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Mein Kahin Kavi Na Ban Jaavun

PrinceAli@HF had contributed this on HF. Mr. Vishwas Nerurkar’s excellent book on Shanker Jaikishan, which has some great articles on the duo. Here is an extract from one such article written by reputed film producer, and one of Jaikishan’s best friends, Sateesh Wagle:

During the making of Pyar Hi Pyar the government had bestowed the Padmashree on Shankar Jaikishan. We were, ofcourse, thrilled with the news. I accompanied Jaikishan to Delhi for the award ceremony and stayed at the Oberoi. One morning, as I was bathing, I could hear Jaikishan humming a melody in the adjoining room. Within moments there was a knock at the door. I said: I’d come out the moment my bath was over. To which Jaikishan asked: Are you just bathing or are you listening to my song?. I repled, I am listening to your song. He was setting music to his own lines Main Kaheen Kavi Na Ban Jaaoon, Tere Pyar Mein Ae Kavita. He had written the whole refrain of the song and later, had Hasrat Jaipuri complete the lyric. In fact, several songs had the first verse written by Jaikishan and later, finished by other lyricists. As I stepped out of my bath, Jaikishan inquired what I thought of the song. I said it was excellent. Jaikishan then said: This is the first song for your film and take it as a gift from me. As soon as we return to Mumbai, we shall record it.

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On our return, we quickly recorded the song. Oddly, not a single person within our circle liked it. My partner Rajram was particularly disappointed. he commented: You spend so much time with Jaisaab and enjoy your evening drinks with him and yet, you are incapable of extracting a good tune from him. This song is absolutely horrid. I tried to mollify him by saying that the song was not at all that bad as he felt, but Rajaram would not hear of it. The Rajshri distributor, Mr. Tarachand Barjatya, who had bought the film in five territories, also disliked the song. When I informed Jai about this, he invited Mr. Barjatya over and frankly told him that only if one understood music, should one volunteer an opinion. He reminded him of a similar situation almost 20 years earlier when Mr. Barjatya had disapproved Ae Mere Dil Kaheen Aur Chal composed for Daag (1952). Today, years later, the film is remembered because of this song. Jaikishan also stated: This is the second time you have not liked my composition, but I assure you that this very song will be the highlight of the film. Jaikishan’s prophesy was right. The song was a super-hit.

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