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Rafi Research

By Ramesh Narain Kurpad

Rafi Research

I am probably the only one who feels and experiences the legendary singer mohammed Rafi sahib, was and is actually a “singing avatar“. Three and half decades have elapsed since he gave up his mortal self, but, lives in every Rafi bhakt, Rafi fan, Rafi lover, musically. His songs live in our human system while at work and even while in sleep. A rafi follower’s personal anger is like a bubble. For the other it seems to exist but in reality it was a mirage.

Such is the influence of the avatar on his followers. He is such a colossus musically, that, one can dwell on his persona without describing or talking about a single song of his rendition.

The subject of Mohammed Rafi Saheb is so vast and huge that several books could be written on him without actually discussing a song. He started singing at the age of 13 and much before he crossed his teens he was already a mighty singer of repute. From then till another 30 years and more of his living days did the concerned not realize that as a playback singer he was a giant and a natural “Bharat Ratna”. For heaven’s sake and Rafi Sahib’s respect – LET US STOP ASKING ( BEGGING ) FOR THIS MERE POLITICAL AWARD. It’s about time we CONSTITUTE AND ESTABLISH A “RAFI RATNA”. To be conferred on the top most playback singer every year. This is the only way we give a divine meaning to the personality of the greatest Mohammed Rafi Saheb and also satisfy each and every living Rafi lover.

Rafi Research:

The life and times of Rafi Saheb, from his persona in the human garb, his unique styles of singing, his voice, sweet smell and aroma of his songs, the heavenly feeling on human beings, the most difficult songs made to look easy, his humility, his simplicity, his child like innocence and many behavioural characteristics are still a mystery to many a follower. All this may get unraveled and probably be solved when we venture into a RESEARCH on this divine singing avatar.

It is nigh impossible to understand this most mysterious human otherwise – cause – he takes you into a divine world with his songs. We followers are so very mystified with Rafi Sahab and if that is our state of mind and life, how do we satisfy the legions of his listeners. It is is our bounden duty to put our first DIVINE step forward into formulating the above prayer by gathering all RAFI – FOUNDATION’S, ASSOCIATIONS, CLUBS, SINGERS, RAFI STAGE SINGERS into a series of serious meaningful meetings to analyse this noble thought and finally fructify it.

I most humbly write this prayer to my most intelligent friends – writers, chairmen, presidents of Rafi foundations and various organizations to come forward and take this thought seriously and ensure its completion. The government of india could be approached for establishing a “DEEMED UNIVERSITY” named “RAFI RESEARCH”.

All other aspects to be encompassed in the study and the faculties therein could be discussed when the musical intellectual’s meet.


Ramesh Kurpad, the author of this article
Ramesh Kurpad, the author of this article

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10 Blog Comments to “Rafi Research”

  1. R Vasudevan says:

    Mohd.Rafi was a very great singer and more greater was he as a man.
    His songs will be with us for ever till our last breathe. Singers come and go but never will be a singer like him is born or will be born,

    Like Alexzander the Great Rafi Sahib conquered our hearts.


  2. Mohammed Rafi Shab’s patriotic songs

  3. need Mohammed Rafi Sahab’s patriotic songs

  4. Arhan Arhan Sthapit says:

    Mohd Rafi is indeed the best singer of all times. His singing quality deserves all superlatives. It’s been three and half decades he left his mortal self. But, he lives on eternally: in our hearts. Tributes to him from Nepal, the land of Mt Everest and Lord Buddha.

  5. sunil says:

    Rafi SAHAB is in our Heart, Generation by next Generation he will be there, after Death where some goes no one knows, some says after Death we goes to Heaven, but the real Heaven after Death is when you make a place in someones Heart that by your good Deeds, so that he has done in our Heart, we are listening his voice & in future also his voice will live a long life, Rafi SAHAB your voice is GODS voice, we will miss you always & always , Sas. Dandavat Rafi Sahab

  6. Ahamed Kutty says:

    Respected Sir,
    Very nice article indeed.I think all Rafians are copying the
    “Golden Personality” of Rafi Saab since the Rafians with
    whom I have contacts are nice people.Thank you and “Long
    Live Rafi Saab.”

  7. Sanjeev Kumar Dixit says:

    Sir, A great article, Very nicely written by you. I agree that Rafi Sahab is really Singing Avtaar and we are lucky that we born in the era of Rafi Sahab. Many books and thousands of words are less to write the personality and singing aspects of Rafi Sahab.
    Rafi Sahab is BHARAT KA RATNA. Fame Authentication of the BHARAT RATNA AWARD will be increase if it will associated with the name of RAFI SAHAB.
    Sanjeev Kumar Dixit

  8. Dear Sir, good article. I have no words to write but one thing is clear that rafi saab was really a singing avatar.
    Long live rafi saab.
    Regards, Birendra Singh Bisht

  9. shammi says:

    I’m just watching a tribute program on the great man on one of the music channels and I have a lump in my throat probably because even after 34 years I’m trying to come to terms with his death.

    I really don’t think they’ll be anyone who can have that much impact on their fans as Mohd Rafi clearly does, so today is filled with a combination of joy and tears. Tears because he is no longer with us but joy because even after 34 years we have the greatest respect for him and continue to enjoy his songs and will do for many decades to come because what we are subjected to today is definitely not my definition of music.

    Long live his memory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Anmol Singh says:

    Ramesh Kurpad Ji,

    Great write up. Rafi’s voice has so many shades, that there is no end.

    If we close our eyes in solitude and listen to any Rafi’s song, a new aspect comes into picture. That is what encourages us to write something new again and again.

    Incredible Rafi.

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