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A Fan or a Bhakt?

By Santosh Vishwanath

A Fan or a Rafi Bhakt Umesh Makhija (6).jpg

Bed decorated by Umesh Makhija

Umesh Makhija the name doesn’t sound popular, does it? But the moment you add Rafi saab’s name with it, the name rings a bell in our ears. Yes, it is true as true is the temple of love for Rafi Saab in this man’s heart. You will have to see it to belive it. Narayanji from Banglore and myself have been fortunate enough to have seen it. So I thought it would be nice to write about Umeshji who has done so much to keep our Rafi Saab’s memory live here in Ahmedabad.

As soon as you enter the society & ask about Rafi Darshan you need not blink a eye before anybody tells you the exact place. As we stood in front of the house we could see Rafi Darshan written on top of the door. Our heart was pounding as we heard the footsteps nearing the door. We were so eager to see after all what Rafi Darshan was. A smiling face of Umesh Makhija greeted us. As I put my first foot forward I felt as if I am entering a temple . The whole atmosphere seemed surreal at first. We were taken to a separate room. Inside what I saw was out of this world; there were innumerable pictures of Rafi saab all over the place. One common thing in all the pictures was the ever smiling face of our Rafi saab. The most striking thing was the bed. You can see it in the pictures . Two pillows adorned both sides of the bed. On one was the birthdate of Rafi saab and on the other is the Death anniversary of Rafi saab. The blanket was decorated with hand written songs of our Rafi saab. It seemed so emotional. I could feel as if Rafi saab was admist us standing and smiling.

A Fan or a Rafi Bhakt Umesh Makhija (1).jpgA Fan or a Rafi Bhakt Umesh Makhija (8).jpgA Fan or a Rafi Bhakt Umesh Makhija (7).jpgA Fan or a Rafi Bhakt Umesh Makhija (6).jpgA Fan or a Rafi Bhakt Umesh Makhija (5).jpgA Fan or a Rafi Bhakt Umesh Makhija (4).jpgA Fan or a Rafi Bhakt Umesh Makhija (3).jpgA Fan or a Rafi Bhakt Umesh Makhija (2).jpgA Fan or a Rafi Bhakt Umesh Makhija (14).jpg

A Fan or a Rafi Bhakt Umesh Makhija (13).jpgA Fan or a Rafi Bhakt Umesh Makhija (12).jpgA Fan or a Rafi Bhakt Umesh Makhija (11).jpgA Fan or a Rafi Bhakt Umesh Makhija (10).jpgA Fan or a Rafi Bhakt Umesh Makhija (9).jpg

Those innumerable photos made for a sea of emotions, from happy to sad. Umeshji then opened a cupboard full of cassettes. On opening the door a song started playing and it seemed so serene. Pure love and bhakhti of Umeshji for Rafi Saab was visible in every nook and corner of the room. We Then listened to some rare songs and had a great time talking about Rafi Saab. It is a must for each of our Rafi saab family to visit the shrine and meet Rafi saab. Rest in peace Rafi saab.

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48 Blog Comments to “A Fan or a Bhakt?”

  1. anwar khan says:

    Respected Sri Umesh Makhija ji I am very impressed and feel that you are one of a few who has made rafi sahabs soul happy for your dedication and love for rafi sahab .

  2. arun Gautam says:

    Congratulation & thanks for introducing us the great fan of rafi saheb and his devotion of respected shri Umesh Makhija ji. Really you are so kind of you. we love you. With your inspiration we should celebrate the birthday of rafi saheb every year at home with rafi saheb fans.
    I wish you success

    with love
    Arun Gautam, Karol Bagh, New Delhi

  3. Sanjeev Rajput says:

    Maharaj Ki Jai Ho.
    Yun To Humne Lakh Fans Dekhein Hain
    Tumsa Nahin Dekha…..
    Indeed a true Fan/Pujari/Bhakt of the Legend.May Rafisaab bestow his blessings on this great man.
    Long Live Rafisaab

  4. shaik zubair says:

    thanks brother for this wonderful site about the great md. rafi sahab, not only me, my whole family which contains my father, my uncles, maamas, chachas, brothers cousins every ones in our surrounding are all so connected to thegreat voice of the great legend that no words can describe the great legend it was indeed the blessing of the almighty .

    i from the bottom of the heart feel that u have done a good job.





    my e mail id 9466240494






  7. AHAMED KUTTY says:

    Dear Aarthi Beti,
    tears come out while reading your comment (ref 18).there are rafians like us.
    but a rafians like your father are very are so lucky to have a father
    like him and your father is so lucky to become such a great devotee of
    rafi saab.when i strated visiting this divine site i started to note about
    mr.makhija – the devotee who love rafi saab so much.

  8. jai rafi saheb to all saheb’s pujaris’ MERE SONG PREMIYO AAPS MAI PREM KARO’ SAY RAFI SAHEB

  9. santosh says:

    Dear Sureshji,

    Never meant to challange u as a rafi bhakt.What ur comment implied was that umesh mkahija did not deserve a place in this site.That is why i replied in the manner i thought was correct.Sorry for having hurt u unadvertently and unintentionally.

    We all are from the same family so we should be united and continue to admire our rafi saab.Also would appreciate if u could give me ur number so that we could be in touch andbe friends.

  10. GV Suresh says:

    post no 34, santoshji,

    firstly my view points were never to negate the devotion umeshji has about
    rafi sab, so if umeshji has proporated rafi sab’s music in ahmedabad, it is
    good of him to have done that. and to the question, what i might have done
    to keep rafi sab’s music alive, i feel that all fans are equal and one necessarily
    doesn’t become a ‘fan no. 1’ by doing this or that, then it becomes more than
    just the admiration.

    i am just a humble rafi admirer, and i simply cherish his music in my heart.
    sorry, i never knew, there are other prequalifications to even express an

    post no. 32 murthyji,

    Thanks very much for your considerate views sir.


  11. Sachin Sharma says:

    Dear Makhija ji, Vishwanath ji and all Rafi Sahab Fans
    Before I came in tocuh with Rafi sahab site and offcourse in registration of this particular site, I think my self be the rare fans of great Rafi sahab, but when I read these type of articles like Dixit ji, Makhija ji, Nair ji, Walijah and many more Rafi sahab lovers, I feel very proud that my choice was good as from the very beginining I use to sing my father Rafi sahab songs and from that moment I have made my choice accordingly.
    In last I salute Makhija , Vishwanath ji for this wonderful sharing article.

    Sachin Sharma

  12. rameshkurpad says:

    there are two appearances the almighty made in the blessed land of bharat and every bharatvaasee never refutes and protects it with a smile ( irrespective of religion caste creed colour ) simply because in both the appearances the birth life and death was in bharat itself.


    rafi sahab

    ramesh narain kurpad

  13. Ali says:

    I don’t like to compare but I like say one think about mohd rafi jest take out shammi ji from mohd rafi list still there are many other, ok take out naushand ji still u have many,mohd rafi is the only singer said about him in 1958 that any song. Going to sing by him it going to be hit……..

  14. Mahender Singh says:

    Rafi sahab has been a divine blessing for the mankind. All those who heard this voice are blessed. Umeshji, many thanks for dedicating your time to this noble cause. You deserve a big applause from all of Rafi bhakts. May God bless you with all success that you strive for, and best of health to all in your family. Please do let me know the address of Rafi Temple, when I’m in Ahmedabad, I would like to visit.

    Best regards
    Mahender Singh
    99301 32169

  15. santosh says:

    Dear Sureshji,

    This site is a one dedicated to rafi saab.This is a place which binds us together by one commong string.That is the love for rafi saab.Here we discuss the greatness of rafi saab’s singing .Also this is a place where all important activities regarding our rafi saab needs to be made known to all of us.How else can we get to know what is happening where.So i find it apt to write about a bhakt like me and u but more than us because he has helped to spread the memories of rafi saab here in Ahmedabad.Pl let me know what all u have done for keeping memory of rafi saab live.I would highly appreciate this.

  16. rameshkurpad says:


    apart from me, nobody has written the word god, or avataar in the form of an article.

    now this a line of thought – why dont you take it as a form of expression of love.

    all the painters in the world got up and defended MFH – that those blasphemous paintings were just expressions of art – why curb/condemn art.

    i have done no such thing to be segregated from a fan – out of the fan only there is a bhakt – he/she is no different.

    if actions like umesh makhija’s and some one who calls him god or avataar – is tossed around freely – these are not ” opposite views “.

    there is something called refutal and there is rebuttal too.

    i actively use them to prove or disprove a point of view.

    any thing i say should not directly hurt the persona of a certain individual.
    i am not expressing ” opposite views “.

    and if i make one – i should know how to defend it .

    for your information – i am one among the few living who have seen rafi sahab from very close quarters when he is not singing – thats terrific for me and cant just be imagined.

    as for his songs – as a conemporary who has been following music since swargiya kundan lal saigal sahab – rafi sahab’s guru – in depth knowledge of his songs are a daily routine and life.

    its sad to note that you pointed a finger and then when reactions came by – you have taken offence.

    many a times i have found ” silence is golden ” – if my opinion is strongly hurting i prefer not to say anything.

    lets enjoy the enormous treasure trove of memorable songs left behind by rafi sahab and all the other singing legends.

    sureshji this was friendly banter – i hope you got the message.

    ramesh narain kurpad

  17. A S MURTY says:

    G V Suresh ji. The article was about a Rafi Bhakt and does not go one to demean any other music lover. You are a Rafi Bhakt yourself as your second para amply states. There is no doubt of your being fascinated by the golden voice of Rafi Sahab. It is only that some of such Rafi Bhakts take that extra step too and go on to become role models for many more. This being a forum for Rafi Sahab, it is only apt that such articles get published here. The Rafi Bhakts have been careful not to air their staunch bhakti towards Rafi Sahab on other fora which may not be fully Rafi-centric. We would do nothing to alienate any music lover and welcome very healthy discussions. After all, music is the single reason for all of to be seen on this forum and others. Keep writing at will, Sir. We appreciate your sincere viewpoints.

  18. GV Suresh says:

    Post No.17, Rameshkurpadji,

    Thanks for the response. I don’t know if I was able to putforth my views

    I have been listening to Rafisab since 60s and I have a collection of more
    than 1000 songs of his, in addition to the other music. Some of his songs are
    simply unmatched in terms of emotions he has conveyed, that only could
    best be heard. I have been reading this blog since 3-4 years and enjoy
    reading most of the topics that come through.

    Who am I to judge what anyone should do with their love to Rafisab??
    My point of submission is more a plea, not to alienate the views of those
    who are plain music lovers who also love Rafi and those who don’t
    necessarily consider him a god. I am one of them and that doesn’t make
    me a lesser fan than others. It is important for a mature forum like this
    to tolerate if not encourage opposite views, if any, although what I have
    said is hardly one. I have nothing more to say.


  19. santosh says:

    Dear Arti,

    Dont thank me.Because i have not done a favour to ur or umeshji.I have done a small service in honour of rafi saab.Also what umesh ji is doing is something which I or for that matter lot of us cannot do.The willpower required is very strong.So I will be happy by just ur good wishes. Take care.I will be comming to ur house this Saturday.

  20. thnksss a lot santosh uncleee for all ur love u showered on us thru this blog….i heartly thnk uu…tccccc…

  21. santosh says:

    MY thanks to all those who have commnented here.It is a great pleasure to see this heartwhelming response to an article written by a small bhakt like me.I am also very happy that I have highlighted the efforts of Mr.Makhija to the entire rafi saab fraternity.Thanks for all ur support.Today I feel as if Rafi saab has blessed me and is with me somewhere very very near/

  22. santosh says:

    MY thanks from my heart to all those who have commnented here.It is a great pleasure to see this heartwhelming response to an article written by a small bhakt like me.I am also very happy that I have highlighted the efforts of Mr.Makhija to the entire rafi saab fraternity.Thanks for all ur support.Today I feel as if Rafi saab has blessed me and is with me somewhere very very near/

  23. Binu Nair says:

    May the tribe o Rafi lovers increase….. Makhija has a rich knowledge of songs of rafi saab and he can also sing outside the bathroom – too.
    I love his commitment. He has not even seen mohd rafi saab.
    Yes – this love for the saint singer is praise worthy. keep it up . as i said, may the tribe of mohd rafi lovrs increase.
    and happy to say that there are millions of them – everywhere.

  24. A S MURTY says:

    ADABRAFI Santosh Vishwanathji. Many many thanks for giving us such a huge and lovely profile of Umeshbhai Makhija whom I have known as one of the tallest Rafi Bhakts. Umeshbhai is unassuming and keeps a rather low profile. He follows his heart and is devoted to Rafi Sahab – following in the footsteps of his and our idol. He has been a subject of praise and discussion in several of our fora earlier also and deserves to be knighted in our manner as “RAFI UMESH MAKHIJA”. He is a source of inspiration to many of us and I have often advised Rafi Bhakts visiting Ahmedabad to please visit the Rafi Darbar. Aartee bete, thanks for the other inputs too and we all hold your dad and your family in highest of esteem.

  25. Prakash Rao says:

    Dear Santosh Ji,

    Thanks for unveiling one of the ardent fans of Rafi saheb. Many of us keep our devotion to the great singer within the heart not finding time how to express them. But here is a path finder Mr Makhija who exactly demonstrated the fanship / bhaki for Rafi saheb in a special way. This is the best way of showing wonderful tributes to the hearty singer.

  26. jayesh says:

    Umeshji has gone great work to keep alive rafi saab’s memory in ahmedabad. i have also visited umeshji’s house ‘rafi darshan’ and have seen all those rare & wonderful pictures of rafi saab.

  27. Lt Col Javed Sayyed(Retd) says:

    Dear Mr Umesh & his sweet daughter Aarti Makhija,
    You have been really the chosen one to have realised the true sac red feeling of compassion & existence of rafi sahab amongst you in your house itself!! You dont have to now seek divine intervention anywhere in the world! Your own beautiful home is your world. Now, you may inspire thousands like us to be more bold & show more affections towards our rafi sahab in each of our different ways. Life is a constant search of enlightenment & you all have achieved it so soon!!! Have a pleasant life & enjoy your closeness & proximity to Rafi sahab all thru!
    Congrats for the courage that you have displayed in your actions. Mere mortals cant even think of such devotion. You should be proud of it always & everytime!
    My deepest compliments to Santosh Vishwanath for sharing with us such priceless info. Keep up the good work.
    One personal request to all rafi bhakts- Pl vote every single day & hour in for our rafi sahab. It is with lots of effort that we have got the rankings in world top 10. No slippages henceforth, only rise & rise due our all our efforts. Pl tell your friends, relatives in India & abroad to vote repeatedly on this site.

  28. balwantsaqi says:

    Dear umesh Mukhija.

    I salute you for yours love for ours Almighty.dear you are a great fan or Worshiper of Rafi Sahib. Yours creativity is praiseworthy i bow down ahead of



  29. rameshkurpad says:


    may the almighty shower his choicest of blessings on you, your papa, your mamma and your entire familly.

    all the fans / bhakts who are a regular in this website or visit it are with you and umeshji – your can be rest assured.

    very few people are ordained with the kind of nature your father possesss, hence you are very lucky – you are his daughter. every daughter is most proud of her father in this whole wide world and your papa is a blessed man.

    the world experiencing the pangs of kaliyuga has to tolerate all kinds of negative humans who try their best to thwart you from doing what you are doing. hence do not fear and single minded devotion always pays.

    the world will derive strength and happiness from the enormous positivity your fathers actions emits and it’s definitely a nice feeling.

    i wish you all the best in life and cheer.

    ramesh narain kurpad

  30. Missed this temple..Had I known I would have -during my recent visit to Ahmedabad..Anyways, Very Good and Noble Effort ..

  31. hii…myself aarti makhijaaa daughter of umesh makhija….onbehalf of my dad i wuld like to thank u alll for appreciating my dad’s hard wrk…my dad is big devotee of rafi saheb n today i feel proud of my dad…i m proud to be callled umesh makhija’s daughterrr…i havee seen my dad cryingg forr rafi sahebbb …i wuld like to share wid u one kissa of me n ma day he called me n asked me which of these family photo is best onee n i thought he wuld be talking abt our family photo bt as i saw d pic it was of rafi saheb family photos..n i was kya papa hamare ghar pe ek bhi hamara family photo nai hai n u want to keep rafi saheb’s photo…bt i was wrng on dat day..n my dad makee me understood kee ghar pe sab se pehlee bhagwan k photo ki stapna ki jaati hai… aaj rafi saheb ke aashirwad se me n my family r very happyy…jab bhi koi bhi prob aati hai my dad rem rafi saheb…for him heee iss only d god… n nw for me n our family too rafi saheb is god..some tyme sum ppl calll my dad a crazy fannn at dat tymee i do feel bad n i say dem he is nt crazy fan he is real fan of rafi saheb…n i hope u alll will agreee wid me on this point…

  32. rameshkurpad says:

    post no.6, sureshji,

    when you say humble opinion – it always follows with humility – which is missing.
    if you minus the music – the fan is automatically a fanatic. waah waah waah.

    umesh makhija has not seeked any ones help to do what he is doing.

    umesh makhija is just a unique example of a serious rafi bhakt. thats all.

    this website dedicated to rafi sahab is to discuss about him

    rafi sahab is like the universe – the more you discuss – the more you get engrenched into the divine whirpool – cesspool – quicksand of – love – peace – tranquility and eternal happiness.

    the spoken word can never be taken back – hence it has to be measured and appreciative – not judgemental.

    this is just reflecting on what you have said.

    jai ho rafi sahab

    adaab rafi,

    ramesh narain kurpad

  33. santosh says:

    Dear all rafi fans ( Bhakts).

    I would like to thank from the deepest part of my heart for publishing the article and all those lovely comments .I will call them rather appreciation of Umesh Makhija.My long lived dream of getting an article published has been fulfilled.This is like a new year gift to me. I would like to thank Mr.Narayanan who has been a constant support to me in this endaveour.Also the moral support of Mr,Ramesh Kurpad though our telphonic talk has been great.

    In the end I will say rafi saab will continue to awe us, inspire us, surprise us, and shower his affection in the form of his golden voice.

    Thanks to all.



  34. sanjeev dixit says:

    Respected Narayan sir, Ref post:12
    I am totally agree with your words and i can feel your feelings after visiting this great religious and pious place…

    Respected RN Kurpad ji,Ref. post no-5
    Bilkul sahi kaha aapne…”yahan der hai andher nahi hai”
    “milta hai jahan nyay wo website yahi hai,Rafi sahab ke bhakto ki katar yahin hai”

  35. vinod mehru says:

    dear umesh makhija ji,
    jeende raho khush raho,
    mein akela nahin tha unka deewana aap ki report padh kar yahi kehne ko man karta hai “tumsa nahin dekha”. apna adress bhejna mujhe par bhejna. chance mila then mil kar jaongaa.
    with warm love
    vinod mehru

  36. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Dear Santosh ji,
    Hearty congrats to you for this a very lovely article on Umesh makhija ji.I was said to you that your article will publish although it will be late, because there are so many articles are in Que for publishing on the website.
    Any way many congratulations to you and lot of thanks to share very rare informations abut Umesh Makhija ji.
    HATS OFF!!! for umesh ji….


  37. Narayan says:

    Hearty Congrats to you dear Santosh for bringing very sweet memories of the Farishta Rafi Sahab and his staunch Poojari Umesh bhai..
    Fans !
    Believe it or not
    I felt spiritual vibrations like visiting a great religious and pious place…
    No where in the world we can find this kind of dedication of a devotee for his Icon
    Jai Rafi Sahab
    Jai Rafi Bakts
    Jeethe Raho

  38. mohamedparvez says:

    dear rafi saab”s fans, i would like to inform everybody,i have posted 14 pictures and a video of umesh makhijI”s residence in rafi saab”s blog and in face book,kindly view pictures in rafi saab”s blog,total over 500 pages are there,please don”t miss any page,to go to next page,kindly click oldr posts,you will find bottom of every page,total number of pages visited by rafi saab”s fans from around 101 countries is 57800 pages,averge number of pages last 30 days showing ,around 138 pages,by rafi saab”s fans,kindly visit this link,take care

  39. Nagesh Sidhanti says:

    Dear Santoshji,

    Thank you immensely for your imagery evoking report of your visit to
    Umeshji’s residence. Enjoyed reading it and watching the video too.
    He is indeed a dedicated Rafi bhakt.

    I just noticed Mohd Rafi Radio. Fantastic initiative and I’d like to
    sincerely appreciate those who are responsible for this innovative
    value addition. This simply means, tuning into this website on all waking
    hours. Congratulations for making a compulsion.


    Nagesh Sidhanti

  40. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    It is very nice to read and watch video clipping, I am very much inspired to see that people are so much got influenced and became extreme fanatics of a personality whom we lovely call Rafi Saab and their deeds & acts are for the great human being. As they completely immersed themselves in the memory of Rafi Saab. what a deewangi!!!. I would like to share a couplet of Jigar Muradabadi who aptly said for such situation –

    na garaj kisi se na vaasta, mujhe kaam apne hi kaam se
    tere zikr se, tere fikr se, tere yaad se, tere naam se

    I whole heartedly congratulate Santosh ji to introduce one more great rafi fan to the rafian fraternity. Thanks really a lot.

    Best regards

    H.A.K. Walijah

  41. Dear Santoshji,

    Many thanks to introdduced Mr. Makhija to the Rafian fan world. Khuda bhi rask karta hoga Rafi saab ke liye logon ki deewangi ko dekh kar aur
    jalta bhi hoga unki popularity ko dekh kar. Great Makhija saab mein bhi rafi saab ka bhakt hoon par aapke samne kuchh bhi nahi.

  42. Dear Santoshji,

    Many thanks to introdduced Mr. Makhija to the Rafian fan world. Khuda bhi rask karta hoga Rafi saab ke liye logon ki deewangi ko dekh kar aur
    jalta bhi hoga unki popularity ko dekh kar. Great Makhija mein bhi rafi saab ka bhakt hoon par aapke samne kuchh bhi nahi.

  43. GV Suresh says:

    Dear Santoshji,

    Thanks for the write-up.

    Any form of belief or bhakti , it is proved to have beneficial effects on the
    bearer. In that sense, I am sure Umeshji finds strength and solace in
    glorifying the great singer.

    Just an impertinent view here. If you delete the music part, please
    enlighten me sir, in what ways this bhakti is different from say glorifying
    any other gods of our religious preferences??? My humble opinion is that
    it’d be nice to read more about Rafi sab’s undisputed and immortal singing
    abilities on this blog, that is dedicated for the very same purpose. A very
    thin line separates a fan from a fanatic, that we all know.

    Hope I haven’t overstepped in my views.


  44. rameshkurpad says:

    santoshji, is a dedicated rafi sahab website – yahaan der hai – andher nahee – like rafi sang in one of his memorable songs.

    pradeepji is also a highly dedicated and sincere moderator/adminstrator of this beautifully, meticulously governed rafi sahab website.

    santoshji, your long wait has ended and your wish has been fulfilled naturally – without any internvention ( i suppose ).

    hence your worry and tensed disposition was temporary and misplaced.

    all fans/bhakts would agree with me – when i say – you have written the essay most beautifully actually taking us to umesh makhijaa / rafi sahab abode through pictures.

    your love for rafi sahab and umesh makhijaa is evident.

    umesh makhijaa is more than a bhakt as a mortal.

    long live – rafi sahab – tussi great ho.

    congrats santoshji on a neat article – keep it up with many more to come.

    ramesh narain kurpad

  45. gurdev singh says:

    Hi. I am a Singaporean. I will like to visit and meet the fan. Can I have the address and tel number. Mine is 65-93876700. Thanks

  46. P. Haldar says:

    Dear Santosh ji,

    Thanks for profiling one of the greatest Rafi bhakts. I’ve read about Umesh ji before and it’s great that you and Narayanan ji could visit the house and share the photographs with the rest of us.

    P. Haldar

  47. mohamedparvez says:

    dear mr santosh vishwanath, thanx for sharing nice article about rafi saab”s bakht,umesh makhija bhai, i have shared this video with my friends of face book, orkut,twitter,and in rafi saab”s blog,iam happy to inform iam getting nice feed back ,from rafi saab”s fans,after watching mohamed rafi jayanti video,i will post pictures of rafi dharshan in rafi saab”s blog,and in face book,kindly visit each and every page of our beloved rafi saab”s blog,total over 500 pages are there,please don”t miss any page,to go to next page,kindly click older posts,you will find bottom of every page,kindly visit this link,take care

  48. MEHTAB says:

    Salute to Mr. Umesh Makhija. We have such numerous diehard fans of Rafi Sahib in the whole world. It is the greatness of the late Mohd. Rafi, which adheres everyone within no time. Mohd. Rafi is the personality, which will surely & certainly attract in all the coming ages. All of his songs have a height of the Zenith and have the deep meanings of Sur, Art and everything. None can imitate him. He is an immortal one with his thousands of lovely & melodious songs. Salute to the fans of Rafi Sahib like Mr. Santosh Vishwanath, Mr. P. Narayanan, Mr. Binu Nair. Mr. Zorawar Singh, Mr. Mohd. Parvez, Mr. Anmol Singh also.
    — MEHTAB, Chandigarh, (+91-98157 03226)

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