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A message through Pranamam

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In a tribute to Mohammed Rafi, Soorya Krishnamoorthy is presenting Pranamam, in association with Kairali TV, in London, Dubai and other parts of the world. Here is a clip from his interview.

What is your message through Pranamam?

The theme or message of Pranamam is the significance of Rafi’s hit song Duniya Ke Rekhuvale in the present world scenario where the concept of human beings is lost. The circumstances when he wrote this song is entirely different when compared to today’s times. I am giving this song a different dimension through my programme Pranamam.

He has sung this song 52 years back looking at a Hindu deity. In the present days it would be impossible for a Muslim to sing such a song looking at a Hindu deity. Therefore, the message of communal harmony is the underlying factor in this song and the programme.

What is the greatness you saw in Mohammed Rafi? Greatness is inborn or is it inherited?

Mohammed Rafi’s greatness lies in the way he approached the 26,000 songs he sang during his life. For the way he put his heart and soul into each song he sang. It is not the number, which counted but for the tremendous range and quality with which he sang all these songs. That is why he is immortal and great. Greatness is a combination of both. It is inborn and at the same time inherited too.

Hard work is required to become great. However, everybody those who do hard work need not become great. That is a blessing of God. I believe that many greats are born again to complete what they did in their first life. That is why many great people do not have a long life and they have died young. Mohammed Rafi did not have a long life. Sri Krishna, Sankaracharyar and many others had a short span only.

How do you plan to pass on this message to your audience?

Each and every line of this song has very important meanings and this three-and-a-half minute song is turned into a symphony. This symphony is transformed into visual symphony, which is not very easy. We are combining cinema, stage, music, dance, light and special effects, a new technique on stage, which I believe so far no one has ever tried. It is presented through an ensemble of classical dances of Bharatanatyam/Kathak, Carnatic/Hindustani vocals andinstrumental music fusion.

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2 Blog Comments to “A message through Pranamam”

  1. Nair says:

    Thanks to Mr. Administrator for the rare Rafi Sahab songs being played in Rafi Jukebox. It’s the first time I am hearing Aaj Ki Raat Mere in live concert. Great!

  2. Messi says:

    Excellent !!! Loved the way you put the things and indeed very true. Duniya ke Rakhwale is
    a Great composition by Naushad and Great Singing by Mohd Rafi. Only a God’s Gift like
    Rafi can touch the perfection with 26, 000 songs. Thank you,


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