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Combination of LP and Rafi in the films of Dharmendra and Jeetendra in the 1960s

By Dr. Souvik Chatterji

Lakshmikant Pyarelal with Mohd Rafi for Dharmendra and Jeetendra

Laxmikant Pyarelal faced the greatest challenge in establishing their career in Bollywood films in the 1960s. There were a number of reason for that. Firstly a huge number of legendary composers were dominating Bollywood films in the 1960s ranging from Shankar Jaikishan to Naushad Ali, Madan Mohan Kohli to Roshanlal Nagrath, C Ramchandran to OP Nayyar, Salil Choudhury to SD Burman, Vasant Desai to Kalyanji Anandji, to name a few. The list just goes on. Most of these legends were specialists in their own area. LP had to compose music having identity of their own which was very difficult. They faced the acid test in the early 1960s and late 1960s and became famous. Rafi Sahab was one of the biggest contributors in the careers of LP in the 1960s. The article speaks about the contribution of Dharmender, LP and Rafi Sahab and also Jeetender, LP and Rafi Sahab in the 1960s.

Here is the list of the films in which LP composed music in the 1960s.


  1. Harischandra Taramati
  2. Parasmani


  1. Aaya Toofan
  2. Dosti
  3. Mr X In Bombay
  4. Sant Gyaneshwar
  5. Sati Savitri


  1. Boxer
  2. Hum Sub Chor Hain
  3. Lootera
  4. Shriman Funtoosh


  1. Aasra
  2. Aaye Din Bahar Ke
  3. Chhota Bhai
  4. Daaku Mangal Singh
  5. Dillagi
  6. Laadla
  7. Mere Lal
  8. Naag Mandir
  9. Pyar Kiye Ja
  10. Sau Saal Baad


  1. Anita
  2. Chhaila Babu
  3. Duniya Nachegi
  4. Farz
  5. Jaal
  6. Milan
  7. Milan Ki Raat
  8. Night In London
  9. Patthar Ke Sanam
  10. Shagird
  11. Taqdeer


  1. Baharon Ki Manzil
  2. Izzat
  3. Mere Hamdam Mere Dost
  4. Raja Aur Rank
  5. Sadhu Aur Shaitaan
  6. Spy In Rome


  1. Aansoo Ban Gaye Phool
  2. Anjana
  3. Aaya Sawan Jhoom Ke
  4. Dharti Kahe Pukar Ke
  5. Do Bhai
  6. Do Raaste
  7. Inteqaam
  8. Jeene Ki Raah
  9. Jigri Dost
  10. Madhavi
  11. Mera Dost
  12. Meri Bhabhi
  13. Pyaasi Sham
  14. Saajan
  15. Satyakam
  16. Shart
  17. Wapas


  1. Aan Milo Sajna
  2. Abhinetri
  3. Bachpan
  4. Darpan
  5. Devi
  6. Himmat
  7. Humjoli
  8. Jawab
  9. Jeevan Mrityu
  10. Khilona
  11. Maa Aur Mamta
  12. Man Ki Aankhen
  13. Mastana
  14. Pushpanjali
  15. Sharafat
  16. Suhana Safar

LP and Rafi Sahab combination stormed Bollywood with the films Parasmani in 1963 and Dosti in 1964. Rafisahab’s songs “wo jab yaad aye” in Parasmani and songs “chahunga mai tujhe”, “rahi manwa dukhki chinta”, “janewalon zara”, etc. in Dosti rocked Bollywood. LP received the first filmfare award in 1964 for their composition of music in the film Dosti.

For Dharmender LP composed music in 1966 in the film Aye Din Bahaar Ke. Rafi Sahab’s song “mere dushman” became smash hit. In 1967, LP composed music in the film Farz of Jeetender. All the songs of Rafi Sahab like “mast baharon ka mai aashiq”, “tumse o haseena”, “baar baar din ye aye” became smash hits.

In 1968, LP composed music in Dharmender’s films Baharon Ki Manzil, Mere Humdum Mere Dost and Izzat. In the film Izzat, Rafi Sahab’s song “loote dil pe diya jalta nahi hum kya karen” was a masterpiece. Mere Humdum Mere Dost had super hit songs of Rafi Sahab including “najaa kahin ab na jaa”, “chalkaye jam”, “huyi sham unka”, to name a few. In Baharon Ki Manzil all the songs were sung by Lata as they were picturized on Meena Kumari.

In 1969, LP composed music in Dharmender’s films Satyakam and Aya Sawaan Jhumke. Rafi Sahab’s songs like “majhi chal”, “Aaya sawan jhumke”, and other songs became super hit. LP composed music in 1969 in Jeetender’s films Jeene Ki Raah, Dharte Kahen Pukarke and Jigri Dost. All the films became super hit. One of the reasons for the success included the splendid music. Rafi Sahab’s songs in Dharti Kahe Pukarke included the title song “dharti kahe pukarke”. Jigri Dost had fast numbers of Rafi Sahab like “mere desh me pawan chale purwayi”, “raat suhaani jag rahi hai”, “dil me kya hai”, “phool hai baharon ka”, to name a few. Jeene Ki Raah fetched LP the other filmfare award in 1969. Rafi Sahab’s were smash hits like “aane se uski aye bahar”, “aa mere humjoli aa”, “ek banjara hai”, ‘chanda ko dhundte” to name a few.

In 1970, LP composed music in Dharmender’s film Jeevan Mrityu. Rafi Sahab’s song “jhilmil sitaron ka aangan hoga” became a runaway hit. LP composed music in Jeetender’s films Humjoli, Himmat and Jawab. Rafi Sahab’s songs in the film Humjoli became bumper hit like “dhal gaye din”, “tik tik tik”, “haye re haye”, “chal shuru ho ja”, to name a few. All the songs of Himmat became bumper hit like “hai shukr kit u hai ladka”, “maan jayiye maan jaiye”, “das gayi nagin ki zulf teri”, to name a few. In Jawab, both of Rafisahab’s songs “chali kahan hansti gaati” and “kis karan jogan jog liya” became hit.

By the early 1970s LP emerged as a leading composer in Bollywood music. So they started composing music in the films of Rishi Kapoor, Sanjeev Kumar, Shashi Kapoor and every prominent stars of the 1970s and 1980s. But their launching pad was made with the combination of Rafi Sahab in the films of Dharmendra and Jeetender. All these songs and films should be restored.

Souvik Chatterji, the author of this article
Souvik Chatterji, the author of this article

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31 Blog Comments to “Combination of LP and Rafi in the films of Dharmendra and Jeetendra in the 1960s”

  1. CP says:

    If some one ask me I would say from 1979 till 1985 undoubtedly LP were the best. But frankly speaking that was the worst phase of Bollywwod Music. LP were most sought after no doubt but they were not the best. They were not even better than their contemporaries Kalyanji Anandjiand RD Burman forget about SJ, SDB, OPN and Naushad.Yes they were most prolific in terms of commercial appeal and success of films mostly contemporary music not classic .That my view and LP fans please don’t abuse me.

  2. CP says:

    If some one ask me I would say from 1979 till 1985 undoubtedly LP were the best. But frankly speaking that was the worst phase of Bollywwod Music. LP were most sought after no doubt but they were not the best. They were not even better than their contemporaries Kalyanji Anandjiand RD Burman forget about SJ, SDB, OPN and Naushad.Yes they were most prolific.That my view and LP fans please don’t abuse me.

  3. Manoj Kumar says:

    To add here, although with the onset of Kishore and Rajesh Khanna and rise of superstars and combination of much needed Kishore as the spinal cord for Rajesh Khanna, music directors, soon saw the need to retain rafi saab and hence continued to use both Kishore and rafi in some of the films that were a start of a new era ie. 1971-72.. such films had the same set of actors of the 60’s soon fading away, to name a few :-

    AAP Ayi Bahar Ayi – Rajendra kumar- title track rafi
    Chahat – Biswajit
    Phir Kab Milogi – Biswajit – rafi’s ttle track)
    Caravan – Jeetendra ( kishore had one song picturised on Jeetu ji)
    Parvana – Navin Nishchol – Tum Jo Mil gaye ho
    Shararat – Biswajit
    Roop Tera Mastana – Jeetendra – but most songs were sung by kishore but
    the trademark -piano song of the 60’s style was sung
    by rafi- Bade bewafa hai ye husn wale
    Maryada- Raj Kumar- Rajesh Khanna
    Heer Ranjha – Raj Kumar
    Sachai – Shammi Kapoor

    The list is endless- but yes it saw the limited editions of rafi saab and perhaps, Kishore had already taken over the scene by storm leaving everyone behind.

  4. shammi says:

    Dear Gill sir, I agree with you but when you have music directors like R D Burman who place their friendship with an artist before talent than that’s what happens and unfortunately that’s what happened as Kishore Kumar was a good friend of R D Burman so he gave him prefference over Mohd Rafi. However, it was R D Burmans loss in the long run as many of the songs sang by Kishore Kumar are not evergreen or classics like the beautifully songs rendered by the legend of all legends Mohd Rafi.

  5. P.S.Gill says:

    There is no doubt that Mohammed Rafi was the greatest playback singer India has ever produced and no one could replace as ontoday and will replace him for generations to come. What I feel sorry that the Talented/ verstile singer was not utilised by music director R.D.Burman. Had he given him his due share in his films, this combination could have added more songs in the Golden era of music. Similary we the Rafians were deprived many of the songs due to Rift between Lata & Rafi , O.P.Nayar & Rafi for some time which would have otherwise had added more beautiful songs in the golden era of music.

  6. Sarwat Baig says:

    Mr. Santanu Bandypadhyay, you have voiced the unspoken hurt and betrayal felt by many Mohd. Rafi Sahib fans. Thank you.

  7. Vijay Lazarus says:

    Dr. Souvik, if my article goes through your so called moderation and is changed in anyway, I shall never-ever express my views on this forum in future. This is not democratic. I have a right to express my views freely. If they are watered down in any way I would brand you and your company as hollow flatterers. Please note this down.

  8. LP duo were great musicians, and so were their combination with the greatest male singer of India Md Rafi sahab. It is true they heavily backed Md Rafi when the chips were down for him from 1972 to 1975 or 76 even. They were very good human being too and had tremendous respect for the master singer Md Rafi along with Lataji. I repeat they were gifted musicians. But in my opinion they lacked the determination of Noushadji, Madanmohan, Roashan and Usha Khanna and OP Nair ( notwithstanding OP-Md Rafi misunderstanding), who refuse the concept of accepting Md Rafi, the greatest singer playing 2nd fiddle to KK in the early 70s, and almost did not include Kishore Kumar to sing for them when RD-KK combine with the support of their lobby were having a rollicking time in Bollywood. If RD Burman had the temerity to oust the arguable most versatile singer of India from his recording for 3-4 years, why LP failed to show their courage to continue with MD Rafi as their lead singer, as they did in the 1960s?

  9. Ahmad Nawaz Lashari says:

    Rafi Sahib is a unique singer who have no match with any one, great clear voice ,accurate pronunciation, which most of our singers can”t . Rafi sb is simply great.

  10. shammi says:

    I simply love LP for never breaking their strong bond with Mohd Rafi and remaining loyal to him right until the end. What a great combo which resulted in so many hits and more importantly than that is that the songs sound so fresh even today.

    I also feel that Dharmendra and Jeetendra suited Mohd Rafi’s voice far more than Kishore Kumar and I know for a fact that Dharmendra has been vocal in saying that he preferred Mohd Rafi to Kishore Kumar. Speaking from a woman’s point of view I find it much nicer to hear and see songs picturised on handsome looking actors such as Jeetendra and Dharmendra with the lovely soothing melodious voice of Mohd Rafi especially when they’re pursuing the leading actresses and I’m afraid Kishore Kumar or Mukesh doesn’t quite have the same impact or effect for me.

  11. In their struggling day it was rafi saab who sung for LP without taking his fee but encourage them and bless them. The combination of rafi saab and LP was great.
    Birendra Singh Bisht

  12. Binu Nair says:

    LP gave good songs in Bachpan which i remember Now. Their first and last song was Sung by the Tansen of Music Rafi saaheb.

    And Most Singers wanted to sing along with Rafi saab. Same with composer and heroes who wanted the RAFI VOICE to open their Innings.

    In the sixties – Rafi sang for Everyone…..Songs of Every Mood.

    They are all in demand even today…….

  13. Junaid says:


    When it comes to Rafi Saheb and Kishore Kumar, 3 point i always emphasis while comparing their songs
    * During the life time of Rafi Saheb, Only Three Filmfare Award was won by Kishore Kumar
    * After the death of Jaikishan, Roshan, Mukesh, SD Burman the competition and choice of singers /Directors were reduced. In this way Kishore Kumar got more opportunity and success
    * Laxmikant – Pyarelal First choice was always Mohd. Rafi .. The countdown of songs increased to kishore kumar kitty after the death of Rafi Saheb which resulted 4 Film Fare Awards and some good songs

  14. Binu Nair says:

    In our first Meet with Pyarelal ji few years back, I virtually fell at his feet for the support he EXTENDED TO RAFI WHEN THE WINDS OF CHANGE were blowing – Artificals winds do note as One Hit Cant Make a Singer and Put Down the Formidable Mohammad Rafi.

    But games are played in the industry as we Now Know That even AB was kept indoors and barred from recordings.

    OPN gave her the Support and much needed OXYGEN – But Later on She Moved on from OPN only to deride him and his/songs – Rest of Her Life.

    But Mohd Rafi could Not Be silenced By the Lobby – and He was giving hits after hits and composers like L And P, Madan Mohan , Usha Khanna made it Possible for Rafi Saab to come back to Numero One Position in Playback History.

    True art and good souls – cant be STOPPED . Was Proved.

  15. Ajay Poundarik says:

    Dr. Souvik Chatterji !

    With due respect to SJ-Rafi combo..Having witnessed the sixties era, I do feel that LP-Rafi songs in mid sixties, 150 numbers in total, have more freshness and were/are more popular than any of the music directors of that era and the and also the songs you mentioned.

    IF YOU LOOK AT THE COMPARISON..Laxmikant-Pyarelal have dominated the second half of sixty, irrespective of the singers and the actors.

    The songs of 150 list will be too much but just look at few of RAFI – LP songs of sixties.

    For UNKNOWN/Lesser Known ACTORS
    Parasmani 1963
    Dosti 1964
    Aaya Toofan 1964
    Wapas 1968
    Taqdeer 1968
    Sau Saal Baad 1966
    Naag Mandir 1966
    Spy In Rome 1968

    Aaye Din Bahar Ke 1966
    Aaya Sawan Jhum Ke 1968
    Mere Humdam Mere Dost 1969
    Izzat 1969
    Jeevan Mrityu 1970
    Man Ki Aankhen 1970

    Patthar Ke Sanam 1967
    Sajan 1968

    Aasra 1966
    Jaal 1967
    Night In London 1967

    Farz 1967
    Do Bhai 1968
    Jigari Dost 1969
    Jeene Ki Raah 1969
    Jawab 1970
    Himmat 1970
    Maa Aur Mamata 1970

    Pyasi Sham 1969

    Raja Aur Rank 1968
    Devi 1969
    Khilona 1970
    Bachapan 1970

    Dillagi 1966
    Milan Ki Raat 1967
    Intequam 1968

    Shargird 1967

    Do Raaste 1969
    Aan Milo Sajana 1970

    Anjana 1968

    Madhavi 1968
    Sadhu Aur Shaitan 1969

    From “Post-Aradhana”..(1969) ,,When Kishore Kumar was in peak form, it is ONLY Laxmikant-Pyarelal have given some of the outstanding songs to Mohammad Rafi…that too without affecting the giant popularity of Kishore Kumar. Not only that it is LP, who brought Back the Glory of Mohammad Rafi, through “Amar Akbar Anthony” 1977 and “Saragam” 1979…

    Laxmikant-Pyarelal also kept the “balancing equations” between Rafi and Kishore…RAFI-LP (380 songs) and KISHORE-LP (399 songs) tells the how LP balanced both the great singers..

    MORE later..

    Ajay Poundarik
    Lagos (Nigeria)

  16. Dr Souvik Chatterji says:

    Dear Ajayji,
    Excellent information.
    But only on one thing I beg to differ. LP’s rise to fame did not affect Shankar Jaikishan.
    Because SJ continued their combination with super hit films of Shammi Kapoor.
    The list is too long 1965 Shammi Kapoor’s Janwar, Battamese
    1966 Raj Kumar
    1967 An Evening in Paris, Laar Sahab,
    1968 Brahmchari
    1969 Prince

    Same was the case with Rajender Kumar and SJ
    1964 Aye Milan Ki Bela, Zindagi Sangam
    1965 Aarzoo
    1966 Suraj
    1967 Aman
    1968 Jhuk Gaya Aasman
    1969 Shatranj
    1970 Dharti

    In addition to that SJ Rafi combination contributed in the films of Joy Mukherjee, Manoj Kumar, Dharmender, Jeetender.

    In fact LP’s rise did not affect SJ and Rafi combination at all.

    But by the 1970s Jaikishan died, Roshanlal Nagrath died, LP’s competitors decreased, but his combination with Rafisahab continued till 1980

  17. Ajay Poundarik says:

    Mr Souvic Chatterji..Nice Article…refer to your article’s first para..How LP have to face tough challenges …I have the comparison, year-wise, from 1963..onward ..SEE HOW Laxmikant-Pyarelal, CAPTURED THE GROUND and became NO 1 in the year 1967…


    LP v/s “Other prominent musical” hits.. in 1963

    Shankar-Jaikishan:- –Profesor–Humrahi–Dil Ek Mandir
    Roshan–Taj Mahal –Dil Hi To Hai
    SD Burmaan–Bandini — Tere Ghar Ke Samane
    Naushad–Mere Mehaboob
    Laxmikant-Pyaarelal had just two films “Parasmani” and “Harishchandra Taramati”. These films were released in the third quarter of the year..

    LP v/s Other prominent musical hits.. in 1964

    Shankar-Jaikishan:- –Aayi Milan Ki Bela—Raj Kumar—Sangam
    Madanmohan:- Woh Kaun Thi
    OP Nayyar:—Kashmir Ki Kali
    Ravi:- Door Ki Aawaz
    Roshan:- Chitralekha
    Ramlal:- Geet Gaya Pattharone

    Laxmikant-Pyarelal:- Aaya Toofan, Mr. X In Bombay, Sati Savitri, Sant Gyaneshwar and Dosti


    LP v/s Other prominent musical hits in 1965

    RD Burman:—Bhoot Bangala
    Kalyanji-Anandji:– Himalay Ki God Main,– Jab Jab Phool Khile,–Saheli
    Shankar-Jaikishan:– Professor
    Ravi:- –Khandan,–Waqt,–
    SD Burman:- — Teen Deviyan, — Guide
    Roshan:- Bhigi Raat
    OP Nayyar:- Mere Sanam.

    Laxmikant-Pyarelal:- –Lootera, –Shreeman Fantoosh, –Hum Sab Ustaad Hai, Boxer


    LP v/s Other prominent musical hits in 1966

    Khayyam:- –Aakhari Khat
    RD Burman:— Teesari Manzil
    Shankar-Jaikishan:- — Suarj,–Love In Tokyo
    Madanmohan:- –Mera Saya
    OP Nayyar:– Yeh Raat Phir Na Aayegi
    Ravi:- –Dus Lakh
    Hemant Kumar:- –Anupama

    Laxmikant-Pyarelal:- –Mere Lal,–Aaye Din Bahar Ke,–Pyar Kiye Ja,–Aasra,–Sau Saal Baad,–Laadla,–Dillagi,–Chhota Bhai..–Naag Mandir. (All have top music).

    By this year Laxmikant-Pyarelal started gaining the TOP position..all the songs of the above films are still popular.

    LP v/s Other Prominent Musical Hits of 1967

    Shankar-Jaikishan:- — Chhoti Si Mulaquat, –An Evening In Paris,– Around The World
    R D Burman:- — Baharon Ke Sapane
    S D Burman:- –Jewel Thief
    Ravi:- — Hamraaz
    Kalyanji-Anandji:- –Upkar
    Roshan:- –Bahu Begam, Noor-Jahan
    Naushad:- –Ram Aur Sham

    Laxmikant-Pyarelal:- –Milan, –Shagird, –Farz, –Patthar Ke Sanam, –Anita, –Night In London, –Jaal,– Taqdeer ( I have not considered the films like, Chhaila Babu, Milan Ki Raat, in which too, LP has given some beautiful songs)

    It was an LP “wave”. “Weekly Binaca Geet Mala” was 70% flooded with LP songs…It was a CLEAN SWEEP..

    I dont think any of the music directors have given so many hits and quality songs in a particular year. .

    Truly speaking 1967 belongs to Laxmikant-Pyarelal, they not only confirmed the No 1 position in Hindi Film Music, but also consolidated it with series of hits by one after another with variety.

    After this victorious feat, Laxmikant-Pyarelal and success went together without a break or loss of continuity.

    Now this was the time that Laxmikant-Pyarelal’s music became an essential component of the every successful film. Big banners, prominent producers and directors wanted LP to score them for their respective films.

    LP v/s Other Prominent Musical Hits of 1968

    Shankar-Jaikishan:- –Bramhachari,–Jhuk Gaya Aasman, –Mere Huzoor, –Shikar
    Ravi:- –Neel Kamal,–Do Kaliyan, –Aankhe.
    Kalyanji-Anandji:- –Saraswatichandra
    OP Nayyar:- —
    Kahin Din Kahin Raat
    RD Burman:- –Padosan
    Usha Khanna:- Fareb
    Sapan Jagmohan:- Teri Talash Main

    Laxmikant-Pyarelal:- –Mere Humdam Mere Dost, –Izzat, –Raja Aur Rank, –Baharon Ki Manzil, Spy in Rome.

    It was a good musical competition between Shankar-Jaikishan and Laxmikant-Pyarelal songs. LP’s songs have an edge because of the freshness of the music.

    Although SJ wins the filmfare award for “Bramhachari”..

    LP v/s Other Prominent Hits of the year 1969

    Chitragupt:- –Vaasana, –Aulad
    Shankar-Jaikishan:- –Kanyadan, –Prince
    Kalyanji-Anandji:- — Suhag Raat,– Haseena Man Jayegi, –Vishwas, –Mahal
    R D Burman:- –Waris, –Abhilasha, –Pyar Ka Mousam.
    Madanmohan:- –Chirag
    Naushad:- –Saathi, –Sangharsh.
    O P Nayyar:- –Kismat, –Humsaya, –Sambandh
    Ravi:- –Ek Phool Do Mali
    S D Burman:- Aaradhana
    Roshan:- –Anokhi Raat

    Laxmikant-Pyarelal..gave the music for as many as 17 films in the year 1969..and 90% of the songs composed were hit, momorable, melodious and are still popular…Even the “Aaradhana” wave could not do much of the effect to LP’s songs…

    Laxmikant-Pyarelal’s hits. — Aaya Sawan Jhum Ke, –Intquam, –Do Raaste, –Jeene Ki Raah, –Dharati Kahe Pukar Ke, –Satyakam, –Sajan, –Pyasi Sham, –Jigari Dost, –Aansoo Ban Gaye Phool…

    Laxmi-Pyare’s ‘CLEEN SWEEP’ continued for the third successive year.

    Laxmikant-Pyarelal’s songs and films kept hitting the charts with regularity for coming 20 years and they were the safest bets to the producers, directors and the distributors to finance their films.

    “Aaradhana” & Kishore Kumar’s ERA….

    The Kishore Kumar’s ERA has also now started. LP too gave few good songs to KK in this year. “Do Raaste”, (Khija Ke Phool) “Aansoo Ban Gaye Phool”,(Jane Kaisa Hai Mera Deewana..with Asha),, “Satyakaam” (Zindagi Hai Kya,,with Mukesh, Mahendra Kapoor)….. good melodies of LP with KK.

  18. Ajay Poundarik says:

    Excellent Article. Laxmikant-Pyarelal and Mohammad Rafi was a mellifluous combo. In sixties this combo has given some of the outstanding songs. Precisely, 150 songs, till Suhana Safar, as listed above. LP-Rafi not only gave some very good songs to the big STARS but also for unknown actors ‘Parasmani’, ‘Dosti’, ‘Aaya Toofan’, ( ‘abhi kamseen ho’). Actors like Sanjay Khan also enjoys the liberty of singing LP-Rafi songs….”Milan KI Raat” ( ‘aankh milaye na’) , ‘Dillagi,..Actor Bishwajit too…have some of the best of LP-Rafi..’Jaal’ and ‘Night In London’…(‘nazar na lag jaye’ & ‘bahosho hawas’)…Sanjeev Kumar…’Raja Aur Rank’ ,(‘o phirki wali’) …’Khilona’ ..Rajesh Khanna too have super hit songs from LP-Rafi..”Do Raaste”…Rajendra Kumar ..”Anjana”..Actor Mehmood “Sadhu Aur Shaitan”…Sunil Dutt ..”Pyasi Sham”…..and many more… BUT for me LP-Rafi’s songs…in sixties…”Abhi Kamaseen Ho”..from “Aaya Toofan”..just mesmerizing, in terms of composition, orchestra and singing….

  19. Khim says:

    As L-P were new in Hindi Filmy Sangeet; after recording Super Duper songs for the film DOSTI, they asked Rafiji for his fees.
    Rafiji, being Rafiji asked them both to pay ONE RUPEE.
    L-P were lost for words and paid this Devta exactly one Rupee !!!
    Rafiji accepted it with a smile, put it in his pocket and took out two 50 Paise coins and have each coin to Laxmi and Pyareji with the words ” mein tum dono ko aashirward deta hoon ke tum hamesha hamesha saath raho aur tarkki karo ”
    Aise Mahan Kalakar ko mera Pranam

  20. Ali says:

    L from LP was a great fan of Mohd Rafi ,he said after Mohd Rafi death that I don’t know how to make music without mohd Rafi ,,,,In 1970″s Madan mohan only music director who’s first choice was mohd rafi (maybe I am wrong)

  21. Dr Souvik Chatterji says:

    Thanks Binuji,Sarswatji, Deepakji, Vasudevanji, Sal Rafiji and others.
    Rafisahab sang excellent songs of LP for even unknown actors. For example the song “ayee baharon ki sham” in film Wapas became smash hit in 1969. The song was very melodious and romantic.

  22. dr. ib says:

    Excellent article. Very pleased to read such interesting details. All songs of rafi
    Are amazingly sweet to hear

  23. Binu Nair says:

    Nice one, Exhaustive tooo…. LP scored hits after hits and many of the songs are featured IN VIVIDH BHARATI AND IN MUSICAL SHOWS.

    FM channels have boycotted the MUSIC OF SJ, KA, SDB, RAVI NAUSHAD and they play more of RDB Songs….. with KK / AB / LM….

    Mohd Rafi lovers must see that the FMs change their tune and see the reality Now, Today.

    Sharing this one.

    Keep i t up…

  24. Sarwat Baig says:

    It is said that Rafi Sahib did not take any remuneration for Dosti so that LP would get a chance to compose music for the movie.

  25. Deepak Deshmukh says:

    Excellent article.In the starting years Mohd Rafi was responsible for LP gaining ground in the top-listed music directors.It was turn of LP after 1970.They helped Rafiji to again get top position lost to kk for 5-6 years.Their films Amar Akbar Anthony,Do raste,Naseeb,kranti,dostana,Apnapan,Nagin,Jeevan mrityu,khilona ,Chacha bhatija,& .so many.LP were so confident about themselves in using Rafi’s voice when RD & others used kk.

  26. C K VASUDEVAN says:

    Excellent Article! Yes LP had to face a lot of competition amidst the best and came out of wilderness and were able to get established with Rafi saab’s immense contribution. Rafi saab’s contribution in Dosti alone got them a place in the reckoning and gave them a solid foundation to build therefrom. Farz was in a different league altogether and they showed their capability to catapult them as Achievers………..

  27. SalRafi says:

    Nice article. I read somewhere in Dosti Rafi Saab was instrumental in composing most of the songs just as help to LP who he has special close relations. Rafi Saab the great.

  28. shammi says:

    Nice article, and yes what a lovely combination it was with Mohd Rafi singing for both Jeetendra and Dharmendra under the direction of LP. Mohd Rafi’s voice being so perfect and also having the ability to sing any type of song effortlessly that it matched so many actors and looked so natural. I honestly don’t believe there was any actor who his voice did not suit unlike Kishore Kumar or Mukesh who are well known for being associated with a handful of actors and then I have to say that most of these actors who have also used Mohd Rafi’s voice were more suited to Mohd Rafi. I think more importantly Mohd Rafi’s voice was so melodious and smooth that is was so pleasing on the ears unlike a lot of other artists especially today who appear to be shouting and screaming but most people still can’t make out what they are saying and then unfortunately when you do you wish you hadn’t.

  29. r l arora says:

    Lot of thanks Dear Souvik ji for sharing your research to the extreme pleasure of the Rafian fans. Such knowledge reconfirms the greatness of Rafi Saab. We hv to say time and again that Rafi Saab’s voice was uncomparable. I dont think there is a second example in the world that a singer sings songs for another singer. Rafi Saab sang songs for Kishore Kumar and it was appreciated by all. Hats off to our beloved Rafi Saab.

    Thanks once again for sharing your knowledge and facts about of matchless Rafi Saab.

    r l arora

  30. Rajiv nair says:

    Great work Souvikji, very informative indeed perhaps Rafi saab is the ultimate when it comes to giving playback to actors. As the actors appeared handsome and good when accompanied by Rafi saab’s mellufulous vocals.

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