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Haaye Tabassum Tera

This article is written by Chandni

Mohd RafiIts a Sweet Seranade. There is nothing better than have a man sing aloud about the beauty that you possess. It gets even better when he starts using a wonderful array of similes and metaphors to get into the details of the same beauty. Every girl dreams of this and sadly, there are many who only get to dream about it and probably see it in the movies.
Nevertheless, even if we know our man is not a singer and a romantic, there is no reason why you can’t even fantasize about him being so. Trust me, all women will agree that just thinking about something like that makes them feel better.

If you want to take a trip down this fantasy lane, one of the best songs you could choose for doing this is “haaye tabassum tera…” from the film Nishaan. Though it was released in 1965, it still has so much beauty to it, it is unbelievable. It possesses the old world charm of black and white films that make you sigh and weak in the knees.

Listen to this wonderful track

Mohd RafiIn this incredibly romantic song the hero is wooing his lady love by singing about her smile-how it lights up the night sky and flashes like lightening in a thunderstorm. When she stretches, it’s like a flame being lit. Her laughter is like a drop of heaven and drives him insane. When she lifts her lashes and smiles slowly, with her hair blowing in the breeze-it is like rose petals are falling from the sky. He begs her to not stop smiling as if that happens, his breath with stop along with it. Just listening to this song makes you smile like crazy as you see yourself in the heroine’s shoes.

The lyrics for this masterpiece are given by Javed Anwar Saab and there is no way to express how well he did it. He surely knows the things to say to a girl and his wife is really lucky. No one else could have come up with such riveting words to completely enamor a woman-when she hears this, she will swoon dramatically into he singer’s arms. A beautiful piece of work which steals your heart.

To compliment the perfect lyrics, Usha Khanna gives the music and it is s fitting match. Completely filled with old world charm, she knows the right instruments to use in her orchestra to create magic.

The song is complete with the golden voice of Rafi Saab. He actually adds to the beauty of the song. His voice has a very special quality of making the words seem real. He infuses life and breath into the words and increases their appeal tremendously. The makers could not have chosen a better singer for this particular song.

So if you are a woman, I am sure you will be trying to get access to this song and I promise you will be happy when you get it. If you are a man, you know exactly what to do to create a spark in your love life.

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25 Blog Comments to “Haaye Tabassum Tera”

  1. Tanvir says:

    Fantastic Tile as always our beloved singer nobody can touch even his smile awwaz ki baat to door hai.

  2. ZAKA says:

    Nice Article Keep It Up

  3. Nadeem says:

    Bohyji Rafi Saab Kabhi Zindagi Mein Recording Studio Se Gussa Ho Kar Nahi Laute. Kabi Kisi Producer Ka Dil Nahi Toda Purane Zamane Ye Kaise Ho Sakta Hai Ke Recording Ka Time Aa Gaya Aur Rafi Saab Ko Ye Moloom Nahi Ke Recording Kis Ke Liye Ho Raha Hai

  4. Narayanan says:

    post 21.
    Nahi bobyji yeh apko kuch galthi hui aisa koi kissa johny walker ke saath nahi hua. agar aapke pas article hai tho mujhe is email id mein bheje….
    Zanzeer picture mein Rafi sahab aur Lataji ke jugal gane mein us samay kuch unka mood ( Us samay Roza ka tha) kuch pareshani hui lekin woh samjhe ki theek gaana nikla aur baher aaye tab Gulshan Bawraji ne kaha ” Paaji yeh gana mujpe filmaaya jayega” tab woh vapas aakar take ko ok kar gaye

  5. BOBY SAIFI says:

    ek baar rafi shahb recording room me gaana recored ker rehe the.pata nahi kisi baat ko leker unka mood kharaab hogaya aur woh recording room se bhaher nikal ker apne gher aagaye.gaana joni walker per filmaya jaana tha.jab joni ko pata chala ki rafi shahb apne gher chale joni walker unke gher gayeaur unhone kaha ki gaana mujh per filmaaya jaana rafi shahb ne kaha ki ‘to pehle kyo nahi bataya chal phir chalte room ke rafi sahab ne gaana recored kiya. ‘ aye dil hai mushkil jeena yaha zara hat ke zara bach ke yeh bombay meri aage chalker kaafi mashhoor hua.

  6. Saifullah says:

    Dear Binu,
    Thanks for posting your condolences on my father’s demise.
    As you rightly said, we all pray that God gives me and my family the courage to withstand the pain of this irreparable loss. What is more painful is that it happened on the birthday of our great Rafi Saab.
    May God bless them both .
    Once again thanks to all Rafians who shared this grief with us.
    Thanks and regards,

  7. A S MURTY says:

    Great ms.sharmila ji. thanks for saying it so boldly for all the world to know a woman’s feelings when rafi sahab sings. jo nasha unke saaz mein hai, woh hazar maikhanon mein nahi. slowly but surely the article by chandni ji is spreading wings and it is good that now a few of the ladies too are joining the discussions which are healthy in any case. i would have liked to hear an example or two of rafi sahab’s songs that can ‘kill’. i would like the list of such songs to be highlighted, for our fading memories to be refreshed. no more no less. thanks.

  8. sharmila says:

    how can a prudent person say that kishore’s voice is romantic? Rafi’s voice can kill any lady.

  9. Azam Khan says:

    Paras, thank you so much for posting blog links here. I have been a member of this site for a long time and have found so many ardent Rafi sahab’s fans here that I never even thought of posting my songs here as I consider myself a kindergarten student of Rafi sshool of singing! Regardless, thanks to Murty sahab and Narayan ji for spending time listening to our efforts.

  10. vikas sharma says:

    what a wonderful article chandni the song “haye tabasum tera” is one of my all time favourites along with the song “yunhi bekhayal ho kar” from the movie “teen deviyan”.

    i congratulate u on sharing ur views regarding this awesome gem of a song.
    i really appreciate ur taste of music u really have got good music sense.

  11. Narayanan says:

    Post 12,
    visited ur web Parasmaniji and Azam sab it was incredible . On behalf of all music lovers and Guruji Rafi sahab’s fans pl accept our hearty congrats for ur efforts.

  12. A S MURTY says:

    dEAR PARASMANI JI, thanks for providing your blog details and have just been listening to your songs and that of mr azam khan and your duets too. well done. today i had expected to see another woman commenting on this article and just as i had thought, i found your name. but you have not given your comments on this article by ms chandini ji or the song. pls do so, it is always important to give one’s comments on the article or the subject matter when sending your response. i will be visiting your blogs often. pls also ask mr azam khan to give his comments and also be a regular visitor to this website. thanks in advance

  13. Anmol Singh says:

    This is a very incredible song sung by Rafi Saab. A slow song with many twists and turns. A beautifull score by Usha Khanna that to in the golden era during the dominence of the the greats like SJ, SDB, MM, Roshan, etc.

  14. Parasmani says:

    Azam and I have paid our tribute to Rafi Sahab on December 24th. Please tune in when time permits….

  15. binus2000 says:

    Saifullah is a greaat and ardent rafi saab lover…

    He sings well and actor dharmendra has many times heard
    and appreciated his songs sung in the style of rafi saab..
    he is settled in kerala but works currently in dubai..
    He is the only son of his parents and the last one month was
    terrible and harrowing for him….
    The reason being his dad was seriously illl and he was shunting
    from dubai to kerala and back…..

    Ultimately, on dec.24.. his dad breathed his last……

    The rafi foundation and rafi lovers send their condolences and
    pray that saifullah gets the courage to face this great loss…..

    we pray that the gods give him courage and fortitude to face
    this great loss…

    binu nair….. the rafi foundation….mumbai…

  16. binus2000 says:

    Rafi lovers:

    The rafi foundation in recent days conducted programmes
    from dec.9 onwards.
    the first one was the Shailendra-Rafi musical, the second
    the painting competition / the press conference at new delhi;
    the third rafi saab’s birthday celebrations : cutting the cake at
    rafi mansion in the ‘music room’ of rafi saab for the first time by
    mubarak begum and the fourth the naushad-rafi musical at
    bombay-matungas mysore association hall.

    all the programmes were well attended by rafi saab lovers and
    music lovers.

    the sargam magazine second issue will be launched in feb first week
    and please contact us for your copies.

    a detailed report of all these programmes willl appear herein…

    Meanwhile dev anand saab sends in his best wishes to us and he
    says that “he supports the appeal for honouring rafi saab with the
    bharat ratna award’.

    the calcutta water fountain inauguration was very successful
    informs mr.asim khan, the activist of rafi forum , calcutta and
    this forum has shown the way for rafi lovers to ‘do’ something
    unique in their own capacities.
    Well done mrs ruhi khan and best wishes to your team and my
    gratitude too. Keep it up..

    Binu Nair…. the rafi foundation… cell 9833 250 701..

  17. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:

    This particluar song used to be aired on Radio almost daily when the picture was released. This song was picturised on Dara Singh, one more instance when Rafiji gave hit and wonderful songs to other than top heroes.Thank you Chandniji, for making us remember the song again.

  18. A S MURTY says:

    Dear Chandini Ji, what a tribute you have paid to rafi sahab by so eloquently describing the song and also the feelings that it generates in women. not many of you come forward to describe your feelings and you are a rare breed. rafi sahab has immortalised the words ‘romance’, ‘love’, poetry etc. in so many of his songs that are sheer delight to listen to. may i remind the readers that this song is just one among a heap of such wonderfully rendered pieces by rafi sahab that ‘the hindu’ had once given the name of ‘mohabbat rafi’ to rafi sahab. love cannot be described more aptly than rafi sahab’s voice. whatever may be the lyrics, however good the composition maybe, the final nail is hammered by rafi sahab, in his unique and most inimitable style. no other parallels exist, either before him or after. the other notable songs that good writers like you can write in the future maybe are 1. husn wale tera jawab nahi, 2. aye musavir mere mehboob ki tasvir bana (this song was recently emailed to me by a true rafian – sajjad qadir and i will only be too glad to forward to all those who want it), 3. jane bahar husn tera bemisal hai, 4. zara sun haseena aye nazneen, mera dil tujhi pe nisar hai (in fact i need this song, anyone who can spare it please email to me at thanks for the lovely and wonderful article, madam.


    Ms. Chandni,

    1.- A nicely written article. My compliments.
    2.-There are so many songs to the credit of Usha Khanna where RAFI SAAB played the major role.
    3.- UK’s first ever film DilDeke Dekho had all super duper hits sung by Rafi Saab.
    4.-eVEN IN 80s we had a song from Rafi saab and UK was a great hit from film AAP TO AISE NA THE…(TU IS TARAH SE MUERI ZINDAGI ME SHAAMIL HAI..) It was an extraordinary piece from Rafi Saab.
    5.-Thanks for refreshing our memories with the beautiful song HAI TABASSUM TERA..

    00968 92 899089

  20. Narayan says:


  21. b.venkatadri says:

    Chandini Ji,

    Many congratulations for such a lovely presentation of a woman’s heart! While women feel as you say, I am sure men too fantasise that they could sing so exquisitely to thier beloved!

    Rafi Saab’s romantic numbers can keep us busy for a full 365 days and more!


  22. sayyed says:

    Rafi was 360 degree circle where each angle has got its dimension and deviation.
    like wise, rafi voice has got 360 degress dimensions and deviations too. where every voice he sang have different devitaions and dimensions.
    it means he can use any angle he likes to deviate his voice from one angle to another angle . that is MUHAMMED RAFI SPECIALITY.
    but mistery is that not yet any single angle has been fulfilled so far…BY ANY SINGER ..




  23. shyam says:

    this is a very nice song. although, every song of rafi is beautiful but this one is unforgettable because he had the voice of GOD.

  24. Nadeem says:

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    Mr. Nadeem on Tel 022-24051327/28

  25. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Different article this time, and so nicely written. I repeat that Rafi Saheb was superb in each and every song he sang. “Hae Tabassum tera…”, a very nice song indeed, a must for all Rafi fans. Anybody need it can mail me.

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