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Happy Birthday to Singer of Millennium: Mohammed Rafi

By Biman Baruah

Happy Birthday To You, Rafi Sahab

Today 24th December, 2013 is a very special day for Rafi Lovers as 89th birthday of voice of God: Mohammed Rafi. He was born on 24th December 1924 at Kotla Sultanpur, a town near Amritsar in undivided Punjab. In childhood, he started singing by imitating chants of a Fakir in his village. He started his career at the age of 20, as singer in a Punjabi film GUL BALOCH (1944) and then moved to Bombay. In Bombay he started his career as a chorus singer in PEHLE AAP (1944) and film BAIJU BAWRA (1952) established him as the number one playback singer of Hindi Cinema. Thus, he was the crown playback singer of Hindi Film Music from AAN (1952) se SHAAN (1980) tak. He is the only singer of generations as well as millennium.

Music plays a very pivotal role in human life since music and melodies to human ears are heavenly. Thus, birthday and anniversary celebration cannot be premeditated without playing music. As a versatile singer, the singing god gifted us awe-inspiring songs for his as well as our own birthday celebrations. A symposium of birthday and celebration songs sung by supernatural and gentle soul Mohammed Rafi as follows:-

Bar Bar Din Yeh Aaye Bar Bar Dil Yeh Gaye

Tu Jiye Hazaro Saal  Yeh Meri Hai Arzoo

Happy Birthday To You………… 2

Farz (1967) film posterIt is the most magnificent birthday party song sung by Rafi Sahab which best evident of his grand personality and vibrated everywhere on his birthday. Rafi Sahab sung this birthday song in film FARZ (1967) for Jeetendra which is still played in all birthday parties in all corners of India or even in abroad encircled with Indian people. Jeetendra played a spy in the film and sings this song at the birthday party of his lady love played by Babita Shivadasani. The film was a spy thriller directed by Ravikant Nagaich and a bombshell hit at box office due to film’s music with magical singing of Mohammed Rafi. Rafi Sahab’s swift singing KuKu ………… Kuku…… established Jeetendra as a jumping jack or dancing hero from this film. Film’s music was composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal in the lyrics of Anand Bakshi.

Hum Bhi Agar Bachay Hote  Naam Hamara Hota Dablu Bablu……………… 2

Aur Duniya Kehti Happy Birthday To You…………………. 2

It is next fashionable and humorous birthday party song was from DOOR KI AWAZ (1964) directed by Devendra Goel. Though it was a multi-singer song sung by Mohd. Rafi, Manna Dey, Asha Bhosle & Chorus, major portion of the song sung by Rafi Sahab most hilariously for comedian Jhoney Walker. The song is also still most fashionable birthday song predominantly among children. It was composed by Ravi in the lyrics of Shakeel Badayuni who was well-accepted as a special composer of party songs either it is marriage or birthday.

Oh Nanhe Se Farishtey Tujse Yeh Kaisa Nata Kaise Yeh Dil Ke Rishtey……….2

Happy Birthday To You…………..  2 .

It was the most emotional and soulful birthday party song from Devendra Goel’s EK PHOOL DO MALI (1969). The song was picturised on Sanjay Khan sitting in a piano which was again composed by Ravi in the lyrics of Prem Dhawan. The film was a musical hit with voice of Rafi Sahab and crowned third position in the box office in the year.                            

Tare Tare Kitne Neel Gagan Pe Tare…………… 2

Teri Umar Ho Itni Saal Jitne Neel Gagan Pe Tare…………..2

Tare Tare Kitne Neel Gagan Pe Tare…………… 2

Phool Hain Kitne Pyare Phool Se Pyara Tu Happy Birthday Tu You……..2

Log Hai Kitne Nayre Logoon Se Nara Tu  Happy Birthday Tu You……….2

It is a duet by Mohd Rafi and Hemlata from film AAP AYE BAHAR AYEE (1971) produced and directed by Mohan Kumar. Rafi Sahab sings for jubilee hero Rajendra Kumar in the song and the film was a musical hit with singing god’s voice in his lean phase. Kishore Kumar playback in a duet, “Tumko Bhi Tu Aisa Hi Kuchh Hota Hoga Aye Sajni” with Lata for Rajendra Kumar in the film but there was no impact in his peak era. The film’s music was composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal in the lyrics of Anand Bakshi.

Boot Polish (1954) film posterIn addition to above special birthday party songs, there are some other children songs sung by Rafi Sahab which can also play in the celebration of child’s birthdays. Rafi Sahab sung number of children songs in different films. The pioneer of these children films were Raj Kapoor’s BOOT POLISH (1954) and AB DILLI DUR NAHIN (1957) directed by Prakash Arora and Amar Kumar respectively. The song from Boot Polish “Nanhe Munnae Bachche Tere Muthi Mein Kiya Hain”  by Rafi, Asha Bhosle & Chorus composed by Shanker-Jaikishan in the lyrics of Shailendra and the song from Ab Dilli Dur Nahin “Chhun Chhun Karti Aaye Chidiya” by Rafi composed by Dattaram Wadkar in the lyrics of Hasrat Jaipuri. Rafi Sahab sung for character artist David and Yakub in the above songs. There are number of such enjoyable children songs sung by Rafi Sahab. The three songs from ANDAZ (1971), “Chakke Mein Chakka Chakke Mein Gadi Gadi Pe Nikle Apni Sabari”, “Re Mama Re Mama Re” and “Hai Na Bolo Bolo” are worth mentioning.

In ASLI NAQLI (1962), Rafi Sahab sung for evergreen Dev Anand “Gori Zara Hash De Tu Hash De Tu Hash De Zara” a cute children song composed by Shanker-Jaikishan. In RAM AUR SHYAM (1967), Rafi Sahab sung for Dilip Kumar, “Aayee Hai Bahar Mite Zulmo Sitam, Ram Ki Lila Rang Layee Shyam Ne Banshi Bajayee” is also a superb birthday party song for children composed by Naushad Ali.

Apart from children songs, there are some very younger romantic party songs sung by Rafi Sahab which are very overwhelming for birthday party celebration by young people. The worth mentioning songs are “Ek Banjara Gaaye Jeevan Ki Geet Sunaye Hum Saab Jeenewaloo Ko Jeene Ki Raah Batayee” from JEENE KI RAAH (1969), “Mere Mehboob Tere Dam Se Hai Duniya Pe Bahar Aur Na Ish Gaam Se Bhari Duniya Mein Kiya Rakha Hai” from BHAI BHAI (1970) and “Koi Nazrana Lekar Aaye Hoon Main Deewana Tere Liye” from AAN MILO SAJNA (1970). The music of Aan Milo Sajna composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal was a very big hit which was released on 24th December, 1970 on the birthday of Rafi Sahab.

The last song of this gift archive is also to be mentioned is “Tu Is Tarah Se Meri Zindagi Mein Saamil Hai, Jaha Bhi Jao Yeh Lagta Hai Teri Mehfil Hai” from  AAP THO AISE NA THE (1980) composed by only distinguished women composer Usha Khanna. The magic of these birthday and party songs are still very breathing.

There is a magic in the voice of singing God Mohammed Rafi. Therefore, after 33 Years from his demise on 31st July, 1980 his songs are still everlasting which were composed and recorded 30/40/50/60 years back. He is remembering regularly by his fans or music lovers on 31st July (death anniversary) and 24th December (birth anniversary) every year.

Rafi Sahab’s magical singing made careers of number of new and struggling actors in Hindi Cinema. He was the voice of actors like Prithvi Raj Kapoor to Rishi Kapoor. In early 1980s, Mohammed Rafi Sahab was the voice of all new actors, like Mithon Chakraborty (Unees Bees, Heeron Ka Chor), Raj Babbar ( Bheegi Palkeen, Nazrana Pyar Ka), Deepak Parasar ( Aap Tu Aise Na The ), Raj Kiran (Kaaran) and many more. In fact, the last song of Mohammed Rafi Sahab, “Phool Kiya Shabab Kiya, Husno Mehtab Kiya, Aap Tu Bas Aap Hai, Apka Jawab Kiya” was picturised on Govinda in FARZ KI JUNG which was released on 21st December, 1988 after eight years from his heartbreaking demise. If Rafi Saheb had survived for till now, the record may include the new generation actors like, Amir Khan, Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Ranbir Kapoor. Truly said to be as he was singer for every reason and every season. He was considered the best playback singer for all time and he was fit for voice of all actors or heroes. Now in the extreme era of remake, his selected classic songs can be used for new generation actors and which will surely made musical hit in the box office.

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13 Blog Comments to “Happy Birthday to Singer of Millennium: Mohammed Rafi”

  1. Mohd. Rafi sahab ki aawaz hi meri zindagi hai. Jab jab main kisi karan khush hota hoon or kisi karan dukhi hota hoon or udas hota hoon; mere lab pe Rafi sahab ke geet aate hain aur main unake geet gungunane lagata hoon. 31th July 1980 ke din Rafi sahab ke death ki khabar sunkar mujhe bahut dukh hua.
    Aaj bhi main Rafi sahab ke geeton ke saharehi jee raha hoon. Rafi sahab ke hindi aur marathi language ke hajaro geetonka album maine abtak sambhalke rakha hain. Rafi sahab ki aawaz mein woh jadoo hain jo kisike aawazmein nahi hain. RAFI SAHAB TUM PHIR VAPAS AAO.

  2. Wish you very happy birthday rafi saab. Your song ‘Baar Baar din ye aaye.. as a birthday song become immortal as you rafi saab.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Birendra Singh Bisht

  3. Kapil says:

    रफी साहब जैसा गायक न कभी हुआ है और न ही होगा| ना भूतो ना भविष्यति| अब देखिये ना मित्रों कहाँ वो एक ओर नौशाद साहब के लिए गाते थे तो कहाँ दूसरी ओर नय्यर साहब के लिए भी| ऐसा हरफनमौला गायन वो भी इतनी मधुर आवाज़ के साथ| वाह रफी साहब वाह! ये शब्द मेरे हृदय से निकल रहे हैं इसलिए अपनी हिन्दुस्तानी भाषा में लिखना उचित समझा| रफी साहब आपको शत शत नमन!

  4. Muzakir Khan says:

    Rafi Sahib,

    No words to Praise you. I am 24 years old, sometimes I feel, I would have born little early during your ages. Hats off for your voice, I am impressed that how come Rafi Saheb sing so melodiously without any technology during those days.

    “Mera Toh Jo bhi kadam hai wo teri raah mae hai..
    Ke tu kahiin bhi rahe tu meri nigah mae hai..”

    I am unable to select one best song from Rafi Saheb’s songs list..

  5. Akhtar Ahmed says:

    Rafi Sahib

    ” Many many Happy return of the day”

    Rafi sb, Aap hamesha hum sub K dil mey rahenge , aap Ki awaz hamesha aap K
    chanewallo & sunnewalo K kano mey rus gholte rahege.
    Allah Subhano Tala aap ko jannat mey aala muqam ata farmaee. (Aameen)

    Ek Chahnewala aap Ka Aqeedat mand
    Akhtar Ahmed

  6. K P Hassan says:

    Rafi Sahab, wish you a very very happy birth day. I am listening your melodious songs since my childhood. one day your old fans will die and its place thousands of new fans will be born and they will carry forward your name till their deaths. This practice will continue till end of this universe.

  7. Dr Lateef M Khan says:

    The depth of account mentioned by the author regarding the birthday songs rendered by the all time great singer “Mohammad Rafi” reflect the amount of love and respect in the heart of his admirers, undoubtedly the era of 50’ to 70’ was full of melodious high quality songs and “Mohammad Rafi Saab” was the most influential persona of this golden era.

  8. Ali says:

    we remember mohd rafi ever day not only on 24 dec and 31 july but we never forget 24 dec and 31 july

  9. jasbir singh says:

    happy birthday to great rafisaab…….only complete singer of 100 yrs of cinema…..we salute to great soul

  10. Faiz says:

    Mohd Rafi (24.12.1924-Eternity) will be what none could be. He was sent down on earth by God so to show us, mortals, the power of God. “See what I can do, try not to duplicate this as you shall fail”
    True indeed, with everything being so improved we still cant find a singer who is worthy enough to polish the shoes of the Mohammad Rafi. What more can we say except thanking God to let us listen to what HE HIMSELF loves to hear. Rafi sahab is one more reason to make me a theist. When I listen to him, I bow to God in awe.

    Thank you God for lending us your court singer. Enough for the humankind to survive till the end of days.

  11. Zafar Ahmad says:

    Happy birth day to Rafians
    Legend of legends Muhammad Rafi Sahib

  12. shakel ahmed says:

    Rafi saheb Tum sa nahin Dekha Let us preserve the wealth of songs left by him for centuries to cherish

  13. Anoop says:


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