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Rafi’s Influence on New Talents

By Mr. Naveen Zalpuri

Last year around the same time, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs was on the air and it was a delight to find contestants as young as 10 years old trying to attempt Rafi songs to showcase their talent. In last week’s episode on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007 where participants were asked to sing songs from the decade of 60’s and 70’s it was again our Rafi Sahib who emerged as the singer of choice. It is no co-incidence that more often than not at the crucial junctures in shows like these, the contestants revert to a familiar Rafi song to showcase their highest singing acumen. Whether they do justice to these songs or not is a different subject but they sure need to be complimented for the attempts they make.

Out of the eight male singers on the show in that episode, six of them chose a Rafi song. The other two male singers sang a Lata and a Yesudas number. The following Rafi songs featured in that one episode Affo Khuda from Jab Jab Phool Khile, Oh Hasena Zulpho wale and Aaja Aaja Mein Hoon Pyar Tera from Teesri Manzil, Dil Jo Na Keh Saka from Bheegi Raat, Kaun Hae Jo Sapna Mein Aaya from Jhook Gaya Aasman and Gulabi Aankhen Jo Teri from The Train.

All this brings home how much influence Rafi Sahib’s works have on new “wannabe” singers.
It needs to be seen whether good sense guides and inspires the Sa Re Ga Ma producers to do a Rafi special episode to mark his death anniversary. Sadly it always has been the case that people at the helm conveniently manage to not mention the legend even when they benefit from his works. Personally I would be looking forward to such a special episode on Rafi Sahib on Sa Re Ga Ma Challenge 2007. If they don’t come up with one it is only their loss for the legend lives in the songs and in our hearts.

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13 Blog Comments to “Rafi’s Influence on New Talents”

  1. Lanjish says:

    Ravindra Jain: When I composed the music for “Tansen”, there was one particular song that played on the ragas and the position of the sa. Mohammed Rafi was at his peak then. When I played this song for him, he told me, “Raviji, Mohammed Rafi would not be able to sing this song in this lifetime.” That was the greatness of Rafi. Hemant Da (Hemant Kumar) told me that the very thought of singing the song made him tense. It was finally sung by Yesu. Both of us worked on that song for two days during the recording. No food, no break or even a sip of water. We finished it only after 59 takes.

  2. Lanjish says:

    Rafisaab is not a voice its a soul. Some people can try to imitate his voice but still the song will not have the soul.
    If there is anybody who can match upto 80% of his voice & 30% soul should immediately start learning classical music and try to give a full fledge classical concert in Rafisaab’s voice. A full fledge classical concert by Rafisaab is the only regret in a life for all Rafians.

  3. Ref: post 1
    I am highly impressed by Shri Shirish Kulkarni Sahab’s comments!
    Rafi Sahab ka daur phir aayega aur aisa aajega ki koi jawab nahi!

  4. Narayanan says:

    Post 5 Syed Sir,
    You are wrong. Rafi saab is remembered by all the music lovers across the world. There are regular articles in print media in major cities as tribute to Rafi Saab.
    Plus this time apart from the Aaj Tak,DD,SAHARA who every year religiously pay tribute many channels like CNN-IBN NDTV couldnt help but telecast Rafi saabs tribute due to the evergrowing legions of fans.

  5. P. Haldar says:

    ref post 8:

    Couldn’t open the link for some reason. But are you sure he didn’t mention “govinda ala re ala”?

  6. mohanflora says:

    Extracts from Govinda’s interview with BBC Ek Mulaqat (Aug. 5 th 2007)

    Rafisaab all the way, Generationnext!

    Now it’s Love 2007 that’s on. Tell us a song of your choice.
    The song ‘Fikr ko dhooen mein udata chala gaya’ from dev Anand-ji’s film Hum Dono. This song has a certain carefree attitude, a little romance, a little spiritualism, and the capacity that a man has to fight the battles within one’s character. I like the music very much.

    Another song?
    ‘Mile jo kadi-kadi ek zanzeer bane, pyar ka rang bharo zinda tasveer bane… humsafar ban ke chalo tho suhana hai safar, jo akeyla hi chale use na mile dagar’ It’s a very nice song. I like a lot of Amit-ji’s songs but I like this one especially.

    Another song of your choice?
    ‘Badan pe sitare lapte hue…’

    Another song?
    I used to sing this song when I used to do comedy films. It one of my favourites – ‘Aaj purani raahon par koi mujhe aawaz na de, dard bhare who geet na de, ghum ka sisakta saaz na de… ‘

    Who sang it?
    Mohammed Rafi sahib sang it and Dilip sahib is in the song. It’s from the film Aadmi aur Insaan.

  7. swapan says:

    there is no 2nd thought that respected Rafi shab be given a warm tribute through sa re ga ma and i will be specially delighted and thankful if the organiser does so, for i am a regular viewer of sa re ga ma since its inception. furhter i am also an urdernt fan of the legnd singer so i will be just tooooo happy. i fondly remember the episode of challenge 2005 in ehich vineet of licknow sang one of my fav number ” patta patta boota boota” from Ek Nazar. its a Laxmi-Pyare creation with too much of melody. vineet had done 99% justice to the song. i have watched the number with full volume in my home theatre system when shown in the repeat programme on sundays. i become mad when i listene to such melodious creation from Rafi and LP. well there will be no end of such momemnts but i confess that i was in full tear when i heard the number “kitna pyara wada” from Caravan on the day Rafi saab passed away in 1980 (if not mistaken). Sa Re Ga Ma please jaago and do something.

  8. mohamed parvez says:

    great article by naveen zalpuri saab unfortunatey i coud not watch that episode now a days young singing talents are listening and singing rafi saabs song now they are more serious about choosing song

  9. Syed Ali says:

    I agree T o Naveen’s comments about how easily some people have forgotten the legend even though every one knows that he was the best singer of all times but some people are in denial and he has always influenced millions if not billions by his versatility and perfection of singing any song and every singer (good or bad) dreams of singing like him. But I have seen this over and over again that some people do not have any respect for our legend and I am very disheartened about the fact that we remember Kishore or Mukesh, every year but when it comes to Rafi Saheb, it feels like there is a lot of discrimination against him and I hope someone puts an end to these kinds feelings and be fair to all singers and treat them with equal respect. Without the past there is no present or future my friends, he laid the foundation and the changed the way the songs were sung and he set the levels of music where no singer can ever reach that limit.

  10. KRISHNA says:

    Rightly said Rafian1. Whenever its a difficult song, MDs choice was Rafi Saab. What a boon to us on this world to have Rafi Saab’s songs.. No day goes without him. Thanks to God for giving us the Emperor of singing. Long Live Mohammed Rafi Saab…

  11. Narayanan says:

    Naveen sir,
    I agree the tv music shows should dedicate to the legend of legends Rafi saab but they are too busy.
    Once I was fortunate to see a Rafi Saab special in Zee Sa re ga ma…. with judges Suresh Wadkarji who is a big shishya or disciple of Rafi mia and Vinod Rathod who matured to become our legends admirer later.

  12. Rafian1 says:

    Heartening news.Last year in saregama or someother challenge there was interview with the 5 winners(each category).3 of them mentioned Rafi in their fav singer list( 2 told Rafi-Lata and 1 Rafi-Manna) and other 2 did nt mention anyone.Remember all were kids.Also I remmber that they told they want to sing ‘difficult’ songs.Rightly so who is the master of difficult songs.None other than Rafi.

  13. It is indeed very heartening to see and hear young budding singers singing Rafi Sahab’s songs. This is a vast change from a period when his name was almost obliterated from all programmes. This new phenomenon coincides amazingly with what happened to him when he was alive. He was shunned by the industry for a few years due t biased insinuations. or whatever. But the same people were compelled to work with him. And what a comeback he made! And as everybody knows, rest is history.
    Similarly, now Rafi Sahabs are now coming to the fore again. The power of his talent and melody is about to overtake all.After a short era of sycophancy and cacaphony, we await with bated breath, the arrival of the Rafi Sahabs kind of music and talent.

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