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Rafi Sahab – the man I worship on Guru Purnima

Friday, July 31st, 2015

By Achal Rangaswamy


Today is Guru Purnima. The day we bow before our Gurus and offer our obeisance in total humility and gratitude.

Today is also the day we recall each and every lesson taught to us directly or indirectly by these Gurus. (more…)

Rafi Saab is remembered every moment …. Not just on 31st July…!

Friday, July 31st, 2015

By Chandan (KS Ramachandran)

Rafi Saab is remembered every moment
It is undeniably true, unanimously..!

In the words of music composer duo, Shankar Jaikishen, Rafi had “Aatma” in his voice. In the words of SP Balasubramanyam, the noted playback singer and living legend, “Rafi is the ultimate playback singer”. (more…)

Mohd. Rafi is the Greatest, Scientific Research Proves

Friday, July 31st, 2015


Mohd. Rafi is the GREATEST,  Scientific Research Proves

A Scientific research has again proved that our Mohd. Rafi sahib is really the Greatest singer ever of India. Ms. Guneet, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Punjab University, Chandigarh and her team have completed a research work on ‘Rash Driving’ and ‘Traffic Rules Defiances’ on the roads. The results of the Research are really amazing. (more…)

Mohammad Rafi had remained one of the greatest singers of all times.

Sunday, July 5th, 2015

By: Dr Souvik Chatterji

Mohammed Rafi, greatest singer of all times

On HIS death anniversary on 31st July, 2015, great Rafi Sahab is remembered all across the world. He is considered one of the greatest singers of all times. (more…)

National Movement for “BHARAT RATNA TO RAFI SAHAB”

Sunday, May 3rd, 2015

By Sanjeev Kumar Dixit

Mohammed Rafi ko  Bharat Ratna Award  Kyon Nahin?

सभी रफ़ी साहब के भक्तों को जानकर ख़ुशी होगी क़ि, “रफ़ी साहब को भारत रत्न” राष्ट्रीय अभियान के अतर्गत दिनाँक 23.05.2015, दिन शनिवार को, दिल्ली पुलिस से जन्तर-मंतर पर शांतिपूर्वक प्रदर्शन की अनुमति मिल गयी है।
आप सभी “रफ़ी साहब के भक्तों” से अनुरोध है कि, दिनाँक 23.05.2015 को सुबह 9 बजे दिल्ली के प्रसिद्द जंतर-मंतर पर भारी संख्या में उपस्थित हों। वहाँ पर रफ़ी साहब के नाम पर एक मंच बनाने का ऑर्डर दे दिया गया है। (more…)

The combination of OP Nayyar and Mohammad Rafi was like tea and milk

Sunday, March 29th, 2015

By Souvik Chatterji

Mohd Rafi, O.P.Nayyar and Asha Bhonsle

The musiclovers had remembered legendary composer Omkar Prasad Nayyar, popularly known as OP Nayyar on his birthday on 16th January, 2015. He had died few years back, but his tunes had remained immortal for the audience of bollywood films for years. Whenever the name of OP Nayyar appeared in the minds of the audience, the name of immortal singer Mohammad Rafi had come together, without whom OP Nayyar was incomplete. The relationship between the two greats can be compared as tea and milk. OP Nayyar started his career with the film Kaneej in 1949.  (more…)

Mohammed Rafi Award

Sunday, March 15th, 2015

By Souvik Chatterji

Mohammed Rafi Award

The Filmfare award for best male singer should be renamed as Mohammad Rafi award.

Mohammad Rafi is beyond doubt the greatest singer India had ever produced. On his birth anniversary on 24th December, 2014, everyone remembered him and showed their respect and regard for the great soul. The nation remembers Mohammad Rafi on his death anniversary on 31st july every year. It was a very painful experience for most of the music lovers of India and abroad to recollect the experience of 31st July, 1980. 30 years had passed since his death and yet time could not heal the wound inflicted in the hearts of numerous music lovers of the country. (more…)

Mohammed Rafi’s association with most cultured comedian: Deven Varma

Sunday, March 1st, 2015

A personal tribute to actor and filmmaker Deven Varma by Biman Baruah

Mohammed Rafi’s association with most cultured comedian: Deven Varma

Mohammed Rafi was associated with Deven Varma as a singer, co-singer and filmmaker. Veteran actor Deven Verma passed away on 2nd December, 2014 at the aged of 77 in Kalyani Nagar, Pune due to heart attack and kidney failure. He was survived by his wife Rupa Ganguly, younger daughter of Ashok Kumar (Dadamoni). Though most people know him as a famous and refined comedian, but comedy was late entry to his film career. Initially, he was seen playing supporting roles as like friend and brother of lead actor or actress. (more…)

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