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Din Dhal Jaaye … Haaye .. Raat Na Jaaye

This article is written by Mr. Shrirang Nawathe, Muscat. 00968 92 89 90 89

Mohd Rafi and Dev AnandWhile viewing the song, DIN DHAL JAAYE HAAYE… RAAT NA JAA.YE. TU TO NA AAYE TERI..YAAD SATAAYE … from the 1965 film GUIDE, one can easily be filled up by number of thoughts. Even after listening the song NON STOP 3 horus, I still have desire for ONCE MORE…. The beauty of the song lies in the fact of “Dedicated Team Work”. Every member of the team had contributed the best and therefore the product has come out with the tag of Excellent Quality. The quality which lasts for the decades and centuries.

What is the beauty of the song? Beautiful things cannot be expressed in words or for that matter the dictionary of the words is not enough to express the simplest forms of beauty of nature. It just has to be experienced. However, I think of some inherent factors which made the song a Quality Product. Beauty of the song is its melody,voice, music, lyrics, besides direction, presentation and performance by the Legendary Artists.

Dev Anand and Mohd Rafi
Mohd Rafi and Dev Anand

Coming down to the song, one can observe that, Rafi Sahab had done full justice to the given situation and to create the moods as expressed by Dev Anand in the film. It is clear that, Rafi Sahab got himself involved to such an extent that, we hardly are able to distinguish whether the song is sung by Dev Anand Sb or Rafi Sahab. What an understanding of the situation and matching of the voice by Rafi Sahab..just unparallel.

The extra melodious low voice was maintained by Rafi Sahab. Throughout the song which produces great impact on our minds whenever we listen the song. Even to-day, the voice of Rafi Sahab creates such vibrations in our nerve cells that, after more than 40 years of recording of the song, we get moved by the theme and situation and tears just roll down on our cheeks unknowingly and we get convinced with Dev Anand’s situation.

Here, equal credit goes to two stalwarts namely, Shailendra and SD Burman. The mysteries of the life were revealed in the simplest words by great Shailendra and this was his extraordinary quality.

SD Burman too did not leave any stone unturned. He created such a melodious, meaningful, lovely music to give due justice to the song situation. A typical SDB style reflected and is quite visible to a music lover, when one listens Flute is used so effectively that, it altogether keeps you going with the song in the same moods. Similarly, use of Saxophone was also a masterpiece. SDB denied signing new contracts when he was busy with the music composition of GUIDE just to give full justice to the job in hand. This shows the total dedication of a music director. Therefore, it is quite obvious that, music created with such dedication has to leave an everlasting impact on music lovers’ minds.


In this song, the helplessness of Dev Anand was exactly expressed by Shailendra right from the beginning. It is evident when we listen the first line of the song i.e. DIN DHAL JAAYE HAI RAAAT NA JAAYE. In fact, we can not ignore the classic efforts put by Vijay Anand directing this song. The helplessness is reflected at every moment of the song. Not only that, but also it gets worsened gradually as the song advances towards completion.

For instance, the almost empty bottle and glass are shown in the hands of Dev Anand & he was shown sitting on the floor whereas his colleague is shown sitting on a chair. Similarly, the door of Wahida Rehmaan’s room was shown locked in the beginning to express her helplessness. These are classic indications and reveals the talents of the director.

Rafi Sahab was all time great and this was proved once again when he had sung this beautiful tragedy song. Rafi Sahab had sung many tragedy songs for that matter, but, this song has a speciality that, the justice to the job was done by every member of the team to produce the everlasting effects.

Therefore, listening DIN DHAL JAAYE..HAI RAAT NA JAAYE.. ultimately leaves only and only feeling of ONCE MORE… in our minds…

Hats off to SD Burman, Shailendra, Rafi Sahab, Dev Anand, Waheeda Rehman & last but not the least, VIJAY ANAND who GUIDED the team in such a way that, GUIDE achieved a status of a mile stone in the Hindi Film World, winning 7 film fare awards in the year 1967.

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117 Blog Comments to “Din Dhal Jaaye … Haaye .. Raat Na Jaaye”

  1. atularora says:

    hi… i like old movie hindi your too good and song too good are…….

  2. Raju Korti Sahab,

    I am die hard fan of Shankar Jaikishan. I liked you posts here and glad to know that you met with Shankarji. May I have you on you will be an asset for us… May I have your e-mail id sir ? mine is

  3. jasbir singh zando says:

    listen this magical song in the dark room with full intention n devotion..u will c ur god RAFISAAB in front of ur eyes…..singing so nicely n sweetily….billions points to rafisaab for his talent beyond limit……………

  4. shrirang nawathe says:

    dear raju korti ji,

    1.- thank you for informing your cell nos.
    2.- I shall contact you during the time period given by you.



  5. Narayan says:

    Dear Raju Korti sir,MYK sir,Haldar da,Anmolji,Murty sab,xxx,Shrirangji,Binuji,Sashankji,Kulkarniji and all Rafi lovers,
    I just picked up a lovely book of’Bollywood Melodies’ written by Ganesh Anantharaman and flipped thru the pages.
    The author states that Mohd Rafi saab along with Lataji are the two major icons of playback singing who between them gave us the max melodies.
    After Rafi saabs death in 1980 the music scene declined like nobody,s business.
    kindly read this book . A must for all music lovers

  6. Dear Kortiji,

    “Dil Lena Khel Hai Dildar Ka” was sung by RDB himself. The two Rafi songs in “Zamane Ko Dikhana Hai” were duets with Asha “Pucho Na Yaar Kya Hua” and “Bolo Bolo”.

  7. myk says:

    Dear Korti-ji,

    Thanks so much for the post, I really appreciate all your answers to my questions. The PKM anecdote is really interesting. There is a Rafi sad version of this song that was never released on records but only present in the film, and its much better than the KK sad version. The music, combined with Rafi’s glorious voice makes it a gem of a song. The piano work in this song is excellent, Pancham didn’t make too many piano-based songs, but whenever he did, it was fantastic. Another great Rafi-RD piano-based song is “Ek janib sham-e-mehfil” (Abhilasha), where Rafi sings with Manna.

  8. Manish Kumar says:

    I wish it was written either in English or Hindi with original characters but not Hinglish! By the way, the original marathi is on the top post of that thread.

  9. Manish Kumar says:


    Here is a link to a 1966 interview that SDB gave with regards to the making of Guide. I’m especially interested in what he has to say about Rafi.

    I do believe that the original interpretor in the linked thread made an honest mistake. That’s OK. Someone please accurately translate it! 🙂

  10. prakash shah says:

    I will contact tonight on your cell.
    Rafi,and SJ,sahir,shailendra,Hasrat,roshan,mm,Sd,Rd,Dev anand,Raj kumar(Jaani),director Vijay anand,Sanjiv kumar,and Balraj sahani,Jitendra,Shami kapoor,are my most favourite.
    Rafi and shankar jaikishan will always be there till hindi film exist.
    A song from budtameez by rafi – Dil ko namere Tadpao is to be listen.

  11. Raju Korti says:

    dear myk
    i really don’t know what pancham felt when rafi won the national award for hkkn, but my colleagues who were in the know said he was happy no doubt but was amused that there were better songs he had composed and rafi had sung but never got their due. according to him (rdb), he was thrilled that he could compose a qawwali like “hai agar dushman jamaana…” at a time when the whole genre of qawwalis was getting extinct. how ironic that a man who has been (dis)credited as having no regards for rafi was the one who was instrumental in winning rafi the national award. rd, who wasn’t very happy with all these speculations about his relationship with rafi, was all chuckles at that time. “if i were prejudiced against him, i wouldn’t have been credited with reviving his career,” rdb had said tongue-in-cheek. but to me, the biggest suprise was his fond fascination for the pyaar ka mausam rafi song. “they are all going gaga over the kishore song, but see how cute shashi kapoor looks on rafi’s voice. i absolutely love it.”
    myk, i am happy that you are asking all these questions, because if i can help matters by clearing the mist, it’s my duty. to be frank, rd is not one of may very favourites, but i won’t look down upon him because of his kishore tilt. the fact is rafi gave him the backup that he needed with all the gusto.
    i suppose the last song rafi sang for rd was in zamane ko dikhana hai in “poochho na yaar kya hua” and “dil lena khel hai dildaar ka”.
    you have asked how pancham reacted to rafi’s passing away. don’t take my word for it, but a colleague of mine shot this picture when rd was weeping bitterly at the farishta’s death.

  12. myk says:

    Dear Korti-ji,

    What were Pancham’s feelings about Rafi-saab winning a National and Filmfare Award for “Kya hua tera waada” (HKKN) ?. Also, would you happen to know the last RD-Rafi recorded song ?.

  13. Raju Korti says:

    dear shrirang ji
    i have already posted my cell nos in one of the threads. but i repeat them for you here.


    the most convenient time to talk to me is between 2.30 noon to 6pm and 10pm to 12night indian standard time.
    i will share whatever i know about all that we discuss in this forum.


    Dear Mr. Korti ji ,

    1.- Thank yo so much for sharing the information on sj/rafi sab/mukesh / rajkapoor.
    2.-Sir,I am rerally thrilled to note the facts about sj.
    3.-You are right that sj are the best of all times.
    4.-We are fortunate to be born in the same era and could enjoy the best part of hindi film music.
    5.-A book from your pen on these interesting topics would be a great gift for all of us.
    6.- I would rerquest you to inform your contact number as I want to talk to you.



    Dear Mr. Korti ji ,

    1.- Thank yo so much for sharing the ionformation on sj/rafi sab/mukesh / rajkapoor.
    2.-Sir,I am rerally thrilled to note the facts about sj.
    3.-You are right that sj are the best of all times.

  16. Maruti Rao says:

    continuing on sj, i would like to state that in some newpaper article (1989), ram laxman the music directors of the block buster maine payar kiya had mentioned that sj have given so much of variety in their music that there is no need for the music directors of this period to actually create new music. they can lift the tunes from here and there (from sj’s compositions) and create new music.

    i would also like to state here that so called music directors like bappi lahiri and anu malik simply creating music from sj’s compositions which they call as inspirations. sad. there is not a single song by these mds which have not been lifted from other mds (particularly sj).

  17. Manish Kumar says:

    well, to be super clear & explicit, i myself added the “since it was not a dev anand movie” out of consideration. the rest are purely from the sources listed e.g. shakti samanta.

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