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The so called lean phase of Rafi Saab

This article is written by Mr. Nitish Sinha from Rourkela, Orissa.

Mohd RafiSeventies was the decade of experiments, the decade of change of guard and also the decade of Rafi Saab, again. The number of songs may be less but the singing quality of his songs was same as ever, even during the so called low phase i. e. 1971-1976. However the quaity is always more important thing and quantity always play the second fiddle.

This period was surely the decade of many changes. The demise of Roshan, Jaikishan, Madan Mohan, Real Burman, less activeness of Naushad saab and Nayyar saab, advent of new generation of music directors like Laxmi-Pyare, Kalyanji-Anandji, Pancham, Rajesh Roshan changes the scenario for certain. In this scenario, the number of songs sung by Rafi Saab decreases, thanks due to stage shows of Rafi Saab, some religious reasons and also due to some politics in his absence. But he still continues to give his best, I think this decade could be remembered for the reason, Rafi saab converted the ordinary tunes into hummable songs.

During this so called low phase (as is called by media!) we made to hear the song TUM JO MIL GAYE GO.. from hanste zakhm, Rafi-Madan Mohan combi at it best, as ever!

The inmitable bhajan SHYAM ABHIMANI from ‘geet gaata chal’, the zid of majnu YE DEEWANE KI ZID HAI, the charishma of expression with dual magic of YAARO GAALO MUSKURAALO, the beautiful expression of love, YE JO CHILMAN HAI for Rajesh Khanna and tragedy as ever in the songs like MOHABBAT KE SUHANE DIN, DIL NE PYAR KIYA HAI IK BEWAFA SE was from the same period.

Mohd Rafi
Mohd Rafi

During this period, the trend of dance shifted from Shammi Kapoor to Jeetendra but Rafi saab still continue to rules the world with the songs like KITNA PYARA WADA HAI. Dev Anand was still there and so the Rafi saab with the song like MERA MAN TERA PYASA.

One of the best song of this decade KAHIN EK MASOOM NAZUK SI LADKI was from the film Shankar Hussain released in 1976.

There was some new brigade of stars like Vinod Mehra, Kabir Bedi, Anil Dhawan, Shatrughan Sinha and so Rafi Saab was there with the fresh songs like WO KYA HAI, JAB BHI YE DIL UDAAS HOTA HAI, BADI DOOR SE AAYE HAIN and YEH ZULF KAISI HAI.

One of the best duet of HFM Teri Bindiya Re was from the film ‘Abhimaan’ and picturised on Amitabh.

Some of the other songs during this period –

Mujhe teri mohabbat ka sahara mil gaya hota
Unke khyaal aaye to aate chale gaye
Bade bewafa hai husn waale
Ik na ik din ye kahani banegi
Patta patta buta buta haal hamara jaane hai
jaane kis roop ki jaadoo bhari
O aaja teri yaad aayee
chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko

and so the magic continues as ever…….

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56 Blog Comments to “The so called lean phase of Rafi Saab”

  1. S R SAIFI says:

    Rafi means beautiful voice and even though he lived for only 56 years,his name will remain etched in the memory of all music lovers.

  2. N. M.BIRAJDAR says:

    Rafi saheb was the god gift to all the music lovers. without Rafi saheb we can not imagine the hindi songs n the industry. rafi is rafi. one should not compare him with any singer in the world. ALLAH RAFI SAHEB KO JANNAT MEIN ALAA MAQAM DE AMEEN……………………

  3. Abdul Salam says:

    Mohd. Rafi sahab was the legend, who crossed all the boundries of SUR

    Rafi sahab was excellent personality with heart and face.

  4. Rajiv Varma says:

    During the 70s, Vinod Mehra used to prefer Rafi Sahab and gave some beautiful songs.


    Mohd. Rafi saab. is my mooo….st fayvourite singer. his name shows his talent & whiteness of character & song. I likes his all song but most likes HEART BREAKING songs.

    For more details about RAFI SAAB,
    Please contact me on..
    e mail:
    mob: +919934205446

  6. Jay says:

    Rifi was the grearest singer of all time. People remember him 29 years after his death is proof of this. His song “Tum muze u bhoola na Paaoge” says it all. He will be remembered till this world exists.

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