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Aaj Purani Rahon Se Koi Mujeh Aawaaz Na De

By Shrirang Nawathe

Mohd Rafi with Dilip Kumar

Mohd Rafi with Dilip Kumar

A song is an outcome of Team work, but, a memorable melodious song is an outcome of Dedicated Teamwork. A small difference makes the dividing line. It was a Golden Era of Hindi Film Music in sixties when Music Directors, Singers, Lyricists made an everlasting impact due to their sincere devotion to the profession. Another dimension to make these songs worth listening was their mutual understanding and adjustments for a common objective. Practically they were tuned to equal wavelengths. We thus had  distinguished groups like RK Studios who had a team of  SJ/Shailendra/HasratJaipuri, Navketan Films had  Majrooh Sultanpuri/SDB,Nasir Husaain used to have RD Burman from Teesri Mamzil onwards. There was a trio following the same tradition and their team was like a TRIVENI SANGAM of Shakeel/Naushad/Rafi who could deliver the best products. Film Industry is indebted by their contribution.

Aadmi was a movie of 60s when Love triangle was a common feature. This has given an enough scope to film writers to exhibit their talent by creating situations suited for both romantic and Tragedy. Lyricists were equally talented to pen their skillful wordings to live up the scenes. Aaj Puran Raahon Se..was a creation to showcase helplessness and despair moments. Let us try to rediscover the song:

The heartbreaking start from Violin pieces and then Rafi Sahab’s extremely High Pitched, Heart touching voice OOHOOO….OOH…OOOO…HOO HOO……was just appropriate to indicate that, the song is progressing to tell a story of a helpless person who has gone through the good as well as bad phases of life and has been  carrying burden of fresh wounds of cheating, doubts, fierce competition etc. Rafi Sb using his divine voice and extraordinary range was able to  express all such emotions. His magical touch gives new heights to the song. Every word was expressed with so much accuracy and clarity that, these words leave a deep impression whenever we listen the song. Orchestration is perfect and the soothing sounds of, flute and drums are supported by violin pieces.

While listening  DARD ME DOOBE GEET NA DE. One can feel real DARD when Rafi sb utters DARD as DARRRRRRRDDDD giving more stress on R. It is said that a good singer is judged by his pronunciation and expression of the words and Rafi sb had mastered the art of delivering the parts of speech and was perfect in expressions. It seems Rafi sb during  recording really felt the pain to utter  these words.We find a similar expression when we listen BAABUL KI DUAAYEN LETII JAA.(Neel Kamal).

Naushad had created avery melodious tune for  all interludes at high pitches knowing the capacity and capability of versatile singer Rafi Sb. The most famous O Duniya ke Rakhwale.. from Baiju Bawra also had high pitch drama but there is a difference in these two songs. Whereas Baiju Bawra song clearly expresses that a helpless person is asking favors from The God, Aadmi song takes you in the moods where an innocent person is complaining against helplessness. Both are clearly distinguishable and the credit goes to one and only Rafi Sb. A very touching piece of flute was used before the following lines:

Beete dino ki yaad thi jinme, mai vo tarane bhool chukka
Aaj Nayee manzil hai meri, kal ke thikane bhool chukka
Na vo dil na sanam, na vo deen dharam
Ab door hun saare GUNAHON se….Aaj purani rahon se..

Mohd Rafi with Dilip Kumar

Mohd Rafi with Dilip Kumar

Shakeel ki Shayri was laa- javaab when he declares that Love, Emotions, Duty are all useless from a losers point of view. The song gradually takes another step with the help of Saxophone’s melodious and heart touching note followed by flute and put us to higher level of thinking when the  same person is trying to free from the Bonding. We find that, Shakeel’s words got equal justice and respect by Rafi Sb while singing the following :

Toot chuke sab pyar ke bandhan aaj koi zanjeer nahi
Sheeshaye dil me armaano ki aaj koi tasweer nahi
Ab shad hun main azad hun main
Kuchh kaam nahi hai aahon se.. Aaj purani rahon se..

It is quite evident that a person free from Bonding is also free from worries and sorrow, An apt expression from  Shakeel by writing Kuchh kaam nahi hai Aahon Se..

Shakeel’s pen takes a turn and reaches to the peaks like  a thinking of a great philosopher or thinker. He puts most powerful wordings in the last stanza. Simple Acceptance of life is beautifully expressed by Shakeel which also depicts that, life becomes easy for a troubled soul after acceptance.

It is our experience that, life becomes easier and more enjoyable when we see the Outside World from Inside. A straight and simple message of life is that it be accepted as it comes. Shakeel was able to express explain the facts of life in simplest words. Equally Powerful expressions by Rafi sb in following wordings:

Duniya badlee, Jeevan badla  man ko anokha Gyan mila
Aaj mujhe apne hee Dil me ek naya insaan mila
Pahuncha hun vahaan nahee door jahan
Bhagwan bhi meri nigahon se.. Aaj Purani Raahon se.koi munjhe avaz na de…..

The expression of acceptance is clearly visible in rendering these lines. I salute Rafi Sb at this point, because, the expressions are so different than previous stanzas and it changes the moods of listener. This was the  expression power of Rafi. This beautifully rendering was equally supported by Naushad  and his musicians  who had done great work to continue the same moods by playing simple instruments like drums and flute. The mastery of Shakeel was reflected automatically as the same helpless person reaches to the top of spirituality and sees the world with same vision as that of The God. The person reaches to a stage of highest attainment where, every being is equal in his eyes. The most complex philosophy of life was made simple by great Shakeel sb.

The song makes everlasting impressions due to  Rafi sb’s voice which has a power to bring tears to a sensible sou. After all, How can we forget softness of voice, variations, modulations and above all extraordinary range of our beloved Rafi Sahab, to whom great music director Vasant Desai used to call SHAAPIT GANDHARVA..?

Aaj Purani Raahon Se is truly a wonderful creation by wonderful stars. It acts like a Pain Reliever during crises moments in our life….

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  1. vikram says:

    Shaan’s recent interview (straight from his heart) in which he discusses about Rafi sahab.

  2. Sajid says:

    hi, can any one tell me if there will be any concernt on rafi saheb in mumbai??

    also i want to share one thing about rafi saheb, he also lend his voice to kishore da, for the song ” man mora bawra” as kishore da was not that well versed in classical song, so kishore da himself ask the director to get this song done by rafi saheb

    waiting for the concert news

  3. Ali says:

    Sir Binu ji, there are many who ignored mohd rafi but at the end they paid cost of there mistake but god toke mohd rafi from selfish people …..

  4. Binu Nair says:

    a new angle of dilip kumar saheb – in july 1981.

    when the first anniversary of rafi saheb was being observd, two die hard fans enlisted the help of all rafi friends (actors) to say few words ‘on camera’.

    as expected, everyone from dharmendra to johny walker all took part in the tribute .

    but dilip kumar refused to speak on camera about rafi saaheb. he said : “i will give a statement”.

    the rafi fan and friend Ahmed bhai now in calicut said ‘No” and said we dont want a statement dilip saheb. even lata mangeshkar refused to speak on camera about bhaiya mohd rafi saheb.

    this the background story of big stars who used rafi saabs voice to climb the ladder of success.

  5. drfmeerza says:


  6. s nawathe says:

    post no 42
    Ali sahab,

    I am sorry but your posting made my thoughts quite clear. The info shared by you is just exceptional and interesting. Thank you for sharing.

    shrirang nawathe

  7. s nawathe says:

    ## post no 25

    Thank you so much for your appreciation coming from DIL SE…Your frank opinion and kind support have doubled my confidence to put my pen to paper again..
    shrirang nawathe

  8. s nawathe says:

    #post no 24
    durgaprsad ji,

    i think there is lot common in our choices as SJ/RK Group is my favourite among many.I am also an ardent fan of SJ. The background music of Sangam and Mera naam Joker are just classsic compositions and showpiece of outstanding talent of Genius Jaikishen and simple Shankar ji.There is hardly any comparison to masterpiece Shailedra who only could go to deep using the simplest words, for example- MEHMAAN JO HAMARA HOTA HAI VO JAAN SE PYARA HOTA HAI ,,andLAAKH LUBHAYE MEHAL PARAYE, APNA GHAR FIR APNA GHAR HAI…..or KISI KI MUSKURAHATON PE HO NISAAR,,,and the liens are endless…Shailendra was unique. In fact, writing for these stalwarts is a very challenging task for a person like me.we can only be happy listening or reading their lyrics and expresions through these immortal pieces of songs..I only feel lucky in the sense that by Gods grace I was born during the Golden period of HFM.and could enjoy thier music for whole life..We are indebted till our last breathe.

    shrirang nawathe

  9. Ali says:

    Dear shrirang nawathe,
    I never try to compare mohd rafi with any singer and only try to say which was lie that mohd rafi side line from 1970 to 1977,I am a big fan of mr Bachchan and as you know that he used kishore da voice mostly so I am also kishore da fan,I saw all kishore films and I like him as actor more as singer. We are speak about mohd rafi songs for bollywood only if we count none films and others languages so theta be more. In 1958 it said about mohd rafi that any song going to be sing by mohd rafi it going to be hit,also it said about mohd rafi voice the white voice,mean so clean voice,in 1968 for best singer award there was only mohd rafi name for all three best songs of the year and that never happened to any other male singer only to asha ji in 1970’s also in 1980 three songs of mohd rafi and one for kishore which won the award which was not sung by kishore only if am not wrong…..

  10. Jae-Bee says:

    In addition to post#2, in my opinion there are way more movies during that so called dry period of rafi saheb in which he sang. Sure some mds switch to kk and manna dey, but may be because rafi was not available as he went on hajj and also moved to uk for a while to settle his children. whatever the reason, us rafians have to dig deep with his grateful mds like sonik omi, usha khanna, shyamji-ghanshyamji, ganesh. In 1972 there was a movie Pyar deewana music by lala sattar and a song by rafi picturized on none other than kk, so go figure out you nay-sayers. Also, i came across a movie lakhonmein ek song picturized on pran and music by rdb. and who can forget the famous qawalli from dharma again on pran? there was also a movie thokar with apni akhomein basa kar. Early vinod khanna’s movies like memsaab etc. rafi saheb never had a dry period hindi music had one and will have in his absence.

  11. mr ali i think you are one of great man.these flims of mohammad rafi sahib (1970-1975) are one of the precious and unique gift for rafi sahib lovers.moreover it will immensly give a shut up call to those who say that rafi sahib was not leading other singers in 70s rather kishore is.If we move ahead we will see rafi sahib great songs like tere siwa na kisi ka banoo ga, kya howa tea wada, mai jat yamla pagla diwna adn may more songs….

  12. s nawathe says:

    #post no 34


    Thank you so much for your view/review/remarks/comments.the rest is history….
    S Nawathe

  13. s nawathe says:

    ##post no 33,
    Dear Bhagchandani sb,
    Thank you so much for your overwhelming appreciation. I feel that we have to discover more no. of Adectives for Rafi Sahab, or atleast I could not find matching words for his great singing calibre. by the way, it gives me immense pleasure to be with these songs..No more refreshing tonic required.
    S Nawathe

  14. s nawathe says:

    post no 31
    dear parag,
    thanks for sharing the numbers of two stawarts Rafi sb and KishoreKumarji.
    In my opinion, they both were great and unique. Let us enjoy songs of both these artists, without having any comparison in mind.
    50s/ 60s WAS A GOLDEN ERA …whereas the shiningof the Gold was reduced by the turn of 70s….and which totally disappered 80s onwards….ofcourse this is my opinion…one may differ. Regards;
    shrirang nawathe

  15. Utthara says:


    I read the review on the day you posted it, but couldn’t immediately respond as I was away on official work.

    Your opening lines say it all. With those lines, you set the tone for the article. ..your elaborate analysis makes us appreciate the song and singing even more, if it is possible.
    You have taken me back to purani rahen and to this magical song with your bahut khoob review.
    While reading it, I was recalling each stanza. In fact, I was crooning the song, one of my fave faves. Your introduction is out-of-the-box. Instead of straight away going to the song, you have given a perspective, of the musical combos of those days. You have got right to the heart of the song, and exposed the nuances which make the song what it is. Your review clearly shows how much you like this song. it is superb.

    This is one of those songs made for Rafi saab. This is vintage Rafi.
    Right from the way the song starts you are hooked.



  16. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    ‘Aaj Purani Rahon Se…..’ is a unique song. It has many variations of pitch, filled with the emotions of despair, disappointment, helplessness and rebellion. Only singer on this earth who could have sung this song was Rafi saab.

    Mr. Shrirang Nawathe has written an absolutely brilliant write-up on this gem. The greatness of this forum is indeed enhanced with the presence of such skilled writers. My compliments to you, Shirang.

    J.K. Bhagchandani

  17. Ali says:

    Tribute by Milan Singh
    I agree that Mohd Rafi greatness is not depending on internet and as you said but the things I dont like when they say that mohd rafi back with RD so who can give me RD super hit films without mohd Rafi as music, we know why mohd rafi sung so less songs in 1970’s .mohd rafi is with us still even after 31 july 1980,
    I agree that mohd Rafi only got one or two songs from 1970 to 1977 but not in Madan Mohan music,so what happened to actors who were using mohd rafi voice in 1960′ and they switched to other singers even actor like Dilip Kumar was not able to do any thing without mohd Rafi,from 1970 most films were actions but when ever it were a love story there was mohd Rafi songs mostly,

  18. parag says:

    here i give the list after 1969 where rafi saheb eually work with kishore, not side line in music industry which promoted by media that rafi saheb side line after 1969. rafi sing194 song in 1969 where kishor sing just 20 songs.
    in 1970 rafi saheb sing 131 song where kishore sing just 47. in 1971 also rafi saheb sing 131 song where kishore sing 102. in 1972 rafi saheb sing 95 song where kishore sing 137 . in 1973 rafi saheb sing 80 song where kishor sing 146 song. in 1974 rafi saheb sing 83 song where kishore sing 137 songs, in 1975 rafi saheb sing 68 where kishore sing106 songs in 1976 where kishore sing 103 song where rafi saheb sing 67 songs. in 1977 rafi saheb sing 91 song where kishore sing 122 song. in 1979 rafi sing more song than kishore. rafi saheb sing 84 song where kishore sing 77songs. in 1980 till the july rafi saheb sing 103 song where till the december kishore sang just 126 song. here i give the number because my intention is that rafi saheb is not side line like talat mehmood or manna day after kishor arriaval in 1969.

  19. ANEES says:

    ref: post 26

    Ali Sahab,

    Your viewpoint is one sided, if you look at the other side of the coin, things are entirely different. It is a fact that 60’s decade belongs to Rafi Sahab, whereas 70’s decade was mostly dominated by Kishore Kumar. If you collect the songs of Rafi Sahab sung in 70’s decade that would be not more than 500 songs till his death; the films released from 1970 till 1977 having one or two songs of Rafi Sahab in each which is a fact, and some of the films which did not have any songs of Rafi Sahab during this decade, but at the same time his output in 60’s decade goes beyong thousands of songs. Why his songs were less in 70’s decade is very long discussion which you can go back in the articles giving various reasons that most of the rafi fans are known to that. Whatever the output in 70’s decade for Rafi Sahab was great and noteworthy, especially his last two years from 1978-1980 were the most demanding songs that is why he came back with strong force to caputre his lost number one seat, but fate did not give him much time to retain that seat. We lost him forever on 31st July 1980.

    Rafi Sahab greatness is not depending on Internet power, but his greatness is deeply rooted into the minds and hearts of music lovers which will last for so many years. But there should be some efforts to divert the legacy of Rafi Sahab songs to the younger generations which is need of the hour.

    This is my observation and viewpoint. There are no other issues at all.

    Best regards


  20. Ali says:

    Today we got power of Internet to show mohd rafi greatness to the world and the people who play this game should pay for there mistake I think,the first name is in my list is bollywood who tried to ignore mohd rafi and Ameen ji ?..

  21. Ali says:

    My point is from this list is that mohd rafi was at top in 1970’s but what said by media that time it was a lie,in media even they tried in 1960’s to compare mohd rafi with Talat ji and Manna da and mohd rafi never replied but reply came by Talat ji and Manna da that mohd rafi is better and again in 1970’s with kishore da,the problem mostly with us that we believe that ever say by media without using our mind that what happened in 1970’s. Just I like ask when they say mohd rafi came back with RD film so what about madan mohan films before that and LP so list is endless….
    Also said that Kishore da gave super hit to Rajesh khanna ji yes I agree that but where is mohd rafi name in Rajesh khanna list because mohd rafi sung 20 songs all songs super hit?same to mr Bachchan and list is endless….

  22. M.Zaman says:

    Dear Ali sahab,
    Another one film i would like to add ” POCKET MAAR” 1974. Starring – Dharmendra , Shaira banu . song- ” BANDA PARWAR MAIN KAHA , YEA AAP KE MEHFIL KAHA ” And ” MEIN BARI MUSKIL ME HOO” Great Rafi sahab.
    Thanks. God bless all of us.

  23. shrirang nawathe says:

    Ali sb, Rangaji, Lt Col Javed Sayyedji, Dr. Vasudhaji,GuruMurthy sahab, Valijah sahab, Nafisaji and all,

    A big thank you for your kind words…..
    Best Regards;
    shrirang nawathe

  24. Lt Col Javed Sayyed(Veteran) says:

    Hearty Congrats to all of U-the Author, the fans & Mr Ali. Rafi sahabs unique distinction was that the actors had to only give expressions befitting the lines sung by Rafi sahab. All the acting, emotions, nuances, the individual actors style & mannerisms would already be there, all in a nice package as a song. Even the individual voice of the actor/hero!! many a times, I feel, the actors/heroes would be reminded of their indl styles by the song by rafi sahab!!! Thats his genius.
    Rgds to all rafi fans. take care.

  25. Imtiyaz A. Sharif says:

    Ref. Post 19
    It is correct that there is no song of Rafi Sahab in Sharmilee but Geet Gata Chal has one duet with Jaspal Singh. The song is; Shyam abhi mani o shyam abhi mani.

  26. Dear Nawathe saab

    A really brilliant piece of analysis and it shows the depth of your admiration for Mohd. Rafi. One can feel that the article has been written from the heart on one of the greatest singers India has produced. Look forward to your next article.

  27. Durga Prasad says:

    Nawate saab,

    Your article is touching you well said in first para as follows … ” It was a Golden Era of Hindi Film Music in sixties when Music Directors, Singers, Lyricists made an everlasting impact due to their sincere devotion to the profession. Another dimension to make these songs worth listening was their mutual understanding and adjustments for a common objective. Practically they were tuned to equal wavelengths. We thus had distinguished groups like RK Studios who had a team of SJ/Shailendra/HasratJaipuri, Navketan Films had Majrooh Sultanpuri/SDB,Nasir Husaain used to have RD Burman from Teesri Mamzil onwards. There was a trio following the same tradition and their team was like a TRIVENI SANGAM of Shakeel/Naushad/Rafi who could deliver the best products. Film Industry is indebted by their contribution.”

    It is very true Nawate.. I am a “diwane” of RK Studio group, great fan of Shankar Jaikishan. Continuous hits for many years.. They composed tunes well in advance and maintained Music bank .Some times tunes heard as background music in films and later they came as songs. We hear the tune of ‘ Jeena yeha , Marna yeha ( Mera Naam Joker) much much before as background music in ‘Awara’

    Shammi/ Rajendra Kumar . SJ hits are still we see in channels in B4U Music and 9XM channel at 5 am and my day start fresh after viewing those wonderful/ great songs..

    I bow my head to great composers Shankar Jaikishan

    Regards to all Music lovers and Rafians

    Durga Prasad

  28. Hussein Sheikh says:

    post # 19 : There is a duet of Rafi Saheb with Asha Ji in the film ” Geet Gaata Chal”, and the song is: shyam abhimaani…..


  30. Ali says:

    Yes in film sharmilee there is no mohd rafi song but if am not wrong the singer is is Anwar who is mohd rafi clone of 1970’s….

  31. Ali says:

    If I am not wrong mohd rafi only sang around 8 songs under sd in 1970’s but look mohd rafi greatness he was so sad on sd death , mohd rafi like mr Bachachan as actor for who he sang only 16 songs and like the film in which he didn’t sing….it is not important if in the list 100 films or 10 films but real thing is that he was there and best songs of 1970’s sang by him.I remember that one of you gave us a list of RD films around 130 films if I am not wrong and request to us just find only 30 hit songs but no one was able to do that,I am looking for that list when i will get it I will show you all……

  32. nafisa says:

    ” Your genuine feelings for the maestro and your love for the song have succeeded in bringing out a beautifully sketched article.congrats!! ”
    Such high pitched song only naushad could compose, as he was confident that Rafi sahab would sing it almost effortlessly and sound so convincing that Dilip Kumar was required to do little acting.

    Re : Post No. 2

    I thank u for such a comprehensive list of films for which rafi sahab sang during the 70’s. Only one movie has puzzled me i.e.

    79. sharmilee (1971) mohd. rafi

    If it is the film which had SDB’s music, then i am sorry to say that there is no Rafi song in it. I am in the habit of looking for at least one Rafi song in the any film as soon as i know it is SDB or Madan Mohan music score. Sharmilee’s music and all songs are well known and is touted as the best of SDB during the 70’s. If there is really a small couple of lines also by Rafi in this movie, i would be very happy to see it. I have searched all over and even the Data base in this very website.

    Regards to all.

  33. nagesh sidhanti says:

    dear nawathebhai,

    great review of this philosohical number.
    appears close to your heart which is evident by the passionate coveyance.

    post no. 2 ali ji. wonderful compilation.

    adaab rafi

  34. sunil kumar says:

    We all talk about rafi saheb we all know he was greatest singer in india but
    we are not doing anything to spread his work among today’s generation who perhaps is not aware of him like we are . This all is due to our not popularisng
    his songs in todays generaion . so pls take up this task otherwise work of a great legend i am afraid will go after our genration people.

  35. Ali says:

    Thanks, maybe I am missing few films and I have got this list from one of you long time back, gold is gold

  36. shrirang nawathe says:

    # post no. 8
    A little correction to your attention please.Please read 113 nos instead of 122 nos. Regret inconvinience.
    shrirang nawathe

  37. Dr.Vasudha says:

    Dear Nawathejee
    Your genuine feelings for the maestro and your love for the song have succeeded in bringing out a beautifully sketched article.Congrats!!
    Keep it up!!As you have rightly mentioned the word ‘Dard”has been truly experienced byRafi saab and delivered with so much poignancy.
    Looking forward to more such articles.
    tuneful regards

  38. P. Haldar says:

    Mr. Nawathe,

    An excellent review of a great song. And good to see you back on this forum after some time. Thanks for reminding us of what Vasant Desai used to say about the greatest: Shaapit Gandharva. I’d request you to review one of the greatest Rafi-Lata duets, composed by Vasant Desai. It happens to be among the fastest-paced songs ever recorded in hfm.

    Regards and best,
    P. Haldar

  39. gurcharan sngh says:

    A very best singer in our life time where I have no words to say about Rafi saheb.He is my favourite singer where I liesten to his songs even up till today. All is proud to have rafi saheb as their father.I wish he was my father.

  40. congratulatios to the writer and the efforts put in by Mr Ali # 2 in listing the songs.. any of the so called’great’ singer of today can not even attempt to hum this song leave singing it..

  41. Dear Nawateji,

    Wonderful analysis of a great song. I would just like to point out one more significant thing about the song. At the end, after “Bhagavan Bhi Meri Nigahon Se”, it is just simply “Aaj Purani Rahon Se Koi Muzhe Aawaaz Na De” followed by a soothing, peaceful and melodious music, indicating that after all the turmoil the protoganist went thru in his life (which had the hero singing at high pitch as well as the accompanying orchestra also at some what high pitch), now his life has become calm and peaceful. My favourite line is when Rafi Saab sings “Bhagavan Bhi Meri Nigahon Se”, so beautifully rendered.

    Hearty congratulations.

  42. shrirang nawathe says:

    Respected All,

    Thank you all for encouragement and the wholehearted appreciation.
    Post No 2# Ali sahab, you have done an outstanding work by sharing the fact of 122 songs from Rafi Sb. duriing 70s. Thankyou again for sharing the data.
    shrirang nawathe

  43. dear nawathe saheb, very good article on our beloved legendry rafi saheb. Sir you have good writing skill. we hope for more from you on our great rafi saheb. please keep it up.
    thanks & regards,
    Birendra Singh

  44. The great singer sang Babul ki duaayen with real pain . as Ravi ji the composer himself told once that it was his daughter’s marriage just after a couple of days. So he could not control his emotions as we all know he is known to sing each and every song from his heart and with real feelings.
    long live the genius.

  45. Anshu Mali Rastogi says:

    Shrirang Nawatheji,

    Lots of thanks for writing this utmost but knowledgably write-up regarding the song Aaj Purani Raahon Se…

  46. KULDEEP GOPAL says:

    Yes Ali sahab, I am agree with you, even today when music and melody is taking its last breath, only and only Rafi Sahab’s songs are alive and providing oxygeon to dying music.

  47. Khaja Aliuddin, MD says:

    Janab Shrirang Navathe Sahab,
    Nice write-up, Congratulations.
    We need to see more articles from you.
    An ardent fan of Rafi Sahab,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  48. Khaja Aliuddin, MD says:

    Ali Sahab, ASA,
    Three cheers to you. Bahut khoob,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  49. Ali says:

    That why mohd rafi is still the number one signer and never going to be replace even when all media tried to ignore him in 1970’s and we believed that media but today by help of great mohd rafi fans we know that mohd rafi even in 1970’s was at the top just I have a small list films from 1970 to 1975…
    Mohd rafi sang for more than 113 flims from 1970 to 1975 it mean more than 22.6 flims a year
    1 Aandhi (1975) MOHD. RAFI
    2 . Anari (1975) MOHD. RAFI
    3 . Chupke Chupke (1975) MOHD. RAFI
    4 . Do Jasoos (1975) MOHD. RAFI
    5 . Do Jhoot (1975) MOHD. RAFI
    6 . Ek Mahal Ho Sapnon Ka (1975) MOHD. RAFI
    7 . Geet Gaata Chal (1975) MOHD. RAFI
    8 . Kahte Hain Mujhko Raja (1975) MOHD. RAFI
    9 . Lafange (1975) MOHD. RAFI
    10. Mausam (1975) MOHD. RAFI
    11. Pratigya (1975) MOHD. RAFI
    12. Prem Kahani (1975) MOHD. RAFI
    13. Teri Meri Ik Jindri (1975) MOHD. RAFI
    14. Zakhmi (1975) MOHD. RAFI
    15. Zinda Dil (1975) MOHD. RAFI
    16. Zorro (1975/II) MOHD. RAFI
    17. Bhagat Dhanna Jatt (1974) MOHD. RAFI
    18. Chor Machaye Shor (1974) MOHD. RAFI
    19. Do Aankhen (1974) MOHD. RAFI
    20. Dukh Bhanjan Tera Naam (1974) MOHD. RAFI
    21. Geeta Mera Naam (1974) MOHD. RAFI
    22. Haath Ki Safai (1974) MOHD. RAFI
    23. Hawas (1974) MOHD. RAFI
    24. Hum Rahi (1974) MOHD. RAFI
    25. Humshakal (1974) MOHD. RAFI
    26. Jurm Aur Sazaa (1974) MOHD. RAFI
    27. Majboor (1974) MOHD. RAFI
    28. Resham Ki Dori (1974) MOHD. RAFI
    29. Shandaar (1974) MOHD. RAFI
    30 Woh Main Nahin (1974) MOHD. RAFI
    31. Dost (1974) MOHD. RAFI
    32 Abhimaan (1973) MOHD. RAFI
    33. Anokhi Ada (1973) MOHD. RAFI
    34. Barkha Bahar (1973) MOHD. RAFI
    35 Chhalia (1973) MOHD. RAFI
    36. Do Phool (1973) MOHD. RAFI
    37. Ghulam Begam Badshah (1973) MOHD. RAFI
    38. Hanste Zakhm (1973) MOHD. RAFI
    39. Heera (1973) MOHD. RAFI
    40. Hindustan Ki Kasam (1973) MOHD. RAFI
    41. Loafer (1973) MOHD. RAFI
    42. Samjhauta (1973) MOHD. RAFI
    43. Yaadon Ki Baaraat (1973) MOHD. RAFI
    44. Zanjeer (1973) MOHD. RAFI
    45. Anuraag (1972) MOHD. RAFI
    46. Dastaan (1972) MOHD. RAFI
    47. Dharkan (1972) MOHD. RAFI
    48. Do Yaar (1972) MOHD. RAFI
    49. Ek Bar Mooskura Do (1972) MOHD. RAFI
    50. Ek Nazar (1972) MOHD. RAFI
    51. Gaon Hamara Shaher Tumhara (1972) MOHD. RAFI
    52. Jeet (1972) MOHD. RAFI
    53. Koshish (1972) MOHD. RAFI
    54. Lalkaar (1972) MOHD. RAFI
    55. Mom Ki Gudiya (1972) MOHD. RAFI
    56. Roop Tera Mastana (1972) MOHD. RAFI
    57. Sazaa (1972) MOHD. RAFI
    58. Shehzada (1972) MOHD. RAFI
    59. Aap Aye Bahaar Aayee (1971) MOHD. RAFI
    60. Adhikar (1971/I) MOHD. RAFI
    61. Andaz (1971) MOHD. RAFI
    62. Banphool (1971) MOHD. RAFI
    63. Bikhare Moti (1971) MOHD. RAFI
    64. Caravan (1971) MOHD. RAFI
    65. Gambler (1971) MOHD. RAFI
    66. Haathi Mere Saathi (1971) MOHD. RAFI
    67. Jwala (1971) MOHD. RAFI
    68. Kathputli (1971) MOHD. RAFI
    69. Lal Patthar (1971) MOHD. RAFI
    70. Maryada (1971) MOHD. RAFI
    71. Mehboob Ki Mehandi (1971) MOHD. RAFI
    72. Mela (1971) MOHD. RAFI
    73. Mera Gaon Mera Desh (1971) MOHD. RAFI
    74. Pakeezah (1971) MOHD. RAFI
    75. Parwana (1971) MOHD. RAFI
    76. Patanga (1971) MOHD. RAFI
    77. Piya Ka Ghar (1971) MOHD. RAFI
    78. Seema (1971) MOHD. RAFI
    79. Sharmilee (1971) MOHD. RAFI
    80. Uphaar (1971) MOHD. RAFI
    81. Woh Din Yaad Karo (1971) MOHD. RAFI
    82 Pyar Ki Kahani (1971) MOHD. RAFI
    83. Aan Milo Sajna (1970) MOHD. RAFI
    84. Bhai Bhai (1970) MOHD. RAFI
    85. Darpan (1970) MOHD. RAFI
    86. Dastak (1970) MOHD. RAFI
    87. Devi (1970) MOHD. RAFI
    88. Dharti (1970) MOHD. RAFI
    89. Ek Nanhi Munni Ladki Thi (1970) MOHD. RAFI
    90. Ganwaar (1970) MOHD. RAFI
    91. Geet (1970) MOHD. RAFI
    92 Gopi (1970) MOHD. RAFI
    93. Himmat (1970) MOHD. RAFI
    94. Humjoli (1970) MOHD. RAFI
    95. Ishq Par Zor Nahin (1970) MOHD. RAFI
    96. Jeevan Mrityu (1970) MOHD. RAFI
    97. Kab? Kyoon? Aur Kahan? (1970) MOHD. RAFI
    98. Kankan De Ole (1970) MOHD. RAFI
    99. Khilona (1970) MOHD. RAFI
    100. Maa Aur Mamta (1970) MOHD. RAFI
    101. Maa Ka Aanchal (1970) MOHD. RAFI
    102.Mastana (1970) MOHD. RAFI
    103.Mera Naam Joker (1970) MOHD. RAFI
    104.My Love (1970) MOHD. RAFI
    105.Naya Raasta (1970) MOHD. RAFI
    106.Pehchan (1970) MOHD. RAFI
    107.Raaton Ka Raja (1970) MOHD. RAFI
    108. Sachcha Jhutha (1970) MOHD. RAFI
    109.Sawan Bhadon (1970) MOHD. RAFI
    110.Suhana Safar (1970) MOHD. RAFI
    111.Train, The (1970) MOHD. RAFI
    112. Umang (1970) MOHD. RAFI
    113. Bombay Talkie (1970) MOHD. RAFI

  50. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    Shrirang Nawathe Sahab,

    I am very happy to read one of veteran rafi fans article on one of the most pathos-laden songs of Mohd. Rafi Sahab. The article can not be better than this on this wonderful song and once you hear this song the tears will not take rest in your eyes, they hurry to fall down with sadness. This is heart rending song of Rafi Sahab. Dilip Sahab acting ia also “kamal ki aur ghazab ki hai”.

    I am happy to read and enjoy this article but the song is certainly belongs to the philosophical songs genre of Rafi Sahab. a gem of its own. the trio Rafi-Naushad-Shakeel unforgettable!!!!!!

    Well done Nawathe Sahab. I have a chance to read your article after a very long time.

    Thanks & regards

    H.A.K. Walijah

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