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Duniya Na Bhaye Mohe

This song is reviewed by Mr. Shrirang Nawathe


Mohd Rafi

I have a very special song for you in the store. The song which describes the purest form of Love. The ultimate relationship between

Devotee and the Divine. It is as pure as Ganga’s waters, as deep as Ocean, and sky is the limit to measure its height…

Pure Love is selfless and has no demands. On the contrary, it asks for total surrender. Nature teaches us Giving or surrendering ..The  more you give the more you get…is the law of the nature…The God looks for total surrender in  his Devotee or Bhakt.

The miracles happen with the highest degree of devotion. A Devotee can attain the God by his true Bhakti and the best part of this is that, the  God only helps to make it happen. This is called Bhagwad Krupa…or God’s Grace. Why am I talking  all this stuff  to you is because, a similar feeling is experienced and extended whenever we listen this song.

Here, I request you to listen the song as listening needs conscious attention whereas hearing may be without concentration.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have selected today an extraordinary devotional number from 1956 musical hit Basant Bahar. What Rafi sb had done for Bharat Bhushan in film Baiju Bawra with the help of Naushad, almost the same extraordinary job was repeated by Rafi sahab for Bahrat Bhushan in Basant Bahar but, with the help of Shankar Jaikishen.

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

In fact, Man tarpat hari darsha ko aaj…or O duniya ke Rakhwale were among the best ever songs of Rafi sb, Duniya na bhaaye mohe is no less important.

The expressions in all these devotional songs is just marvelous and one just remains dumbstruck listening these melodies. I am sure that, every one of us had heard these beautiful numbers umpteen number of times and yet we always say “YEH DIL MANGE MORE”.

Shailendra is to be given full marks for making the song worth more than million dollors. I am surprised by the very fact that all these stalwarts were in their youth when such a composition was discovered and brought to life. The experiences narrated in the song seem to be matching with a matured devotee who is on the verge of retiring from worldly affairs and seeking the God. How Shailendra in his young age could thought of such unexpected wordings and How Shankar- Jaikishen were able to put these devotional poetry to the most suitable tune?

Basant Bahar was an accepted challenge by Shankar Jaikishen as the film was to have strong musical base and it challenged their talents. However, SJ too were ahead of their times and were true geniuses who proved what their worth was. This was the film when all time great classical singer like  Pt. Bhimsen Joshi had performed for SJ’S tunes.

All time great Flute Maestro Pt. Pannalalji Ghosh played flute for the movie songs. The trivia was that Mannade ji refused to be opposite of Pt. Bhimsen Joshi in a song Ketki gulaab juhi champak ban ghume…because Mannade was to give the voice to the hero of the film and he was shown a winner in the competition. This was not accepted by Mannadeji ..but insistence of Pt Bhimsen Joshi only made Mannade sing  opposite to him…( what a great respect for each other…)

Coming back to the song, Duniya na bhaye mohe.. was cast in Raga

Listen to Duniya Na Bhaye Mohe

Bilaskhani Todi and the song starts with an  Alaap by Rafi Sb. (Here, one can note the marked difference in the style of SJ who always believed to have some grand music pieces at the start of the song) The Alaap itself takes you to the doorsteps of a temple and we automatically start feeling as a part of an audience of a devotional Bhajan group..

Duniya na bhaye mohe ab to bulale,
charano me..charano me..
tere charano me charanon me..

These four lines paint total picture of surrender. Especially the effect rendered by Rafi sb when he sings charano me- charnoe me…oh…what a flow…and expression!!…just superb..and by this moment we are in deep ocean of emotions with only feeling of surrender and devotion. The playing of Flute strengthens the effect and makes it everlasting to swing our moods. SJ were quite intelligent to keep playing minimum number of instruments and it had given full opportunity  to the singer to perform at his best.

Mere geet mere sang sahare, Koi na mera sansaar me
Dil ke ye tukde… Kaise bech du duniya ke bazaar me?
Duniya ke bazaar me.
Man ke ye moti rakhiyo tu  smahale
Charnon me charno me..tere charno me charno me..

Shailendra’s wordings were too touching when he shows the helplessness of the lonely figure by saying that his songs are the only companions for him. He tried to show the level of adjustments one has to do in practical life situations. What a description… Emotions vs. Practicality… and we know that Practicality wins over Emotions…. This is ruthless world where emotions has no place… Shilendra resembled duniya for Bazar..because in Bazar everything has a price tag. Therefore, surrender has supremacy over compromise.

Saat Suron ke Saaton Saagar Man ki Umango se Jaage
Man ki Umango se Jaage
Tu Hi Bataaaaaaaaaaaaa…..
Tu hi bataa mai kaise gaaoon behri  duniya ke aage?
Teri ye Beena ab tere havale..charnon me….charnon me…

These lines are classic example of Shailendra’s great thinking and simplest writings when he compares each sur equivalent to each Ocean of joy and bliss…. Rafi sab’s  bataaaaaaaaaaa….. takes the song to a climax…

Since there is no one to listen the feelings of a helpless person, Shailendra described the world as Behri Duniya rightly.

Maine tujhe koi such na diya, tune daya lutaai dono haatho se,
Tere pyar ki yaad jo aaye….. Dard chhalak jaaye aankho se,
Dard chaahlak jaaye aankho se,
Jeena nahi aaya mohe.. ab to chhupale..
Charnon me…charnon me…. tere charnon me .. charno me…

The Devoteee realizes his own worth and finds that, everything given to him is by the master and nothing is owned by him. This is the highest state of the mind when one realizes in true sense the importance of the GOD and then submits himself to him…This is real SHARANAAGATI…

When the heart is full of such emotions for the God, there is hardly any place for the sorrow or depression and the Devotee finds eternal bliss everywhere …His soul is on the ultimate journey to reach to its final destination where the holy soul meets the ultimate Universal soul…Atmaa meets Parmaatmaa……..what a state of mind …what else is required for a man?? The ultimate goal of the life us hereby attained… and the soul then rests in peace…

Surely, this is the state of the mind where body and soul are bound to help by  indications to be with the mind when the eyes of the devotee are totally wet.. and he is unable to control his tears whereas the heart is overflowing with the emotions of joy, bliss and surrender…….

Not a surprise that, Devotee is bound to say… Ab to chhupale charnon me.. charnon me.. tere charno me.. charno me. …..

On the screen whether it is Bharat Bhushan or Shammi kapoor it hardly matters till Rafi sb is rendering the song… It is an excellent example of Team work by SJ/ Shailendra /Rafi sahab…

Once again Rafi sb had proved that, true singing with devotion can bring tears to the listener…whether it is Man tarpat hari darshan ko …OR …. Duniya na bhaye mohe ……

rafi sahab ki yaad me….

Duniya Na Bhaye Mohe Ab To Bulale..
Film- Basant Bahar(1956)
Lyrics- Shailendra
Music- Shankar Jaikishen

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43 Blog Comments to “Duniya Na Bhaye Mohe”


    Dear Shrirang Narwathe Saheb ..a post on my Music Research whats app group made me google and find out more about this bhajan that I love . Not surprisingly i hit upon your review of 6 years back .. And i was very happy to know that you experienced the very same emotions about the song as I did today , which led to such a superb and sublime analysis by you . Like Rafi Sahab s bhajan has no demise .. Your wonderful critique has no demise .. Which is why , when i browsed today .. It turned up like a fresh fragrant flower !

  2. Natrajh Ramakrishna says:

    Nawathe JI, you have really poured your heart out for this song! This is a great song and SJ have allowed Rafi to come up with his best; the two Rafi bhajans (the other one being Badi Dher Bhayi) and Charno Mein are actually a study in contrast because of Rafi Saab’s style and SJ’s composition; Badi Dher Bhayi brings out the pure emotions whereas, Charno Mein brings out the classical in Rafi; the tabla in this song also is just great and so is the background music by SJ;
    I urge fans of Rafi to also remember another jewel in Rafi’s crown and that is the song Aana Hai to Aa from the film Naya Daur. The music was composed by the legendary OP Nayyar and comes in the same genre as the songs we are talking about…. Natrajh Ramakrishna

  3. vinaymvyas says:

    one of the finest songs from this film sung by mohd.rafi saab, without your knowedge the tears flows from your eyes when you listen to this song,great meaning,superb,fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. shrirang nawathe says:

    Lt.Col. Javed Sayyed sb,

    Thank you very much for your comments and sharing of thoughts.


  5. shrirang nawathe says:

    NRP sb,

    Thank you so much for your appreciation. I am honoured to have your comments. The song has no parallel..just unmatched ..Rafi sb is great…


    shrirang nawathe

  6. shrirang nawathe says:

    dear Siva,

    Thank you very much for your remarks and in fact, I was unaware of the fact that, the song was aired on radio on 1st Aug 1980. Nice sharing, thanks.
    It is really difficult to chose between O duniya ke rakhwale and Duniya na bhaye mohe..but there is no comparison and both were masterpiece creations..
    shrirang nawathe

  7. Lt Col Javed Syyed says:

    My compliments for this emotional surge!! I think this is the song that made SJ spontaneously say that they find God in Rafi sahabs voice!!!
    Thanks again for such beautiful & befitting reviews of Rafi #s to all rafians.
    Do Well.

  8. Padmanabhan NR says:


    Superb song and a matching review. You have captured the song in totality. The bhakti, the longing , the separation and the yearning for a re-union. Rafi saahab has brought out all these facets so wonderfully. Congrats for an excellent write up.

    Padmanabhan NR
    Rafi Foundation, Hyderabad Chapter & Baar Baar Rafi, Bangalore.

  9. Siva says:

    Nawathe ji, sorry for posting my comments so late. I had already sent my message to you separately. I took a break from posting anything in this site due to certain outrageous comments by “outsiders” hell bent on polluting this site. Really a masterpiece from you on a masterpiece from our farishta. Duniya na bhaye mohe will remain with me forever-in fact between O duniya ke rakhwale and this song , it is really tough to chose which one is better.
    I do not know how many are aware about a fact that our dear old Doordarshan played this song on 1st August 1980 evening after the sad demise of Rafi sahab. It was so apt for Rafi sahab-I was just 14 years old at that time I couldn’t control my tears when I heard this song especially on that day…..

  10. shrirang nawathe says:

    Gopal shroti sb,

    Thank you very much for your kind words and encouragement. I agree that Nushadji was masterpiece in Baiju Bawaraa and we can not compare these stalwarts as everyone had unique style.However, I like SJ mainly because they had brought a chnage in Music pattern and used Orchestra in a unique way to have maximum impact. Also thanks for infoming me abt the site, I shall join it aseap.
    shrirang nawathe

  11. gopal shroti says:

    pl do join sj group on yahoogroups….my above mentioned site on sj:

  12. gopal shroti says:

    nawatheji….i am speechless to read ur the great devotional song review of basant bahar of S-J-Rafi-Shailendra combination….i am an ardent S-J fan and in the above site i have written more than 50 posts with the blessings of people like u….i too analysed in one of my posts on ”ye shaam ki tanhaiyaan aise mein tera ghum” by Lataji…..”patte kahin sarke hawa aai to chonke ham”…THE DUO’S ONE OF THE MASTERPIECES.

    My shraddhanjali to Rafi sahab for his unmatchable voice….and hindi film industry can count on fingers, who is equivalent to rafi….every singer though great, as great as rafi, cannot surpass him….my tribute them too…mannada, mukesh, talat….but rafi is rafi….har saanche mein dhalne wale…..

    i salute ur eulogy to sj,rafi,shailendra combination in one of the best classical based movie….the indian hindi cinema had….pl do not mind…naushadji was his best in baiji bawara as sj in basant bahar….baht baht dhanyavad.

  13. shrirang nawathe says:

    Narayan ji,

    It was YOU who advised me to put the article on the site. You are the main channel to introduce me to Rafi fans group and because of your and all other memebers’ constant encouragement, I could put some thoughts for the uncomparable, immortal melody.Thank you so much for your kind words and appreciation and evergreen encouragement.bas aap logo ka aisa hi pyaar milta rahe yehi ek tamanna hai….
    shrirang nawathe

  14. shrirang nawathe says:


    Thanks a lot for your response. Rafi shahb’s devotional singing is unmatched, whether it was Baiju baawara or Basant bahar(Bb or Bb). Glad to see that everyone is enjoying Rafi sahab’s renderings till date.

    Thank you so much for your kind words. regards;

    Manohar Nadkarni ji,

    Respect for another artist was a commonaly during golden era of hindi film music. Naushaadji’s calling SJ as magicians relflects the same feelings.thank you for your sharing. regards;

    Krishnan sb,
    so nice to have your kind response. Thank you so much. Its all due to encouragement by you all. regards;

    Ravishankar sb,
    Thank you so much. I am overwhelmed by all the praise for which I am not the right person. It is all the great creation by extraordinary souls..these were godly figures who just landed for some time for doing their great jobs for all of us. we are nothing but just repeating their worth through the possible vocabulary….nothing great on our part…however must appreciate your response…and sharing of info on Karnatak sangeetham and movie…


  15. shrirang nawathe says:

    dear Anawar Ul Haque sb,

    Thank you for your response and appreciation.I must admit that, badi der bhayee is another gem of songs from the movie.Its all great team work everywhere to make these melodies immortal.

    shrirang nawathe

  16. sweta says:

    A beautiful article…. I must say…after reading this even i desire to taste the divine pleasure and seek the shelter of Lord’s lotus feet….Keep writing so that we can taste the nectar of devotion.

  17. A S MURTY says:

    Shriranji you have come up with more aces under your sleeve. this song is of top order and the lyrics, the composition and above all the soulful rendition by rafi sahab are of divine quality. your review too is extensive as also the subsequent comments by other rafi bhakts and it makes for great reading.

  18. binu nair says:

    Nawathe ji….. great song, memorable review….. i just remembered the south indian musicals gaanam, shankara-bharnam when i read the reviews. can we afford not to mention baiju bawra along with these great musicals ??? these are all time greats. keep up the good reviews.

    Badi der bayee, badi der bayee is another milestone of a rafi devotional song. love to hear it again and again alongwith some of khayyam saaheb composed hindu devotional songs – of the late fifties.


  19. Sonu says:

    Shrirang ji

    Namaskar Shankar Jaikishan – Rafi fan Sonu ki taraf se !!

    Bahut badiaya !

    Mujhe iss song ki ek line “charnon mein” ko jaise Rafi saab ne gaya hai bahut achha lagta hai !! thoda depth mein jaati hai awaaz !

    ShankarJaikishan – Rafi ki jodi ka koi saani nahin hai. Chaahe popularity ki baat ho ya variety !

    Please keep on posting more on this combo !


  20. HO says:

    aapkey kitney rang hain ???????????????
    rafi sahab ek aisaa jadugar thaa kee – unkey gaaney hameshaa ek sey badhkar ek hotey the- woh apney aapmey ek prerenaa the – iskaa matbal – mujhey koi shankaa nahi hai kee – aisey kai kaaran vansh weh swaiam bhagwaan hee the –
    mai apnaa socchh ko kisee bhee manch pey – aur vistaar sey samjhaaney key liye tyaar hun.
    yah bhajan – jo aapney itnee saral aur madhur bhaashaa mey samjhaayi hai – shayad hee koi kam sunney walaa bhee – roney lag jaaye.
    rafi sahab ney jis tarh sey yeh bhajan gaayee hai – mujhey aisaa lagtaa hai kee weh sapurna sharnaagati kee bhavnaa mey talleen ho-magna gaa rahey the – shayad unhey bhee pataa nahi thaa kee bhajan sampann ho chukaa hai – aur weh gaaye jaa rahe hain.
    shrirangjee – mai iss bhajan ko jab bhee suntaa hun – mai sharnaagati kee avasthaa mey – chalaa jaataa hun – kyonkee agar yeh bhajan na rukey toh – moksh key darvaazey cheerkey humey – parmatmaa sey ek kardegee.
    waah shrirangjee – aap ney apnaa sarvasva iss lekh arpit kiyaa hai – mai aapko hrudai purvak – bahut bahut badhaayee detaa hun.

  21. nagesh sidhanti says:

    Nawathe bhai,

    In the guise of a beautiful song review, I can see a spiritualist coming
    out. Fantastic.

    I have many Rafi songs on my play list but must admit, this wasn’t
    there and I know now what was missing.

    You have written a treatise on bhakti and no better forum than the
    one full of Rafi bhakts, jaise ke aap, main aur hamaare pied piper.

    More please !!!

    Nagesh Sidhanti

  22. Narayan says:

    Adaab Rafi sahab ! Shrirangji
    I always felt that someone like you will write about this emotional bhajan and lo you have given us so beautifully.. hearty congrats ! Yes you would have been inspired by the maathi of jabalpur/indore during ur well deserved holidaying..
    keep them coming… lage raho bhai…This one of my fav bhajans and distinctly remember that this was the title of many magazines including the famous hindi film monthy Madhuri in Aug 1980 when our faristha passed away ” Duniya na bhaye mohe ab tho bhulale ..charanon mein ”

  23. s ravishankar says:

    Your choice of the song gave me goose pimples!!!! What a song and what a review!!!!Just superb!! The philosophy of the devotee completely surrendering to god has been brought out very beautifully by you. The Kannada version of the novel, as mentioned by Utthara was equally superb with AnantNag doing complete justice to the role and G.V.Iyer proving yet again that he was a brilliant director. BalamuraliKrishna’s voice was just soothing to say the least. In Basant Bahar, the lyrics and the rendition are just peerless. Rafi saab takes us to a different world with this rendition. Your review of this song is just BRILLIANT sir! Keep them coming.

  24. m v krishnan says:

    Dear Shrirang,

    Excellent article on this all time classic of S-J-Shailendra-Rafi combination. Your indepth review of this master piece tugged at my heart strings and brought back a lot of fond memories of this immortal song. As you have correcly mentioned total surrender to God is the only way to attain salvation and Rafisaab by his great singing has attained it. Great going and keep posting more such reviews.
    m v krishnan

  25. manohar s. nadkarni says:

    dear shrirangji,
    liked ur artical.the great naushadji described sj as not only musicians but
    sj/rafisaab fan

  26. Raghunaath says:

    Hi SN,

    Your song has reminded my student days when I used to listen this song almost lstanding like a much depth in this song by G8 Rafisaab,
    thnx for this song

  27. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Dear Shrirang ji,

    Film “Basant Bahar” has many great songs from the legends like Muhammad Rafi, Mannad Day and Lata Mangeshker; but the song reviewed by you is really the best and most popular amongst all the others. Personally, I like the other song “Badi daer bhayi” more as compared to this one; but my personel opinion is nothing – the actual leader is this song.

    And what an excellent write-up put-up by you on one of the greatest devotional songs ever. You have provided beautiful commentry on the great lyrics from Sahilendra and explained the lyrics splendidly during the process. Many many thanks for providing such valuable explanation and many many congratulations for an awesome article.

    Thanks and best regards.


  28. Dr.vasudha says:

    You seem to have experienced bhakti and expressed the myriad hues of bhakti in a very appealing manner.My son who is a Down’s boy enjoys this song as much as oh duniya ke rakhwaale.So it goes without saying that I too enjoy this song .And with excellent reviews like this the song becomes dearer to the readers than ever.

  29. shrirang nawathe says:

    Vijay kumar ji and UNKNOW,

    Thank you so much for your feedbacks. Vijay ji I would love to join sj group. thank you for informing me abt the same.
    shrirang nawathe

  30. shrirang nawathe says:


    aapse kya chhupanaa?? mere paas kuchh bhi nahi rang aap dekh rahe hain vo aapke dwaaraa khoje gaye hain…isliye jo kuchh hai sab aap sabhi ka hai..who am I without U? I remember SUCCESS WITHOUT U is incomplete..aap sabhi ka aisa hi pyaar milta rahe aur ham sab rafi sahab ko yaad karte rahen.yehi hai tamanna….

    shrirang nawathe

  31. shrirang nawathe says:


    I am overwhelmed by your kind words and appreciation.Thank you so much for your immediate response.It is always a pleasure to read your reviews, feedbacks, interviews etc. as they contain sealike information. The trivia given by you is really an interesting piece again. thank you so much.

    shrirang nawathe

  32. shrirang nawathe says:


    I thank you for all your inspirational comments.As you know, it is all Rafi sahab,,and nothing else.It is all due to rafi fans’ inspirational attitudes,that brought my pen to paper.EHSAAN MERE DIL PE TUMAHRA HAI DOSTON, YE DIL TUMAHRE PYAR KA MAARA HAI DOSTON..


    shrirang nawathe

  33. shrirang nawathe says:


    thank you so much for your comments. Basant bahar was a great movie from music point of view. I fully agree with you that all the songs from the film were too good.

    shrirang nawathe

  34. shrirang nawathe says:

    Shenoy shahab,

    thank you for your almost immediate response. glad to know that you too are SJ ardent fan. these are immoratal songs just to be experienced…
    shrirang nawathe

  35. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:


    Your chosen song is just SUPERB. In fact, Basant Bahar had wonderful songs like Badi Daer Bhai, Sur Na Saje, Naina Mile, Jaa Jaare Jaa and of course, Bhay Bhanjana. SJ chose both Rafiji and Mannada and came out with superb numbers. Alas, we hardly get such movies now a days. It may of interest to note that the story of Basant Bahar was based on a Kannada novel “Hamsa Geete” and the Kannada movie starring Anant Nag came in the early seventies.

  36. K S Shenoy says:

    Dear Nawate Ji,
    ‘Duniya na..” is one of my alltime favourite SJ song as well as Mohd Rafi song.I recall it umpteen times. Not once did I hear this song without my eyes getting moist.
    I am a staunch fan of SJ & Rafi
    Thanks for this tribute
    K S Shenoy

  37. Utthara says:

    Nawatheji, what a gem you have chosen. You have brought out the philosophy of life and devotion to God in a fantastic manner. Your every line on surrender to the Almighty is so true. You have tackled a very difficult subject in a heart-touching manner.

    Everytime I listen to this song, I am moved to tears. The first four lines, the mukhda, is enough to show Rafi saab’s talent. How much bhakti he brings out in his voice. The lines `ab to bulale charnon mein …’ Rafi saab packs these two lines with myriad feelings..of surrender, of devotion, of not wanting to bow before man.

    Here is some trivia on this song…

    Duniya na bhaaye, based on Hindustani raag todi… (Basant Bahar) __ Rafi saab makes you cry, especially when he says ab to bulale. This film is based on the Kannada novel Hamsageethe written by Ta Ra Subba Rao. Two decades after Basant Bahar was made, the Kannada version __ hamsageethe __ with Anant Nag was released. And this song is an equally heart-rending devotional song sung by maestro Balamuralikrishna __ Amba tava padambhoja(the Carnatic raag bhairavi).

    Nawathe saab, thank you for choosing a wonderful song and giving an amazing review.



  38. ramesh narain kurpad says:


    aapkey kitney rang hain ???????????????

    rafi sahab ek aisaa jadugar thaa kee – unkey gaaney hameshaa ek sey badhkar ek hotey the- woh apney aapmey ek prerenaa the – iskaa matbal – mujhey koi shankaa nahi hai kee – aisey kai kaaran vansh weh swaiam bhagwaan hee the –

    mai apnaa socchh ko kisee bhee manch pey – aur vistaar sey samjhaaney key liye tyaar hun.

    yah bhajan – jo aapney itnee saral aur madhur bhaashaa mey samjhaayi hai – shayad hee koi kam sunney walaa bhee – roney lag jaaye.

    rafi sahab ney jis tarh sey yeh bhajan gaayee hai – mujhey aisaa lagtaa hai kee weh sapurna sharnaagati kee bhavnaa mey talleen ho-magna gaa rahey the – shayad unhey bhee pataa nahi thaa kee bhajan sampann ho chukaa hai – aur weh gaaye jaa rahe hain.

    shrirangjee – mai iss bhajan ko jab bhee suntaa hun – mai sharnaagati kee avasthaa mey – chalaa jaataa hun – kyonkee agar yeh bhajan na rukey toh – moksh key darvaazey cheerkey humey – parmatmaa sey ek kardegee.

    waah shrirangjee – aap ney apnaa sarvasva iss lekh arpit kiyaa hai – mai aapko hrudai purvak – bahut bahut badhaayee detaa hun.


  39. unknow says:

    Thanks sir for nice Article.
    really we miss people like SJ who is the the best music director but the bad media are even not remmber him.

  40. Bina says:


    Its really fantastic to see you so soon again on this site…looks like you made full use of your holiday.. fursat se aise badhiya gaane ke reviews likhne ke liye…the Devotee and the Divine, indeed…yaane ke hum sab aur Rafi Saab..

    This extremely devotional and spiritual song from Basant Bahaar is easily one of his evergreen bhajans ..and you have brought out the effect on the devotee so very well… I can almost feel as if flowers were showered on Rafi Saab from the heavens (like they show in the movies) when he completed this song..hum to mantra-mugd hokar sun rahe hain..

    SJ did use Manna Da for three out of the five male vocals tuned in classic ragas in Basant Bahar….with Badi Der Bhayi and Duniya Na Bhaye by Rafi Saab…and Sur Na Saje, Ketaki Gulab Juhi, and Bhaye Bhanjana by Manna Da…the Lata vocals are great too…Main Piya Teri and Kar Gaya Re…Kar Gaya Mujhpe Jaadu (with Asha) and Nain Mile Chain Kahan (with Manna Da)….so many simply superb songs in one movie…

    ab bas yahi kehna baaki hai…..Teri Yeh Bina Ab Tere Hawaale..charnon mein, charnon mein..Rafi Saab ke..


  41. shrirang nawathe says:

    km saab,

    thank you so much for your lovely comments. Shall try to write on Hasrat Jaipuri/ SJ / Rafi combination too.
    shrirang nawathe

  42. Vijay Kumar says:

    Dear Shrirangji

    Very great atricle.enjoyed. keep them coming. I request you to become member of SJ will real enjoy it.Link is given below

  43. Krishna a Rafi Deewana says:

    Dear Shrirang saab,

    Great article to say!!!! I am big fan of SJ and no day goes without listening one song of them. Of course that the fact remaining that they were the best with our great one and only Rafi saab. Even though your article speaks about SJ-Shailendra with our beloved Rafi saab, Hasrat Jaipuri bhi kam nahi the. Hope to see your next article on Hasrat-Rafi-SJ combination. Aap aisa likhte rahenge to humko aur maza aayega. Kudos…


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