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Ghar Se Dola Chala Laadli Ka: Biding Farewell


Only parents can truly understand what it is to give a daughter away. Because their little doll, whom they have seen from the time she was a small little bundle of joy grew up so fast that now she is leaving them and going away. Although they always knew that she was bound to go away one day, they always secretly thought that there was a lot of time for that to happen. Was it not just yesterday that she was running around in little pigtails with the other children of the neighborhood playing hide and seek? Time sneaked up on them and they find themselves seeing her away. So painful, it just rips at your heart to know that you are going back to an empty house leaving a little part of your heart behind to become some one else’s.


Mohd Rafi at his daughter's weddingMohammed Rafi knew what this pain means. In his private rendition “ghar se dola…” which is a Bidai song, he goes through the same ordeal of joy mixed with pain that every father of the bride goes through. In my opinion, he is not a singer as far as this song is concerned. Instead, he is a father, jut like any other father who has a daughter whom he has cherished since she was born. He sang this song at his own daughter’s wedding and the raw emotion runs through the entire song.

He sings about how his darling daughter is leaving and the bitter-sweet emotions he goes through as his pride and joy is leaving him – he is happy, but is overcome with emotion. He cries and the only other person who can understand what he is going through, is his wife. His little nymph is long gone and replaced by this beautiful girl on her way to become a woman. She leaves her home to make someone else’s home bright, but she leaves behind the shadow of her absence.

Trying to be encouraging, he tells her that she was just a treasure which belonged to someone else; he was merely taking care of it. All he wishes now is that she is happy forever. Praying to God, he begs for her well being and good health. He tells his daughter that she should be happy as she has found her prince charming. Urging her to compose herself and not weep over leaving them. He bids her adieu and cries his heart out at losing the most important thing in his life.

Majrooh SultanpuriThe song has been composed by Majrooh Sultanpuri, and there are actually no words to describe how he has managed to capture the several emotions a father goes through. Undoubtedly, he has been in the same position because he could not have been more accurate.

Rafi Saab has also handled the music for this traditional song and it fits the mood perfectly.

When you hear this song, you imagine yourself as the father and the loss he feels so acutely, because he will never see the little angel who leaves him. She will be replaced by a wonderful woman and though that is what he wants, somewhere within his heart, he wants to hold on to his little girl forever. By the end of the song, you will find silent tears coursing down your cheeks. Such is the beauty in this song.


Download: Ghar Se Dola Chala Laadli Ka
Album: Bidaai Geet
Music: Mohd Rafi
Lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpuri

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40 Blog Comments to “Ghar Se Dola Chala Laadli Ka: Biding Farewell”

  1. Saram Awan says:

    True Treasure of pure feelings for the Wedding Occassion. I would also like to remind all people about another gem “Doli, Doli” from Film Rajput.

  2. Bilal Akbar says:

    Bidai Songs main is se Better Song aaj tak koi nahi bana saka.

  3. NMPANCHAL says:


  4. saleem khan says:

    This is one of the finest songs of hindi cinema i ever heard in my life.

  5. viragdave says:


  6. Sofia says:

    when u bring up a daughter, love her to bits then knowing that one day she’ll be gone to her in laws. U try to get forget about her but u can’t u’ve spoiled her rotten given all the love to her like no other person, but one day she’ll be gone.
    when i listen i cry to these songs knowing that one day u’ll leave u parents house, and go to ur in laws. u leaveur family mum and dad and family. And go and start a new one. U think to urself will she be happy, will she love it there.
    One day if she comes home or gets divorced u know that in ur heart part of her is distroyed.
    One day our parents who have brought us up, will give us to another family. xxxxxx

  7. SHAHZAD AHMAD says:

    I love Mohammad Rafi. i m pakistani. woh mery paida hone se pahle he wafat paa chuke they … lekin aik bar Un ki Qabar par Zaroor awon ga

  8. S. A Subur says:

    Wah…Aaj tak aisa gaana nahi suna.
    Jism ke rongte khade hogaye.. This is possible only by one and only Mohammad Rafi.
    Definitely its a gift by Allah to the world.
    We would miss u…


  10. Ek jaadoo bhari aawaz jiske liye gaana sirf gaana nahin tha ,us gane ko jina tha,bilkul sahi samjha aapne,RAFI SAHAB kewal gaate nahin the balki us geet ki rooh me utarkar usko jeete the. Main RAFI SAHAB ke liye itna kehta hoon ki mujhe RAFI SAHAB ki aawaz me ek aisa dard sunai deta hai jo shayad kisi insaan ke dil me utha ho.aur ek baat bolna chahta hoon ki duniya rahe na rahe lekin RAFI SAHAB ka naam humesha rahega.
    ALLAH unhe JANNAT nasib farmae AAMIN……..

  11. Ganesh says:

    My Dear Friends can anybody send me the following songs

    1) Ye Zulf Agar Khul Ke Bikhar (Kajal)

    2) Jab Jab Apna Mel Hua (Mahua)

    3) Mere Bhagwan Tu (Bazaar)

    4) Jane Walon Ka Gham To (Kali Ghata)

    5) Tumhare Zulf Ke Saye Mein (Naunihal)

    The above songs I had in my collection but i missed that volume if u recover it for me i shall be highly thankfull 2 u

    my e-mail id is:-


  12. saira says:

    thanx to who has been sending my reare rafi ji.s song,s i wonder if someone can send me the song zulfe bhikhrati chali aai ho from the movie jhuk gaya aasman
    and if someone has the email address of rafifan please i would loke to know the review of sonu asha concert and the song list sonu nigam sang in this concert of rafi ji.s

  13. binus2000 says:


    geeta dutta and our very own RAFI SAAB…

    I appeal to all RAFI LOVERS to write letters to the press re rafi saab:
    to be published on July 31… THE MAIN POINTS SHOULD BE :
    bharat ratna to the bharat ka ratan : mohd rafi, the rafi foundation
    platform now functioning in many parts of the country bringing
    rafi lovers – together and the foundations plan to build a music library
    in each state capital of india
    Writers may write articles too in hindi, urdu, gujrathi, marathi,bengali
    malayalam and other languages and address to their respective
    editors for publishing in their states… the article details of rafi saab
    is available in articles in this forum , included in the archives..
    Also see the article : KING OF melody… mohd rafi..
    the musical awareness has to be created in these times of reshamiyas
    and melody-less times..
    One last point…. rafis saabs songs and his persona is inimitable and
    Lets’s salute the musical giants who has given us so much happiness
    each day of our life.

  14. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Very well said Mr. Raajkumar, Rafi Saheb a man cum Farishta, listen how he sang English songs “The she I love is a beautiful beautiful dreams come true” and “Although we hail from different lands” with ease. Anybody wish to have these English songs can mail me.

  15. Prakash shah says:

    Ref to post: Your duoubt and questions proper answer is as follows:
    Lotus is remain untouched by the drop of water to spread its smell and beauty of nature infact it comes out from “Kuda Kadkat(Mud)” but remain untouched by mud.
    The same way a person like Rafiji remain untouched by its surroundings though he sang romantic or classic one.It is the same sign of mahapurush i.e saint .

  16. akmal jangvi says:

    dear fans
    how many songs composed by rafi himself available at the present?
    secondly, can any one send me kishore rafi duets?

  17. Raajkumar Akela says:

    I wonder sometime as how a saint like rafi saab sang songs like
    “ai aiya suku suku…” or “Japan love in tokyo…” or “Jiya ho jiya
    kuchh bol do…” or “Aaj ki raat ye kaisi raat…” !!!
    he was one of the simplest man of the film industry…or you can
    say of this world.
    A man-cum-farishta. A man of simple nature and regular namazee.
    I wonder how he was capable to perform any sexy/romantic song
    so perfectly !!!
    One can not go revesre to his nature…and how this “farishta” has
    sung these sexy and romantic songs with full perfection !
    This is perhaps….Mohammad Rafi !!!

  18. binus2000 says:

    Dear Rafians,

    the doli song is written by Majrooj Sultanpuri and more details
    about the maestro’s daughters marriage you can find in the
    SARGAM Magazine… special issue on Mohd Rafi saab.
    it is contributed by the legends close friend Mr. Ahmed bhai
    who is now settled in Calicut….. Kerala…
    Rafi saab has toured many state and world venues for concerts
    with RAFI SAAB and ahmed bhai is among those few friends of
    rafi saab now discovered by the RAFI FOUNDATION TEAM FROM

    binu nair

  19. Raajkumar Akela says:

    Dear Mr. hussein,
    Thanks for sending me the song ‘ghar se dola…’
    you are a true rafian who cares other rafians.
    please keep it up.
    Mr. Parvez is also praiseworthy for sending songs.
    my salute to all this kind of rafians !!!

  20. U0012087 says:

    Hi All

    Please if you can also send me the Ghar Se Dola Chala song at

    Many many thanks

    Khalid Rashid

  21. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Anybody need the song “Ghar se Dola Chalaa Laadli Ka…”, can mail me, this song a must for all Rafians. So nicely and emotionally sung by the legend.

  22. Raajkumar Akela says:

    Dear Mr. Ilahibaks,
    Please send me the song ‘Ghar se dola…’ if you find it.

  23. Azad Ilahibaks says:

    Dear fans of Rafi,

    Can somebody send Gharse dola for me please? Email to


  24. SANJEEV says:

    hi rafians—truly a very good nonfilmi song sung by rafisaab.The duration of this song is above 10 minutes—-not many have its complete version.i have a version of around 6 minutes.I have heard that this song has 3 bits-that is, GHAR SE DOLA CHALA LADLEE KA is broken in 3 different parts.the 1st and the 2nd are easy to get but the last part is the difficult one to possess.In the last part you will actually hear rafisaab singing his own name in it which goes something like this “de raha hai RAFI bhi duaven,ghar me gham tere kabhi na aaye…..”
    I request rafians to pls email me the complete version of this song if you do have it—my email id is thanx ——SANJEEV

  25. akmal jangvi says:

    dear fans
    send me also

  26. Monty says:

    Hi friends, I am eager to listen to this song, can anybody send to me? Thanks.

  27. unknow1 says:

    “Chal ud jaa re Pancchi” is like many other songs singed by some one else(Talat Ji) I request you to please email me this song if any one have in Talat Ji
    RAVI(MD) said once he is luck that when is wedding they play his two songs the songs are Aaj Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai and babul ki duayen and both songs was singed by Mohd Rafi.

  28. Hussein Sheikh says:

    The song ‘Chal ud jaa re pancchi…’ is from a movie called “BHAABHI”.

  29. asok says:

    There is one more great song from the movie–bin maa ke bachche. song is chod babul ka ghar angganna aaj gori chali. great song if you have listen it.

  30. Munesh Dhondai says:

    Actually, ” chal ure jaa re panchi ke ab jeh desh hua begana” is not a ( wedding) bidaai geet. This is a song that’s plays when somebody dies. Or when someone is dead. Our radio station uses always this song when they tell the demise of someone.

  31. Narayanan says:

    Dear Parvez,
    u r right the song which u compared is from the film Umang.
    Jai Rafi Saab u have made our day.weeks,months,years n decades.
    Yes I agree with all Rafians that it will take more than 1 birth to listen to our big boss Rafi Saabs treasure of gems.

  32. mohamed parvez says:

    it is well said by rajkumar akela this is true rafi saab said this in the interview one more song i would like to aad is babul kaun gadi ye aayi kal ti men teri ladly beti ho aaj parayi it was piturised on show man subash gayi ji i dont remember the name of the film i think it is from umang ihave babul ki duayen song and babul kaun gadi ye aayi song with me if any body need please e mail me my email adress is

  33. Raajkumar Akela says:

    it is said that during the recording of “neel kamal” song “babul ki
    duaen leti ja…” recently one of rafi saab’s daughters was married
    and departed from “rafi villa”….so the pain was fresh on our legend’s
    We can see the ‘pain’ in of a loving father in this beautiful song.

  34. Shoeb Burhani says:


    I am not able to download this song from Rapidshare. I request you to please email me the song to my email ID or upload it on Megashare and send me the link.

    Thanks in advance.

  35. Anmol Singh says:

    Rafi Saab Tusi Great Ho

  36. MOhammad says:

    I think the song was penned by Hasrat Jaipuri.

  37. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:

    The Neel Kamal song was not sung by Balraj Sahni in the movie but comes in the back-ground. The other Bidaai song which comes to mind is ‘Chal Udjare Panchi’ from “Choti Bahan”. Perhaps these songs are the two best Bidaai songs in the Hindi Films.

  38. Nadeem says:

    Good article this is one of the best bidaaie geet

  39. binus2000 says:

    What a song; no father or mother should miss this RAFI number
    for its true value could be weighed only in pure g o l d .
    I was amazed to know that the legend has tuned the song.
    truly memorable like babul ki duwaye leti jaa from neel kamal
    sung by Balraj Sahni on screen.
    binu nair.

  40. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Very emotionally sung this song by Rafi Saheb, reminds the one from ‘Neel Kamal’ – ‘Baabul ki Duaen Leti jaa…’.

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