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Rafi Sahab – an Avatar or God

Musings by Ramesh Narain Kurpad.

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi


Rafi Bhakton – since a long long time – I cherished and nurtured the idea of writing about our dear Rafi Sahab and his amazing human form deep within my innermost feelings and after a long drawn battle with my own self – I have taken it upon myself to write in my own style about a person who once lived, sang, gave us some memorable melodious songs and just vanished even without saying bye.

If lovers of melody had been given the choice of choosing the span of life of our Rafi Sahab – then – like in the epics – Rafi Sahab – would have had to reveal his true self and that he was truly an avatar of god. His exit then would have been a well explained – planned one. None of us would have been saddened as we are today and shall be forever.

Humans who lived between 1924 and 1980 – were really blessed to share space on this earth along with this sensational singing avatar.

As it has been depicted in our epics, the people who lived at a particular period in time, never realised the importance of these avatars, as they felt them to be just plain ordinary beings with some extra qualities, slightly more than themselves and can be defeated or vanquished in an attack.

Rafi Sahab too experienced a phase like the one expressed above. Now how could he – just go about telling one and all that look – I am different. Hence he let his singing prowess or sparkle do all the talking.


Most playback singers, and film people and all connected with music were rather stunned, spellbound and dumbfounded with the goings on with Rafi and his singing. What ever he touched, turned gold and when others tried it, to their utter shock, Rafi Sahab had made some of the most difficult compositions look simple and easy. They were unable to sing even the beginning alaap.

Now with this kind of a situation created by Rafi Sahab in those days, it was nigh impossible for others to experiment or go beyond a stage – as they all had limitations – rather shockingly restrainable.


Singers in those days before during and after Rafi feature in the list of legends ( I feel ) and rightly so because there is an all important truth I wish to state that –

“only in the back drop of great singing legends that our own dear Rafi Sahab shone like a pole star.” Now, only in comparison to something or someone does the other attain super status. Left alone – it looses its charm so to say.

Swargiya Kundan Lal Sehgal, K.C.Dey, Punkaj Mullick, were names even Rafi Sahab did an adaab before uttering their names – they were guru’s for him.

Mohd Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar duing the song recording for the film Usne Kaha Tha with Salil Chowdhury, Bimal Roy, Shailendra, Asit Sen

Mohd Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar duing the song recording for the film "Usne Kaha Tha" with Salil Chowdhury, Bimal Roy, Shailendra, Asit Sen

Later – names like Manna Dey, Talat Mahmood ( the most hand some play back singers of all time ), Hemant Kumar and Kishore Kumar featured in and were in many ways than one solely responsible for the rise and rise of Rafi Sahab as a phenomenal singer of all times. Thanks to these legends – the names I just mentioned – Rafi Sahab – proved behond doubt that – with such profound talent in place and surmounting challenge our own Rafi Sahab simply bulldozed his way to the top by sheer class and his divine touch to the craft.

Every name that I mentioned as a legend, had in his lifetime categorically and fondly made a mention that – Rafi Sahab was truly the greatest of the greatest and none could sing the way he could sing. They have more than once accepted that they neither had the kind of strength in voice or the depth of Rafi Sahab and that they could not have possibly sung many of the songs that he had sung in his long list of renditions.

I could now, proudly state that, all these singing legends, looked upon Rafi Sahab as their inspiration to sing even better and were able to give us classics in their style of singing.


Here, I would like to abruptly end my take on Rafi Sahab, by saying that just as we Rafi Bhakts love, rever, respect, adore and glorify our dear Rafi Sahab there are numerous Rafi lovers who also love, respect and like many of these legends whose names have been mentioned with due respect.

There are a few of us who in parallel like Kishore’s songs a lot and listen to them with all zest. Whats wrong in that – isnt it a human possibility – is it a crime to like some other singer other than Rafi Sahab – “ an emphatic no “.

Hence, all Rafi lovers should realize one cardinal truth – that – only in the back drop of all these great singing legends – is Rafi Sahab the greatest and a legend above all legends.

A request to all Rafi lovers – take it easy – none can snatch Rafi Sahab away from all the glory and divintiy – Rafi Sahab is divine – he is an avatar, he was a singing god in the form of a human.

Rafi Bhakton, do not get unduly worked up if someone speaks against him, or even writes against him. All write-ups are just view points and it is the writers opinion and is never forced upon the reader to accept it even partially.

Articles or reviews written in websites like or elsewhere are wonderful thoughts put in print for us to read enjoy and in case one finds it not palatable – just forget it – and move on.


I also humbly request the

Founders/caretakers/administrators/office bearers of this lovely website dedicated to our dear Mohammed Rafi Sahab to take a little time off their busy schedules, read all the mails/blogs written by music lovers closely, if any literature found unbecoming/unapalatable, unduly harsh, hurting the sentiments of Rafi lovers/Bhakts, defeating the very existence of this dedicated Rafi forum, then, they have all the liberty to expunge those portions or the entire blog/email and deny it being printed.

My suggestion may kindly be considered for discussion and I wish some positive decision is arrived at in this regard.

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36 Blog Comments to “Rafi Sahab – an Avatar or God”

  1. shammi says:

    Harishji, i don’t think any praise or comparison to the likes o fgod is too much for the likes of mohd rafisahab.

  2. Harish says:

    I am myself a great admirer of Rafi saab, but please don’t use terms like avatar of God, etc, he is just a talented human being. Going berserk, is something hindus need to watch our for. It makes us look flippant in the eyes of others.

    Let our praise be measured and, definitely Rafi is one reason to proudly say we are Indian.

  3. karrar hussain says:

    The music training of Rafi along with his beautiful soul created songs which we listened and appreciated .Kishore -Rafi comparison was a Leo- Capricorn zodiac combination(difficult zodiac combination) and this too was seen by us.Also,Rafi- Lata combination was a Capricorn-Libra combination ,and again a difficult combination.Rafi’s songs were wasted on Shammi Kapoor ,for a Libran sang a Capricorn’s songs.A Capricorn actor should have been given Rafi’s songs.When Kishore(a Leon)had eclipsed Capricorn Rafi,he should have eased himself with some ideal zodiac companion,like a Cancerion or a Virgo.

  4. Rajkumar Akela says:

    My Dear Rafi Sahab !
    On this auspicious occasion of your 85th birthday we all miss you a lot.
    You are not there, but you are there…in our hearts, in our memories and you will be there till this time is there…and I know time never ends.
    May your soul rest in peace !!!
    Rajkumar Akela

  5. Priya Sanyal says:

    sometimes tears is sign of divine happiness……on such special days like these one like Rafi sahab`s B`day,punya tithi etc..we feel his presence so strongly that our soul can`t remain silent without expressing itself,we feel completeness n all our human feelings melts in divine reflection by moistioning our eyes in Name of our Favourite stranger,Rafi,Rafi sahab… can a person whose voice is always with us,whom we don`t see,talk meet but he become our such a own person…his voice reaches deepest inside us to our soul,its the place where we ourselves have not reached but Rafi sahab in every Raaga remind us of that the God lives in us…if God is not in us ,,how come we notice divinity,how come we talk of humbleness ,helping n becoming a good human being,,,surly something very pure is there like the fragrance of musk is in throat of deer,n she look everywhere else to discover the fragrance,n she see go mad with joy when someone comes n show her her own tresure,,,,similarly there is divinity everywhere but we also keep on looking other sides n forget that it can be closest to us…such time someone comes n show us that even in these selfish,materialistic world of death n changes there is really something very pure n eternal inside us….n its the feeling of adoration,love,respect etc…that we most of the time forget is in us..n The Voice of Rafi sahab make us helpless to admit human excellence in form of rafi`s fine art n human purity in form of his personal life,his dedication,devotion n love for all is the base of all his songs no matter even if its sung for a movie or album or charity but every times it works as medium to reach common masses heart…….
    After listneing Rafi Sahab I`ve come to admit that even there is such a comfort with tears that even his funny songs can give us along with serious ones only if we follow the flow of his singing n the person behind the voice,,,,,as Rafi sahab used to dedicate his every work to God…

  6. Dear Rameshji
    Thanks for mail to remember our beloved all time great human God Rafisaab. Some jobs God can not do for us so he send his part to finish his jobs and that Ansh or part was Rafisaab. Really told…
    Jis ki awaz per Sangit ko naaz hai. Jis ki shakshiyat per Insaniyat ko Guma hai, Jis ki hasi per ham sab Fana hai aise Rafisaab really God ke avatar hai.

  7. Lt Col Javed Sayyed says:

    Dear ramesh bhai,
    Straight from the heart. How true. Your greatness in presenting such an article giving their due to all those who entertained the public at large with their respective talent & opportunity is greatness in itself! Then your taking pains & perseverence in replying & ack all those writing/commenting on the article also speaks about your personal dignified self as well as your love for your article. That is true love. Hearty Congrats.
    Many more!!! Do Well.

  8. Ajit says:

    “Meri aawaaz suno, pyaar ke raaz suno
    maine ek phool jo seene pe sajaa rakhaa tha ….”
    Just listen and enjoy the bliss; who can ever describe the bliss in words.
    Jiyo Rafi Saheb in hearts of fans and the melody of the songs sung by You.

    Jiyo Ramesh for presenting such ‘pyara sa’ write up. God bless you

  9. dear rafi bhakton,

    I am making an attempt to thank other rafi bhakts from posts 20 to 25.

    20) jyotijee – you have expressed your true sentiments towards my article and it is highly encouraging for me. Yes jyotijee how true rafi sahab is rafi sahab – there is none other cause God himself has to come down as a singing avatar all over again.

    21) sanjeev kumar dixit – waah sahab – aapney mere behtey aansoon ko bhee jhanjhod diyaa. Kaash rafi sahab – humaarey beech hotey – hum unkey samney baithey hotey – aur veh chand ghantonkey liye humme riyaaz karkey sunaatey.
    Shayad yeh sab upar jaakar hee mumkin hogaa.

    22) uttaraaaaaaaaaa – ( I am reminded of the amjad khan dialogue when the second saviour surfaces – and he says aao maharathi aao …… ab ayey ho ….) your kind words to a novice’s article ( if I may say so ) is to be taken as a blessing from a guru to a shishyaa. As a toddler in the writing world, I am learning how to walk and as a guru – you have given your hand in support – its truly a warm feeling and now I am sure I will sooner than later learn how to walk in the field of writing.
    Your kind words to me, I know are also dil sey and am every so very thankful to you ( chells ) for encouraging an amateur writer like me.
    Whenever I pick up to write to the press, I would be filled with so much anger and animosity that in reply – I get a strong rebuke from mvmt in red – no abuses., though, I have spelt out the truth. However much, I try to delete, or rephrase my sentences or thought process is to no avail – I still get a kick once again – “ no abuses “.
    Hence, I thought to my self, the only person to teach me to write without being told no abuses and for it to definitely see the light of print – I picked up our dear rafi sahab as the subject and he never let me down.
    I am really honored that “ itnaa badi hasti , meri article kaa prashansaa kiyaa hai “. I stand highly motivated and your writings are my inspiration.

    23) ahmed kutty sahab – thank you for your appreciation – truly rafi sahab always had a serene face – cause he was divine.

    24) Anoopbhai – According to what talat sahab said – he already knew that rafi sahab was special, he was not from the ordinary, he was divine and anoopbhai what do we gather from this :- ………..
    rafi sahab will come back if mankind deserves it.
    God gives what we deserve and not what we desire.

    25) Tiwari sir – Saath samundar paar vilaayat sey aap kaa rafi sahab key prati pyaar humaari prashansaa kar rahi hai. Mai bahut abhaari aur shukr guzaar hoon.


  10. Narayan says:

    Ramesh Saab,
    Adaab Rafi !
    Due to hectic travelling could read ur Dilse likha article today only. You have put all your emotions truly and expressed the same nicely. Congrats atlast you have not only fulfilled my desire but many of our bakts who know you closely.
    Agree to ur suggestion that as a true devotee let us not be harsh to other’s opinion and encourage all of us to inculcate some element of Rafism like Sufi music……..
    Ramesh saab now your thoughts cannot rest with you we request you to share all trivia about our legend of legends from ur personal experiences
    Adaab Rafi Sahab

  11. rameshkurpad says:

    Posts 11, 12, 15 to 19.
    Dearest rafi bhakton,

    Here is an attempt to thank all bhakts for their thoughts.

    11) ali sahab – aapney bakhoobi – rafi sahab kee mahaantaa saral shabdon mey likhi. Aapk kehtey hain, rafi sahab key gaaney nikaal do, toh 70 pratishad – mehek nakal jayegi.
    Mai toh – yah kahoongaa – kee rafi sahaab agar na hotey – agar nahi gaatey – toh baaki diggaj gaayak joh the – woh kaunsaa laathi pakad kar chaltey.
    Roshni key bagair saraa mausikhee par andheraa chaa jaataa thaa –
    The world of music would have been an orphan without rafi sahab in the scene.
    You say 70% – I would say more than 90% of the gloss would have not been there.
    The biggest thing missing would be MELODY.

    12) nasreenjee – adaab rafi.

    The inner battle within me was – whether I had it in me to write an article – a huge point any one who writes in a forum which has a very very large membership and readership, to seriously consider is – one should sound like a joker – also should not in any way lower the prestige of the forum itself. How would it be accepted. More than bouquets it is the brickbats the forum might get – upon reading what I have written – was my concern – hence the inner battle.
    Nasreenjee – post (8) – rangajee ( achal ) is a writer of repute and has aptly summarized my thoughts in his wonderful way. Athee saraahniya hai.

    15) dear vasu-kay-jee ( neevu yeshtu ) – thanx for responding in your usual stylish manner. – thanx once again on a psychoanalysis – pray may I know your comments on my take on our dearest rafi sahab, who is supposed to have brought us to-gether and now we stand aquainted.

    16) chupe rustom babu moshai – pranab dasguptajee – lo mai aapkaa siphaarish kar rahaa hoon.
    Binujee – pranab key dil mey rafi sahaab viraajmaan hai – unko gaaney deejiye – agar besuraa niklaa – toh meri tarf sey bhee “ ek tappli maar denaa “.
    Thanx for the response pranabjee.

    17) nrpbhai – waah – I am in total agreement with what ever you say – as you are spot on all the time. Your style of writing is sheer “ class “ and your thoughts simply true and you put it across with great élan.
    “ jaaney waaley kabhee nahi aatey – jaaneywaali kee yaad aati hai – rafi sahab ek mandir hai. ……… “
    na bhooto naa bhavishyata – waah nrpbhai – profound.
    Nrpbhai – the basic idea of my writing was to bring some rafi bhakts who were going overboard and the humble poor souls were being mercilessly chastised and pardon me if I say – “ fingered “ badly. The message I hope will be well taken.
    I thank you sir from the bottom of my heart for your kind appreciation of my article. I stand highly motivated.

    18) yes – abidrafi – we rafi bhakts think and write alike. Murtygaru is an asset to all of us. He is a friend, philosopher and guide to all us rafi bhakts in toto, with nrpbhai closely on his heels.
    Thanx for responding abidbhai.

    19) ravibhai – I respect your deep sentiments – we all rafi bhakts feel the same – god knows when to take the avataar once again as “ mohammed rafi “ – is that ever possible ?


  12. Ashok Tiwari says:

    very well written article by ramesh bhai. i am saving this email for my future use and enjoyment.

    ramesh bhai deserves 110% for very well written article on rafi sahib.

    carry on the mission !!

  13. Anoop Kulkarni says:

    Rameshbhai, this is a fantastic, out-of-the-box article, completely focussing on the great man himself. Your writing skills were always evident in your emails, but I am glad that your talent was brought to the fore through this path-breaking article. Kudos Sir, and I wish you treat us to many more articles in the coming days.
    Coming to Rafi Sahab, I would like to quote Talat Mehmood – “Rafi’s voice was a gift from God to Rafi, but what Rafi made of it was his gift to God”

  14. AHAMED KUTTY says:

    Indeed a nice article.if we are a fan of somebody,may
    be the affection only for sometime.rfi saab is an exceptional.
    see his photo which is shown on the top of this article.rafi saab’s
    face is always with us.his song is always with us.

    rafi saab’s appearance is wonderful as his songs!

  15. Utthara says:

    Rameshbhai, they are not just your musings. You echoed the feelings of all Rafi fans. Your random thoughts have a wealth of meaning and a lesson or two for everyone.
    Yours is a truly out-of-the-box writeup. It comes as a breath of fresh air. We all get bogged down by reviews and analyses. But yours is an emotional outpouring which strikes a chord in everyone.
    Undoubtedly, Rafi saab was peerless. Having said that, how can we forget other legends?
    Everyone praises Rafi saab for his musical prowess and having God’s gift of a voice. But what I admire about him is his humility, generosity, kindness and BIG HEART. We should emulate his noble qualities.
    Rameshbhai, your musings have come from dil se. Expecting more such lovely thoughts from you.



  16. Sanjeev Kumar Dixit says:

    Yes Ramesh ji, Rafi Sahab not only known for his songs but also for his great character and humanity. He was a FARISHTA on the earth.Peoples who saw him, listened him and met him is very lucky. Person like Rafi sahab born alone in centuries.Un jaise insan roj-2 nahi aate. Aaj mujhe unhi ka ye geet yaad aa raha hai-
    “Kabhi-2 is dunia me yaaron aise FARISHTE bhi aate hain, kisi ko apna sab kuchh de kar khali hath chale jaate hain……”.
    Kaash……. wo aaj bhi hamare beech hote aur mai bhi unse mil paata. Lekin….
    “Dunia me sada rahne ko aata nahi koi…. tum jaise gaye aise bhi jata nahi koi…. kyon mar ke bhi hothon pe hansi khel rahi hai, sab jante hain aur batata nahi koi… batata nahi koi…. batata nahi koi..”
    Ramesh bhai Thanks for written a very nice article by you on Rafi saab.

  17. Jyothi says:

    Dear Rameshji,

    You have expressed yourself very well. We have all grown up listening to the wonderful songs of Mohd. Rafi and those are the ones which cannot be erased. Although many singer of the new generation have tried to imitate Mohd. Rafi, they have reached nowhere. Hats off to you for this wonderful piece of article. Sorry for the delay in replying due to my commitments at office.

  18. ravishankar says:

    well,i wouldnt mind if rafi saab would come to life if its costs ma ready to give away mine to bring life to the all time greatest of all singers-the one and only mhd rafi

  19. Abid Khalil says:

    wonder ful article written.
    all my feelings and emotions were taken from my heart by MR A S MURTY
    infact mr murti expressed not only my feelings about Mohammad Rafi saheb he represented all Rafi Lovers in his reply to this article.
    this is an example that all rafi bhagts think listen read imagine or use any type of senses is identical.the same way same frequency
    congratulation to mr murti for your comments and representing me by name of “rafi murty abid”
    keep it up

  20. Padmanabhan NR says:

    Waah Rameshbhai,

    Brilliant piece. What I liked best is that while appreciating Rafi Saahab’s class and basking in its glory, you have not derided other singers who too have contributed their might. That is the spirit in which a healthy discussion should take place. There are plusses and minusses in every singer on a given day but here was the maestro who only had plusses, each day.

    Incomparable he certainly was and only when we evaluate other singers abilities do we learn how much ahead he was. Miles to go before I sleep…thus goes one of the poems of Robert Frost. It is ironic that while others had miles to go before they could reach those heights, it is the incarnation himself who went to his eternal sleep!! There can not be, will never be one like him. na bhooto na bhavishyati.

    Congratulations on your heartfelt outpouring. Being a sailor whether you are on land or/at sea, please ensure that we ‘land” up “see”ing your aricles more often!!

    Padmanabhan NR
    Rafi Foundation, Hyderabad Chapter & baar Baar Rafi, Bangalore.

  21. Rafi sahab still lives in our hearts.He & his contribution will be remembered always in this universe.I always sing & listen his songs since my childhood,(I am at 55 years ).I request Sri Binu Nair(Sirf Rafi) please give me a chance (at his musical programe) to sing a song of Rafi sahab.I live in Mumbai.Thanks.With regards-Pranab

  22. Dr.Vasudha says:

    Sailor jee
    You said it!
    I knew you were different but never once did it dawn on me as to how.
    I now know how you manage to sail thru’ turbulent waters and face the gale.I now know what sailors are made of.Keep it up sir!

  23. dear rafi bhakts – here is an attempt to thank you all for your kind words.

    Posts one to ten.

    1) sid – you are extremely fast on the draw and you almost knocked me off with your speed. Thanx a lot for your encouraging word.

    2) Gan ganapati mohan pyaarey – straight from your heart too and thanx for the appreciation – its quite encouraging.

    3) Devbhai – I am honored that you found me worthy of a comment. Thanx a lot sir.

    4) Murtygaru – you are too generous with your words, I do not know, how much of it I actually deserve and even that too would be dedicate to our dear rafi sahab, as I have discussed him and through this medium I am being raised to a level. I am also learning the art of expression from your writings. Rafi sahab gets the best out of every bhakt. Thanx murtygaru for your generosity.

    5) Ravibhai – dostee khaatey mey aapney mujhey chaney kee jhaad pey bithaa diyaa – abb mai utarneywalaa naho hoon – thanx bhai.

    6) Binajee – aapko mera pyaar bharaa namashkar – you have been always forthright with your thoughts and comments – your take on my article – according to me – I regard it, as an extension of my write up – what profound analysis you have binaajee – aapkey socchh ney mujhey clean bowled kardiyaa. Thanx a ton binaaaaaaajeeeeeeeeee.

    7) Jaybhai – those were highly encouraging words from a man whose expression comes out like pearls. Sir you yourself could write very well. When do we hear from you. Thanx a lot for your sentiments about me. It was quite moving for me.

    8) Rangajee – thanx for all your kind words. Hold on to your thoughts sir, they would be useful for an article from your end. However, you have such a lot thoughts in your genius mind that, writing is a cake walk for you. Yourself and nrpbhai are two wordsmiths, whose written word is what I keep searching to lay my eyes and try to learn from them. Thanx a lot sir for your encouraging words.

    9) Binujee – thanx for appraising me of a few facts. I have just written what came from within me and are personal in nature. However, I am honored to see that you have found it worthy of a comment.

    10) Gurujee – thanx for your comments – yes it is impossible to have finished a day without having listened to rafi sahab. His songs have a great medicinal effect. They are a cure to a lot of bhakts.


  24. Dear rafi bhakts,

    While it’s a pleasure to interact with other rafi bhakts it is heart warming to be fondly encouraged by their kind word.

    My sincere reverence of rafi sahab took to the form of this article, mainly because of a few happenings in my life.

    1) membership to baar baar rafi ( bbr )
    2) membership to rafi fans yahoo egroup
    3) friendship with members of rafi-foundation, Hyderabad and interacting with the music lovers from Chennai, Mumbai and delhi.

    I would like to make special mention of a gentleman ( gentle and highly respectable in the true sense of the word ) named shri. narayan padmanabhan, an able p.r.o. of baar baar rafi, who was the first human being who told me earnestly that I should write, I have it in me and it would be well accepted. My sincere thanx to narayan sahab.

    Due to frequent power cuts and a faulty p.c. I will post in parts hence kindly excuse.


  25. Nasreen says:

    Dear Rameshji

    Wonderful thoughts and sentiments expressed by you in this article. Why did you have an inner battle with yourself before writing? Is it because you thought you might not be able to do justice – if so, you were wrong. Because you have clearly expressed the feeling of all us rafi bhakts as you so aptly call us. Your utter devotion shines through in your article.

    Achal-ji (post 8), I also found your response heartfelt and quite descriptive of how Rafi Sahab was – an avataar like creation of the Alimighty; one who has brought deep meaning to our lives in a way which will never be abandoned. Yes, he has gone – but has he really? Look at us, raving about him so many years after he left this world, and for me at least, the raving seems to be growing with each passing day.

  26. ali(unknow) says:

    Mohd rafi Is God Avatar that is true in music world because jest go back to music history we will find that he was at the top from 1952 upto date…All bollywood they tried there best to move m rafi from the top but they was not able and they back to him but God took him from these selfish people
    Naushad Ji said Mohd rafi is God Avatar……….who ignored M rafi in 1970’s they all back to m rafi and Only Madan Mohan who was with mohd rafi jest look to Madan ji films in 1970 all are super it as music…………

    Sir Ramesh Narain Kurpad we can’t ignor any other singer fans when they try to compare Sun light with moon light because we have got the answer which they don’t and we should show them…………
    Jest take out m Rafi from bollywood If am not wrong they will lose 70% of good music……..

  27. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:

    Ramesh Bhai,

    I fully agree with you. We people who grew up listening to all those retro songs of 60s were very lucky that in our adolescent age, we could listen to great singers like Mukesh, Mannadey, Hemant, Talat, KK, Mahendra, Lata, Asha, Geeta, Suman and above all Rafi. Let us be positive. Though Rafiji left us about 29 years back, he is still with us with his songs. Can we call it a day without listening to him?

  28. binu nair says:





  29. achal rangaswamy says:

    fantastic sir !!!

    ramesh saab, this a a perfect tribute from a great fan to a great man, nay a great avataar. yes sir, rafi saab was nothing else but an avataar.
    how could he hold his voice for so many years, sound so fresh even after so many ups and downs, be kind to all, speak softly and kindly to everyone. he smiled always. and not a single person has been heard saying anything harsh about him.
    he sang effortlessly. he made music sound divine. and most importantly, he added great value to actors who would have perished but for his lending his voice to make them jubilee stars and cash earners on the silver screen. he always gave. he asked for very little in return.

    who else but an avataar would befit this description???

    thanks for this wonderful write up ramesh saab.

    warm regards

    achal rangaswamy

  30. Jay Iyer says:

    Wow wow Ramesh. very well written sincere article on rafi. i liked the way u showed ur passion for rafi without taking any of the other singers down. u poured ur heart out without abandon. good work my friend. u should write more often.


  31. Bina says:

    Ramesh jee:

    You have reaffirmed all that we feel for Rafi Saab’s persona and his singing, in your own emphatic style.

    An Avatar, they say, is a fully freed soul incarnating directly from God on this physical planet. An Avatar fulfills a highly spiritual task in the name of God and returns to God after accomplishing his task. His Love for God and his creation is beyond description and imagination, his faith in God absolute as there is no difference between an Avatar and God.

    Rafi Saab’s voice has an effect of godliness and not a soul who has heard his divine voice is left untouched by its beauty…and his avatar-like presence on this earth reflectingf his sincerity, humility and generosity had a profound effect on all around him.

    Ramesh jee, aise articles hum jaise bhakton ko Rafi Saab ke amar hone ka ehsaas dilate hain.


  32. s ravishankar says:

    Just superb! Aap toh chhupa rustom nikle bhai. Your thoughts are just plain, pure and crytal clear. I have not read anything like this in the recent past. Yes. Rafi saab looks taller when viewed against the backdrop of other playback singers. Sadly, most people do not recognize this. Everything in this world is relative and Rafi saab is no exception. You have just echoed my thoughts of our maestro.

  33. A S MURTY says:

    remaeshbhai this is perhaps one of the best outcomes of ‘the voice within’. you have written everything straight of your heart and mind and that is perhaps the best way to be truthful. almost every single sentence or line that you have written must be enshrined in letters of gold. flattery is not my second name, though i am not highly critical too of anything that i do not concur with. i would in such a case refrain from commenting. but when an article forces you to be postive in comments, then i can also only write what comes straight into my mind, just like you have written. your article could not have come at a better time, what with several posts on various topics leaving a sour taste in our mouths. “Humans who lived between 1924 and 1980 – were really blessed to share space on this earth along with this sensational singing avatar” — is one statement again that we all would agree on. yes, we were born lucky to be in the same era as rafi sahab, even if partly, and have lived more than half of our lives growing up listening to these marvelous creations of music. Some day, I will write another article myself on what you have said, as the topic was again in my mind for several months now.

    Then again you go on to add “Every name that I mentioned as a legend, had in his lifetime categorically and fondly made a mention that – Rafi Sahab was truly the greatest of the greatest and none could sing the way he could sing. They have more than once accepted that they neither had the kind of strength in voice or the depth of Rafi Sahab and that they could not have possibly sung many of the songs that he had sung in his long list of renditions”. This is indeed a rich tribute to Rafi Sahab.

    Often we get tired of reading the same type of articles and every once a while an article with a difference comes up, like the one penned by you, which refreshes us all just as the next song of Rafi Sahab would do. Many congratulations for your wonderful thoughts, so explicitly written. Made a very interesting reading to me.

  34. M V Devraj says:

    Dear Ramesh: Very nice writing and your love,respect and reverence towards our God,the one and only Rafisaab, comes out very well.It is definitely our loss that God took away his ‘messenger’ too soon from us.As they say,God likes good souls and hence he calls them back soon.Thank you for the wonderful sentiments expressed by you.
    Best wishes.
    M V Devraj

  35. Gan Sharma says:

    Ramseh saab,

    Straight out of your heart, in the fine tradition of stream-of-consciousness writing.

    Gan (Mohan)

  36. sid says:

    wonderful article. I personally feel that god created us, but god sent down his throat to earth in the form of rafi. Rafisaab was not a god in the overall sense, ie, creator and stuff, but He is god to me. He has a voice which makes me feel “hey, if I have the opportunity to hear this all the wealth,desires and luxuries of this world can go to hell.” Thats what Rafi does to me.

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