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My visit to RAFI MANSION on 5th and 6th june 2010

By Sanjeev Kumar Dixit, Lucknow

Aadab Rafi friends, I visited the House of Rafi Sahab,”RAFI MANSION” and his holy Grave on 5th & 6th june 2010.

I reached mumbai in the morning of 5th june and Miraz ahmed saab (elder son in law of Rafi Sahab) has given the time to visit Rafi Mansion at 7:30pm to me. I reached to Rafi mansion at 7:30pm and met with Nasreen didi (elder daughter of Rafi sahab). Miraz saab could not arrived at time because he was in hospital for delivery of his grandson and Nasreen didi was also going there.

Rafi chowk in Mumbai

Rafi chowk in Mumbai

Family of Yasmeen didi was also there in hospital. I waited few mins. and then Miraz saab called to Irfan saab (son of Yasmeen didi). Irfan saab came to home  & we entered in Rafi mansion and then after I was in music room of RAFI SAHAB with Irfan sahab. It was very grand and all the trophies were there kept in his room. I was there approximately one hour and taken many photographs of that room. I also asked Irfan saab about his favourite singer and it is written in my survey register with his signature.

Me with grandson of Rafi Saab

Me with grandson of Rafi Saab

On the next day I visited the Holy Grave of Rafi Sahab and collected some holy soil from there. I was there approximately 30 minutes. It was very peaceful there at the holy grave of Rafi sahab.

Holy Grave of Rafi Sahab

Holy Grave of Rafi Sahab

That evening I re-visited Rafi mansion again and this time I was fortunate to meet with Parwez Sahab & Yasmeen Didi. Irfan saab entered a while after. They all were too polite and humble with us and spent more than one hour with us. I also asked to Parwez ji and Yasmeen Didi for their favorite singer and written in my survey register with their signature. I invited to Parwez ji and Yasmeen didi to visit Lucknow & my home in near future and they accepted my invitation.

This was ONLY DREAM of my life which became true with the kind help of “Narayan sahab(Bangalore),Beena Didi(Bangalore),AS Murty sahab(Hyderabad),Srikant ji(Mumbai), Miraz Ahmed Sahab, Nasreen Didi, Parwez Ahmed Sahab,Yasmeen Didi & Irfan sahab.” I will always be grateful to them whole my life.

My visit to Rafi Mansion & Grave of Rafi sahab is like a PILGRIMAGE OF CHAR DHAM OR HAZ YATRA & after this visit no wish remains in my life for me“, because God has only given birth to me on this earth but Rafi Sahab has given the true direction to my life through his songs and his great character and personality.I can say proudly that Rafi Sahab has given me the SECOND LIFE, he was always with me in all difficult time of my life & my whole life will dedicate to Rafi Sahab.

I have one more dream for Rafi Sahab which I will disclose to you after some time.

I am sending some pictures regarding my visit of RAFI MANSION. Date on pictures is wrong because I forgot to set the date in camera. Pl don’t care about this.

Best playback singer of the millennium award

Best playback singer of the millennium award

Chair of Rafi Sahab

Chair of Rafi Sahab

HARMONIUM of Rafi Sahab, still in pristine condition

HARMONIUM of Rafi Sahab, still in pristine condition

Santoor of Rafi sahab

Santoor of Rafi sahab

Lamp of Rafi Sahab

Lamp of Rafi Sahab

National award to Rafi Sahab

National award to Rafi Sahab

Filfare awards of Rafi Sahab

Filfare awards of Rafi Sahab

Visiting card of our Farishta

Visiting card of our Farishta

Visiting card of our Farishta

Visiting card of our Farishta

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  1. mehboob says:

    Sanjeev ji,
    you are a very lucky man.

    Kabeer ji,

    ref post 29. I think you are over reacting.
    I dont see anything wrong in what Sanjeev has done.

    But I will say that whoever goes to visit the mansion etc to please be considerate of Rafi’s families time and not to be too intrusive.
    After all it is there generosity that they are able to give their valuable time to those visiting. We should not take too much advantage of their hospitality, generosity etc.


  2. Zorawar says:

    Dear Sanjeev Bhai,
    Congratulations on visiting Rafi sahab’s grave and music room. As you say, it was a dream come true. I think that stands same for every Rafi Bhakt when he/she visits these two places. Because, when I visited, I had the same feeling and specially when I entered Rafi Sahab’s music room alongwith Parvez Bhai and Binu Ji, I got thrilled and a feeling like having Rafi Sahab around me started inside.
    The best part was that whenever I looked at the chair, I could feel the words in Rafi Sahab’s voice saying “Aa wai Zorawar, Kee Haal Hai”.
    Believe me, I still have that feeling inside me and when everyday morning, I bow my head in front of his photo, he seems to be asking me the same thing again and again.
    Although these are illusions but then I could not find a better illusion/practical experience till this time in my life.
    With ref. post 29, I would like to put on records that nobody is denied entry to Rafi Sahab’s music room by his family members, infact they feel happy about it. Therefore, I don’t think there is any harm in sharing your happiness with others. Moreover, his music room has turned out to be museum for all the Rafi Fans.
    Long Live Rafi Sahab !
    Zorawar Chhugani
    Founder Gen. Secy.
    Rafi Foundation Memorial Society, Delhi
    # 9810224991

  3. RAJESH says:

    thanks for sharing divine photographs and your wonderful expirence.may god bless you

  4. Kabeer Aman Saab,

    This is with reference to your post no. 29. Everyone has his own views. Every celebrity has to undergo this situation, when people due to their love and affection, want to know more about the man. This is true, whether the person is a politician or sportsman or filmy man or any body else. The author has only shared his visit to Rafi Mansion and showed the photos in Rafi Saab’s room. What is wrong with that? I am sure most people on the net would have admired the article and photos and perhaps, would have thanked the author profusely for the article.

    The author just wanted to share his happiness of visiting his Idol’s home, in fact I am jealous of the author. In spite of listening to Rafi Saab’s songs since I was born, I have not visited Rafi Mansion. I still feel if only I can visit his room, sit there quietly for few minutes, recalling his songs silently. Well, let us thank the author that atleast we could see the photos.

  5. andrea correa says:


  6. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Aadab Rafi dear friends,
    First of all i want to say thanks to all readers of this article who gave their precious comments on my small description.
    I also wants to say very-very special thanks to “PRIYA SANYAL DIDI, NASREEN DIDI, BINA DIDI, AS MURTY SAHAB, P NARAYAN SAHAB, RAMESH N. KURPAD SAHAB, MEHTAAB SAHAB & MOHD. PARWEZ SAHAB ” for their kind views on the article AND their “PRICELESS BLESSINGS” for me.

    MEHTAB sahab thanks again for your rare news for RAFI SAHAB’S fans(post-42) regarding unreleased songs of Rafi Sahab.

    As par request of many Rafi Fans,i am posting the residential address of our beloved “MOHD. RAFI SAHAB” as given below-

    “Rafi Mansion
    Plot No. 43,
    28th Road,
    Mumbai -50”

    Dear Rafians i am very-very sorry that i can’t share the phone No of any member of RAFI SAHAB’S family publicly on the internet without his permission because it will be against the privacy rule of any person.

    At the last i want to say sorry to my friends in Mumbai that i could not met with them due to my very short & tight schedule in Mumbai.Igone there at first time and dependent upon one of my friend.It is my promise to all my friends in Mumbai i will meet them in my next visit.

    Thanks again to all the visitors of this site for reading the description and sharing their valuable comments with us.


  7. Ali says:

    Sir Kabeer Aman post 29
    Mohd Rafi sent by God not only for his family but he was for all of us and his family members are lucky…..we love mohd rafi as singer but the people who worked with him they love Mohd Rafi more as human than a singer……..
    I don’t think that Shahid Rafi going to take action against Sanjeev Kumar for presenting the pictures on this website because he is son of greater human than a singer…..
    That true Mohd rafi didn’t like the film line and media because they were so selfish but we mohd rafi fans are not like them jest please visit and you will go that how we love mohd rafi…..or facebook Farrukh Yaadein ……many many more
    Mohd rafi is Bharat Ratna but not for INDIAN only …

  8. Surajit Mandal says:

    Rafi saab jaisa na koi tha, na ko hoga! May god let him rest in peace.
    Its a shame that the man who mesmerised India since last 6 decades and is a symbol of communal harmony, is yet to receive the highest civilian award of his country.
    Let us all pray that the justice will be done soon.
    I hope someday I’ll be able to visit Rafi’jis house.

  9. Mehtab says:

    The following news has been written by S. Raju for Hindustan Times, that may be really interesting for the Rafi Sahib’s fans. It ‘ll be published in the issue of 30th June, 2010. The Breaking News is :
    Two unreleased songs sung by the legendary playback singer Mohd Rafi have been lying in a vault in Meerut for over 40 years. They are with octogenarian Ved Prakash Sharma, the lyricist who penned them for the 1970 film, Pyaar Ek Ret Ki Deewaar, which never got completed. The film was Sharma’s own production and was being directed by Raj Jalandhri. The songs, ‘Vaada karo pyaar nibhaane ka…’ and ‘Zamaane ke haathon sataye gaye hain…’ were composed by music director Roshan and recorded in Rafi’s voice for Rs 3,000.
    They were picturised on actors Ravindra and Devika in Meerut and Mussoorie. About two more reels were yet to be shot, when the film was shelved due to financial problems. “Rafi’s voice is so soothing as compared to today’s loud music,” says Sharma, who now plans to release the songs in a local film, which is being produced in Meerut. “I want the songs to reach millions of Rafi fans. It is my tribute to him.”
    (Rafi Sahib’s lovers should note, it is an important news.)
    — MEHTAB, Mobile : +91-98157 03226

  10. mohamedparvez says:

    refrence to post 29 ,mujhe nahin laghta ke sanjeev kumar dixit ne koi bhura kaam kiya, main sanjeev kumar dixit ka shukriya adha kartha hoon ke usne hamare saath behtareen pictures rafi mansion ka aur unka family ka hamare saath share kiya


  12. Ali says:

    Hi All
    I think who visited mohd Rafi Grave he should be lucky and I think he should also visit the great Naushad ji Grave which is in same place…
    Best playback singer of the millennium still not having Bharat Ratna award so sham to the Gov’t I think but he is the real Bharat Ratna and also the world Ratna….
    If you lose some one from our family member we will going to forget them in few years and you are not going to cry from them but Mohd rafi the only we cry for him still….
    We are lucky that we are Mohd rafi fans .sorry my english not good

  13. Dear Sanjeev bhai,

    Kudos for such a divine,lively and blissful write up.You need not pay a visit to Mecca aur Madina now.Thank you sooooo much for sharing your divine experience with all we Rafi bhakts.

    I was just comparing the photo of Yasmeen didi in the 1st picture with Rafi Saheb photograph on its side in the column Vote for Rafi Sahab.She looks exactly the true carbon copy of Rafi Sahab with similar faces and the similar smiles and humble expressions.
    I could see the sheer simplicity of his home/mansion..simple chair,ordinary man,s lamp,ordinary harmonium and the most significant view was (if any of the Rafi bhaktas have observed)..the simple tinned or cement chadder on its roof. What a simple living he had, needs no description.His simple holy grave is the last testimony to his divine simplicity.

    He liked kite flying and playing with his children for most of his life and never liked publicity about him or his family in any form or kind.He would go to marriage parties straight to the bridal duo and their parents ,bless them and would leave immediately for his home as told by Rafi Sahab,s wife in one of her rare interviews.He would go to the cinema hall with his children and wife nearly 10-15 minutes later after start of the picture and would leave the hall 5-10 minute before the end of the picture.His children would complain him of not seeing the start or the end of a particular picture.Such a shy and simple divine soul he was !!! On the contrary,professionally what he was a golden history of the whole world now.

    Reference post no. 29…It is right he didn’t like publicity of his personal life but when he was live, He was like a God for all his bhakts and there is no need to look beyond one’s God divinity, so was the case then with all his followers. But now He is not physically with us hence it’s a natural human desire and curiosity to know more and more about Him.This is what history is all about.So I don’t think there is any element of His dislike now in following His way of life by his true followers.

    Uske jaane ke saath hi sangeet ke sur bhi chale gaye,
    Kya hua gar aaj koi adhure suron se mehfil saja raha hai.

    Thank you so much for sharing this blissful experience with us.

  14. Gautam Banerjee says:

    The photographs were great.I want to know how many Filmfare awards did Md. Rafi get and for which film song and the year. I would also like Rafi fans to put effort to find all songs that are lost. Like right now I can’t trace “O pagle der na hogi”,a duet with Usha Manngeskar from the film “Kinare kinare”.That will be a great help to Rafi fans.

    Gautam Banerjee.

  15. Suneel says:

    Great article by Sanjeev ji and some very rare pictures of Rafi sahab’s personal belongings. We are grateful to you Sanjeev ji for giving us a glimpse of Rafi sahab’s house and all his belongings. God bless you.

    Rafi sahab was a farishta.

    I have two rare personally signed black and white photographs of Rafi sahab which I wish to sell. If any Rafi sahab fan is interested please let me know.


    Best Wishes,

  16. akbar khorakiwala says:


  17. sabnavees says:

    Yes sanjeev Ji its a real pilgrimage. I too visited the house of our FARISHTA on 30th JUly 2007 along with Binu nair & Sirish Kulkarni. I narated my heavenly experince which is there in the archives of 2007. The chair, table, black dial telephone & than small sharp transistor radio which is rafi sahab’s most favourite are all there on the table. it was a true pilgrimage for us.

  18. A S MURTY says:

    Vinod Kapoor Sahab and others who had wished for the address of Rafi Mansion. If you just check up this website under the head “site menu”, the third icon gives you all the address of Rafi Mansion.


  19. Vinod Kapoor says:

    Hello Sanjeev,

    You did an exceptional job. Must hv been an exhilirating experience. Though I met Rafi Sahib on few occasions but getting a chance to visit his house is indeed an opportunity and honour. I dont know whether I should ask you but could the address be passed on to me also? After all who would’nt like going there !! Thanks.

    Vinod Kapoor
    Former Sr. Director

  20. A S MURTY says:

    Dearest Sanjeev. I knew soon you would go over to Mumbai for this teerth yatra and that nothing could stop you. I have seen some very dedicated Rafi Bhakts in my life and you belong right at the top of such a list. I had been enquiring with friends in Mumbai about your visit and I was fortunate to have been told all these details personally by you immediately after you returned back to Lucknow. What a great experience you have had and it was magnanimous of you to have share your inner feelings, interspread with all those lovely photos and details in such a lovely and inspiring write up. It is the charisma of Rafi Sahab that he has such noble fan following. I suggest you write a lovely write up for other magazines/newspapers, both in Hindi and English so that such information reaches millions of other Rafi Bhakts who may not have had the opportunity to visit this site. If we can be of any help in this regard, please do not hesitate. Your constant pleading to all to vote for Rafi Sahab on is a very commendable and untiring effort on your part.


  21. Narayan says:

    Dhanya Dhanya ho gaye hum aapke surile lekh aur photos dekhkar..
    Sachmuch aapne Haj ki yatra aur Char dhamon ki yatra kar di..
    Hamare Bhagvan ke ghar gaye aur ashirvad paya…
    Aapne thamam cheejonka ankhe dekha haal pradhan kiya
    Bahuth shukriya badi meherbani Sanjeevbhai

  22. Kabeer Aman says:

    If any sensible man analyze Rafi Saab personality that can be split into two parts – Rafi the family man and Rafi the Singer. Most of the fans belong to Rafi the singer side, we have full rights being his fans to talk, discuss, analyze his songs, singing art, etc. But we Rafi fans have no right to talk about Rafi the family man that part all in all is a personal matter. No body is allowed to bring his personal belongings on the net and exhibit to the world. That what he had done in his whole life. He hide his personal life as well as his family members from the eyes of the media and never allowed anyone to drag his family before the media. This may be the reason that none of his family members found in showbiz. When I look the pictures presented in this write up, I felt very much and thinking if Rafi Saab would have alive today, what sort of pain he would have felt for the injury done by way of exhibiting his personal belongings to the world. This is painful too for Rafi fans who really loves him. The family members of Rafi Saab are requested not to grant permission for such an exhibition on net. Further to remove all the pictures shown with immediate effect. I further request the younger son of Rafi Saab, Shahid Rafi to take action against Sanjeev Kumar Dixit for presenting the pictures on this website.

    Kabeer Aman

  23. Lt Col Javed Sayyed says:

    Dear Mr Sanjeev,
    My personal congrats to U to have been on this beautiful pilgrimage to Rafi Mansion. Grateful for sharing the precious photos of rafi sahabs house, his chair, the Harmonium, visiting cards etc. As is expected, his first & second generation too reflect his humility & personality!! Really happy to see this in todays materialistic world. Mr Binu NaIR -personal request to U, to programme & arng vis to rafi mansion for Rafians on monthly basis so that his family too is not taxed as also rafians get a chance to vis & meet family members as well as interact with rafians from across the country & the world at this holy place!!
    A personal request to all rafians-Pl vote for rafi sahab in currently he is world # 11. Why not #1. Multiple votes can be cast after ever hour. Also pl request & invite your friends to do the same. He should get max votes on daily basis.

  24. mohamed parvez says:

    dear sanjeev dixit ji and dear rafi saab fans ,i would like to inform every body that apart from this pictures of rafi saab mansion i have posted around 20 pictures of rafi mansion ,mr harold another rafi saab fan visited rafi mansion some times back, kindly visit all the pages of rafi saabs blog to view that pictures of rafi saabs family,for kind information of visitors of blog,to go to next page,kindly click older posts ,you will find bottom of every page,so i suggest you to visit all the pages of our beloved one and only rafi saabs blog,take care

  25. Ramachandra Abhyankar says:

    I visited Rafi Mansion and the grave of Rafi Saheb many years ago. I was afraid that the grave no longer existed because of reports in the media that the entire cemetery had been cleared to make space available for projects for the city of Mumbai. I am glad that the grave is undisturbed.

  26. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Dear Sanjeev ji,

    What can I say for this extra-ordinary visit and beautiful article. It is full of new and latest information about Rafi Sahab, including his family members and recent states of home, grave and other things. A unique information about Rafi Sahab’s Visiting Card (How MELODIOUS even the Rafi Sahab’s Visiting Cards were!). On the whole, it is a great article.

    Many congratulations and thanks for sharing this lovely article.

    Thanks and best regards.


  27. sagar mahashur says:

    dear friend

    u r really lucky that u could meet family of great singer rafi i really liked the photographs its really astonishing that u could meet his family and they are as humble as rafisaab was by staying in mum my home is approximately 30 minutes away from his home his son shahidji runs business in area where i stay still i could not meet them althouhg its my wish i really feel proud to be part of rafi eara he left for heavenlu abode when i was 7 i also visited his grave which is 20 minutes away from my home but could not take darshan as time wasa 7.3o pm really rafi saab was singer of na bhuto na bhavishyati

  28. JAS SINGH says:

    Hello Sanjeev, thanks for sharing your lovely experience with us…It reminds me of my visit to rafi saab’s birth place in 1999.. I had gone to the Punjab to visit my relatives and arrived at Amritsar airport..When there it occurred to me that i had read in books and magazines that rafi saab was born in Kotla Amritsar. I thought it best to ask a local taxi driver who advised me that there were atleast 4 Kotlas in Amritsar. I thought it best to start off with the Kotla closest to the city.

    So i asked the very taxi driver to take me there. After many hours of visiting the various Kotlas in Amritsar we reached the last one on our list. We arrived in the town centre of Majhithia and met a Sardaar who informed us that Rafi saab’s birthplace was Sultan Singh Kotla a small village about two miles from the town centre. We journeyed towards our destination until i read a sign in Punjabi which said Mohammad rafi marg, a little further was a school which had a large board on it stating mohammad rafi school.

    It was a great and very humbling experience to visit the birth place of our great idol rafi saab.

    Please note i am dedicating a show in the memory of rafi saab with mangal singh on 1st August 2010 at the Leicester Colosseum. This message is an invitation to all rafi fans the whole world over to grace my show with your presence…kind regards jas no: 07875738730

  29. vinod mehru says:

    sanjeev jee, aap mumbai aaye ,humse nahin mile ,koi baat nahin bachche, tumhare man ki saadh to puri ho gayi naa ( u visited mumbai but not called us , i am glad you fulfil your dreams). god bless u .

  30. n k v ranga rao says:

    I am overwhelmed by seeing the photos ,you are a blessed man.Thoug the i am great fan of rafisaab i could not take up such a pilgrimage. you are very lucky,thanks for the sharing of the pics.

  31. Akshay Patil says:

    It must been very emotional moments for you. I send you my appreciations for sharing your experience with everyone who loves Rafi Sahab. This is a unique moment and I have been waiting for the same for a long time. You are lucky. If I want to visit Rafi Mansion, what do I have to do ? If you could please show me the way, I would be very grateful to you.

  32. Girish Masand says:

    I enjoyed and love reading your story.

    Rafi saab’s son Shahid was a classmate in school. I will be happy to visit Rafi Saab’s home but unable to do so as i have no contact of Shahid. Will be obliged if you could give me phone number of Irfaan with whom i can make contact.


    Girish Masand :
    93762 14996

  33. achal rangaswamy says:

    sanjeev ji

    you are truly blessed. that’s all i can say.

    warm regards

    achal rangaswamy

  34. sanjeev bhai,

    you, my dear friend is a true rafi bhakt. hallmark of a generous man is that you have shared the pictures and your wonderful experience with the other bhakts and fans.

    since we are closely connected most of the time either vide sms, personal mails or various other movements, my sincere request to you would be to share the telephone numbers of his daughter, grandson, son-in-law – those who reside in rafi mansion and also give the postal address ( with directions and landmarks for easy access ), so that other rafi bhakts and fans would be able to visit rafi sahab and fulfill their life’s dream.

    i see already people are requesting you for the above details and it would be in the fitness of the moods to share this info.

    however, i would like to add here that, if any of rafi sahab’s familly members have asked you not to share their personal numbers to others then we should respect their privacy and not do it.

    in which case you could just give the address of rafi mansion.

    sanjeevbhai, i have no words to express my joy at your feat.

    aap dhanya hogaye – rafi sahab sey mil aaye – unko chookar ayey – unkaa charn sparsh kiyaa – aur kyaa chahiye – merey hisaab sey – aapko moksh – jeetey jee milgaya hai.

    iss teerth yatraa key baad – aap aur aapkaa sampoorna parivaar hameshaa sukhmai jeevan bitayengey.

    god bless you my friend,


    ramesh narain kurpad.

  35. BALDEV SINGH says:

    Dear Dixit JI
    Not only was Rafi Sab’s voice divine but he was a divine
    person. To love and respect such a divine personality is like achieving
    divinity. His voice, his emotions are like rare paintings. Any one who loves Rafi Sab can never remain depressed. This voice is a panacea for
    all troubles.
    He left this world early. It should not have happened. He
    deserved to live to be around 90. The lovers of his voice deserved his
    long life but God has strange ways. His memory and his benevolent life
    tugs at my heart.
    Good, you found peace. You are blessed one.

  36. jasbir singh zando says:

    wonderful,outstanding and heavenly kudos to sanjeevji for sharing his experiences in visiting holy places of rafisaab… was also my desire,somehow for some my wish remained unfulfilled and will be my ambition to have glimpse of his mansion as well as his resting place….saw all photos n his monuments….felt as if rafisaab before me n more in my heart….overwhelming satisfaction n pleasure passed through my soul like a current of great relief……dont hv words to explain…..further….. govt should declare his mansion as national museum ,after honouring him bharat rattan….so that future generations will be able to realise n cherish rafusaab greatness …..not only in singing but also human qualities…angel…..will any rafifan or binajee be able to give me mob no of shahid rafi…son of rafisaab..i shall be grateful……

  37. anil nakra says:

    dear sanjiv dixit ji
    you are lucky , we are also some luck to see photographs
    yur dedication is remarlkable

    tell about final programe on 31st july at delhi

    anil nakra

  38. Anjali says:

    Sanjeev sir thanks 4 sharing the photos with us…bahut bahut shukriya

  39. kk chadha says:

    Dear Sanjeev,

    It is really great to have seen the Rafi Mansion and his Holy Grave. It gave me the feeling as if I am there with Rafi Saheb. Also the musical instruments, awards whatever you have picturised will be an asset for me. I wish more and more people visit the Holy Rafi mansion and his grave frequently and write about Rafi Saheb. Though Rafi Saheb is not with us, his memories will always remain with us till the last moment.

    Whenever I think of Rafi Saheb, I go into flash back when I was a child of 5-7 years and listening to Rafi Saheb songs and repeat the same throughout the day. I used to go on the roof top and seeing some object a little far away, I used to think that the voice is coming from there and I wanted to reach there. Though I could not see Rafi saheb in his life, but by the great contributions of people like you, I am able to feel Rafi Saheb always with me. When I grew up we bought Philips Radio and would listen Rafi Saheb whole day. Till today, I listen Rafi Saheb without fail and it has become a household thing for our whole family. My son is also fond of Rafi Saheb.

    Thanks very much for this great contribution to my memories.

    KK Chadha

  40. Plz Correct the note below the Picture of soormandal. Its not Santoor of Rafi Saab. Its Soor Mandal. Sahab does not play Santoor, He sung with Soor mandal. any ways I like Very much The Photos of Rafi Mansion. Thanks a Lot Sir

  41. Nasreen says:


    You are indeed blessed. Tears came to my eyes when I saw the picture of Rafi Sahab’s visiting card. Thank you so much for sharing all this. Specially the picture of his holy grave. It looks like a such a modest grave with no frills, no show. Just like he was himself. It must have been an honour for you to have got the chance to meet his family I am sure. They seem to be such modest, beautiful and courteous people. Well, I am sure you have done something that pleased God and he rewarded you with this opportunity. Because it is not something everyone can say they have been able to do. congratulations, well done and thank you so much for sharing it all with us. What did you mean by saying there is one more thing you want to do? Whatever it is, may God grant you that wish too.

  42. Bina says:

    Sanjeev bhaiyya:

    You are twice blessed since you could visit the temple/masjid, which is his house, as well as the place where Rafi Saab was laid to rest..! Thank you for sharing your glimpse of JANNAT with us..

    Is Haj aur teerth yatra ke baad bhi koi khwaish reh gayi hai aapke dil mein Rafi Saab ke liye? I am very curious to know what..!

    Bahut pyaar mila tha hume bhi Nasreen aur Yasmeen se pichle saal when I had the good fortune to step foot in Rafi Mansion and spend a few precious within its haloed precincts..its a beautiful memory for me too…of course, I could not visit the mazaar since ladies are not allowed there…and that is one dream that I still have!

    Bina Didi

  43. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Dear Sanjeev ji…. YOU ARE BLESSED…

  44. Hildebrand says:

    Lovely writeup on obviously a lovely trip. Happy to read about it and so glad that you shared these lovely pics with all of us.

  45. Mehtab says:

    Respected Sanjiv Kumar Dixit Ji,
    Thanks for the valuable article. I think, all valuables of Rafi Sahib should be decalared the National Heritage of India. Indian Govt. must initiate the required steps. All the fans of Rafi Sahib should press upon the Government.
    — MEHTAB,, Mobile : +91-98157 03226

  46. shashank says:

    Grt8 Sanjeevji. Thanks for sharing every and each information which you enjoyed here.

  47. mohamed parvez says:

    dear sanjeev dixitji thanx for sharing experiance of visiting rafi mansion,also thanx for sharing pictures with us ,i will be posting rare pictures in rafi saabs blog,and face book,and orkut, i would like to share this pictures with rafi saabs fans ,kindly visit our beloved rafi saabs blog,recently i have posted some rare pictures of rafi saab with usha timothyji, to view this rare pictures kindly visit all the pages of rafi saabs blog,for kind information of visitors of rafi saabs blog,to go to next page kindly click older posts you will find bottom of every page ,take care

  48. pawan sethi says:

    hi rafi fan
    pl give ph number of shahid rafi or of rafi son in law so that i can comtact them and can visit rafi mansion

  49. Harish says:

    It must been very emotional moments for you. I send you my appreciations for sharing your experience with everyone who loves Rafi Sahab. This is a unique moment and I have been waiting for the same for a long time. You are lucky. If I want to visit Rafi Mansion, what do I have to do ? If you could please show me the way, I would be very grateful to you.

  50. Priya Sanyal says:

    OH God, Oh God……….Oh God!!!!


    like always, eternal prayers for u from inner most heart,dear sanjeev ji!….

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