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A wave from Rafi’s ocean

Shared by Caivaa

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

Rafi sahab`s voice has a divine flow. What this flow is all about? Perhaps Rafi sahab himself is an ocean n in his every word he lead us with flow of his divinity. Here is a small reference of a Rafian, a Rafi Lover, who was so much inspired by Rafi sahab that she used to consider herself just a wave of Rafi ocean and she finally merged in ocean itself.

Savita Garcia (Kate Garcia), a German social worker, running a social organisation in remotest village of West Bengal India,,with the profession of modelling in fashion world (in France), was working on a shrine short of foundation in the name of Rafi sahab in south Africa has died prematurely (25 year old) recently on July 31st 2009, after a snake had bitten her in the ploughing field in village Kumarpukur, Bengal, where she was working on a educational program for the poor villagers.

The following is the Incomplete article from her personal diary, written about Rafi Sahab whom she almost worshipped in her own way. And what made it most necessary for this article to be published here is her last word ,before which she sang a song in her sweet voice, with lots of vibrations, the song was Jitni likhi thii Mukaddar me ham utni Jee chukey and then told us all, before going to ICU in hospital

“frnz don`t worry, its a dream death that I`m going to have, as its today,Rafi sahab`s punyatithi (july 31st 2009),”.

Savita Garcia

Savita Garcia

We were astonished, does such fans really exist?  How could I help my self to restrict to share this sad news with u all Lover of Mohammed Rafi Sahab, that one of member of this family is lost forever but witnessed immortality of Rafi sahab`s to all of us…

Earlier, I was not interested in songs that much and used to listen Radiohits but Ms Garcia`s death has made me crazy to discover more about Rafi sahab… What I found is a divine voice and divine being behind the microphone just came to earth to spread love in form of songs n feelings (I`ve kept my name hidden for I don`t deserve it and also let only name of Great singer and a divine being and her fan be here. Following is the last page of Ms Garcia`s diary, the incomplete one that she were perparing for a fan club meet that was to held on Rafi sahab`s Punya Tithi in London, UK. But unfortunately, she left us so early. Every one who have met her miss her, even being such a young she used to win heart by her compassionate heart and so much hidden charity and international social organisation she were working in without any rest other than few hours of relaxation with Mohd Rafi`s songs that she used to call her worship … Namaste!)

Aye world, recognise him, as he is still with you even after 3 decades of his death till eternity itself. Just come out of your narrow wells of egoism and remove the dirt of jeleousy from your ears, and meet this person with holiness of sky.

He is a child rendering lovely childeren`s songs nostalgicaly remembering “ham bhi agar bachhey hoety” and tributing mother as “Maa hai mohabbat ka naam“, expressing purity of brother sister relation with his divine voice singing “Rakhi Dhago ka tyohar“. He becomes parents giving “babul ki duayen” to lovely daughter and calling his young son,”ki tu hoke bada ban jaana apne maata ka rakhwala” because “tu Insan ki aulad hai insaan banega“. Being Lover, he shows all the colours of love, in songs like,”tere mere sapne ab ek rang“, Khuda bhi aasman se, yeh reshmi zulfe” etc….in gazhals like “kisi ki yaad me“, “mere mehboob“. Qawallis,”parda hai parda“, hai agar dushman jamana, and prays to God to let him meet his beloved and prays to God singing,”Tere dar par aaya hoon“.

In the mood of “Larakpan” with all attitude he sings, o dilbar janiye, khuli palak me jhoota gussa etc,… and a forever smile when go in Sentimental mood can make any one and tears with his soulful songs like,”mere dushman“, Agar bewafa“, Bhari duniya me“, Keh do koi na kare“, yeh duniya ye mehfil“, kya hua tera wada” etc.. In philosophical mood, he melts haert with”Itni badi duniya“, yeh Jindagi ke mele“, Man re“, koi sagar“. And when he turns to God he transcends narrow boundaries of cult and connects us directly to God in whatever faith we r call it “koi bole Ram Ram“,”Madine ki Galiyan“, man tarpat hari darshan“etc… He Even becomes a bride and sings “Chalo re doli“, sonwa ke pinjra me” and sajan sajan“.

When nation needs him he awakes the whole country saying lovingly to young countrymen,”aye mere ladlo” being nation showing us our Ideal of National life singing, “Watan pe jo Fida hoga amar wo naujawa hoga“,and swearing in name of Vatan saying, “aye watan hamko teri kasam“, and enhancing national pride with numerous heart felt songs like,”ye desh hai veer jawaano ka“, “mere desh me Pawan chale purwai“, “jahan daal daal par”  etc, and Bravely giving the message to countrymen stating, kar chale ham fida and to maintain peace he becomes “aman ka farista” and sings, “ab koi Gulshan na ujde“.

Infinite is his quality, words are less in comparison to simplicity of his nature.
Uncountable are his charity in hidden ways, beyond expression is his humbleness, great was his honesty, Versatile was his singing, priceless was his songs, worship was his voice, Love was his nature, divinity was his personality, Mohammed Rafi is his name…

Mohammed Rafi, not just a National Hero but hero for humanity itself!

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

Perhaps Rafi sahab knew it himself that his voice was priceless, so he was very much uncomfortable of demanding money in return of his singing for he had a firm feeling that his voice and singing is not his but that of God (i.e, God`s Grace). Just relate from any written article, data, interview or personal meeting of a person with whom Rafi Sahab had ever worked with, we can find something common, well, its if someone praise Rafi sahab saying, “wah Rafi sahab,kya gaaya hai aapne” (great Rafi sahab,how well u sing), Rafi Saab with a scratchy expression used to say in sign language or vocally, “its not me, who am I”, and just in a flash his expression carries an unusual serenity, through which he used to state pointing the finger towards heaven,”Its all God”. His saintly nature and hidden charity to everyone is not hidden from world, so I need not to explain that. And perhaps, its this farishta nature of Rafi sahab that made him dirt of many of his colleuges eye…..

Dear Rafi Lovers, no doubt, Rafi Ji is divinity in music personified, no one who listen Rafi sahab remain without saying thanx to allah for giving us Rafi sahab….. But its clear, there so many to envy this genius of singing and tried to attack humbleness of this saintly person.. So many fake stories plotted against him, so much is ever done to show him down. And in the decade of 1970s they tried their best a futile attempt to defame Md Rafi. Ya we know its impossible to let Mohd Rafi down. Even Main stream media and film makers very soon become restless to work with Rafi sahab in mid 70s till his death. This event restated that Rafi sahab is forever and leader of singing beyond time barrier. As if a person listen him even for once can never remain in heart of their heart without praising Rafi sahab, so these jealous personalities, celebrities or fans, had worked there best to resist audience from listening Rafi Ji, most of people of younger generation, had not yet heard.

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32 Blog Comments to “A wave from Rafi’s ocean”

  1. Priya Sanyal says:

    Binuji one flower from this side too at Rafi ji`s punya Tithi!

    My tribute to this immortal bhakta of beloved Rafi ji.

    I salute such a love that she achieved the dream death.

    “Kahaniya`n sunati hai, pawan aati jaati… ek thha diya”

  2. A S MURTY says:

    ms Caivaa, it has been some weeks since Savita Garcia left for her heavenly abode. we would like to know more about her work in India, more particularly about her passion for Rafi Sahab and what all she did to understand Rafi Sahab. She must have been a very keen listener of Rafi Sahab’s songs for sure. What was her collection like ? Did she also collect the photographs of Rafi Sahab ? Did she do any other research on Rafi Sahab ? Only you can thrown more light on one of the biggest Rafi bhakts that ever lived on our planet. Would like you to post more on Savita Garcia and her involvement with Rafi Sahab’s persona.

  3. Mehboob says:

    May God rest her soul in eternal peace.

  4. Rajkumar Akela says:

    My dear rafian friends !

    There is a “country ranking” for Indian musical artists named “Whopopular” and I request you all to vote for Rafi Sahab in the following link and glorify him…

    Rajkumar Akela

  5. Narayan says:

    Dear Savitha… Bow my head to your noble soul… agree that your love for our farishta was tremendous… now we have lost you… u will be happy to be in the company of our lovely angel Rafi sahab
    May ur noble soul rest in eternal peace

  6. Priya Sanyal says:

    post 26 Its in itself a marvel how Rafi sahab voice change a person who don`t know the language in which songs were sung.
    Thank you Binuji for stressing this quote, I also like her words and many times used myself for I`ve always wondered that when Rafi sahab had such a perfect voice,extraodinary singing talent and a Farista in human body by nature and kindest and humblest person, still why the world don` understand him.We couldn`t understand this puzzle why people jelous of Rafi.why they tried to put down our Masiah of love who all the time fill our heart with love still his stocks never last. But a German women, that too in such a tender age could understand this secret of repulsion for such a divine person and master artist among us but we couldn`t understand him.

    Those who wants love, God bestows love to us in some form. Divinity is everywhere in some form as God loves all.Rafi sahab is the menifestation of perfection and very affectionate and kind hearted human with all the love of God…But why we r unable to recognise this angel among us….

    Ms Savita answers from heaven….

    “Yes divinity is all over but only the blessed can understand blessing”.

    and so is rafi sahab

    Rafi sahab voice even reaches to the sky,god knows, may be Ms Garcia, a women at very very far land, was gazing at the sky that moment.

  7. BINU NAIR says:



    its the germans. they are way ahead in human pursuits too. they have a deep culture. i am told that many sanskrit words are found in german language. who was savita garcia ??? a german national who loved divine mohd rafi and immortalised her life – for the well being of the human race – far away in west bengal.

    long live savita ji – now bathed in “divinity”.

    binu nair

  8. santosh says:

    Very sad news.How strange is the sadness we feel when we hear the news of death of a rafi saab fan on this site.It is really the magic and love for rafi saab that brings us together .We do not even know each other but still are so close and bonded.We feel like a family.I salute to the soul of Savita Gracia for her selfless acts of service to the society.these are the unsung heros who deserve awards like Padma Shri , whereas good for nothing persons like Saif Ali khan get it.Any way that is not relevant here , just expressing my fustration .Once again may her soul rest in peace and would like to know more about Savita gracia’s life.Binuji you are really very lucky to have spoken to Shahid Rafi.I am going to call you today .

  9. Aseer says:

    i cudnt cant imagine this.many times my pride of being the greatest lover of Rafi sahab was hurt,challenged but it was never shattered like this. I hereby accept Kate,u r way way above me. I cant write more as i m speechless. You are lucky indeed Kate,Hope you have met Rafi sahab up there and sitting close to Him you are listening to Him.
    @ Rafi sahab, You were an angel indeed and what a great fan you have sir. May you both enjoy your stay in heaven,the garden of eternal spring.

  10. binu nair says:

    yesterday, it was a chance to catch up with the legendary mohd rafi’s son mr.shahid rafi – on the phone.
    my words were : shahid saaheb, another mohd rafi will never take birth how-much-ever we wish.

    shahid in his usual smiling way agreed. yes indeed , indeed yes – he added.

  11. Binu Nair says:

    Priya ji..(. Post 19) Savita Garcia lived life for the good of others in this “mostly” selfish world. just like mohd rafi saaheb. i will lose a good friend whom i have never met but would remember whole of my life.
    indeed, savita is a jewel in the crown of rafi lovers.

    yes, i remember the notes made by savita ji mentioning me. let us all learn a few things from the life of savita garcia and take the goodness of life wherever we can. let’s all not project ourselves but talk of the goodness of mohd rafi saaheb in words and in deeds.


  12. Sal says:

    Dear Caivaa,

    Accept my heart felt gratitude to bring an amazing and most unusual Rafi bhakht to light. The article and Savita Garcias words brought a lump in my throat.

    With this knowledge my belief that Rafi Sahab is divine is once again became so strong. The divinity of both has been proven by the bhakt dyeing on the same day.

    I am sure there are more unknown, unusual Rafi bhakhts around the world and people will come up with more articles about them that we can cherish on the knowledge of our greatest of all Rafi Sahab.

    Savita Garcia, I have added you in the list in my prayers! God bless your soul, I am sure.

  13. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Dear Caivaa ji,

    Many many thanks for providing information about Ms. Savita Garcia. I also read her comments on this site, but could not recognized that she is a foreigner; I thought she is an Indian (because of “Savita”). Anyhow it is very amazing reading about her and really sad news for her demise.

    And what a brilliant article she was writing. Though incomplete, but this article is worth of many. How true are all the words which have written by her.

    I also request for two points mentioned by Mr. Binu Nair in post 17.

    Thanks and best regards.


  14. Priya Sanyal says:

    it feels great to learn that she was inspired by both side of Rafi sahab…his divine vioce and divine person.yes I`ve consulted with some friends in karmpukur,they told me yes some international organisation were working there and a dimanic women was there but they don`t know much,as we can understand she wouldnot have been that much vocal .yes, rafi sahab inspires so many as his voice is forever present with us that we can listen and feel every moment and imagine that the real person who is singing is also like same voice the pure one…Rafi sahab was a pure person…

    I read one post by savita sharing with u all,she used name of “Binu Nair as symbolic of rafi lover”,plz critic read it liberaly as we r tributing here not discussing…,”
    Savita Garcia Says:

    May 19th, 2009 at 5:16 pm
    are indeed lucky to have rafi saaheb with us at many moments of this unpredictable life”(ref 1844R) ,,,,,,,,,this is something that I`ve always observed in everyone who really love this voice of god,,i.e, real admirer of Rafi saab,,,I don`t know how,,but even I can see the hollowness of this life everywhere,,,,though I`m in modeling profession,,all the glamour has vanished from my life,,I see selfishness and materialism as a crime,,I can see this momentry life and its nothingness every moment,But at the same time I see a light full of life,,,,,a shrine voice and saintly person in the name of Rafi,,,earlier even I could have laughed at my comments,,but now,,I don`t find any end while listening to this man singing ..I can`t even bilieve ,,,can there be any person like Rafi in such a glamour world of Film Industry.His life is a lesson.His dedication and divotion to his work is a lesson.A person having such a gifted voice yet used to do so much riyaz as if saying thanx to Allah,,,,Not just he survived, he lived like ruler of heart even of the person who concider Rafi, his/her enemy.So many enemies,,so many false friend,so many critics,to make Rafi career end, endless discredit,endless humiliation yet Rafi sahab never complained and remained self absorbed in his saintly nature and answered every evil with his divinity…The same divinity is always present in his voice….the voice,most versatile voice ever heard,,,,can float in every raaga of creation till it reaches the God godself…..Can everyone understand Rafi Sahab,,? can everyone be Rafi fan,,,Can every one become Binu Nair,,,no,,,,,,,,,,,well,only blessed can undestand divinity! Thank you!

  15. Dipak Jham says:

    RIP Savita

  16. Binu Nair says:

    Dear Caivaa : People like savita garcia – never die… they live in peoples heart. i believe such souls come back to do greater things. savita has inspired us.
    two urgent request :
    1. Moderator ji : kindly publish the writings of savita as an article itself

    2. Requesting mr.narayana to forward this article about savita’s passing away – to the journalistic fraternity under his knowledge.

    binu nair. rafi foundation……

  17. A S MURTY says:

    ali (unknow) Sir, you said it all.

  18. ali(unknow) says:

    God made us for ourself but peole like Savita Garcia and Mohd Rafi made for other and God takes these people so soon…….

  19. bina says:

    Dear Caivaa:

    What an amazing young woman Savita Garcia seems to have been…this is really very sad news ..God seems to have sent her to this world only for a short period to make a place in the hearts of people, and that too not of her own country. How amazing it is to be born in one country and lead a life of selfless service in another.

    Sach, everything about her makes me marvel at her personality, from her youthful looks to her passion for Rafi Saab..

    But its the quality of life that one leads thats more important, and there is no doubt where Savita would be now my dear bhakts…listening to Rafi Saab himself singing for her…

    May god Bless her soul.

  20. ali(unknow) says:

    I think it is impossible to compare mohd rafi with any singer and also impossible to compare who is best mohd rafi bhakth..As human we should go but people like mohd rafi will be for ever….

  21. Priya Sanyal says:

    RAFI sahab used to sing for love of his listeners. To have such a love like that of Miss garcia is really an award thats greater than any other award…

    For Miss garcia, appears no way as any fanatic noise making fan but a nice human beings for compassion for everyone and a women of wisdom in real sense ,so her presence really matter!

    yes, I remember her for her passionate comment(I don`t remember the actual reference) where she used to always state,

    “Rafi sahab is not mere entertainment but a personality for humank ind and excellence in fine arts(music)”

    I`m very sad to read this post…..My prayers!

  22. Priya Sanyal says:

    common people go restless with death…..
    The death shows real feeling.Only pure person can stay so composed at the time of death.even from rafi sahab personal life we have got reference how much Rafi sahab remained inward and composed at time of death…The month of Ramzan was also a dream death for Rafi sahab…

    .the diary asbtract from savita Garcia appears to state that (late)Ms savita really wanted so many people to be aware of rafi sahab.As she discovered him ,the same way she wanted to share him with world.The reference at last part appears as if she is tryng to reason out ,why still so many people don`t know such a singer and person like Rafi sahab….but she left it incomplete…

    But still in real life….its not human to have such a strong emotion at the time of death for anyone.Death give us fear and we forget everything,but she remembered Rafi shab,amazing! If we read, it appears something unsual but if we try to see in depth of this episode indicates Rafi sahab was in real a divine person…..we never knew works of Garciaji…still she was inspired by rafi sahab in life practice too> I know Kamarpukur for some other reason and have visited there for some pilgrimage,,,But I can tell everyone here..its a very poor village and no modern facility or any good hotel…Its very very tough for any foreigner or so called one in modelling proffesion to live there for any work!
    I bow down to such love!

  23. Lt Col Javed Sayyed says:

    Dear Caivaa,
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful incident & acquainting us with a characteristic Rafi Lover-Miss Garcia. Its a sad thing for all of us to lose such a beautiful person like Miss Garcia in such a tragic way at such a tender age. And to know that even with a snake bite & sensing her worldly end just round the corner, yet maintaing her dignity, poise & calm & considering herself lucky to breathe her last on the same faithful date is a matter of divine courage, selflessness & utmost spirituality. We have truely lost a priceless human being & a true Rafian! May Allah bless her soul. She would be straight to heaven to meet Rafi sahab!!

  24. V.Ramdas says:

    Dear sir,

    Thank you very much for giving the story of savith gartia.Although she was a german in birth she became an ardent admire of Rafsaab.God didnot permit her to live in a world where Rafisaab left his gems.i pray for her soul.

  25. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Caivaa jee, Very nice and heart touching article. Thanks for sharing very -2 emotional depart of ms Savita Garcia. I salute her and praying for GOD may her eternal soul rest in peace.
    I am unable to write more after reading this heart touching article.
    -Sanjeev Dixit
    Founder, Rafi Foundation Lucknow Chapter

  26. M V Devraj says:

    Hello Caivaa; Savita is a blessed Rafi Bhakth. That is the reason she breathed her last on the Day Rafisaab had and she is now in the company of God and Rafisaab at this young age.May her soul rest in eternal peace.God Bless!
    M V Devraj

  27. BINU NAIR says:



  28. Nagesh Sidhanti says:

    Dear Caivaa,

    Indeed a very sad moment for us, that we lost Savita
    this early. That she left the comforts of her mother
    country and came all the way to serve villagers in west
    bengal, shows her compassion and true nature, no doubts
    she was an admirer of the great man, who too is liked by
    all of us for similar qualities.

    As she mentioned, this is a dream death of any Rafi bhakt
    and Savita Garcia unfortunately for us, attained this albeit
    too too early. I vividly remember her comments on my
    article ‘door rahkar na karo baat’, and in that she gave
    hints of a bengal connection when she wrote that she had heard the song on ‘bibidh bharti’. I sincerely pray that her
    soul rests in peace.

    Savita Garcia. Your passion and devotion, has immortalised
    a true Rafi fan. We miss you, though you would now stay snugly inside our hearts.

    A drop of tear, in your name Savita.

    Nagesh Sidhanti

  29. satyendra says:

    she was a true rafian who adopted rafi sahab’s qualities also.
    bhagwan unki aatma ko shanti de.
    dua ko haath uthao

  30. A S MURTY says:

    the news of demise of Savita Garcia has come as a very very rude shock to me. ms garcia has been contributing by way of very expressive comments on this website and has sung praises on rafi sahab on several occasions through her indulgive writing. she never minced words and gave her opinion without fervor or favor. i had always felt that she is a foreigner but never knew she had settled down here in india to do social service. it is her fortune that she breathed her last exactly on the same day we were mourning the death anniversary of rafi sahab, an idol whom she herself worshipped. i was astonished too to read what she had to say to her friends just before she died – that it was a dream death to coincide with the punyatithi of rafi sahab’s death. do such admirers exist even today – that one question has been answered tragically by the loss of one great social worker, a humanitarian and a true follower of rafi sahab.

    may god her soul peace and that her cherished dreams of upliftment of the downtrodden come true. her legacy will continue with others in her organization.


  31. N K V RANGA RAO says:

    we have lost a true RAFI bhakt at such an early age,RAFI sab is immortal so are his songs. My heartfelt condolances to the family of Savita Garcia.

  32. Priya Sanyal says:

    Savita Garcia`s words,
    “Infinite is his quality, words are less in comparison to simplicity of his nature.
    Uncountable are his charity in hidden ways, beyond expression is his humbleness, great was his honesty, Versatile was his singing, priceless was his songs, worship was his voice, Love was his nature, divinity was his personality, Mohammed Rafi is his name…”

    What a true feeling! Yes,Rafi saab is immortal and so is one who understand such immortality!
    May Peace be followed!
    My prayers and wishes!

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