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Blossomed Jasmine

A poem by a person who wishes to remain Anonymous.

He enters like a new blossomed jasmine
Filling the room with radiance
A person so shy when he speaks

Renders a composition so beautifully
Leaving an impression that lasts
In our minds forever
Men may come Men may go
But there never can be another Rafi Sahab.

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3 Blog Comments to “Blossomed Jasmine”

  1. Pradeep says:

    The greatest singer of all times is undoubtedly Rafi saab.
    The above kavitha is absolutely suited to him.

  2. Ramchandra Shrestha says:

    Exactly and abosultely correct. Rafi Saab is Rafi Saab. There never would be another Mohd. Rafi as he was.

  3. Ali baluch says:

    If we say that Mohd Rafi sahab is the king of music i think it is wrong because king go and knig come but there never be anyother Mohd Rafi Sahab.

    If we say that Mohd Rafi is no 1 I think it is wrong 2 say that because No 1 be be no 2 but Mohd Rafi is only Mohd Rafi.

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