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Rafi’s popularity in Suriname

This article is written by Mr. Azad Ilahibaks.

My name is Azad Ilahibaks. I am forty years old and live since 1991 in Holland. Before this I lived in Suriname, a country in South-America. I am a fan of Rafi. I am collecting Rafi songs. Now I have approximately 1.700 mp3 of Rafi. I have never seen a show of Rafi. I know that he has given shows in many country, also in Suriname and in Holland. When I meet people who saw the shows of Rafi, I liked to talk with those people and try to ask so many question as possible. Also I like to talk about Rafi with others fan. In Holland, Suriname and all over the world there are millions of fan of Rafi.

When Rafi came to Suriname he did sing a song in the Suriname language on the melody of Sukoo from the film Junglee. The song begins as follow: Aya ya ya , mi lob sranan sukoo sukoo. With this song Rafi wins the heart of all Suriname people. Not only the hindustanis, but also the negros, chinese, etc.

Mohd Rafi Live

I have heard that in Nickerie, a place where I was born, you did have two camps. One was the fan of Rafi and the other of Mukesh. When there was a picture in which Rafi has playbacked, the cinema was full of Rafi fans. When there was a film with songs of Mukesh, the cinema was full of Mukesh fans. There are also films in which there are songs of both singers. In that case when the Mukesh songs began, his fans began to clap and when Rafi songs began, Rafi fans began to do the same. I have heard also that some time after a film the fans of both camps fight with each other on the street. Of course this was not good. Rafi and Mukesh were friends and they would not like to hear something like this.

Rafi has died on 31st July 1980. It was Ramadan and it was the 27 of Ramadan. Moslims believes that when a person dies in Ramadan he will go to the Paradise. Rafi was a good moslims. I believe that he will go to the paradise.

Download: Ay Yay Yaa Mi Logi Sararang ( Rafi Sahab live in Suriname )

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65 Blog Comments to “Rafi’s popularity in Suriname”

  1. Saheed says:

    Hi Azad,
    As you i am as well a huge fan of Rafi…
    I want to share with you that i have visited his grave in Mumbay Santa Cruz.
    His grave is still cherished with flowers as he died yesterday… That’s to remind us what a unique person he was… He is remembered by his songs till today and i think when you and I are long gone of this world he will still be remembered.
    Take care and enjoy his songs as I do every day!

  2. rafi saab ….. i
    i like all song of rafi saab ….
    like a …..
    Yahan Main Ajnabi Hoon (Jab
    Jab Phool Khile 1965) Song By
    Mohammed Rafi ……. saab ….
    Movie/Album: जब जब फूल खिले (1965)
    Music By: कल्याणजी-आनंदजी
    Lyrics By: आनंद बक्षी
    Performed By: मो.रफ़ी
    कभी पहले देखा नहीं ये समाँ
    ये मैं भूल से आ गया हूँ कहाँ
    यहाँ मैं अजनबी हूँ
    मैं जो हूँ बस वही हूँ
    कहाँ शाम-ओ-सहर ये, कहाँ दिन-रात
    बहुत रुसवा हुए हैं, यहाँ जज़्बात
    नई तहज़ीब है ये, नया है ये ज़माना
    मगर मैं आदमी हूँ, वही सदियों
    मैं क्या जानूँ ये बातें, ज़रा
    इन्साफ़ करना
    मेरी ग़ुस्ताख़ियों को,
    ख़ुदारा माफ़ करना
    यहाँ मैं अजनबी…
    तेरी बाँहों में देखूँ, सनम
    ग़ैरों की बाँहें
    मैं लाऊँगा कहाँ से, भला ऐसी
    ये कोई रक़्स होगा, कोई दस्तूर
    मुझे दस्तूर ऐसा, कहाँ मंज़ूर
    भला कैसे ये मेरा, लहू हो जाए
    मैं कैसे भूल जाऊँ, मैं हूँ
    यहाँ मैं अजनबी…
    मुझे भी है शिकायत, तुझे भी तो
    गिला है
    यही शिक़वे हमारी, मोहब्बत का
    सिला हैं
    कभी मग़रिब से मशरिक़, मिला है
    जो मिलेगा
    जहाँ का फूल है जो, वहीं पे वो
    तेरे ऊँचे महल में, नहीं मेरा
    मुझे याद आ रहा है, वो छोटा सा
    यहाँ मैं अजनबी…

  3. dinesh kashiv says:

    rafi saab ….. i
    i like all song of rafi saab ….
    like a …..
    Yahan Main Ajnabi Hoon (Jab
    Jab Phool Khile 1965) Song By
    Mohammed Rafi ……. saab ….

  4. RBachnoe says:

    A very interesting article about Rafi’s popularity in Suriname. I’m also born in Suriname and now living in Holland. i’m a die-hard Rafi fan collecting songs and pics of my favourite singer. As a little boy i heard about Mohd. Rafi live performance in Suriname in the sixties. I went to the airport with my father to see Mohd. Rafi for the first time in my life. Airport hall was full of Rafi fans.
    Mohd. Rafi made himself inmortal in Suriname with the suku suku song. I heard a fan got an heart attack after hearing this song in Surinam language. I saw all his shows in was very happy to see him on stage..Later i visit his grave and his mansion in Mumbai..

  5. Vijay Rampersad says:

    Hi Rafi’ji FANS. I am hunting for the songs from the movie THAKDEER , but I can’t find it anywhere. I am looking for the titles song. If you have it Pleeeeez send it to me .

    My e-mail addr is

  6. Somesh says:

    Pl. send me the lsit of songs of the DD coverage on Rafi saheb’s death or the footage pl.


  7. Shahzad says:

    Dear fellow Rafi Fan,
    I am also looking for this song “har jalwa tera jalwa teree yeh duniya sari kiya masjid kiy but khana dil ka mazhab dildari.” Can you please email it to me as well?

    Kind Regards,

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  9. ziyaad says:


  10. Azad Ilahibaks says:

    Mr Nabie.

    I do not know you, but i know that the family Nabie lives in West Nickerie. You can email me if you want. My adress is


  11. Saheed Nabie says:

    Thanks Mr Ilahibaks. I come from the same region of Suriname, I am currently
    31 years old but Mr Rafi sahab filled my heart with his songs for ever, although i also have never attended a show of Mr Rafi sahab.
    thanks for the song.

  12. unknow1 says:

    Dear Hussein Sheikh
    if there was no religion or politics?Lata ji never get Bharat ratna award!!!!!!also RD was not a big as they made him,where is Madan Mohan?where is Naushand?where is SJ?jest listen to Mohd Rafi songs from 1970’s u will get the answer.

  13. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Pearl, nothing religion here, are you in politics?

  14. javifazl says:

    Muhamed parvez sahab shukkriya aap ne rafi sahab ka gana bheja .kiya main kuchch aur gano ki farmaesh kar sakta hoon jessa ky:
    1/ mere desh premiyo aapas mein prem karo ..
    2/ har jalwa tera jalwa teree yeh duniya sari kiya masjid kiy but khana dil ka mazhab dildari.
    3/ chalore doli uthaoo kahaar piya milan ki rut aaee. .

  15. javifazl says:

    thnks mr Muhamed parvez. im very happy, u send me song .
    thanks again

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