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Some Rare Diamonds Of Rafi Saab-7

This article is written by Mr. Venkat Brahmandam.

(Rafi Sings For Raj Kapoor)

Shankar-Jaikishan with Rafi Sahab and Raj KapoorThere are many MDs who used Rafi Saab for Raj Kapoor in some Films.

But, Shankar Jaikishan have one unique specialty to their credit. They are the first MDs to have ever used Rafi Saab for Raj Kapoor, in Film:Barsat (1949), in a solo, “Main Zindagi Mein Hardam Rota Hi Raha Hoon“. And Film:Barsaat (1949) happens to be SJ’s very first Film too.

Shankar Jaikishan then went on to use Rafi Saab for Raj Kapoor in two more Films, Ek Dil Sau Afsaane(1963) and Mera Naam Joker (1970).

In Ek Dil Sau Afsane(1963), it was an ever-green Rafi-Lata duet, “Tum Hi Tum Ho Mere Jeewan Mein“.

Rafi Sahab with Shankar-Jaikishan and Raj Kapoor

In Mera Naam Joker(1970), it was the soul-stirring solo, “Sadke Heer Tujh Pe Ham Fakir Sadke“.

Knowledgeable music fans who know this song would admit that only Rafi Saab could ever render it so effectively, no matter who was actually Raj Kapoor’s voice. Sure enough, Shankar Jaikishan and even Raj Kapoor knew it and that is why all Raj Kapoor rules were waived and Rafi Saab was chartered for this great song.

Today, let us listen to the lovely Rafi-Lata duet, “Tum Hi Tum Ho Mere Jeewan Mein, Phool Hi Phool Hain Jaise Chaman Mein” from Film:Ek Dil Sau Afsaane (1963), picturised on Raj Kapoor and Waheeda Rehman.


Listen to Tum Hi Tum Ho and enjoy!

Naushad had made Rafi Saab sing for Raj Kapoor  in Film:Andaz (1949) in the Rafi-Lata duet, “Yun To Aapas Mein Bigadte Hain, Khafa Hote Hain“, and also in three Rafi-Suraiya duets in Film:Dastaan(1950), including the famous “Tarari Arari Aarari“. We have just listened to this great Rai-Suraiya duet, in my last article in this series.

Lesser-known Music Director, Krishna Dayal, had recorded Rafi Saab for Raj Kapoor in Film:Baawra(1950), in a solo, “Sahil Jo Dubo De Kashthi Ko

Madan Mohan too had used Rafi Saab for Raj Kapoor in Film:Dhun (1953) in solo, “Gori Ki Ankhiyan—Nazar Mila Le O Dilruba

Another lesser-known Music Director, S.Mohinder had made Rafi Saab sing for Raj Kapoor in Film:Paapi (1953) in two solos and one famous Rafi-Asha duet, “Meri Zindagi Hai Tu, Mujh Ko Teri Justaju, Aa Ja Tere Hathon Mein Ishq Ki Hai Abroo“.

This Rafi-Asha duet was picturised on Raj Kapoor and Nargis. A great favorite of mine.


Listen to Meri Zindagi Hai Tu and enjoy!

Ghulam Mohammed had used Rafi Saab for Raj Kapoor in Film:Amber (1952) in three Rafi-Lata duets, including the famous and peppy “Ham Tum Yeh Bahar, Dekho Rang Laaya Pyaar, Barsaat Ke Maheene Mein“.

Finally, O.P.Nayyar too was never behind in this regard. He combined Rafi Saab and Raj Kapoor in Film:Do Ustaad (1959) in one solo (“Worli Ka Naakaa“) and five lovely Rafi-Asha duets, including the peppy, stylish and fast-paced “Rik Rik Tik Tik, Boom Boom Chik, Tere Mere Do Dil Ho Gaye Ek“.


Today, let us listen to this typical OPN composition, “Rik Rik Tik Tik, Boom Boom Chik“!

I wish to remind friends that this article is the seventh in the series, “Some Rare Diamonds Of Rafi Saab“. The earlier six too are still available in this website along with the accompanying audio songs.

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15 Blog Comments to “Some Rare Diamonds Of Rafi Saab-7”

  1. unni krishnan says:

    i became a rafi fan in 1956 unknowingly after hearing “pita apne balak se bichad ke chain se nahi rah sakta………”;i was born in1953;now even in 2011 i am discovering fantastic songs of rafi saab which i have never heard before;every day i have to hear the voice of my soul;rafi saab is immortal;i thank the almighty for allowing me to come on earth at this time frame to allow me to relish his voice.i have seen him at three “rafi nights”;all in madras…all were mind blowing….it is beyond imagination that one human being has got so much talent..
    i have passed on this treasure to my son(1992) and my daughter(1983) and will pass to my grand daughter(2011)………

  2. dear friends ,mohd rafi sab had got filim fare award to the song ” mai gaom tum sojaoo” in the filim brahmachari.most of the rafi writers mis quoted it for the song ” dil ke cherro ke mai ” in the same filim. i had seen in 1969 a filim namely ittifaq’ .this particular filim fare award nite scene was screened in a spl. newsreel of that filim.some of u might have also seen that in ur hey days.the song mai gavoo was played 3or 4 times in that scene.

  3. pmc thangal says:

    hi venkatji, hither to i believe that rafi saab had sung to raj kapoor in the filim ‘dastan ‘ only.your precious article reveal the fact that more than 12 songs are sung by rafi saab for raj kapoor. i had heard most of the songs mentioned by u earlier but think that it was sung by rafi to some other heros other than raj.the song rik…rik (do ustad )is a new one song to me .other song of ‘do ustad ‘and ‘papi’ ,bawra ‘,and’dhun are not heard.

  4. AS MURTY says:

    As I was surfing through various channels yesterday, I had to suddenly stop at TIMES NOW TV channel, for it was featuring songs of Rafi Sahab. Actually that was not the full programme, but small clippings of a programme to be telecast by that channel on two consequent days i.e. SATURDAY and SUNDAY and the programme is called TOTAL RECALL which will feature Rafi Sahab and his songs. The telecast is at the following timings :

    SATURDAY (17th Jan 2009) : 12.30 p.m. (afternoon) and repeat at 8.00 p.m.

    SUNDAY (18th Jan 2009) : 2.30 p.m. and repeat at 8.00 p.m.

    Please check the exact timings once again by watching TIMES NOW TV at regular intervals.

  5. Anil Cherian says:

    Here’s “sadke heer tujh pe”:
    Here’s Sanjeev Ramabhadran (winner of ‘saregamapa’ and huge Rafi admirer) singing it:
    Please note that no comparison is intended, just wanted to introduce this fine artist here.

  6. RE: Some rare gems of Rafi Saab from 1-7
    Indeed Superb Mr Venkatjee.

    You have hardly left any words for us to describe OR comment in respect of your superb, innovative, statistical & apt comments and articles in this very lovable site
    Mohammed Rafi undoubtedly was the most lovable, beautiful & sweet personality not only confined to our Country but the entire Universe as a whole. Such a human being of his magnitude can be born only once in many many centuries to come and hence can truly be deserved as the greatest ever.

    Mr Venkatjee your comments & articles truly reflect the sweet fragrance left behind by this greatest gentleman on earth and hence the undersigned would indeed love & be honored to meet you in person mainly to share the beautiful world of our beloved king of melody – Mohammed Rafi Saab!!!
    Please accept my Salute Sir!!!

    From your classic collections please submit your link for downloading the following classic pieces of Rafi Saab as enumerated as follows
    1) Zindagee hai kya sun mere yaar praar bhala dil meethee zubal from the film maya with music by salilda
    2) Palkoon ke pichese kya tumne kahe dala phir se to farmana from the film talash with music by sd
    3) O majhee chal from j omprakash film aaya sawan jhoom ke with music by LP
    4) O madhura Milan hai sajana being a very rare duet with Lata probably from the film madurmilan

    My Contacts
    Cell No: 09320005505

  7. b.venkatadri says:

    Many thanks indeed, Chaugule Ji, HP Ji, Mansoor Ji and Siva Ji, for your good words.

    Mansoor Ji and HP Ji, many sincere thanks also for pointing out the Rafi solo from Film:Nazrana(1961), ‘Baazi Kisi Ne Pyar Ki’, composed by Ravi and picturised on Raj Kapoor.

    I also correct myself and agree with Biman Barua Ji that the Rafi solo from Film:Chalia(1960), “Gali Gali Sita Roye”, too was actually picturised on Raj Kapoor himself, with proper lip sync., etc.

    Mansoor Ji, the other song (Rafi-Lata duet) that you mentioned, “Zamana Sach Kehta Hai” is already covered in the article. It is one of the three Rafi-Lata duets from Film:Amber (1952), composed by Ghulam Mohammed.

    Siva Ji, I appreciate the nice way you described Rafi Saab’s rendition of “Sadke Heer Tujh Pe” from Film:Mera Naam Joker(1970). I too love the way he says the ‘Baithi’ bit in ‘Tu To Phoolon Ki Sej Pe Jaa Baithi’.


  8. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Dear Mr. Venkat ji,
    Once again Great article and contains some rare gems of Rafi Sahab. Please keep it up. We anxiously await your articles.
    The song “Sadqe Heer” from Mera Naam Joker is one of my favourites. It is indeed one of those Rafi Sahab’s songs that no other singer can sing so sweetly. These songs show the real greatness of this legend. This song is available on youtube.

  9. Siva says:

    Mr Venkatdri
    Thanks a million for informing about the gem of a song from Mera Naam Joker-Sadke heer tujh pe hum fakir” . I had not listened to this song earlier and managed to get it downloaded from internet. Rafi sahab has put in his soul into this song -the vibrato in each stanza is really amazing. It is really sad that such a priceless gem of a song was not played much in Vividh Bharati or in any other programs.
    The feelings and emotions that Rafi sahab has put in this song is ultimate and I think no one can match this –may be that is why God took him away so soon as He might have wanted Rafi sahab to sing for him in heaven.

  10. mansoor says:

    Two other outstanding songs filmed on RK, which comes to my mind were: a duet with Lata in (i think 1949 Barsat), ‘Zamana such kehta hai…’, and ‘Baazi kisi ne pyar ki jeeti ya haar di…’, in Nazrana, 1961 and Ravi was the md. Both songs were very good and, as usual for rafi saheb, were hits in their days.

    In deed rafi saheb has left us with so many beautiful songs to cherish and enjoy that we will never say enough. May god bless his dear soul.

  11. H.P. says:

    Please add “Nazaraana”…One of the best solo “bazi kisi ne..”

  12. s.d.chaugule says:

    Excellent article on rafi songs sung for raj. It shows that rafi has sung for almost all actors. I hope to see more articles of this type from Venkat Ji.
    sdchaugule, Belgaum (KA).

  13. b.venkatadri says:

    Many thanks, Murty ji and Barua Ji.

    Barua Ji, the song you mentioned from Film:Chalia (1960) is not picturised on Raj Kapoor, but is a background song. That way, there are many more Rafi songs in Raj Kapoor films, picturised on other actors or in background.

    My above article is confined to Rafi songs ‘picturised’ on Raj Kapoor.



  14. biman baruah says:

    Respected Venkat Ji

    congratulations for a well-resarch article on Rafi-Raj Kapoor, a rare combination.
    I would like to add another song of this combination from Monmohan Desai’s debut Chalia(1960) “Gali Gali Sita Rooye Aaj Mere Desh Mein, Sita Dekhi Ram Dekha Ek Naya Bhesh Mein” the theme song of the film composed by Kalyanji-Anandji.
    Raj Kapoor was a great admirer of Rafi Saheb, though he was not regular voice of him.

    With very best regards to all lovers.

    Biman Baruah
    Sivasagar, Assam

  15. A S MURTY says:

    very informative article, once again, venkatadriji. thanks for keeping us posted with such vintage of musical history. some of the songs are long lost but having provided some of these songs, it was very refreshing listening to them.

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