai dil ko pyaar kisko nahi hai khabar.

    I feel this aspect of rafi saab songs are not talked about till now.Can someone please do it/

  32. Sudarshan Iyengar says:

    Dear Binaji,

    No doubt a poetic article! Thank you for reminding us of one more of his gems!

    The romance in Rafi’s voice is such that not only do women want their men to sing like that for them, but every man tries to imagine himself expressing his love like Rafi Saab. What we forget is that the softness and melancholy in his voice comes from the depth of his character which is truely impossible for anyone to emulate.

    Adaab Rafi!

  33. K.S.MANI. says:

    Wah Binaji,
    Subhaan Allah.
    Hum sabko hamara beete huay din yaad diladi,
    Good old days? You should keep on writing such articles often and give us all in B’lore BBR a chance to admire your talents.
    Sorry for not being regular but I do enjoy all your views & counter views,
    Keep it up and let us all fill our hearts with the emotional raaga of rafi saheb.

  34. manish kumar says:

    Adaab Rafi…….
    Wah Binaji what an article, i really enjoyed reading it. keep writing and expressing your thoughts regularly…..

  35. AHAMED KUTTY says:

    Dear binaji,
    you are 100% correct.if i hear”kahin bekhayaal hokar” 24 hours
    a day i will not switch of the music system.that much i like this
    song.when i hear this song i feel rafi saab sitting against me
    on top and singing.I am enjoying his songs since 35 years and it
    is a fact that rafi saab’s songs are necessary not only for waiting
    in traffic jams but for health reasons.

  36. Nagesh Sidhanti says:

    Its outstanding Bina. Indeed the first three words simply set up the ambiance of the song. You have a vice like grip on grammar and articulation
    in both Hindi and English. You have dovetailed with natural flair, the technical part of the review with your unbridled passion to the great man. If Rafi were to read this, he would have rechristened the movie as ‘ Chaar Deviyaan’ and you would surely have been a front runner for the fourth. 🙂
    Who says women faint only for Micheal Jackson. ha ha

    Dada Burman has used a Kashmiri folk instrument in the beginning of the song. It reverberates every time in my ears, whenever I hear a mention of kahi bekhayal.

    You are right in noticing that SDB wisely gave Rafi the crucial songs in ‘Teen Deviyaan’ including my fave ‘ aise tho na dekho’ another masterpiece. How well both these songs complement each other!!!

    Hats off to a great review.

    Nagesh Sidhanti

  37. Rashid Khan says:

    Good job done by binaji

    We really appreciate


  38. Anmol Singh says:

    This is indeed one of the best Ghazals sung by Rafi for Dev Anand. S D Burman was not perfectionist like Madan Mohan for ghazal composition, but there were few exceptions to his credit, “Kahin Bekhayal Hoke” is one of them.

  39. Imran Rustam says:

    Great work,

    This song is my most favorite song. Sweetness of voice is on peak in this song. Rafi Sb’s songs for Dev Anand are marvelous like “Kahin Bekhyal ho K” …..”Mujhe Le Chalo” … “Apni to Har Aah”….”Kabhi Khud pe Kabhi Halat Pe” and “Hum Bekhudi Me”.

    Dear Bina Jee….you have done great job by describing this great song. I have really the same feelings while listening this great melody.

    We are expecting more articles from you on this great site.

    You are truly a Rafian….

    Long Live Rafi Sb…..


  40. satyendra says:

    Hello Binaji,
    rare explanation of a superb romantic song from a woman’s perspective. the each bit u explained with some lesser known facts tells how deeply u r touched with his voice and his personality, no doubt rafi sahab is god of singing and every aspect of his singing including his expressions are matchless.
    your explanation being a blend of personality and singing of rafi sahab touched a lot. thank u very much.
    u mentioned 29 years, i just say till fans like u r there, his voice
    and his singing will be the comman man’s(and woman’s also:)) heartbeat.

  41. Shankar Dongre says:

    Dear Bina,
    You have beautifully narrated the sequence of the song & how Rafi sahab has added the colour to each and every line of the song. That’s the talent of Rafi sahab. ” jaise mitti se bani murath ko chithrakar kaise rangon se sajaa detha hai, vaise hi kavi ki bhavanaaon ko samazkar apni zuban se logon ke dilo ko chhuna, sirf Rafi sahab hi karsakte hai.”

    Bina ji , good work. Thank you.

    Shankar Dongre

  42. sabnavees says:

    bina ji,

    its a wonderful presentation. the rendition by rafi sahab is of a very high artistic value & in addtion to it the music compostion by the maestro sachin devburman is simple but evergreen. burman sahab has realised what is rafi sahab because we find the best songs under his compositons were sung by rafi sahab only . a few of them are mentioned below

    1. apni to har aah ek toofan hai, upar wala jaan kar anjaan hai
    2. teri dhoom har kahin, tujhsa yaar koi nahin
    3. tere mere sapne ab ek rang hein
    4. kya se kya hogaya, bewafaa tere pyar mein
    5. khoya khoya chand. khula aasmaan
    6. hum bekhudi mein tum ko pukare, chale gaye
    7. rimjhim ke tarane leke ayi barsaat
    8. ye duniya agar milbhi jaye to kya hai
    9. sar jo tera chakraye, ya dil dooba jaye

    another information i would like to mention here about the exact name of burman sahab. it is sachin devburman & not sachin dev burman. he belonged to the royal family of the state of tripura. this legend had left all the royal comforts & came to mumbai to give us these time immemorial melodies. another saddest news is his life partner mrs mira devburman was found deserted in an old age home in mumbai after the departure of her son rahul devburman. she was deserted by her daughter in law who is a famous playback singer of bolliwood. two years before the govt of west bengal people found her in a sorry state & took her back to west bengal with all royality.

    thanks bina ji for the nice article you gave us. in case you happen to visit hyderabad please inform .

  43. KS Ramachandran says:

    Dear Binaji
    Absolutely a marvellous article! You have brought out so well the very essence of the song, its composition and brilliant rendition by our beloved, the one and only Rafi Sahab. You write so well and I would request you to please write as often as possible.
    Thanks for sharing..
    +91 9841071388

  44. Saifullah says:

    Hi Bina,
    A beautiful article.
    I was touched by your article, because this song ‘Kahin bekhayal hokar…”happens to be one of my all time Rafi favourites.
    As you said, it is is definitely one of the best soft rendered songs of our Rafi Saab. It is the rendition by the master which takes this song to such great heights !!!!!!
    Long live Rafi Saab !!!!

  45. GYAN AGARWAL says:

    Dear Bina,

    One of the most beautiful and touching rememberence of Rafi saheb in one single song with judicious blending of poetry, passion and pain.

    Please shower few more.

    Bina for you- Tere bina jindagi – jindagi to nahi – jindagi nahi

    Take care.


  46. Narayan says:

    Bravo Bina what a lovely article to a matching Gem of a song. Infact you have described the great lyrics and the rendering of the melody by eternal, immortal Rafi sahab from ur heart.
    This is the beginning please write on this most popular website of our icon as often as possible. The world should know these gems of Rafi through ur description n writings.
    We at Baar Baar Rafi Fan Club are proud of talents like you.


  47. Rahul says:

    Hats off! Bina

    Truly a True appreciation by a True lover of TRUE MAESTRO!

    Thanks alot alot alot alot alot……

    Bahut khoob.

  48. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:


    Wonderful. Though I had read your article earlier in our e-group, still I enjoyed each line of the article again. You are very correct that this song won hands down over the other ‘Teen Deviyan’ songs (inlcudng the song you missed in the list “Uf Kitni Tandi” from KK and Lata picturised on Dev and Simi).

    Rafi sung some soft gazals or songs in “Gazal andaz” for Dev and each and every song was a classic, whether it was Hum Bekhudi from Kala Paani, Apni To from Kala Bazaar, songs from Guide, etc. One more not so popular gazal was from Kinare Kinare starring Dev and Meena Kumari and music by Jaidev – Teri Tasveer Bhi Tuzh Jaiss Hasin Hai Lekin.

    Keep it up. Expecting much more from you on this site,

    Adaab Rafi,

  49. binu nair says:

    Love-ly article for a change from the routine run-of-the-mill stuff. Kahin bekhayal hokar…….touches the soul directly and remains there forever.
    sachin dev burman should have given more songs and respects to rafi saaheb its ardently felt.

  50. Great Binajee La Jabab !!!
    Beautiful thoughts on our beloved king of melody — the greatest ever Mohammed Rafi Saab.
    We all welcome you on this great site, please keep the show further moving.
    All the best in all your assignments

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