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By Anmol Singh

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

In the era of 70s and 80s Doordarshan was one of the main sources of entertainment. There were many popular programs which were telecast at that time. One of most popular program was AAROHI to which most of the legendary singers of that are have contributed. One such episode telecasted in 1976 had Naushad Sahab was the compare and Rafi Sahab was the singer with 200 plus musicians. In this program Rafi Sahab sang five all time classics composed by Naushad Sahab. The songs were “O Duniya Ke Rakhwale“; “Mann Tadpat Hari Darshan Ko Aaj“; “Madhuban Mein Radhika“; “Meri Kahaani Bhulane Wale” and “Suhani Raat Dhal Chuki“.

Naushad Sahab’s oratory in this program is excellent, since he was a great poet (Shair) apart from being one of greatest composers. He speaks about himself and Rafi Sahab through a poetic narration. He explains all the songs with the raags in which they were composed in detail. Even a layman who doesn’t understand classical music can learn a lot through Naushad Sahab’s narration.

Similarly during Rafi’s sixth death anniversary in 1986 a one hour episode of Rafi Sahab’s life history was telecast on national network across India. The program was narrated in English. It also had a small interview in with Rafi Sahab. He speaks about his inspiration for singing and initial break through he got. There were small clippings in the episode where Rafi Sahab spends time with his family members and grand children.

The episode also had a complete coverage of Rafi’s last journey after his death. Name the super star or any famous film personality; all were part of the final journey of Rafi Sahab. Doordarshan had carried out a very good coverage at that time. The tributes given by many film personalities followed for several days on Doordarshan after Rafi Sahab’s funeral. Dharmendra and Dev Anand gave excellent tributes.

Thirty years after Rafi’s death, one cannot say in what state these archives presently exist. In my opinion we should approach the Information and Broadcasting Ministry, to release these precious treasuries. These archives can be sold as a normal VCD/DVD worldwide with Doordarshan having the copyrights. This would not only benefit Rafi fans, even Kishore and Mukesh fans would also benefit from it. Kishore and Mukesh also contributed to the AAROHI in the 70s.

We as a culture are not at all good in preserving our history. Let’s act before it’s too late and make a combined appeal to the Govt of India.

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32 Blog Comments to “Doordarshan Archives”

  1. gauravmanral says:

    mohd rafi was the best singer in our time . his song’s are so awesome ,,

  2. rkm says:

    i m also a huge fan of rafi sahab ! He has given so many immortal songs to us ! I from my childhood adored him and kept practising his songs and due to this love i have been recieving immense love and national and state level light musical awards also . My song is available on utube just type – falak pe jitne bhi sitare/ is rafi voice still alive with rohit ? Thanks for startng this page ! my mb no- 89765564o2

  3. rkm says:

    i m also a huge fan of rafi sahab ! He has given so many immortal songs to us ! I from my childhood adored him and kept practising his songs and due to this love i have been recieving immense love and national and state level light musical awards also . My song is available on utube just type – falak pe jitne bhi sitare/ is rafi voice still alive with rohit ? Thanks for startng this page !

  4. Riyaz says:

    Sir, the 5 songs referred in your column with 100 musicians by Rafi and Naushad in programme Arohi by Doordarshan are available on net. If any fan of Rafi click just ” Mohammad Rafi Live” video of these five song is available. First time Rafi Sahab had sang song ” Oh Duniya Ke Rakhwale” for film Baiju Bawra he was only 26 or 27 years. He sang the said song in programme Arohi after 25 years, that time Rafi Sahab was already around 52 running age, see Rafi Sahab is singing such high pitch song without any stress and lastly lifting “Rakhwale” 4-5 time without any stress and very easily. Only Rafi Sahab can do this and nobody else in this world. The songs are available in the form of Video on Google net. The fans of Rafi Sahab can enjoy this very precious moment.

  5. Pranav says:

    Hi, Its very nice to get information about this. i would like to know whether those VCD’s are avaialble right now ? As i contacted DD – Pune kendra but they did not respond me. So can you please tell me where i will get those vcd’s. Rafi sahab ka yogadaan hum kabhi nahi bhul payenge. “Tum mujhe yun bhoola na paaoge ” .

  6. Narayan says:

    post 26 Ajib Noor
    Radio Koya from Calicut a big devotee of Rafi sahab is 9495307828

  7. Ajib Noor says:

    I would like to contact Radio Koya for Dubai programme. Could you please give me his contact details.

    my email is

  8. AHAMED KUTTY says:

    months back i have visited a place called “Ponnani” in malappuram
    district of kerala.i have seen a big potrait of rafi saab in a small
    barber shop!
    In malayalam language there ia a newspaper called “mathrubhoomi”
    which is number two in local language.they are publishing a calender
    every that we can see on 31st July as death anniversary of
    rafi saab.malayalam cinema had great actors like sathyan,prem nazir,
    jayan etc. all these veteran actors and are no more.prem nazir
    acted in more than 600 films as hero and his name appeared in the
    “guinnes book of world records”.in this calender their death anniverseries
    are not mentioned!

    in a local tv channel “kairali” there was a programme about rafi saab
    every sunday morning for one year called “hrudhayathil rafi” means
    rafi in the heart!

    there is a rafi fan in calicut whose name is koya and he become
    “radio koya” because he started repairing radios to hear the
    songs of rafi saab from radio cylon and vividh bharati.he narrated
    once there was a live programme of rafi saab in calicut and the first song rafi saab sung from the film “loafer” ‘aaj mausam bada’ – somebody
    recorded the song and next day morning the song played near
    a street in calicut and the result was traffic jam!

    there is village near calicut “chirakkal” all the people there are rafi

    when we hear rafi saab’s songs, we feel he is playing with words,
    with emotions.most of his fans in kerala don’t know hindi or ordu.
    they only knows the ever smiling rafi saab,his divine sound,his
    extra ordinary personality and nobody is there to replace him.

  9. Narayan says:

    Post 22
    Dear Santosh,
    You can send the same to Binu Nair of Rafi Foundation.. His mob numbr is 09833250701
    thanks a lot

  10. BINU NAIR says:

    the works of our legends and our farishta the “inimitable” mohd rafi saaheb – are national treasures.
    the govt departments must “preserve” them apart from music lovers treasuring them.

    the joy of giving is done by many mohd rafi lovers , i am aware of. let this trend continue, i pray.

    the rafi foundation…. mumbai
    cell : 9833 250 701

  11. santosh says:

    I have got the Cd which contains all the above vedios u have mentioned.I got it from Mr.Umesh Makhija of Ahmedabd.Naranyanji if u happen to read this article then please let me know the addres at whihc the Cd needs to be sent.

    Love u Rafi saab

  12. Sachin Sharma says:

    I think this is a good idea to share those interviews and videos to all music lovers. We will be thankful to the Govt. for that.

  13. George A. Thattil says:

    It shall be the greatest favour to the music lovers all around the world if
    Doordarshan releases those cds/ cassetts and actually I had approached them in person asking them if they are doing so. but no response.

    George A. thattil

  14. suhana Safar says:…4428/index.html

    Rafians, please read the article on this link as to how Rafisaab is a benchmark for all generations.

  15. mohamedparvez says:

    dear anmol singh ji thanx for nice article,about aarohi by doordarshan,i would like to share a documentry made by film division on rafi saab,total over 8 parts you will find in you tube,also i would like to share a link of rafi saab”s blog,create by me, total over 400 pages are there,you will find rare pictures,scanned articles,interviews and many more,to go to next page,kindly click older posts,you will find bottom of every page,apart from documentries,i have uploaded around 150 rare songs of rafi saab ,kindly visit this links ,take care


    mohamed parvez

  16. Haresh Joshi says:

    Good thought, but I think these documentries may be available on utube.

  17. sukhjit makkar says:

    universal is coming out with a cd of unreleased tracks by sonik – omi.
    out of 14 tracks, 7 are by rafi saab. should not rafi foundation request pyarelal ji also to release some unreleased tracks also the way the chitragupta ji cd was released ?

  18. BINU NAIR says:


    the doorshan mohd rafi special will “always” remain a collectors item for the farishtas lovers.

  19. jasbir singh zando says:

    doordarshan is in fact sleeping over videos of so many stalwarts like rafisaab n others… fact i had written many times through esteemed newpapers in english n punjabi to letters of editor,these were published conveying the same views expressed by anmoljee…we rafifans are very eager n long to view those live stage n studio programmes,but govt does not care,only political leaders are respected in this country while great artistes are being ignored is a very serious concern….i would like shahid rafi saab (now only son of rafisaab)to join some party so that platform can be formed to do some thing great for our rafisaab…i dont think there is any other option left for all rafisaab fans whose heartiest wishes are being ignored.binajee ,who himself is doing always unique ,will agree to my views.

  20. Ali Chady says:

    Dear brother
    An excellent idea the more of undiscovered Rafi Sahab we can explore the more we can learn from. I am looking for a copy of the old Maa ke Ansoo film with Ajit and Lalita Power, I would be very grateful if someone could find one for me.

    Mumtaz Ali Chady

  21. Ali says:

    Few days back at Zee tv or sony Dharmendra ji said that Mohd Rafi is my life and if it was on his hand only Mohd Rafi were his playback singer and he don’t know what were wrong with film maker and music director to not having Mohd rafi playback if it was on his hand he only take mohd rafi even for his son…………..

  22. Ashok says:

    Hello All,

    Not just Aarohi, but I am sure that Tabassumji also must have interviewed Rafi Sahab in one of the episodes of her popular interview series
    “Phool Khile Hain Gulshan Gulshan”

    Could anyone throw more light on this ?


  23. Abid Khalil says:

    thanx for the great article about rafi saheb
    i have got 3000 song collection of the all time greatest maestro Mohammad Rafi stored in
    these all songs can be down loaded free at any time .this is a gift from me to all rafi lovers.
    kindly donot use them for commercial purposes. its a sin.refrain for committing this sin.
    you can write me at
    thanx regards
    Abid Khalil

  24. pvksraju, says:

    I can recollect that in August 1986 on a Sunday morning 11am slot Doordarshan had telecast a black and white program on Mohd Rafi Saheb. It was a hour program conceived and produced by Shri N.P.Abu. Rafi Saheb spoke about his inspiration from a fakir in his childhood and about his marriage to Mrs.Rafi. A few clipping(s) of the program have also been aired on Kairali TV. Later in 1998 on December 24th a special program on Rafi Saheb was reshown on then Doordarshan Channel for about 30 minutes. This was at 8.30 pm to 9 pm slot. I was lucky to watch both the programs.

  25. iqbal says:

    Its great idea if Doordarshan can release all live recording of Rafi sahib.I remember once during my childhood,I watched Rafi sahib singing live which broadcast on Doordarshan TV.It was a Punjabi song”Dana pani khat ke”.
    There should be a lot of gems of Rafi sahib live recording with Doordarshan.

  26. Dr Lateef Mohiuddin Khan says:


  27. KULDEEP GOPAL says:

    I am 100% agree that Govt. of India and Doordarshan should take step in this regard.

  28. Anwar says:

    Excellant…had been thinking about this matter since quite a long time…Infact searched every possible channels from where i could get these rare videos…especially the one broadcast during Rafi’s last journey..but except for a small 1 minute video on youtube…couldnt find anything. Lets hope we can get these videos from the Information and Broadcasting Ministry….

  29. BINU NAIR says:

    ANMOL JI: these are treasure and most of RAFI SAAB FANS have them. the sad part is : some of them do COMMERCE with them. this is a sin.

    second : there are people who made this dd interview and mohd rafi saab singing. i know some of them. they are hard core mohd rafi fans. they have rich collections nicely tied, labelled and kept – on cupboards and showcases where hands cant reach.
    sadly, in their family there aren’t great music lovers. they are also – above 75 years of age.
    they must ‘now’ decide to donate the priceless gems to rafi lovers or to museums before it finds its way to the chor bazars in mumbai or to bazars where second hand things are sold.
    nice ideas anmol ji…

    the rafi foundation,
    mumbai : cell : 9833 250 701

  30. Bushan wali says:

    It shall be the greatest favour to the music lovers all around the world if
    Doordarshan releases those cds/ cassetts andI I in person shall be indebted life long for doing this favour
    Bushan wali

  31. Khaja Aliuddin,MD says:

    Dear Anmol Singh Sahib,
    Excellant thinking and superb idea.
    Long live Rafi Sahab,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

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