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Second Edition of the Biography of Mohammad Rafi (With CD of Rare Videos)

This news is shared by Mr. Vinod Viplav.

Meri Awaaz SunoAs a writer and a die hard Rafi fan, I am thrilled by overwhelming response of Rafi fans and Music lovers on my book on great music legend Mohammad Rafi Saheb – “Meri Awaz Suno”. It is amazing that a in the age of modern mode of communication and entertainment like internet and television a book got unbelievable response. This is the magic of the person who leaved 27 years ago but his songs are still enthralling and delighting us. We all rafi fans not only want to listen his melodious voice but also want to know about each and every aspects of his life.

I know a number of people who can spend countless hours in talking and discussing about Mohammad Rafi. And that is why all rafifans were passionately waiting for the biography of Mohammad Rafi.

Meri Awaaz Suno Book Cover Page
Meri Awaaz Suno Book Cover Page

Today when a number of important books on important subjects written by prominent writers bite dust in book stores and libraries but the long-awaited biography of our most beloved singer – Mohammad Rafi sold overnight like hot cake and within the short span of time we are forced to bring out the second edition of this book. At present less than fifty copies of the first edition of the book and seeing the immense demand, I know that these copies will be finished soon.

Meri Awaaz Suno Back Cover
Meri Awaaz Suno Back Cover

I want to inform rafi fans that the second edition of the book – Meri Awaz Suno is going to be published soon and I am trying hard so that second edition should released this year – 24 th December – on the birth anniversary of Rafi Saheb. In second edition there will be some additional chapters, interviews and photographs. This book is about life and songs of Moammad Rafi. This is the first biography of Rafi Saheb. With each copy of the second edition of the book a CD will also be given. CD will contain rare videos of live shows, rare interview of Rafi Saheb and much more. The price of the book (with CD) will be Rs. 150/ only. Those who want to purchase this book (with CD) book their copy please feel free to contact me. Rafi fans may also contact to get first edition of the book.

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62 Blog Comments to “Second Edition of the Biography of Mohammad Rafi (With CD of Rare Videos)”

  1. ranjan bhattacharjee says:

    hamey hosla milti Rafi saab ki har nagmo se jaise ke ;jindegise jo na hare woh sawarein jindegi ,thokor khakey aadmi banta hain aadmi yeh asmaish ka dastur hai. Rafi saab nasirf ek insan they woh the ek jamana,ek shola,ek mujahid jo jindegi se jiddojehad mein raha dikhanewaley ek fauji,ek insaniat ke pujari,ek deshpremi.wonko jitni tarif ki jayee woh kam hai.

  2. Sachi Prakashan says:

    how to get the biography of mohammad rafi – meri awaz suno

    dear friend/friends,

    thank you for your overwhelming response to the second edition of the biography of the great singer – mohammad rafi. A number of rafi fans want to know about how to get the biography of rafi sahab- meri awaz suno.

    how to get the book – meri awaz suno by courier/post

    if you want the book should be delivered on any address inside india
    if you want that book should be delivered on any address inside india you can send me a cheque/draft/money order of rs. 150/- only (including courier/postal charge) on following address. cheque should be in favour of vinod viplav.
    vinod viplav
    21, uni apartments
    sector – 11, vasundhara,
    ghaziabad (u.p.)
    pin – 201012
    ph- 09868793203/0120-2880324
    email –

    if you want the book should be delivered outside of india
    if you are residing outside of india and want to get the printed book by courier or post, you can send your order through
    total charge of the book – 150/ plus courier/postal charge. payment by credit card.
    to send your order please visits following link.

    in case of any problem or query please contact

    deepak khanna
    publisher relations
    a1books india
    phone : 91-120-4208206/ 91-120- 4208205
    mobile- 09899868109
    email –

    to get online version of the book in pdf format on your computer.

    the full version of the printed form of this book (meri awaz suno) is available on
    now rafi fans and music lovers can download the book on their computers. if you want to download and read this book, please visit following link :

    in case of any problem or query, please contact:

    mr. parag sirohi
    sr. business development executive
    e-source software solutions pvt. ltd.
    cell: 9711388459

  3. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Great news regarding bibliography of great singer. Will it be possible to translate and publish this book in English or Urdu, so that the Pakistani fans of Rafi Sahab can also read the same.

  4. binus2000 says:

    Dear Vinod ji..

    I was told by a friend of mine that u have mentioned in “meri awaz
    suno” that people do rafi shows on dec.24 and july 31 for making
    money. I do not read much of hindi and wish to state that a rafi lover
    like u should not be saying such things to the organisers who are
    mostly great rafi lovers. They are doing a great service , putting
    their time, energies and money at stake by doing these shows.
    they are spreading the ‘rafi magic’ and have a right to earn and lose
    money for which u or the audiences are never responsible..
    I will be happy to see ‘houseful’ boards at rafi saab shows and pained
    to see ’empty seats’ in a rafi show – which will ensure that the
    organiser ‘do’ not host shows in future.
    vinod ji, rafi saabs magic is at work and people want rafi shows and
    please do not complain if rafi lovers and artists are making some
    money for their efforts.
    may i ask u if u are giving away your book at its cost price? u have
    also advertised a cd along with your book. the copyright of the c.d
    is not with u hence its improper to market the c d or give it as
    giveaway along with ur book. please confirm this. and……..
    Kindly ‘delete’ those lines under discussion from the 2nd edition is
    my request to you.

    binu nair ///the rafi foundation///// mumbai.

  5. AJAZ says:

    FANTASTIC, i have read the first edition of biography of my beloved singer mohd. rafi sahab. All i can say to all of you is that the man was par excellence so far as singing is concerned. No other singer has ever been able to match his class. He was matchless. I am sure that there wont be second rafi on this planet. I am die hard rafian. If u wish to share anything about rafi sahab with me, i will always be there for you guys as it has become my hobby rather penchant to talk about rafi sahab every now and then. If you have any query which i can satisfy, feel free to contact me.
    My cell no. is +919898644583 and my name is AJAZ

  6. Najeem Al Baluchi says:

    Salam alaikum to all, i am 20 years old college student from the Sultanate of Oman (Muscat). I have been listening to Rafi sahab’s songs since i am 7 years old. I started liking Rafi’s Sahab’s songs from my parents who are his fans like others. I was really attracted to those perfectly sung songs that I couldn’t stop my self from hours of sitting near the tape and regreting that why I couldn’t meet this personality. I am not sure if this space is the suitable place to write but I saw this website and just wanted to share my respect to Rafi Sahab with others. Thanks anyway for this wonderful site and my prayers to Rafi Sahab…

  7. Raj Manku says:

    Hi, i live in UK and would like to buy this CD. I am also lookung for some live recordings of Rafi Sahib on either on DVD or Video.
    Your help will be much appericated

  8. Ramesh Patwardhan says:

    Where and how can I get the book with CD as mentioned here?

  9. this is sagar atre from Pune. A great fan of rafi sahab. i would like to organise a program on rafi sahab. an audio visual program. hope you will help me in that. i also like to book a copy of legend.

    sagar atre

  10. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    ref post 52

    madam anees begum,

    you can get the set of Cds of rafi sahab under the name ‘ legends’. you can buy from music world, banjara hills or paradise, secunderabad. when you come to hyderabad contact me at 9949509592

  11. anees begum says:

    hye i am anees begum i thought the great fan of mohammed rafi saheb..i would like to know how can i buy the rafi sahebs orginal cds i am living in vijayawada, but hear not available orginal of rafi sahebs or any other legends cds or dvds,,plz kindly request to sujest me where should i purchase real of music, orginal of legends songs,,

  12. Shahbaz Mahmood says:

    I am a great fan of Mohammed Rafi saheb…plz I would like to book a copy of the biography along with the CD. Please let me know how can i buy it.
    One thing more, i m living in Pakistan. I have come to know that cds can not be exchanged from india to Pakitan and vise virsa. Please tell me the solution.

    Shahbaz Mahmood

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