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Patriotic Rafi

By J.K. Bhagchandani

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

The name Mohammed Rafi is synonyms with versatility. This singing wonder has given us masterpiece songs of almost all genres. This write-up is dedicated to the patriotic songs sung by Rafi saab.

The patriotic songs even though considered as one genre, also have different moods, suiting to different situations and conditions that the nation is in. Rafi saab has sung patriotic songs all moods and situations.

‘Watan ki raah mein watan ke naujawan shahid ho……. (Shaheed- old version- Dilip Kumar starrer), Ae watan ae watan humko teri kasam…… (Shaheed- later version- Manoj Kumar starrer) are the great songs conceived to capture the time and moments of freedom movement. Rafi saab has sung Ghulam Mohammed and Prem Dhawan (respectively) composed songs so brilliantly that one gets the first hand account of a true freedom fighter. The ‘josh’, the conviction, the motivation to lay own life for the sake of motherland is craftily incorporated in the songs by the singer. Both songs have a second (and sad) part representing the moments before the execution of the death sentence of a freedom fighter. Rafi saab has brought out the nuances of such a delicate and emotionally shattering period of a mother so well that it can move anyone to tears. At the same time this second portion of the songs do not sound ‘defeatist’. The message that is effectively conveyed is: yes, one fighter is going to gallows to become a martyr, but the fight will continue overcoming the resultant emotional saga of a mother, of a nation. The song also appeals to all countrymen that in the eventual happening of country gaining independence, please do not forget the sacrifices of many who laid their lives to achieve it. Hear the song for another time:

There are also happy songs under the patriotic songs category. ‘Apni azaadi ko hum hargiz mita sakte nahin…….’ (Leader) is one wonderful song defining the mood of young nation which has achieved the freedom after many struggles and sacrifices. The song is a brilliant depiction of celebration of freedom clubbed with a rock-like resolve to preserve it, to protect it from external and internal threats at all costs. Following lines aptly describe the essence of the song.

Ham watan ke naujawan hain ham se jo takraega
Wo hamari thokron se khaak mein mil jaayega
Gar watan mein bhi milega koi gaddar-e-watan,
Apni taaqat se hum uska sar kuchalte jaaenge,
Ek dhokha kha chuke hain aur kha sakte nahin..

J K Bhagchandani, the author of this article

J K Bhagchandani, the author of this article

‘Ye desh hai veer jawanon ka albelon ka mastanon ka…..’ (Naya Daur) is another masterpiece sung by the maestro depicting the happy times of independent India in a rural backdrop. The feelings of a proud Indian for its folk culture, romanticism, its history of freedom movement are so effectively portrayed in the song by the combination of Sahir Ludhiyanvi, Rafi saab and O.P. Nayyar that the listeners instantly transported to a self contented village brimming with the fruits of freedom. Nayyar saab has set the song at his rhythmic best that even today it is played by wedding bands to enhance the dance and frolic mood of the occasion.

But even after attaining the freedom the nation India has gone through various turbulences. It has been attacked a couple times and had to fight avoidable wars. Song ‘Watan pe jo fidaa hoga, amar wo naujawan hoga….’ (Phool Bane angarey) aptly captures such occasion. The song starts with high pitched lines ‘Himalay ki bulundi se, suno awaaz hai aayee’ conveying the essence of the lines (Himalay ki bulundi…), and then slowly Rafi saab brings the pitch down to strike an emotional chord: Kaho maaon se den bete, kaho behanon se den bhaai’. It is out of this world, and in my opinion one of the best written song of Anand Bakshi and one of the finest songs composed by Kalyanji Anandji The song effectively portrays the collective feeling of ‘hurt’ and ‘betrayal’ of the nation stabbed from the back by a neighboring country. Listen to Rafi saab singing his heart out to pour it with the patriotism, emotions, josh, motivation and resolve (to thwart the enemy).

In the same category is another song ‘Awaz do hum ek hain’. It is a non-filmi song set in the same background (China war). It had become a kind of national anthem during those days. The song has brilliant lyrics (by Jan Nisar Akhtar), composition (by Khaiyam) and of course rendering by Rafi saab. There is just one dhol-like instrument in the song in the name of orchestration. The entire song is carried by Rafi saab in a way that only he can. In the antaraas Rafi saab steps up the pitch with every line, till it reaches the mountain in the last line, propelling every listener with a patriotic feeling to fight for the nation. Get that unique feeling in the following link:

Considered as the king of all patriotic songs, Madan Mohan composed, Kaifi Azmi written ‘Haqeeqat’ song ‘Kar chale hum fidaa jano tan sathiyo…’ is beyond any available words for its description. Set up during Indo-China war the song portrays the supreme sacrifice of our jawans who even in dying heroically are passing on the baton to others to continue its fight to protect the national integrity, conveying that only a battle is lost, war is still to be won. What a song!!

There are many more patriotic songs sung by Rafi saab. ‘Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamare dil mein hai…’. (Shaheed), ‘Ab koi gulshan na ujde ab watan azad hai…’ (Mujhe Jeene do), ‘Watan ki aabroo khatre mein hai…’, ‘Is dharti is khule gagan ka kya kehanaa….’ Ganga tera pani amrit…’ etc. Each song is a masterpiece depicting various times, moods of a nation. And Rafi saab has sung all these with heart of true patriot. In any other country, just this one genre of songs would have earned the singer the highest civilian award. In case of Rafi saab, it is just one of the many genres that he blessed us with his magical voice.

So on this occasion on 64th Independence of the nation when we salute our heroes, let us remember and salute another one, the great patriot, one and only Mohammed Rafi.

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68 Blog Comments to “Patriotic Rafi”

  1. Sid Sen says:

    Dear Haldar da,

    “I like reading your posts but you shouldn’t insult the rosogolla by comparing it with an upstart singer. ”

    My intention wasn’t to bring a rasagulla down to the level of abhijeet, but rather I was hinting at the probable bengali fever posessed by the man who feels that abhijeet is better than rafi. (It was more ridiculous than the guy who once said “kumar sanu is beyond them all”) But yes, I guess I could have used another sweet in place of the legendary white spongy sweet ball that we all know and love 😀 Also I have met some bengalis who arent fond of hilsa(I’m not included, I love the taste myself) due to it being bony, so basically I wanted to convey to shankar bhattacharya that there is a difference between and opinion(ie, abhijeet is my favourite singer) and a fact(abhijeet can never be compared to rafi in anyone and their dog’s dreams). I do regret the rasagulla comment though 🙂

    Glad that you like my posts!! 😀


  2. binu nair says:

    Priya ji : IN BENGAL, in calcutta, there is a huge musical in a maidan. somewhere in 1980 it seems.

    see the list of singers/composers who “performed” first….
    r.d.burman, asha ji, kisore kumar .

    the last singer was the badshah himself ” at 1.oo am. (some say 3.00 p.m.)
    mohd rafi saaheb – arrives and conquers the hearts of music lovers.
    the wild rollicking audiences sends their farmaishes…. all are taken care …
    in short , bengal is no different from india…. mohd rafi is the emperor of the singing field – proved again and again – in all parts of the world.

  3. P. Haldar says:

    Dear Mr. Jaguar,

    You have reason to be angry, but don’t take out your anger on Priya ji and the entire Bengali race for the comments of a couple of deranged Bengalis. Priya ji is an ardent Rafi bhakt; not only that, she has been blessed personally by the farishta. And I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but like her I have been listening to “hari ka dhyan laga man mere” for the last few days.

    To soothe your nerves and those of the rest of the Rafi fraternity for the blasphemy created here in the name of democracy, I am posting a link of a song composed and sung by Hemant Kumar, which represents the Bengali simplicity and bhadralok culture of yore. I’m sure all of you will love it. Let’s not have any fights in our ranks.

    And I’d also like you all to forget the totally detestable comments that have been posted. These guys listen to fm channels throughout the day and all they hear of is about only one md and one singer and their chelas. Invoking Christ, I request all of you to forgive them for they know not what they are doing.

    P. Haldar

  4. jaguar says:

    Priya, here retards are insulting Rafi, with all due respect who are you.
    Jaspir, common sense does not prevail with KK fans, only jealousy and insecurity because KK was rejected as a singer from 48 to 69 and the level of music had to fall down to accmodate him along with the bengali brigade who went out of their way to force hissongs on us. KK sang a few good songs but ruined hundreds as he was a part time singer.
    After Rafi passed away his so called clones got more songs that KK, shows how artifical his success was.
    I also like Kumar Sanu along with rafi and Hemant Kumar and Sanu has improvised many KK songs and taken them to a level he could not.

  5. Priya Sanyal says:

    Rafi shab`s message — a patriotic song that we often miss.

    I guess I`m not left to say anything on my part while, the smling face of Rafi sahab is one of my most favourite songs. The way rafi sahab expresses every words differently it feels every word in itself is a song, so what even if he sings Bhajans. Amazing how does his words explains minute difference of different part of Hindu God`s life, like the mahabhrat(film, not serial) song in which as he starts singing aaout Hanuman, his mood entirly changes. As he sing of Shri Ram as tulsidas he sings different ,while of same God when he sings as valmiki as he give another touch. Of krishna he sings differently then Ram, and again for govinda all, notorious krishna he sings great enthusiams. While with Khaiyam, when he rcorded tere bharose nandlala he sings is such a tremendous virah voice of shri Radha being parted away fromhhim is simply heavenly. Again the song he sings for durga maa for kali maa he sounds different for,her durga roop he sings differently or the mother roop he appears a child now shiva,he hardly in only one song uttered shiva`s name(film shiva shakti-song sachhai ka suraj) in most of the song he sings but don`t say om namah shivaya as if he understand shiva as form and formless, chale bhole baba, or aye mahadeva meri laj rahe, and prabhu tere charan pade jahan jahan,
    for hari he sings differently like the song, “hari ka dhyan laga, ankhyian hari darshan ki pyasi, and beautiful bhajan manwa hari sumiran kad lijiye…quite amazing where is Rafisahab`s feet, such a person can`t be an ordinary being. He was blessed and evidence is the fakir meeeting him imparting Allah`s blessing and Rafi sahab`s last day in which he whole day sang Goddess kali song and had funeral on Jumma, in ramadan month.

    If we compare Rafi sahab with anyone then Rafi sahab himself, its our ignorance.

    I`m indebted with love of every beloved of rafi sahab present here. I really do prayers for peace and happiness of all of you! In one of Bhajan on youtube there was a comment reading I`m quite touched and got overcome, it was : “God singing, God`s song”… Yeah its love to call him God, but for sure he was a God-man, farishtayi Inshan!

  6. Jai says:

    Ashutosh and Shankar why are you humiliating your family by making such nonsense comments, more importantly what are you doing in this forum. Go yo Kuamr sanu forum where the fans have made it final that Kuamr Sanu is a much better singer than Kishore Kumar ( you should not mind that he too is a Bengali you bloody racist).
    Also your Ashai tai has said Sanjay dutt is as good a singer as Kishore.

  7. jasbir singh zando says:

    post 21,33….it is a great pity that people like u are tarnishing the image of bengalis who are artistically excellent and most accurate in any art…i have great regards ….eminent producers n directors since partition have given us most classical movies with very rich music…shankerjee has failed to make difference between water and oil…..he should brush up his knowledge in music before making difference between god of playback singing and kids like abhijeet who himself possess great regards for rafisaab(little angels prog)and with alkajee said,,,yeh hamare godfather hain aur hamesha rahengai….we salute him….even kishoreda had great respect for rafisaab…kk always advised music directors to call my guru(rafisaab)when he could not do justice with any song….rafisaab playbacked for kishoreda for 5 songs…

  8. Priya Sanyal says:

    post 34 Mr Jaguar if u read ur post again, u have insulted me by ur slang loose canon, doubting my love for Rafi sahab. But my adoration for the my master Rafi doesn`t need ur certification its complete in itself! I could never expect a Rafi lover uses such word for a woman I doubt if my 10 year daughter read such post what she would think … Best of luck all Rafians! Wish u Rafi days ahead. I feel like loser for all the time I spend here! I wish Rafi Shab would not be here to read our querrels!
    If I posted a link of abhijeet to praise rafi sahab its only to prove that Rafi sahab is someone who is praised by everyone,critics too, abhijit also respects him, even if he would have criticized!

    bengal is intergral part of INdian film from begining and in music department most of the music director used(and still use) punjabi or bengali folks along with copy paste from western world. Only few likes of Naushad saab delivered music untouched with regionalism and in its pure format. Hence Naushad sahab is considered best music director of India by all.

    I`m bengali myself and am proud of my existence as bengali and even speak bengali most of the time and live in accordance with religious and prosperous bengali culture. But as the topic of this article we have, the patriotism , I can`t bear divinsion of our nation on the basis of regionalism. Rafi sahab is my IDOL and IDEAl too… He is example of integrity in himself, not only regional but nation rather humanitarian integrity in himslef, but I can never deny this fact that my own state bengal has got sick with regionalism with her rich musical background and in golden era, they made regional camp and ignore greatest singer like Rafi sahab many times. In 70s we have clear evidence of this fact that they discrimnated Rafi sahab in name of regionalism and I feel shame!
    This pain is forever with me whenever I see innocent smiling face of Rafi sahab,thinking ” isn`t this Man belongs to all…”
    adab Rafi
    Radha(priya Sanyal)

  9. Priya says:

    binu ji, let me correct myself, I assert, its never about school of singing rather

    while Rafi sahab inspires both.

    Adab Rafi!

  10. ss says:

    To be honest I cant find one good patriotic song of other singers, and why is that simply because its not sung by Rafisaab.
    To be honest, I cant find one good bhajan or any religious song of other singers, and why is that, simply because its not sung by Rafisaab
    To be honest, I cant find one good roamantic o song of other singers, and why is that, simply because its not sung by Rafisaab.
    To be honest, I can only find one genuine gazal of other playback, and why is that, simply because its not sung by Rafisaab.
    To be honest I can only find a few songs of Saigal and Lata goo to hear and what about the others, well no, simply because its not sung by Rafisaab.
    To be honest Shankar bhatacharya you are either a mischief maker or a candidate to see a shrimp.
    To be honest who the heck is Abhijeet?????????

  11. P. Haldar says:

    Dear Ali Rashid,

    Thanks so much for the link on Kersi Lord. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest musicians India has produced. I’ve heard him play the electronic synthesizer as part of RD’s troupe. I went through his photo gallery and saw pictures of a galaxy of stars, including Naushad, Shankar, Pancham, Laxmi, Pyare, Dattaram, Maruti Rao, Bhupi, Uttam Singh, Bhanu Gupta, D. N. Tagore, Manohari Singh, Cawas Lord and a host of Parsi and Goanese musicians. The picture where you see him arranging the music for Naushad’s “Saathi” is on the cover of the book “Behind the Curtain” by Geoffrey Booth. Get a copy if you can.

    There’s a priceless picture in the gallery: Naushad, Rafi and Kersi together on stage, with Kersi on the accordion. This picture should be a collector’s delight. I didn’t even know that Kersi was Rafi’s next-door neighbour for 18 years! Naushad, what can one say about him? That man had such a dignified presence; when he spoke, poetry used to come out of his mouth. We are eternally grateful to him for being a lifelong mentor to our idol.

    As a kid, I don’t know why, but the musical instrument that I loved the most was the accordion. Goody Seervai was probably the best in the business. But then you had so many other great talents: V. Balsara, Y. S. Mulki, Sumit Mitra and Kersi Lord. In this context, I’ll make a comment; that Pancham made a big mistake by switching from accordion and brass to electronic sounds later in his career. I remember the concern of SD, as stated by Mr. Raju Korti, about his son’s excessive experimentation.

    I didn’t find a picture of another legendary music arranger in the photo gallery: Sebastian D’Souza. You know we keep talking about Bengalis, Marathis and Punjabis but come to think of it, what would Hindi film music be without the Goans and the Konkanis? They really provided the backbone of hfm.

    P. Haldar

  12. Jaguar says:


    Mr. Halder is a gentleman but there is a limit to ones patience. How would you feel if I compared you to a pig.

  13. brij says:

    Shankar why dont go and cry from Kutub Minar and say that you love Abhijeet, we have no problem with that but your views are racist and preposterous. If Rafisahab was a Bengali and Kishore a Muslim, I dont think you would speak like this.

    Abhijeet, Kishore and all bvengali singers cannot match even an atom of Rafi sahab so stop being silly.

  14. Ali Rashid says:

    Dear P. Haldar-ji,

    Here is a website on Kersi Lord which I am sure you will like:

    One of the most talented musicians and arrangers the world of HFM has ever known.

    Jaikishan’s death anniversary just passed a few days ago. I request you to please write something as a tribute to his memory.

  15. Suhana says:

    Let alone a parasite like Abhijeet, even your guru Kishore Kumar accepted that he was a student compared to Rafisahab.

    Suck kind or preposterous discussions should not be allowed on this respectful site. Free speech is for those who are sensible and responsible and not for someone who is imbecile and sanile.

    Bhagchandani, excellent artice, Nehru ji eyes for full of tears when he heard “suno suno e duniya walon bapu ji ki amar kahani”

    It would be a gross understatement to say that if anyone had sung these patriotic songs, they would have lost all their power and elan.

    Rafisahab is not only the only power house of singing but also the only GURU of singing.

  16. Brij says:

    Post 27: Please do not utter the names of singers who are not qualified to lick Rafi saab’s boots.

    Simple and correct statement. Abhijeet, he cannot even speak properly. On a serious note most so called singers are like hajjams in front of Rafisahab.

    Rafisahab, a non bengali, came, ruled and conquered a industry dominated and manipulated by Bengalis, shame shame shame.

  17. Jaguar says:

    Post 21: what a laugh riot, you can be a great stand up comedian. Abhijeet….what a specimen.

    He is a nervous wreck, a laugh riot and someone who is full of himself. To use his name in Rafi’s forum is nothing less than blasphemy.

    All singers are kids in front of Rafi and I say this with utmost respect. Why don’t you start a forum of this nervous wreck and see how many loose cannons you get as members, you can be President and Priya your deputy.

  18. shankar bhattacharaya says:

    Insulting legendary singer abhijit is very bad..he is one of the best singer after kishore da in india..
    @ sid sen…c mr sid, if u criticize my is very bad for, mind ur words and don’t insult our customs, i know u r very sick, u should consult some doctor, or better get lost from this site as soon as possible..take from me as an advice..or as a warning..everybody has full right to express their can dare to shut my mouth…
    @ binuji…i have lots of respect for u…binu nair ji..but the point here is abhijit never insulted our legend like rafi sahab..he always respects him..rafi sahab himself is an institution but abhijit is a kind of singer who can easily match his class..kishore da is always the best playback singer anyhow…his place cannot be changed and there is no singer who can replace him..abhijit is a very great singer and thee r thousands of song in hindi and bengali he has sung.. he has a heavenly and melodious voice..and such a singer india can never produce..

  19. BINU NAIR says:

    I LOVE HILSA FISH, RASAGOLLAS, THE BENGALI SIMPLENESS AND THE HAUNTING MUSIC OF salilda besides dada manna dey’s “tu pyaar ka saagar hai.” these are only few. there are many more bengali things to live for – i guess.

  20. Ashutosh Mukherjee says:

    Mr. Binu Nair and Mr. P. Haldar,

    Well, Mr. haldar states “Please do not utter the names of singers who are not qualified to lick Rafi saab’s boots”

    is this the language which can be respected ? Did rafi sahab think in that way at any point of time ?

  21. siva says:

    I fully agree with Mr Haldar-the ridiculous comparisons of Rafi sahab and other legends with the current singers with bloated ego inversely proportionate to their singing talent should just be ignored. If we react to them it would only increase. My humble request to Rafi lovers is to just ignore the likes of Shankar Bhattacharyas ….

    British rule had enough of divisions made in our country-now our music lovers are getting divided into “Telugu”, “Bengali”, “North India ” vs “South India” so on so forth.
    I do not know where this would end. Music has no language/religion/caste/creed and all the great legends rose above such petty issues and that is why their songs are appreciated even now , after 50-60 years.
    God save our country !!!

  22. P. Haldar says:

    post 25:


    I like reading your posts but you shouldn’t insult the rosogolla by comparing it with an upstart singer. Incidentally, rosogolla celebrated its 100th anniversary a few years ago. A couple of years ago, I took a Marathi friend who was visiting Kolkata and introduced him to the brown rosogolla (made of nolen gur). He was totallly bowled over and took a large stock of the delicacies back to Mumbai.

    I don’t want to discuss the hilsa fish here for fear that I’ll pick up a fight with my Malayali friends. After all, we share a lot in common; love of fish, football, literature and communism(!).

    P. Haldar

  23. P. Haldar says:

    Binu ji, Priyaji and others,

    Please do not utter the names of singers who are not qualified to lick Rafi saab’s boots. It doesn’t matter what other singers or musicians say. Let them say whatever they want and it won’t make a jot of a difference. After all, India is a free country and we should all appreciate the free jokes we get to hear from time to time.

    To give you some perspective, let me share with you some information on the second of rung of singers during the era of Rafi, Mukesh, Kishore, Hemant and Manna. Many of them are from my city: P. Raj, Mohd Aziz, Debasish Dasgupta and Kumar Sanu. They were all good singers but all that they could do in that era was sing in bars and hotels.

    Many Kolkatans will vouch for the fact that P. Raj was among the best of Rafi clones, while others might opt for Debasish Dasgupta. There’s a person who has played the piano accordion for both these singers. Many of you know him; his name is Rajkumar Akela and he’ll tell you how good they were. But he will also tell you that there’s a gulf of difference between them and the asli thing, just like there’s a gulf between the singer you are talking about and Kishore.

    I’m afraid that this site is slowly degenerating into a parochial one with regional interests trumping objectivity.

  24. BINU NAIR says:

    Priya ji : Pst 20 : its never about the SCHOOL OF SINGING.



  25. sid sen says:

    you said
    “he is an excellent singer and superior to rafi many times”

    have you gone mad? abhijeet has a weak, thin and almost nasal voice with the same expressions and has achieved nothing close to what rafi is. comparing him to rafi is like comparing chunkey pandey to amitabh bachchan.

    just because you are bengali, it doesnt mean rasagulla is the greatest sweet or hilsa is a perfect fish. 😀

  26. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Shri Shankar Bhattacharya ji (post 21)

    In a democratic set up, there is no issue as far as personal preferences are concerned. You are welcome to have your favourite singer as you please even if it happens to be someone called Abhijit. Incidentally I came to know that his surname too happens to be Bhattacharya. So some family connections I guess!! …. Just kidding. But jokes apart, coming to the point, your sweeping statements like “……he is a fantastic singer equal to rafi’s caliber”, “…..he is an excellent singer and superior to rafi many times..” and the classic one “…….but abhijit (is) not singer of old times because all had similar voice…but today’s generation all singers have different and melodious voice..” must have left not only we the Rafi fans but also even Kishore fans in a lot of confusion so as to laugh at you or feel pity at you. Anyone who thinks that yesteryears legendary singers Mohd. Rafi, Kishore, Manna Dey, Hemant Kumar, Talat etc. sounded alike, needs to get a specialist ENT or more preferably psychiatric intervention at the earliest.

    As far as your advice to Binu ji (that “…try to respect other singers..and do not write trash hereafter”) is concerned, be assured that the day Abhijit expresses some kind of remorsefulness for his lousy utterances that me and Binu ji have pointed out in posts 14 and 17, we will show remarkable respect towards him. At least till date he has not done anything (musically or through his posturing) that can ‘earn’ the kind of respect that you are expecting.

    -J.K. Bhagchandani

  27. binu nair says:

    Post 21 : SHANKAR ji : Pls show me a line “where” i have said abhjeet is a bad singer.
    he may be a god for you. good luck to you and him. but, he does not have the right to bad mouth our legends. do you get ?

  28. Ashutosh mukherjee says:

    Priya sanyal ji,

    You belong, I believe, to a bengali clan. How can you support such posts biased by claiming rafi great at the cost of other singers, specially from bengali background. Kishore kumar was equally great, and even considered greater than rafi by numerous music lovers. Kishore kumar too had a bengali origin.

  29. Ahutosh mukherjee says:

    shankar bhattacharya bhai – I am with your post.

    Some people cannot tolerate if a great talent is shown from a regional industry. For abhijit’s case also it is the same. How can rafi be all time great ? Well he was great in his time, if today rafi was alive, he would not have got a single song, – today’s singers have their own contributions according to times. Agreed, yester year singers are also favourites, but that does not mean today’s singers are less in any way.

  30. shankar bhattacharaya says:

    so…mr binuji ur saying abhijit is a very bad singer..u please stop writing this way to a very great singer..he is a fantastic singer equal to rafi’s calibre.. have u heard any of his songs?? he is an excellent singer and superior to rafi many times..but rafi was very great no doubt..but abhijit does not like singers of old times because all had simlar voice…but today’s generation all singers have different and melodious voice..
    he is equal to god for me..i am one of his greatest fans.. so if u respect rafi sahab try to respect other singers..and do not write trash hereafter..

  31. Priya sanyal! says:

    Abhijit, kumar sanu, shan, babul supriyo etc. are all bengali singers who came to music following great Kishore kumar singing style.

    While, the sonu Nigham, udit Narayan, sukhvindra Singh, Hari haran, Balasubramaniam, yasudasa etc., irrespective of variety comes from our beloved Rafi sahab`s gharana! If yasudasa(who has won highest no of national awards) calls rafi sahab his guru and highest idol, bala subramaniam loves Rafi sahab so much that even his son`s name is Rafi.
    While one more person called Ar Rehman, prefers rafi sahab` style of singing more than others and also sings with mixture of low and high notes Typical of Rafi sahab some of popular songs and Rehman has tributed our master by naming his daughter Rafi-a!

    what I meant to say, all memebrs of Rafi camps have sung Bhajans or patriotic songs and r comparativly soft spoken!
    While from other camps we see typical proffessional and celibrity touch of self pride… yet one or other time inspite of their rude language they could never ignore divine and blessed rafi sahab`s singing and personality and r compelled to admit master`s presence with all the honour!

  32. vitthal says:

    Bhagchandani ji,

    Everybody has to learn singing a hindi song from mohd rafi only – there is no other option, rafi school alone is the foundation for perfection. Mr. abhijit or anybody else, there is no other option.

  33. vitthal says:

    post 17 – Binu Nair ji and Priya sanyal ji

    Off late these kind of comments are coming from some of the singers including established ones. Very recently, there was a comment by SPB in one of the TV programmes that some songs of his cannot be efficiently sung either by Mohd Rafi or ghantasala, for which there was a huge uproar and protest – comments were made that SPB is losing control slowly and started hitting at stalwarts. Just last week also I heard SPB stating about one song that I alone can do justice to a particular song, no other singer can do as I do. It appears that Mr. Abhijit is another such type who is commenting on great yester year artistes. Little realisation can dawn on current singers that yester year greats were original in talents and they had created gems without any technology, today’s singers even with digital technology cannot match even 50% of the yester year greats – specially mohd rafi, so nothing much to count on such issues – Yes, today’s singers song is forgotten on the same day. The songs of yester year artists are remembered even after decades. As the saying goes, when the elephant comes – dogs bark. False Pride and jealousy are dangerous for mind.

  34. BINU NAIR says:



  35. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Priya ji (Post 15):

    Thanks for the link you provided of Abhijit praising Rafi saab. I just wish that this is the true Abhijit that we will see in times to come. Also hope that he overcomes his self destructive instincts that you mentioned. I will be too happy to withdarw my comments of Post 14.

  36. Priya says:

    13 14) Binu ji & J.K. Bhagchandani ji.

    As far as I know ,he only praised Rafi sahab being a devoted admirer! On little clip of sa re ga ma pa(tv music show) ,his comment were most rafian than other present there(as alka ji and sukhvindra singh both r from Rafi school of singing,as they themselves admit)!

    But also, abhijit is very self-destructive person! no single person is left on this world of whom he has not talk evil of.If he say golden era singer were not as that of today as him to name even a single singer of today whom he think better than them.I bet he out of jeleousy can`t name one!
    his political background is worst. He even talk against shahrukh khan for whom he plyabacked.HE is respected by none. No music director take care of him. His musical output is almost negligible! And no such past achievement is there for him to cherish on.
    So he out of irritation has become an arrogant person.

    who care now what he says and what he doesn`t?

  37. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Binu ji (Post 13)

    I remember in one TV interview this fellow Abhijit had gone on to say he has sung only quality songs unlike some singers of olden times who inspite of 20000+ songs to their credit did not match his quality. He had not named anyone, but it is obvious whom he was referring to. In general he tried to convey that today’s singers are far better that earlier one. So in one go he declared himself better than not only Rafi saab, but also other legends like Mukesh, Kishore, Manna Dey, Hemant, Talat etc.

    Such undignified and thoughtless utterances are nothing short of gigantic ‘non-sense’. Only thing that I can say is 100 Abhijits put together will not make even half of Rafi in terms of quality.

    -J.K. Bhagchandani

  38. BINU NAIR says:


    recently at a recordding he was again bragging to a dholak/tabla player – a mohd rafi lover.
    said braggart abhjit :” mohd rafi used to do long rehearsals then come for his recordings. we dont have to do it.”
    the braggart got back good . said the rafi lover and musician : ” tumhare gaane “isi liye” aath (eight) din bhi – nahi chalte hai “.

    the rafi foundation
    c e l l : 9833 250 701

  39. sunil kumar says:

    I can tell He may not won any award for such singning the fact we search for
    thses songs want to listen the golden voice again and again is the most pretigious award no award is greater , He resides in our heart even after so many years. But only thing that i want is our present and future generations must know about him . these songs should not be forgotten ealier Radio used to play these songs on Republic day and independence Day. Plz keep these
    songs alive.


  40. Priya Sanyal says:

    Yes Bhagchandani ji, In any other country, just this one genre of songs would have earned the singer the highest civilian award… so do our country! Only civilian must realise this divine contribution of Rafi sahab, hence our compaign is meant to let the world know about our Master!
    Just imagine numerous patriotic songs with countless impact proving religious and social integration not only with his voice but Rafi sahab also went to sia chin at indo-china war to motivate our Jawans singing soulful songs for them.
    And also, In this context the song like Watan pe jo fida hoga, Aye mere ladlo utho himmat se kaam lo, Kad chale ham Fida, awaz do ham ek hai etc. are one of the main force that brought back the confidence of the defeated nation….
    Who can forget the impact of awaz do ham ek hain…I`ve heard a lot of praise about this song from my father( a memeber from anti Rafi camp)! Rafi sahab giver, like a hero to serve the nation. Our love for him is his highest award!
    Thanks for this and many articles like this to let nation know what our Master is after all.
    Many Many Thanks!

  41. Priya Sanyal says:

    J.K. Bhagchandani, your write-ups are my most favourite every time(if its article or comment) such a pure heartsuch a pure idol of urs ,our Rafi sahab

    , “when we salute our heroes, let us remember and salute another one, the great patriot, one and only Mohammed Rafi.”

    Yes, he is our Hero!

  42. BINU NAIR says:

    MR KETWARU : prof ASHOK KHARE – mohd rafi devotee and playback singer – who did 29 homage shows – IS IN HOLLAND FOR A RAFI MUSIC CONCERT.

    ARE U AWARD OF THIS. he is a dedicated singer.



  43. An Excellent article.. Rafi had many more songs reflecting the ‘Josh’ and the feelings of patriotism to the extent that even a stone would be active..Other songs include ” Jahan daal daal pur sone ki chidiya karti hai basera’ (Sikandar-e-azam), ‘Mere Desh mein pawan chale purwai’ (Jigri Dost), ‘Yeh kaali raat kaali’ (Upkaar), ‘Karwan Gujar Gaya ‘ (Nai Umar Ki Nai Fasal) to name a few..

  44. kanji halai says:

    Great write up on a true patriot – our Rafi Saab. One song which comes to mind and evey time I listen to it; brings tears to my eyes. This song was written by none other than Late Hasrat Jaipuri after untimely death of our beloved Prime Minister Shree Lal Bahadur Shastriji. Well piocturised on Jubilee Kumar and music by one and only Shankar-Jaikishan.
    Recording is a true master piece; ever green song is from the film : AMAN
    Title : ” Aman ka Farishta Kahan Jaa Raha Hai, Chaman Ro Raha Hai; Machi Hai Duhaai “. Rafi Saab was an Aman ka Farishta.
    Rafi Amar Raho

  45. Anand says:

    I was brought up listening to the song Awaz do Hum Ek Hain almost every day at our school during recess. Then this song was lost when I grew up. I was seeking this song for last many years. Only during last few months it has become available on internet. For that I am indebted to all those who have made this possible.

    This is one of the greatest songs calling all of us to unite as one India and fight against all the enemies of the nation.

    Salute yo the Jaan Nissar Akhtar, Khayyam and to our respected and beloved Rafi Saheb for creating this immortal song. Every Indian should listen to this song every day.


  46. binu nair says:


    THIS IS A FORCEFUL ESSAY ON HOW RAFI SAAB modulated his voice for different emotions. only by reading this one, one is swayed by emotions of mohd rafi’s singing.
    listening to the songs is another experience. the bench mark established by mohd rafi – is difficult terrain it seems for any singer.

    sir, you have spoken about the emotions of the patriotic songs. what about the “impeccable” hindi diction that mohd rafi gives to his songs. remember, he is a punjabi by descent. i have yet to discover a single punjai-yat style in rafi renderings.
    in short, the perfect voice for any given situation.

    as regards lifetime achievement award, some of the western govt will surely one of these days “roll the red carpet” for rafi’s contribution to music. then this sleeping govt would awake, it seems.

    move over ar rehman…. it will be madhuban me radhika ,oh duniya ke rakhwale and many others which will reverberate for centuries – not the jai ho, jai ho types.

  47. dr.J.Ketwaru says:

    Thank you very much mr.bhagchanai ! Suggestion: send this kind of songs to the gouverment of India to create a special award for Rafi saab.Because the bharat Ratna award is to small for this Angel, siniging miracle,badsha.J.Ketwaru

  48. madan says:

    Bhagchandaniji. thanks for bringing out one more facet of Rafi saheb. Last year, on Swami Vivekananda’s birthday, when we sang Ye desh hai veer jawaanon ka in a medical college, the young students went into raptures. That is the greatness of this song.

    Few more songs in his repertoire :

    -Jahan daal daal par sone ki chidiya
    – Mere desh premiyon aapas mein prem karo – Desh Premi

  49. Siva says:

    Bhagchandanai ji
    Thanks a million for the article and especially for the link to the song Awaaz do hum ek hain–I had not heard this song before and like any other die-hard Rafi fan it is indeed a great pleasure to listen to a rare song.
    Your lines “In any other country, just this one genre of songs would have earned the singer the highest civilian award” really sums up the gratitude that we have given (rather not given!) to Rafi sahab.
    Anyhow he resides in millions of Indians’ heart and that is the greatest award that Rafi sahab has got.

  50. jayaram.d says:

    Thank you mr.Bhagchandani.You have made wonderful analysis on patriotic songs rendered by great rafisahib.Listening to songs you presented in the videos made me to tears either for depth of rafi’s rendering & for his voice raising low to higher pitch.You have rightly said one rendering alone would be enough to honour him BHARATHRATNA,but alas our govt.honours some imfluential personalities.Even filmmagzines who institute film awards annualy have forgotten to honour him with lifetime achievement award.Well no regrets as millions of people remember him on many occasions. 9000 tributes on 31st july this year is enough to show his geatness!

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