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My visit to RAFI MANSION on 5th and 6th june 2010

By Sanjeev Kumar Dixit, Lucknow

Aadab Rafi friends, I visited the House of Rafi Sahab,”RAFI MANSION” and his holy Grave on 5th & 6th june 2010.

I reached mumbai in the morning of 5th june and Miraz ahmed saab (elder son in law of Rafi Sahab) has given the time to visit Rafi Mansion at 7:30pm to me. I reached to Rafi mansion at 7:30pm and met with Nasreen didi (elder daughter of Rafi sahab). Miraz saab could not arrived at time because he was in hospital for delivery of his grandson and Nasreen didi was also going there.

Rafi chowk in Mumbai

Rafi chowk in Mumbai

Family of Yasmeen didi was also there in hospital. I waited few mins. and then Miraz saab called to Irfan saab (son of Yasmeen didi). Irfan saab came to home  & we entered in Rafi mansion and then after I was in music room of RAFI SAHAB with Irfan sahab. It was very grand and all the trophies were there kept in his room. I was there approximately one hour and taken many photographs of that room. I also asked Irfan saab about his favourite singer and it is written in my survey register with his signature.

Me with grandson of Rafi Saab

Me with grandson of Rafi Saab

On the next day I visited the Holy Grave of Rafi Sahab and collected some holy soil from there. I was there approximately 30 minutes. It was very peaceful there at the holy grave of Rafi sahab.

Holy Grave of Rafi Sahab

Holy Grave of Rafi Sahab

That evening I re-visited Rafi mansion again and this time I was fortunate to meet with Parwez Sahab & Yasmeen Didi. Irfan saab entered a while after. They all were too polite and humble with us and spent more than one hour with us. I also asked to Parwez ji and Yasmeen Didi for their favorite singer and written in my survey register with their signature. I invited to Parwez ji and Yasmeen didi to visit Lucknow & my home in near future and they accepted my invitation.

This was ONLY DREAM of my life which became true with the kind help of “Narayan sahab(Bangalore),Beena Didi(Bangalore),AS Murty sahab(Hyderabad),Srikant ji(Mumbai), Miraz Ahmed Sahab, Nasreen Didi, Parwez Ahmed Sahab,Yasmeen Didi & Irfan sahab.” I will always be grateful to them whole my life.

My visit to Rafi Mansion & Grave of Rafi sahab is like a PILGRIMAGE OF CHAR DHAM OR HAZ YATRA & after this visit no wish remains in my life for me“, because God has only given birth to me on this earth but Rafi Sahab has given the true direction to my life through his songs and his great character and personality.I can say proudly that Rafi Sahab has given me the SECOND LIFE, he was always with me in all difficult time of my life & my whole life will dedicate to Rafi Sahab.

I have one more dream for Rafi Sahab which I will disclose to you after some time.

I am sending some pictures regarding my visit of RAFI MANSION. Date on pictures is wrong because I forgot to set the date in camera. Pl don’t care about this.

Best playback singer of the millennium award

Best playback singer of the millennium award

Chair of Rafi Sahab

Chair of Rafi Sahab

HARMONIUM of Rafi Sahab, still in pristine condition

HARMONIUM of Rafi Sahab, still in pristine condition

Santoor of Rafi sahab

Santoor of Rafi sahab

Lamp of Rafi Sahab

Lamp of Rafi Sahab

National award to Rafi Sahab

National award to Rafi Sahab

Filfare awards of Rafi Sahab

Filfare awards of Rafi Sahab

Visiting card of our Farishta

Visiting card of our Farishta

Visiting card of our Farishta

Visiting card of our Farishta

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178 Blog Comments to “My visit to RAFI MANSION on 5th and 6th june 2010”

  1. Harvinder says:

    Hi all,
    It is very interesting to see Rafi Sahab’s family pictures. His daughter in particular looks very polite and humble – much like her father.

    I regret not visiting Rafi sahab’s mansion during my numerous trips to Bombay in 70s – though 90’s, though I have seen Rafi chowk. I would like to share an interesting expereience, way back around 1966-67 when I was in grade 8 or 9. I was with my father and an uncle who wanted to purchase an imported car from STC auction in Delhi. Little did we know that Rafi Sahab was also amongst 20-25 persons in that room where open auction was on. Bidders were making bids raising it by hundreds, when suddenly, Rafi Sahab’s accompliance shut the bid by raising it by a huge margin in his only bid ( I do not rtemember the exact amount, but my guess is that it was raised from 44,000 to 50,000 Rs -A lot of moey then). My rich uncle was not surprised as according to him, such people do not like face off. My uncle further mentioned that had any other bidder even raised it by one hundred, Rafi Sahab would not have bid again. My regret, I did not see him so closely as I was still very young, but I distinctly remember him leaving quietly immediately after winning the bid.

    Rafi Sahab tuseen great ho !

  2. Bina says:

    Thank you Priya, Binu, Sanjeev, Vitthal, Jasbir, Mehboob for your response. The pleasure of writing on Sanjeev’s article and sharing the details of my visit with you, was entirely mine.

    Adaab Rafi!

  3. jasbir singh zando says:

    post 88..binajee//thanks for ur nice visit to rafisaab pilgrimage….but shocked to read about sad demise of three elder sons of rafisaab who were settled in london since long…i had read in the newspaper about the accidental death(car) of second son in london some years ago…his youngest son shahid rafi is settled in mumbai in the same mansion…since i am rafosaab great lover since the age of 7,i was reading n keeping information all abt him in newspapers n a very keen other voice than rafisaab so far ever gave me complete contentment, satisfaction and hearty entertainment…deeply pained n angry the way our politicians are handling the issue of bharat rattan to our anmol rattan…rafisaab….he rightly said..meri awaazsuno pyar ka raag suno….

  4. mehboob says:

    Bina jee,

    ref post 88.

    Thanks for sharing your visit to the Rafi mansion.
    Brought tears to my eyes.

    Best wishes to all rafians.


  5. Priya Sanyal says:

    IMPORTANT:::::::Plz, lets no one miss the post 88 by Bina ji,few moments while reading it feels like living in Rafi mansion with the live memory of the Master; Thank u!

    Bina Ji, one complain first, u should have published ur post not as comment but as an article so that we all could read it, very easily.

    I complained first for I know when I would start talking of ur post 88. I would not be able to say u anything other than doing unlimited number of prayers for u for ur sharing. reading ur article is like walking through ages with Rafi sahab and then unfortunately after him. But yes, God has been little harsh on us to take away our master (never mind I really call him master because I`m a exe-classical dancer and from a music family) leaving the “mela” of false light behind us. But there is a song(naat) of Rafi sahab,

    “meri zindagi sirf Ishk-e Nabi hai, jo gham mujko eesme mila wo khusi hai…”

    So, God can never be harsh ever, even harshness of God is love, we r blessed with so much in form of Rafi sahab`s divine voice and such a humble master(master, not just in music sense but in social sense also,a companion a friend). thanks God, for making Rafi sahab eternal—– the singer Rafi is still here with countless songs, each song we can listen millions times.——Person rafi is also still here, every member of Rafi sahab family is so sweet and exactly like Rafi sahab.

  6. Priya Sanyal says:

    H.A.K. Walijah ji( 56, 94)

    If our recognisation is from the eternal Rafi, then how come any true beloved of Rafi sahab be insignificant in sense whatsoever. I know its ur modesty as ur rank other higher, hence, I bowed u. As we callRafi sahab,master, I feel Rafi sahab is also having classes with all of us (living in our hearts)in the language of humbleness, doing our work with perfection and never give up attitude for work “is not dedicated to these selfish people but to Allah!”
    Thats why under the hymnic tribute of Rafi sahab all critics either appeared noise or gone mute!
    Even beyond Bharat Ratna we all united as heart of all the Rafians feels in common same divine person,Rafi and his presence in his singing!

    I really got crazy looking the pics of Rafi mansion!Plz never mind any misunderstandings for we all r family here. I`m not expert with writing, sometimes when a person is unable to express what they actually feels, words mislead. Lets follow the Rythm of divinity gifted to us in form of person and singer Rafi!
    If we r not pure enough to dedicate our work to God, Rafi sahab is still helping our mind and heart directed towards the saintly person like him,even in the midst of fake media/film persona,so none is insgnificant here and u never!

  7. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    Priya ji,

    Reference to your post # 93 I know you are one among the stalwart Rafians of this forum. Your comments and counter comments are very authoritative and commendable. I have high regards for you and other rafians of this forum who decorated this forum with their thoughtful and subjective comments .

    Let me remind once again that rafi saab is not only the dignified singer but now became a phenomenon, he is beyond of all admiration and criticism. We all love our rafi saab and his ideals. We know what were his likes and dislikes. If any rafian commit an error, it is the duty of other rafian to correct it or at least to inform about it, so it can be rectified instantly. There is slightly an objection has raised about some photos of rafi saab family on this website, which have been notified to the writer (Mr. Sajeev Kumar Dixit) and he noticed the sensitivity of the matter, then he removed the photos. There ends the matter.

    Now let us be united and march forward for the sought after demand (Bharat Ratna) to our rafi saab. This is the agenda and dream of every rafi fan now that our rafi saab be honored with this highest civilian award as he is the most deserved candidate for Bharat ratna.

    An insignificant fan of Rafi saab

    H.A.K. Walijah

  8. Priya Sanyal says:

    H.A.K. Walijah ji,post 56, as according to u my blood boils, even if it really does, ………………………………I can never have anything heated for u other than warmth of the affection,reverence and respect for u, plz accept this as I don`t see any one here as any Individual with their social recognisation but everyone,here, is a part of the divinity that God overpowered in Rafi sahab. Rafi sahab would become incomplete if we remove even a single Rafi fan/lover/devotee from him. One body of Rafi sahab had lead him to heaven of Gods but so many body of we fan keep him still on this earth in the realm of love of our heart.

    My personal view for Rafi sahab;
    If we all love same person….let the critics say whatever they want against this humble soul of Rafi sahab,but why should we Rafian have harsh conflict among us on any subject whatsoever. We can request if we don`t like something in an article but whats the meaning of blame? r we different, atleast at this place….Is this website less than a Rafi Mansion?

    I`ve read so many times in this forum people saying,
    “u have told or done this, this would surly have hurt soul of Rafi sahab”……………Can a person Rafi sahab who is nothing other than an immortal voice,who never got angry or Rafi saab had praise even on the person who show Rafi low and also tried to insult him or stop his singing career directly or indirectly, Can such a Rafi be ever hurt by the words or any mistake(if there must be any) of any person,as everyone is here for their tribute to master singer/person.
    We must see motive first(thats the adoration,love,inspiration for the master) of any person, then the expression!

  9. BINU NAIR says:

    BINA JI…. post no 88. (dont miss it rafi saab lovers)

    KAISE HO?… many many thanks for the wonderful narration. everything is as perfect to the letter t ( in capitals ). pankha ho to aisa…. all the best .

    binu nair
    rafi foundation,mumbai
    cell : 9833 250 701

  10. BINU NAIR says:

    Post 87…

    VARUN JI….since you have made a reference to me, this is my take .

    let me tell you that lots and lots of rafi saaheb fans have clicked pictures with mohd rafi family. but they have’nt put them on a website.

    the rafi family is very courteous. they treat rafi lovers with dignity. every second month i visit the rafi mansion and each time the family has received us very well.

    the customs , traditions and mores of any cultural group has to be respected. the social customs you follow will not be the same with others. it would differ from people to people.
    the rafi family “mostly” avoids public appearances – even in music shows. this must be respected.

    since the family pictures are now removed. the topic must not be discussed further . it may be treated as closed.

  11. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Respected Priya Didi, Ref. post-84-
    Very emotional but very true every word is.How great was our beloved Rafi Sahab, They never feel bad about anything… its totally true.Only because of this virtue RAFI SAHAB is totally different in all persons in industry. He was so sweet and soft in speaking.He always wanted “good” for everyone.Only therefore we Rafians called him GOD OR FARISHTA.
    Priya Didi thanks for sharing this rare & emotional moment with us.

    Pls excuse me for my mistakes in writing english,I am not very good in english.

    Mohit Sir, post-86,
    Dear sir, “JAI RAFI SAHAB” many thanks for giving your kind views on my description.Thanks a lot for your precious wishes…

    Dear Varun,Post 87-
    I never think about this which you and 2 more are saying.I don’t wants to show or prove anything about me…I am nothing here.I am only a small fan & devotee of RAFI SAHAB. I only wants to share happiness among all of you and pics. were posted only for them who Never have seen the family members of RAFI SAHAB and his music room. At the time of posting article nothing was in my mind like as you are saying..
    By the way as per your wish i removed few of the pictures of daughter and son in law of RAFI SAHAB.

    Respected Bina Didi, Post 88,
    Thanks a ton for sharing your feelings and emotions with us during your visit to RAFI MANSION……
    Really it was a amazing moment for you and every Rafi bhakt who went there as temple like mansion of RAFI SAHAB……
    -Sanjeev Kr. Dixit

  12. Vitthal says:

    Bina ji, – following line really awe inspiring.

    “Nasreen shared with us that all his songs were written for him only in Urdu, which is the only language he could read (not even Hindi)”

    No one could believe that rafi did not know reading hindi if we hear his songs in hindi. Written songs in urdu and singing in perfect hindi – rafi was rafi a talent awe inspiring.

  13. Bina says:

    Dear Bhakton:

    Its an honour for me to to share with you the details of my visit to Rafi Saab’s house on January 12, 2010.

    I am reproducing the mail that I had sent at that time to my very dear friends detailing my visit.

    Mere pyaare Rafi ke Bhakton:
    Adaab Rafi!

    My visit to Rafi Saab’s house is and always will be dedicated to each of you…yours is the love and warmth that I carried with me when I visited Rafi Mansion on Tuesday Jan 12, 2010. Aap sabko bahut yaad kiya maine jab main unke room mein thi…aur aap sab ke liye lekar aayi hoon kuch meethe pal jo maine Rafi Saab ke family ke saath guzaare…

    Just a little background for those of you who dont know..I was born and brought up in Bombay, and though I have been living in Bangalore for the last 25 years, Bombay is a very familiar place to me..

    When I met Nasreen jee along with her husband, Miraz Ahmed Saab in Blore in August, I found her a soft, forthcoming and a loving personality. I therefore had asked her and her husband if I could visit them when I came to Bombay in January, to which they had consented.

    When I called Nasreen jee on the morning of the 11th, she had just landed from Blore the previous evening with her daughter, Firdaus (who has come to Bombay for her confinement) and who lives in Mysore. I arranged to meet her on Tuesday at 3.

    My sister accompanied me and we reached Rafi Mansion.

    Nasreen jee (who is the middle born among the female children, the other two daughters being Parveen and Yasmin) runs a boutique called A.R. Zari Works, on the ground floor of Rafi Mansion. That is where we went first where we met her and her daughter Firdaus, Having just got back after a 15-day trip to Blore to see her daughter, Nasreen jee had gone out to attend to some pending work and this gave me the opportunity to talk to Firdaus, a very refined lady expecting her first twins.

    She said she had very pleasant memories of her grandfather, but vaguely, He passed away when she was 4-1/2 years old. Tasneem, her older sister seemed to have been the cyanosure of Rafi Saab’s eyes. Nasreen too shared that when Tasneem was born, Rafi Saab used to keep the child with him all the time, taking care of her including changing nappies, only sending her to the mother (Nasreen) for timely feeds. He used to dote on her, so much so, that when Tasneem was just 1 year old, he made a passport for her and took her to London along with him without her mother…!!

    Nasreen returned almost immediately in 15 minutes after Firdaus called her and welcomed us with hugs. She first offered us tea, and then in her soft, refined and informative way talked to us about her father.

    She says she was fortunate to accompany Rafi Saab on Haj in 1970. Rafi Saab did the Haj trip twice, once in 1969 and once in 1970. He always was extremely fond of his daughters and never allowed them to do an ounce of work at home, not even lifting a glass..! In 1980, in the month of July, Nasreen suffered from a slip disc and Rafi Saab insisted that she recuperate at his house. She fondly remembers that on her birthday, July 20, he and her mom greeted her with a huge bouquet of flowers. But he passed away.days after that, she recalled with tears in her eyes.

    We then went to the mansion itself to Yasmin’s house, who gets her facial features from Rafi Saab. She has two grandchildren, two adorable boys, who came out to say hello to us. Not as talkative as Nasreen, but sweet all the same, she took us to the room where all mementos of Rafi Saab have been preserved by her husband. The photo of Rafi Saab and Kishoreda that you see is on the inside wall, just when you enter the room. Its the picture of friendship and I was so happy to see that shows the respect that the Rafi family has for Kishore, and the huge respect is there for all to see…

    Of course, I didnt know where to begin clicking pictures, so overawed was I by the whole atmosphere…Let me share with you that I didnt carry a camera from Bangalore..I had a broken camera at home, and my sister’s was being used by her son, so on my request she borrowed a camera from a friend (God bless his soul!) and we could click some snaps to share with you. Many of the mementos in the room look like antique pieces, and the names are not visible. The 6 Filmfare awards that he won have been displayed on the wooden branches of a tree-like piece. There were 2 harmoniums, got the picture of one. Of course, there was his chair, his desk, his harp, his tanpura, his carrom board, The room was filled with awards and trophies. There was a chain of discs made of silver inscribed with names of songs from each year given by Prithviraj Kapoor to Rafi Saab on completing 25 years in the film industry.

    I asked how was it that Rafi Saab signed in English. Nasreen shared with us that all his songs were written for him only in Urdu, which is the only language he could read (not even Hindi) but that later he learnt some English from the erudite actor Harindranath Chattopadhyay (brother of Sarojini Naidu) who used to come to their house to teach English with some audio tapes etc. That is how he learned to sign in English.

    Rafi Saab had a total of 7 children, 4 boys and 3 girls. The oldest 3 male children are no more, having died young like Rafi Saab, of heart ailments. Shahid Rafi is the youngest and lives on the 5th floor of Rafi Mansion. All male children were sent to London to boarding school at the age of 8. Nasreen told us that two sons and she herself had an interest in singing, but Rafi Saab would not hear of them taking on anything professional. After Rafi Saab’s passing away, the original Rafi Mansion was brought down and this 5-storeyed house was built. Rafi Saab’s wife, Bilkees, died in 1998.

    These incidents that I share with you with so much pleasure made my day that day. After the 45-minute tour of that sacred room, Yasmin invited us for another tea and we spent another half an hour chatting, before we took their leave. They actually thanked us for coming to their house and spendiing time with them…what can I say for such humility..both my sister and I were overwhelmed..

    May God bless them always and keep them ever happy..

    Much love,

  14. varun says:

    Mr. Dixit,

    I gone through the web sites of rafi Saab I have seen your photos of Rafi Saab family. Every thing is ok Mr. Dixit but one thing you have shown on website is totally disgusting the photos of the family’s members of rafi Saab means you love rafi Saab we can understand but how why you shown their members on website look they are not a small person like me or like other they are dynamic personalities of versatile singer (RAFI SAAB)

    Look privacy is privacy aap unki family se pyar karte hain dekh kar aacha laga




    I have also visited in rafi mansion and met with nasreen didi & took lots of photos but I haven’t done such type of thing that you have did



  15. mohit tandon says:

    sanjeev sir, “JAI RAFI SAHAB”
    first of all please forgive me for replying so late. But i am very glad that ultimately you have fulfilled your dream.

    May god fulfill your next wish also.

    Good Bye & take Care
    Mohit tandon

  16. Priya Sanyal says:

    sanjeevji , I`m habituated of replying late,but I reply every comments that meant to me as Rafi sahab lives in heart of everyone here,but so many comments that I reply so late that it never reaches whom its meant for.

    Please follow the link listed in post 52 above by me. After editing wikipedia page about Rafi sahab`s last song, I replied u but perhaps u missed to read that. Thanking u!

  17. Priya Sanyal says:

    how much personal respect Ashaji even have for kishore da, I could understand fro a TV show( saa re ga ma paa, zee Tv) in which she told, ” Give me anyone, I can make many Kishore ,Rafi in few days”……..

    Can u make Rafi sahab, or even kishore kumar?

    We get hurt by listening such egoistic reply from the ones like ashaji who is integral part of golden era music. Her whole life is done and still going on defending RD burman`s loosing move to ignore Rafi sahab and having Kishore kumar instead even for the the song that best suits Rafi sahab and not the former. So she only talks of kishore kumar over Rafi sahab.
    whatever, don`t we all know, that in 60s so many duets that Ashaji got in company of Rafi sahab is the foundation of making what Ashaji is today. And RDB, it was Rafi sahab who helped him to become music director from assitant one. The song of chhote nawab was toughest rendition of hindi film,the song,whatever the composition would have been but Rafi sahab sang the song ” Illahi tu sun le”,
    in such a matchless wa that whenever we listen that song get overcome with tears. The master of playback singing, sang for a stammering adult, with underdeveloped child mind but a pure heart” and in last part of the song when actor`s father dies, the breakup voice with broken heart that Rafi sahab delivered ,its something thats beyond the real of a normal human`s expression. Rafi sahab made RDB being established as the critics fav and years later, when he renderred all the songs of teesri Manzil, in a modern rocking way, RDB became favourite of youths also. But the later ignored him, and when again fell in career Rafi sahab once again helped him,in Hum kisi se kam nahi. Doesn`t their heart know it, if not then why still they would need to defend that kishore da was better choice.

    We can understand why ashaji ignores all, and especially Rafi saab, for the song like chura liya, where whole song is sung by ashaji and rafi sahab comes with last line stealing the soul of the song with him and so many other numbers in 60s as well!
    If Ashaji fav was kishore da, why she chose Rafi sahab`s voice in his son`s(music director) film, —reason is that only Rafi sahab who never feel bad about anything can assure even better melody than the composition, here is the song, “ “

  18. Pinder Singh says:

    Dear Sir

    I was so pleased to read the article of one of your writers who went to vist Rafi Saheb’s residence. I have lived in London for the past 40 years and am a great fan of Rafi Saheb. I would like to know if it might be possible for me too visist Rafi Saheb’s residence? Please can you put me in touch with someone who can oraganise it? I should be mowould be really grateful. I will make a special journey from London for this purpose.

    Many thanks.


  19. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Post 81- Lt Col Javed Sayyed saab,

    You rightly said “Dignity specifies that one should be admirable of ones colleagues” but unfortunately Asha ji has many times fell short on that account. She has rarely come out of mental mould of RDB- KK. I have hardly heard her saying anything about Rafi saab with whom she gave some of the finest duets of HFM. Not only Rafi, she has never mentioned Mukesh ji, Talat saab or Hemantda. And how about music directors? She seems to have forgotten even her mentor O.P. Nayyar. Did anyone hear Asha ji saying something about Ravi (who gave us many gems in her voice) or Madan Mohan or S.D. Burman? From an artist of her stature who is the pillar of the golden times of HFM, her admirers like us expect her to be more balanced and ‘fair’.

    -J.K. Bhagchandani

  20. Lt Col Javed Sayyed says:

    Dear Priyaji,
    Its so heartening to read your posts & your affection for our rafi sahab. Rafi sahab was seen as a very competitive singer for the two sisters. They have acknowledged this in many a forum & that they had to make spl prep for their duets with him!! They were extra careful in the recording studios during the recordings. Lataji, as you have brought out-speaks affectionately about rafi sahabs genius & divinity though they had differences-real & perceived. But ashaji is always about rd & kk. She had even tried to belittle rafi sahab in one of her rdo pgme saying that she sung one of the duet song in HKKN better than rAFI!!! Self aggrandoisement!!! Despite all her might, carrer moves etal, she remained the proverbial #2 in female singers!! Dignity specifies that one should be admirable of ones colleagues-sply if the collegue is in heaven & not try to prove ones false sense of supremacy. Not with rafi sahab at all!
    The rdo fm channels also show this tilt towards the trio-rd,kk,asha. The bias is evident. However, these days the fm people have understood rAFI SAHABS OVERWHELMING popularity & now play his songs too.
    some people try to bring in comparison of the song tum bin jaon kahan..Where is the comparison? The soft melliflous voice of rafi fitting shashi Kapoor like a glove-his own voice with such superb emotions-in both happy & sad version is incomparable in any sense! Yodelling or no yodelling!!
    Sanjeevji, we all are with U in all your endeavours for rafi sahab. Keep the flag flying high & the torch burning bright!!

  21. Priya Sanyal says:

    Sanjeev ji, in a family we have atleast four or five person, friends and relatives makes it bigger. So letter form all of us would surly make it a mega appeal. May God bless u, Binuji, Murty ji, Bhagchandani,javedji,Gurbeer singh and all of `em who r associated with this compaign.

    Well, said Mr Nair, plz accept a heartfealt applause from this side also—
    ~“bharat ratna to bharat ka ratna mohd rafi saaheb,”~

  22. Priya Sanyal says:

    big names r on twitter. Although I`m not there, I`ve read few tweets of Ashaji and Lataji.
    Asha ji initial words were only of comparison who`s her fav composer who`s not. In every next comment she appears of talking about Pancham and then about kishore kumar as main playback singer and her coming autobiography. She tells, Rd burman`s fav r only 3 singers, Asha, Lata, Kishore…… same 70s again, Kishore ,kishore Kishore with rarest mention of Rafi. Even talking of legends, she don`t mention Rafi name there.
    However, sun is sun, even we sketch it on dark paper, the sun appears brightest,so whoever would take name of Rafi sahab willingly or not,we can feel what kind of person Rafi sahab was.
    I chose two of her tweets to be shared here, first for kishore da(although there r many even the ones demanding award for him),
    ~”Kishoreda’s favourite phrase: once you squeeze toothpaste out can you put it back in ? Same way once I receive money I can’t give it back.”~
    & only 3 comments for Rafi sahab was there, one of `em as follows,
    ~”Rafisaab diligently sent me home made khichada on Id Day. I associate Id and Rafisaab. God’s own man. Gentle soul.”~

    GOD`s own man, gentlest soul……I know even Raju Bhartan of filmfare would also say this for Rafi sahab who have criticized him so many times.

    Apart from all these, Lataji,as Binu ji told, God is extra kind to her,too. Its the fact and we can see reflection of it on the personality of Lataji also. Lataji talks quite delicately with showing respect,regard and affection to all of the fans and celebrities. Irrespective of all her personal difference with Rafi sahab,and her preference to other singers,she mention and talks of him also.When she joined tweets she added two person only at first,Amitabh Bachhan and Sonu nigham. unlike her sis, While mentioning Godledn era,her language don`t appears comparative here,she don`t talk much of past days,of early early era, I found 3 msg of her, one about her fav duet of herself with her sis Asha ji, 2nd one for Pancham song of tessri Manjil mentioning Rafi sahab`s name. And then this one,
    ~”@drpusalkar namaskar,my fav.male song composed by madan bhaiyya is teri aankho ke siwa,sung by rafi sahab,….”~

    I went to read their msg with the thoughts of Rafi sahab that these r the person who have spent so much time with Rafi,so I visualized how it would have felt If Rafi sahab were still here as he was.

  23. BINU NAIR says:

    ( whoever tried to belittle mohd rafi saaheb – they were thrown out in to the dustbins of music history – many times. there are some people even today who takes the name of the legend with an imaginary piece of bitter gourd in their vocal chords.) i would not take names here as it will offend some souls and their fans.

    ignore them priya ji….

    listen to any rafi song. there is divinity in the voice. lata mangeshkar knew this and she has said this ‘ON RECORD’…..
    ‘GOD’ has been extra kind to lata mangeshkar too….

    binu nair,
    rafi foundation, mumbai
    cell : 9833 250 701

  24. BINU NAIR says:


    MY “benefit” in the whole thing. other wise, they will NOT MOVE AN INCH.
    previously, when ram vilas paswan strongly put the case of “bharat ratna for mohd rafi”, the political clans said, we want bharat ratna for charan sing – defector prime minister for few days, morarji desai and many unknown figures…
    seeing the long list of names, the govt dropped the plan some three years back and said no posthumous awards would be given.
    some english dailies even rediculed the b.r. to mohd rafi saab saying the singer of oh duniya ke rakhwale does’nt require bharat ratna to prove his supremacy… and such other stuffs.

    the bharat ratna letters must be strongly given to the main political characters by a strong delegation. we must build the public opinion from every stage.

    in a music function when i spoke on “bharat ratna to bharat ka ratna mohd rafi saaheb,” there was a big applause from the auditorium….

    yes. we have to build up a “solid , strong public opinion” on the bharat ratna issue.

    binu nair
    rafi foundation
    mumbai: cell 0 9833 250 701…..

  25. Muveen says:

    Dear Sanjeev ji
    sorry for delay for the comment

    aap ne jo pictures di hain sachmuch ek naayab tohfa hai.
    main in tasveeron ko dekhte huve mehssoos kar raha tha jaise rafi saab hamare saath hi hai


  26. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Priya ji (Post 66)

    This world is not perfect. Had it been so, there would not have been any critic of singing giant and a noble soul like Rafi saab. I have also felt the under-current of anti-Rafi mentality in some quarters, in some forums, in psyches of some proven bigots. As Haldar ji rightly said “the operative word is envy”. Those handful of self-proclaimed supreme judges of all forms of music of this planet can go to any extent to shamelessly exhibit their jaundiced views.

    Let us ignore these morons. Rafi saab has given us enough gems to get sub-merged into their melody.

    Meanwhile I congratulate Mr. Sanjeev Dixit for visiting the holiest of musical places- “Rafi Mansion”. Wonderful description and photographs of the occasion has made this article a collector’s favorite.

    -J.K. Bhagchandani

  27. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Respected Priya Didi,
    ref. post no- 73
    I Sanjeev Kumar Dixit and Gurbeer singh from Lucknow, prepared a letter for a campaign for “BHARAT RATNA FOR RAFI SAHAB” in FOUR formets for PM, PRESIDENT, MEDIA AND FOR OTHERS.I requested to pradeep ji to give a description & link for these letters on home page of “” as soon as possible so that many of Rafi bhakts can start to POST these letters to respective address FROM THIS MONTH OF JULY.

    I wants that everybody in this forum and many more RAFI BHAKTS download these letters and send to the PM/PRESIDENT/MEDIA with ONLY THEIR individual name,VOTER ID and signature from different part of the country as well as from entire world .We must have to send too many letters as many as possible to PM/PRESIDENT/MEDIA OR ANY OTHER RAFI FANS LIKE MR. RAHUL GANDHI, MR. LALKRISHNA ADWANI, MR. RAMVILAS PASWAN & MR. NAVJOT SING SIDHU etc.

    So friends, please start to send these letters INDIVIDULY from today and inspire to others to do so.We wants to send too many letters to the PM/PRESIDENT/MEDIA.


    Here are some contact details of few leaders.Pl send E-mails and post LETTERS to him with your VOTERS ID, NAME AND SIGNATURES.Indirectly we will show him that we RAFI FANS ARE THE VOTE BANK & At the correct time we will tell him directly.Here are some contact addresses on which you have to post the letter-

    10, Janpath,
    New Delhi 110011 India
    PH: 91-11-23014161, 23014481

    24, Akbar Road,
    New Delhi – 110011 , INDIA
    TEL : 91-11-23019080
    FAX : 91-11-23017047

    3)Rahul Gandhi
    Indian Youth Congress, #5 Raisina Road, New Delhi – 110001, India.

    Permanent Address Vill. & P.O. Shaharbanni, Tola Bellai,
    Distt. Khagaria,- 851 204 (Bihar)

    Present Address
    12, Janpath,
    New Delhi – 110 001
    Tel. (011) 23017681, 23794310,23015249



    7)Shri P. CHIDAMBARAM (Home Minister)
    Permanent Address 16, Pycrofts Garden Road,
    Chennai – 600 006 (Tamil Nadu)
    Tel./Fax (044)28279025

    Present Address 19, Safdarjung Road,
    New Delhi-110 011
    Tel. (011) 23792222

    Also see:-
    Coordination & Public Grievance Division

    An Internal Grievances Redressal Machinery (IGRM), functioning in this Ministry, attends to all grievances promptly. The Joint Secretary (Coordination and Public Grievances) has been nominated as Director of Public Grievances. The name, designation, room number, telephone number, etc. of Director of Public Grievances are as under:

    8)Shri K.C. Jain
    Joint Secretary (Coordination and Public Grievances)
    Room No. 9, North Block
    New Delhi-110001
    Telefax No.23092392

    For lodging Grievances centrally, Please click

    2. A public Grievance Officer has been nominated in each Division of the Ministry as the Nodal Officer to monitor the progress of the redressal of Public Grievances relating to the respective Division..

    Contact Address :

    Manmohan Singh,
    7, Race Course Road
    New Delhi – 110011


    THANKS –

  28. Priya Sanyal says:

    sanjeev ji , we can feel new vibrant energy in u after ur visit to the holy grave of Rafi sahab…
    Thanks for sharing the blessing with us too.Plz share details of the campaign in yet another article here,then it can reach to wider range of Rafians all over the world as not everyone read comments here.

    Binuji, u can do it, its a humblest request to u. We so often read so many allegory related to Rafi sahab about his singing and beyond singing too as a person.So many of them shared by u to us. Why not lets compile them on a separate article here, for the most of the rarest incident of Rafi sahab`s life is revealed to us in form of comments here and has lost in the passing waves of time. we can arrange them at least most of them, to let the world know what really Rafi sahab was and why such a person like him deserves to be respected that such a divine voice with extrordinary singing is coming from a really blessed ,humble and a saintly person.

    The popularity of Rafi sahab that was blocked by mean politics of film world has increased 10 times from last few years of Internet, especially last in 2 years of broadband and YouTUBE ,esnips and other music sites etc. Like the song Tumbin, they have tried their best to conceal it,there r numerous Rafi sahab`s songs on net most of them a masterpiece,so when listeners found Rafi versions on net they witnessed a new dimension of singing and by continuously by last 5 years,as I was told by a youtube executive from london, Rafi sahab`s songs r most listened hindi songs of all time> the likhey jo khat song made record in most watched video from India but its removed now as so many person spammed it (may be out of jealousy) and also for the copyright issue of music cos.!
    sites like whopopular, mohdrafi dot com etc is a witness that his popularity and our devotion for him is growing day by day.

  29. BINU NAIR says:


    KINDLY TAKE OUT THE COPIES OF LETTER : bharat ratna to mohd rafi and forward it to the member of parliament in our resp. zones….

    in mumbai there are five loksabha members. all of them will be given the appeal. there are some union ministers who are also rafi bakhts and we are forwarding the same to them….

    all the best…

    binu nair, rafi foundation, mumbai

  30. Niharika says:

    You did not just fulfill your dream but also the dream of many deewaanas over here ! Thank you very very much

  31. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Dear Ali sahab:Ref.-post no-39 and all dear Rafi sahab’s lover,
    Under the “Bharat Ratna” campaign for Rafi Sahab i has been posted the letter yesterday(1/07/10) to our respected PM Dr. Manmohan sing, Mrs. Sonia gandhi, Mr. Rahul Gandhi, Mr. Rambilas paswan and Mr Navjot singh sidhu. Navjot singh sidhu ji is a MP(BJP) from Amritser which is the land of birth of our beloved Rafi Sahab,therefore i also requested to sidhu ji to pls put our demand in parliament as well as in media.
    This letter also has been published in the article form in a magazine “avijit” of lucknow and i am trying to publish that article in news papers also.
    I am also requesting to all Rafi lovers, pls post a letter to concerning authorities with yours name, address, phone no and voter id no. One who wants the copies of letters & addresses where these letters have to send, pls contact me on my E-mail. I will send you the copies and addresses. Copies of the letters are already has been given to mr. as murty sir(Hyderabad), mr. narayan ji(bangalore), Mr. rajughose ji(Kolkata) & mr. zorawar ji(Delhi) etc. you can also get these copies from them. Pls starts to send right now and don’t be late……

    -Sanjeev Kumar Dixit

  32. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Gautam banerjee: ref. Post-37
    Rafi sahab got 6 filmfare awards in his carrier in those days when there was no separate category for best male and female singers.In those days award had given only in one category “BEST PLAYBACK SINGER”
    Filmfare awards received by Mohd. Rafi Sahab are as follows-
    Songs Film Year
    1)Chaudahvi ka chand ho…. Title song 1960
    2)Teri Pyari-2 surat ko……… Sasural 1961
    3)Chahunga main tujhe ……. Dosti 1964
    4)Baharon phool barsao…….. Suraj 1966
    5)Dil ke jharokhe me……….. Brahmchari 1968
    6)Kya hua tera wada………. Ham kisi se kam nahi 1977

    -Sanjeev Kumar Dixit

  33. avani venkat says:

    you are one of those lucky ones who get what they wish for in life.Not all are as lucky as you are sir.Congratulations
    In that sense I must say bina didi too is lucky.
    Suresh jee ke saath , main bhi aap se aap ki experiences pooch rahee hoon madam Zara bataayiye.Hope you wont disappoint us.

  34. mohamed parvez says:

    dear friend ,one more die heart rafi saab fan ,recently visited rafi mansion his name is qamaal mustafa aikander saab i have posted his pictures of rafi mansion. you will find some pictures with rafi saabs son,shahid rafi saab,kindly visit all the pages of rafi saabs blog to view this pictures take care

  35. Priya Sanyal says:

    we mohd rafi fan should be better from Indian Gov’t and bollywood…

    sure Ali ji!
    however about govt..well, nothing wrong with constitution and the country but politician ruins them……thanks God Rafi sahab is not honoured by these corrupt leaders and selfish musicians.Allah has already rewarded him with divinity.

    recently, In Delhi they organised a music program by a big organiser. They had picture of all sort of singers and their main picture were Lataji and Kishore kumar. About 15 singers were there but Rafi sahab was not there.

    Recently in magazine I saw the add of TIME now program of golden era of 60s, in their advertiment funny part was that even with picture of Dilip kumar and viswajeet they listed that were sung by other singer not Rafi sahab…..

    Again same times group, who even played big role to oucaste Rafi sahab in 70s by not even including his songs to filmfare nominations, recently gave Shashi Kapoor life time achivement award….The smae shasi ji for whom we have countless Rafi sahab smashits, like pardesyon se na ankhiyan, dilbaer janiye, likhey jo khat tujhe, tum bin etc…. but at the time of awards they played in background Kishore kumar song Tumbin, that exactlt is play backed on Bharat bhushan ji not shasi ji……….
    On Radio,fm ..even if people love Rafi sahab songs they play kishore kumar songs, lataji,ashaji songs and rarly Rafi sahab`s….

    Whatever…how much these sick groups and people try they can`t ignore The farista of Indian singing….If they talk of hindi songs even they don`t take name of rafi they have to talk of him, because its Rafi sahab because of him Golden era was Golden era…even after mukesh ji`s death in 77 Rafi sahab alone helped Indian film in this 3 years till 80 to again establishing melodius song as main stream…………but after his death in 1980, melody dies,all else was here, call Lataji, kishore da, ashaji.what lost indeed?..perhaps It was Rafi himself who was the melody, personified!

  36. GV Suresh says:

    Dear Sanjeevbhai,

    You are a blessed soul to have visited Rafi sab’s mansion and mazahar. I am sure you felt his melodious energy everywhere. The photos are very good but dated 2006. Was it then?

    I loved the picture of his chair and visiting card.

    Post no. 9, Binadidi

    Please post your experiences as well madam.


  37. Mohandas Menon says:

    I have been touched by your emotions and your worship…Dixitji…It is a great favour you have done by posting those photographs of Rafi saab’s family and his music room. I am also a humble fan of Rafi mother is a great fan of Rafi Saab and she knows almost all the songs sung by him, and almost everyday he is cherished…in our household. He was and is the undisputed King of songs. Rafi Saab should have been bestowed by Bharat Ratna. With all the great regards for the legendary Raafi Saab…Mohandas Menon, New Delhi.

  38. Ali says:

    Please vote to mohd Rafi at
    I think we should take a same time daily to vote for mohd rafi because Mohd Rafi gave us great songs which we listen daily as we listen his songs I think we shou;d vote the same way,we mohd rafi fan should be better from Indian Gov’t and bollywood…

  39. rafi saab jaisa singer nahi paida hua aur nahi hoga may allah bless there soul and give place in heaven (jannat)

  40. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Respected “HV Gurumurthy sahab (post-47), Zorawar sahab (post 49), Mahboob sahab (post 50), Priya sanyal didi (Post 52), AS Murty sahab (Post 55), Bina didi (By telephone) and Lt Col Javed Sayyed sahab(Post -59)”… Thank you so much for your kind support.
    I had already cleared my intention that why i written this article in post no-51 and nothing else i want to say for clarification.

    post-54:Binu ji thanks a lot for sharing your emotions with us.

    Post-60: Javed sahab i am voting regularly voting to our FARISHTA and motivating to others also and very soon Rafi sahab will get 8th place.So let us keep voting fast, don’t be slow because 12th rank holder “Yahya Sweiss” is covering the distance very quickly.

    Post- 58:sagar atre sahab sure sir, I will help you what ever possible from me.


  41. Lt Col Javed Sayyed says:

    Dear rafians,
    Pl vote for rafi sahab in He has moved up to World #10 in musicians category & soon should be moving further up in the rankings. Some may argue about the voting- let the logic rest for some time & let every rafian do his/her bit. For us-mere mortals-popularity of our beloved artist is important & we do want the very best for our fav personality. One can cast multiple votes after every hour. Lets all do our bit & encourage our family members, relatives, friends etc to do the same. Also, the campaign for Bharat Ratna for rafi sahab should gather steam now.

  42. Lt Col Javed Sayyed says:

    Dear Rafians,
    Why this distraction on Rafi sahabs photographs, his belongongs etc. Post 47 Mr HV Gurumurthy has very nicely summed up the issue. Let the Bhakt rightfully regale in his pilgrimage & its after effects for life!! Let Rafi sahabs family also have their veil of privacy, yet continue to be gracious to accept visits of rafians to his abode. The fact that the family members very so happy to welcome Mr Sanjeev & extend him all possible hospitality speaks for itself. As I have said in earlier post- they are proudly carrying fwd the legacy of humbleness, humility & warmth of rafi sahabs personality with pride. However, it is the responsibility of each rafian to ensure that rafi sahab should not be exploited for personal or professional gains-that would be deceiving the noble soul. Its the right of every rafian to feel & show his/her fondness, love & affection for rafi sahab yet be sensitive to his family.

  43. sagar atre says:

    Ji apko sagar ka pyar bhara namaskar. Aap bahot hi khush kismat hai ke ap sahab ke ghar pe ja sake. Mai puna me rehata hu aur yehi koshish hai ki mere bhi akhari ichha puri ho aur mai sahab ke ghar par matha tek saku. Mai mera ghar ke divar par ek bahut bada (15 X 15 ft) ka colage banana bhi chahata hu. agar aap kuch photograph mi de sake to abharo rahunga. dhanyawad

  44. raghuchak says:

    wow so much information of RAFI saab thnks alot fr sharing……….

  45. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    Sanjeev Jee

    Where there is action, there will always be reaction. When you write something you should be ready to accept both admiration and criticism alike.

    Post No. 29 and Post No.46 what they have written it sounds true. You give your clarification because this is international website and million and trillion of unknown Rafi lovers are there.

    If anybody loves Rafi Saab truly visit Rafi Mansion and keep the photos in their personal album, no need to display on public website.

    Priya jee
    No need to boil your blood so profusely. Please calm down. Keep your energy to write some good write ups in future.


    H.A.K. Walijah

  46. A S MURTY says:

    Sanjeevbhai, good that you gave that apt clarification. Uncalled for advices should not detract you from what you are doing.

  47. BINU NAIR says:

    the rafi mansion’s music room is a ‘VIRTUAL MUSEUM’.
    i take this opportunity to thank rafi saaheb family for their generosity in meeting mohd rafi fans – and giving their valuable time.

    if the music is good the heart will sing,
    if rafi sings, the world will sing….

    mohd rafi “we” remember….

  48. ZTEK-7 says:

    I would so much love to visit Rafi sahab’s house and meet his family. I hope I would get that chance one day if I ever visit India.

  49. Priya Sanyal says:

    we had recently similar post by Sohail Butt on Rafi sahab, where picture of his real brother Mohd Saddique was posted.There is nothing unusual about it Dear Post 29 and 46.

    Even the divine voice of Rafi sahab couldn`t melt our heart in love and compassion that we react so strongly making verdict by our own assumption.

    Rafi sahab didn`t like limelight so avoided being in focus and as Shahid Rafi ji(rafi sahab`s son) tell, Rafi sahab never wanted to force career on their children , he wanted their own will to win,that they become a good person mainly, so he never publicized his own children and also self praising was not the nature of Saintly Rafi. But does it means that Rafi sahab had intention to veil their family members? Never. Dear friends post 29,46. Plz never forget that watch word with Rafi sahab was freedom not slavry,even the way he sings is so free flow unlike other singers who sings sad songs stressing their thoughts Rafi sahab never cared going as high as sky or as low as the surface of the ocean. so u r request to plz be modest in ur words before alleging someone with such mean thoughts of “self -Praise”……

    Perhaps u couldn`t feel how did I and so many other rafi lovers would have felt seeing the Grave about which we recently read in newspaper,that it is demoslished. Plz don`t divide Rafi sahab as two person, our Farista was same everywhere, smae innconec, smile everywhere in studio or with his family. Plz respect the tears and joy of all those lovers of divinity of Rafi sahab as a singer and “person” both!

  50. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Dear Kabeer Aman sahab ref: post no.-29 and dear andrea correa sahab ref. post no-46,
    First of all thanks for given your kind views on this small description. I want to say to both of you that i have not written this article for my self publicity but only for sharing my happiness and emotions among maximum RAFI lovers all across the world.

    I posted few pictures of RAFI MANSION for those RAFI SAHAB’S fan who worships him but not able to visit RAFI SAHAB’S house and his grand music room.


    “I am very grateful to all RAFI SAHAB’S family members in whole of my life that they had given proper time to us from their too much busy schedule.


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