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Aaj Purani Rahon Se Koi Mujeh Aawaaz Na De

By Shrirang Nawathe

Mohd Rafi with Dilip Kumar

Mohd Rafi with Dilip Kumar

A song is an outcome of Team work, but, a memorable melodious song is an outcome of Dedicated Teamwork. A small difference makes the dividing line. It was a Golden Era of Hindi Film Music in sixties when Music Directors, Singers, Lyricists made an everlasting impact due to their sincere devotion to the profession. Another dimension to make these songs worth listening was their mutual understanding and adjustments for a common objective. Practically they were tuned to equal wavelengths. We thus had  distinguished groups like RK Studios who had a team of  SJ/Shailendra/HasratJaipuri, Navketan Films had  Majrooh Sultanpuri/SDB,Nasir Husaain used to have RD Burman from Teesri Mamzil onwards. There was a trio following the same tradition and their team was like a TRIVENI SANGAM of Shakeel/Naushad/Rafi who could deliver the best products. Film Industry is indebted by their contribution.

Aadmi was a movie of 60s when Love triangle was a common feature. This has given an enough scope to film writers to exhibit their talent by creating situations suited for both romantic and Tragedy. Lyricists were equally talented to pen their skillful wordings to live up the scenes. Aaj Puran Raahon Se..was a creation to showcase helplessness and despair moments. Let us try to rediscover the song:

The heartbreaking start from Violin pieces and then Rafi Sahab’s extremely High Pitched, Heart touching voice OOHOOO….OOH…OOOO…HOO HOO……was just appropriate to indicate that, the song is progressing to tell a story of a helpless person who has gone through the good as well as bad phases of life and has been  carrying burden of fresh wounds of cheating, doubts, fierce competition etc. Rafi Sb using his divine voice and extraordinary range was able to  express all such emotions. His magical touch gives new heights to the song. Every word was expressed with so much accuracy and clarity that, these words leave a deep impression whenever we listen the song. Orchestration is perfect and the soothing sounds of, flute and drums are supported by violin pieces.

While listening  DARD ME DOOBE GEET NA DE. One can feel real DARD when Rafi sb utters DARD as DARRRRRRRDDDD giving more stress on R. It is said that a good singer is judged by his pronunciation and expression of the words and Rafi sb had mastered the art of delivering the parts of speech and was perfect in expressions. It seems Rafi sb during  recording really felt the pain to utter  these words.We find a similar expression when we listen BAABUL KI DUAAYEN LETII JAA.(Neel Kamal).

Naushad had created avery melodious tune for  all interludes at high pitches knowing the capacity and capability of versatile singer Rafi Sb. The most famous O Duniya ke Rakhwale.. from Baiju Bawra also had high pitch drama but there is a difference in these two songs. Whereas Baiju Bawra song clearly expresses that a helpless person is asking favors from The God, Aadmi song takes you in the moods where an innocent person is complaining against helplessness. Both are clearly distinguishable and the credit goes to one and only Rafi Sb. A very touching piece of flute was used before the following lines:

Beete dino ki yaad thi jinme, mai vo tarane bhool chukka
Aaj Nayee manzil hai meri, kal ke thikane bhool chukka
Na vo dil na sanam, na vo deen dharam
Ab door hun saare GUNAHON se….Aaj purani rahon se..

Mohd Rafi with Dilip Kumar

Mohd Rafi with Dilip Kumar

Shakeel ki Shayri was laa- javaab when he declares that Love, Emotions, Duty are all useless from a losers point of view. The song gradually takes another step with the help of Saxophone’s melodious and heart touching note followed by flute and put us to higher level of thinking when the  same person is trying to free from the Bonding. We find that, Shakeel’s words got equal justice and respect by Rafi Sb while singing the following :

Toot chuke sab pyar ke bandhan aaj koi zanjeer nahi
Sheeshaye dil me armaano ki aaj koi tasweer nahi
Ab shad hun main azad hun main
Kuchh kaam nahi hai aahon se.. Aaj purani rahon se..

It is quite evident that a person free from Bonding is also free from worries and sorrow, An apt expression from  Shakeel by writing Kuchh kaam nahi hai Aahon Se..

Shakeel’s pen takes a turn and reaches to the peaks like  a thinking of a great philosopher or thinker. He puts most powerful wordings in the last stanza. Simple Acceptance of life is beautifully expressed by Shakeel which also depicts that, life becomes easy for a troubled soul after acceptance.

It is our experience that, life becomes easier and more enjoyable when we see the Outside World from Inside. A straight and simple message of life is that it be accepted as it comes. Shakeel was able to express explain the facts of life in simplest words. Equally Powerful expressions by Rafi sb in following wordings:

Duniya badlee, Jeevan badla  man ko anokha Gyan mila
Aaj mujhe apne hee Dil me ek naya insaan mila
Pahuncha hun vahaan nahee door jahan
Bhagwan bhi meri nigahon se.. Aaj Purani Raahon se.koi munjhe avaz na de…..

The expression of acceptance is clearly visible in rendering these lines. I salute Rafi Sb at this point, because, the expressions are so different than previous stanzas and it changes the moods of listener. This was the  expression power of Rafi. This beautifully rendering was equally supported by Naushad  and his musicians  who had done great work to continue the same moods by playing simple instruments like drums and flute. The mastery of Shakeel was reflected automatically as the same helpless person reaches to the top of spirituality and sees the world with same vision as that of The God. The person reaches to a stage of highest attainment where, every being is equal in his eyes. The most complex philosophy of life was made simple by great Shakeel sb.

The song makes everlasting impressions due to  Rafi sb’s voice which has a power to bring tears to a sensible sou. After all, How can we forget softness of voice, variations, modulations and above all extraordinary range of our beloved Rafi Sahab, to whom great music director Vasant Desai used to call SHAAPIT GANDHARVA..?

Aaj Purani Raahon Se is truly a wonderful creation by wonderful stars. It acts like a Pain Reliever during crises moments in our life….

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  1. Guruprasad.c.y. says:


  2. masroor husain says:

    rafi sahab was the legend for all the music lovers and singers. with evergreen smile and behaviorhe had break all the records of most loving people.

  3. Ali says:

    Thanks vikram,
    Emdad ji dilip kumar is one of actors for who mohd rafi gave great songs in 1950’s and 1960’s but in 1970’s he was in list of the people who tried to ignore mohd rafi,dilip kumar never got a problem to speak about lata,…..

  4. Emdad says:


    Any idea about the reasons of Dilip Kumar’s refusal to speak about Rafi on camera? Please through some lights on the issue.

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