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Mohammed Rafi – “Tujhe kya Sunawoo Main Dilruba tere Saamne Mera hal Hai”

This article is written by Mr. Gaurav D Bijoor

Mohd Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar

Mohd Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar

The period from 24th December 1924 to 31st July 1980 comprising of 56 years can be truly considered as the Golden Era mainly since this period belonged to the Greatest Legend and our most dear & beloved king of melody Mohammed Rafi Saab.

However on various occasions I personally feel very sorry for myself and regret the most mainly since I was nowhere in the aforesaid period as I was destined to be born only in the year March 1981 to such lovely parents and in that beautiful small house situated in Bandra (West).

Bandra (West) should in fact should be christened again as “King of the Suburbs” mainly since all the Greats including Mohammed Rafi, Dilip Kumar, Sunil Dutt, Nargis Dutt, Naseem Banu, Saira Banu, Dev Anand, Vijay Anand, Mahendra Kapoor, Rajendra Kumar, Bharat Bhushan, Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan and several others have been the residents of this beautiful & memorable suburb.

From the very early days of my childhood I indeed had a rare & unique opportunity of listening to various beautiful songs of Rafi Saab mainly on account of my dear father Mr D P Bijoor being the ardent admirer of this great voice and those memories are still afresh in my mind. In fact my dear father Mr D P Bijoor has a few of his articles which have already been published in this great site and on this strength the other day I just had the opportunity of sweetly joking with Mr P Narayanan uncle who was a regular in our house in those days (after sending him a couple of sms). Please excuse me Narayan uncle.

My first childhood impressions of Rafi Saab which I clearly remember were the beautiful songs “Maine chand aur sitaron kee tamanna kee thee mujhko ratoon ke sihahee ke siva kuch na mila” from the film “Chandrakanta” and “Main gaoon tum sojawo suk sapano mein kho jawo” from the film “Brahmchari”.

In my very personal opinion the industry had 3 greats in the form of Melody King “Mohammed Rafi” “Lata Mangeshkar” & “Asha Bhosale” and these combinations has indeed given us those innumerable greats which not only we but our various future generations can everlastingly enjoy the taste of their renditions & compositions

Mohd Rafi with Lata Mangeshkar

Mohd Rafi with Lata Mangeshkar

Today I would like to present a few of the songs of the aforesaid combination which are my personal favorites and hope my various great uncles from this site including my dear father Mr D P Bijoor would also love them mainly since loving is a beautiful fact and everyone loves & adores Rafi Saab

Rafi with Lata Mangeshkar

Song Film
Tum tho pyaar ho sajanee Sahera
Palkhon ke peeche se kya tumhne Talash
O madhura Milan hai sajanee Madhur Milan
Is dil me mere kaun ye diwana Albela
Chand jane kahan kho Gaya Main choop Rahungee
Tujhe jeevan ke dor se Asli Naqli
Are husna chala kuch aasee chal Bluff Master
Dekho rootha na karo Tere Ghar ke Saamne
Dil pukare aare aare Jewel Thief
Chalo dildar chale chand ke paar Pakeezah
O sapanon kee Raani Banphool
Ched mere hamrahee geet koyee Mastana
Aadmi musafir hai Apnapan
Tere husn ki kya taareef karoon Leader

Rafi with Asha Bhonsle

Song Film
Achhajee main haree Kala Pani
Maang ke saat tumhara Naya Daur
Abhee na jawo chodkar Hum Dono
Bahoot shukriya Ek musafir ek Haseena
Aaja panchee akela hai Nav Do Gyarah
Tumhe paake humne Gehra Daag
Chand zard zard hai Jaali Note
Nanhe munhe bacche Boot Polish
Saathi haat badhana Naya Daur
Dhal gaya din Humjoli
Deewana mastana Bombai ka Babu
Mujhe gale se lagalo Aaj aur Kal
Jidhar bhee main dekhoo Tu hi meri Zindagi
Pyar kee kasam hai Dil deke Dekho

I am also a great admirer of Sumant Kalyanpur, Geeta Dutt & Samshad Begum and shall plan a small piece article of their association with Mohammed Rafi Saab very shortly

Dear friends, uncles & admirers of the legend in case if I have committed any mistakes in presenting this article I should be equally pardoned.

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32 Blog Comments to “Mohammed Rafi – “Tujhe kya Sunawoo Main Dilruba tere Saamne Mera hal Hai””

  1. nakul says:

    rafi was singer of century. rafi shab ki tarah na to koi hua hain na hee koi hoga

  2. Raju Korti says:

    ref post 30
    dear siva
    agreed. you contention was based on what you heard on the radio. but i said so on the basis of my interaction with sajjad hussein. anyways, rafisaab sang other songs for sajjad. but the duet phir tumhari yaad aayee will remain an evergreen classic. just see, how rafisaab stole a march over manna da in that song. fabulous stuff indeed

  3. Siva says:

    Raju Korti ji, I had written based on what I had heard on radio. Maybe it might not have been authentic. Anyhow let us forget these and enjoy both Sajjad’s & Madan mohan sahab’s compositions as both have their own charm. Incidentally I am aware of only one song in Sajjad-Rafi combination-Fir tunhari yaad aayi hai sanam from Rustom-Sohrab. Are there any other songs? I am curious to know.

  4. Raju Korti says:

    ref post 28
    there’s a factual error here. madan mohan never took any permission from sajjad hussein to lift the talat song composed by him for sangdil. when sajjad first heard the song tujhe kya sunaoon.. he was mighty cheesed off with madan. in fact, he even remarked sarcastically in public how even ace composers sometimes lifted tunes. madan mohan, for all his tough army demeanour, was as soft as his tunes when he heard about sajjad’s riposte. for, sajjad was a known quixotic genius and madan probably thought it mature not to get involved in a cold war with him. it is another story that sajjad loved rafi a lot. And when the genius composer — who made a lot of of enemies due to his brusque manners — fell on bad days, living in a dingy, dark one room with just a broken cot to rest, it was our magnanomius rafisaab who paid him a visit. after enquiring about his welfare, rafisaab, quietly slipped rs 25,000 under the bedsheet of his cot and took his leave.
    this is just to share the small anecdote.

  5. siva says:

    Refer post 19-Haldar ji–as you have rightly pointed out the song “tujhe kya sunawoo main dilruba” is inspired from “Yeh hawa yeh raat yeh chaandni, teri ek adaa pe nisar hai” sung by Talat sahab , beautifully composed originally by one of the greatest music director(but very less talked about due to very less number of songs composed by him) -Sajjad Hussein. In fact I had listened to an old program in vividh bharati where it was mentioned that Madan mohan took Sajjad’s permission before composing “Tujhe kya sunawoo”. Both are really beautiful compositions.
    Talking about Sajjad, have you heard the immortal gem from Rustom Sohrab film-Phir tumhari yaad aayi hai sanam- an excellent duet by Rafi-Manna dey. In fact all the songs from Rustom-Sohrab were masterpieces.

  6. gurdev singh says:

    Hi. I am from Singapore. I have been collecting songs of Rafi from the 60″s. I have hundreds of cassettes. What shall I do with them?
    I have visited Rafi In Bombay.
    Now I want to visit the orther great figures of the movie world like Shammi, Asha, Dilip and the list goes on.
    Can anyone help.

  7. Ashok Parekh says:

    dear gaurav,

    its really unbelievable that a youngster, younger even to my younger son has expressed such devoted feelings to rafisaab. credit equally goes to your father, senior bijoorji. my sincere appreciation to you both. you and rafisaab’s fans of your generation are going to replace all your uncles and aunts on this forum. so please keep up the good work.

  8. Savita Garcia says:

    shailesh sapre thanx for ur feelings towards Rafi sahab,,,,,there many song that lata rafi sang with different version,,,,but many of them are such about which listener even don`t know that lata also have sung those songs as only Rafi version remain top charted,,and of which both version is hit,,,no need to say that Rafi version remained much more esteemed with both masses and classes,,,,even Lataji admited that how tough was it for her to sing rafi sahab`s song as the song was always recored later in lata voice and earlier in Rafi sahab`s and Rafi sahab never objected,,he had nothing to with others as he was so much divoted to his work that never bothered such silly competitions,,but story was different with counterpart,,,,,,

  9. shailesh sapre says:

    Well…u guys may always praise Lataji with Rafi sahab! But the fact remains that SHE did play politics even against Rafi Sahab in those days. But thanks to all those Music Directors who tried to bring them together! Rafi is indeed Rafi….the only singer who gave a TOUGH FIGHT TO LATA.

  10. Imran Rustam says:

    Dear Gaurav,

    Welcome to this great site……We Rafians love to discuss each and ever aspect of Rafi Sb’s Life……… I hope you will continue to this great process with your nice and informative write ups…………….

    Thanks to share your favorite songs of great legend……….


  11. biman baruah says:

    dear gaurav
    well come to this forum of great admiers of Mohd Rafi and congratulations for this well written article with list of great duets of Rafi saheb with Lata – Asha .
    Please keep it up good job.
    with best wishes
    biman baruah, assam

  12. Mr Gaurav D Bijoor says:

    I thank all the dear great writer uncles & aunts of this very beautiful site for their kind words of apprecaition and for the overwhelming response that you all have given me in respect of my maiden small little article.
    My special thanks are also due & reserved to the Administrator & his dedicated team of this great site in helping me for putting forth & publishing my views on the Greatest Legend.
    My special thanks are also due to Mr P Haldar Saab for his lovely comments on Shailendra Saab. Haldar Sir in fact I had the opppurtunity of reading that extraordinary article that your good self had penned down in the inaugural issue of the Sargam Magazine. With so much of information & bhandar with you I personaly feel that you should also contribute by way of lovely articles.
    Friends the song “Tujhe kya sunawoo main dilruba tere saamne mera hal hai” from the film Aakhri Dao with music scored by Madan Mohan is one of the greatest renditions by our dearest Rafi Saab. Though this song in the film was picturized on the artiste Shekhar, the words of this song was were entirely meant for the evrgreen & always a fresh face of the Legend Nutan whom I personaly rate as one of the greatest artiste of the silver screen.
    I will definitely try my level best & live up to the expectations of all the great contributers, fans & admirers of our beloved king of melody by putting forth a few more of such articles very shortly

  13. Utthara says:

    Hi Gaurav, welcome to the Rafi admirers’ group. It is Rafi saab’s magic that has captured young ones like you. Your father, Bijoor saab, is a great Rafi bhakt. It is heart-warming to see that you too love golden oldies. All the songs you have mentioned are gems.

    Somebody mentioned Woh hai zara khafa khafa. That is sung by Lata and not Asha. Sorry for digressing.

    Awaiting more interesting articles from you.



  14. P. Haldar says:

    Dear Gaurav,

    You are the future gaurav of this great site. All the duets you’ve mentioned are very good. There’s another important music personality who used to stay in your suburb. Shailendra penned some of his famous songs sitting in the terrace of that composer’s bungalow. I am happy to note that you’ve listed six of his compositions in your article.

    The title of your article is based on a rafi song, which itself is based on a famous song by another great singer. The word “saamne” in the title reminded me of a very beautiful non-flimi song written by madhukar rajasthani. If you haven’t heard it, here is “tum saamne baithi raho main geet gaoon pyaar ke”:

  15. pmc thangal says:

    junior bijoor, your article on rafi saab is excellent one.the song ‘o madhur milen’ belongs to the filim kali gatta (md sanker jaikishen)expecting more article on rafi saab from you as well as your father.

  16. myk says:

    Dear Mr Sandeep Nadkarni,

    Can you please share with us your memories associated with R.D. Burman, and specifically Rafi-saab’s songs with him ?.

    I remember you had mentioned that you also worked with Pancham. Would really appreciate it.

  17. Nice article gaurav. congrulates for the beautiful article. Indeed coincidentally this both songs which you like “Maine chand aur sitaron kee tamanna” from the film “Chandrakanta” composed by Goan artist N.Dutta and “Main gaoon tum sojawo suk sapano mein kho jawo” from the film “Brahmchari” composed by Shankar Jaikishan is my 2 most favourite songs, of all the songs which rafisahab sang. I want to tell that Dutta Naik i.e. N dutta and Dattaram were the 2 most best composers which came from Goa and gave us splendid songs in the film industry. Thus, luckily I have a documentary film on the music director “Dattaram” who have a brief interview of his before his death, who mine best friend has sent a copy of it to me from goa. we will meet some other day.

    shashank chickermane

  18. Aashirwadam Gauravjee,
    It feels so nice and pleasant that the second generation in the lovely form of Gaurav Bijoor has been the great find of this beautiful site. As Gaurav has mentioned in his article that he was destined to be born in March 1981, which makes him of the age of 28 years at present.
    This clearly indicates that the Legend Mohammed Rafi Saab was never meant for a single generation but his voice & his innumerable classic collections that he has left behind will continue to linger and give the much required solace & peace for many future generations to come.
    Please keep up the good work Gaurav and let us have your choice of Rafi Saab with Sumant Kalyanpur and Samshad Begum.
    D P Bijoor & Gaurav Bijoor Great.

  19. Ranvir Singh says:

    Dear Mr. Gaurav,

    Thanks for sharing this very nice article. Please do share some more in future also.

    And also Dear All Rafians,

    I would like to share a very nice non filmi bhajan of Rafi Saheb. You can feel as how nicely it has been sung that takes you very close to God. The bhajan is :






    Hope eveybody will like it.

    Thanks and regards,

    Ranvir Singh

  20. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Dear Mr. Gaurav,

    One more thing which I should praise. The title of the article is wonderful and very meaning ful. Special congratulations for such a nice title!!!

    Thanks and best regards.


  21. A S MURTY says:

    welcome gaurav and congrats for this splendid writing about your feelings and your devotion to rafi sahab. this only goes to show that rafi sahab pervades all age groups and i have myself known many a youngster, some of them still in their teens, who amaze me with their knowledge of music and their fascination for rafi sahab. and you have a flair for writing too and to this extent you deserve all kudos. so also i would like to congratulate d p bijoor sahab for imbibing such good sentiments and traits in you. your list of songs also throws up some very haunting numbers and is a motley of all moods of songs by rafi sahab with female playback singers. first of all you must immediately set upon writing your next article and we elders would like to read more of the minds of young rafi fans like you.

  22. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Dear Mr. Gaurav,

    Very very warm welcome to you. It is very nice to feel that you are exactly following the path of your father. Seems no “GENERATION GAP” here, which is quite amazing. Thanks for your nice and well written article. We will wait your next articles.

    Best regards.


  23. Narayan says:

    Dear Gaurav, Hearty congrats for a young Dil Se Likha article.. Yes we all know that one day you will follow the heavenly Farishta’s songs when we attended ur 1st birthday in 82…
    Awesome feelings from a 28 year old Rafi Bakt…. No wonder I can agree with ur dad that you are also one of the greatest devotees of the emperor of playback singing Rafi sahab.
    Narayan Uncle

  24. Anil Cherian says:

    Congrats, Gaurav. Really nice to see you following your father’s footsteps. Keep it up!

  25. SANJAY ARORA says:

    The song `madhur milan hai sajnee` is from shankar jaikishan composed `Kali Ghata`and not from Madhur Milan

  26. Girish says:

    Very nice, what about Woh hai zara khafa khafa, i think this is Asha ??



  27. binu nair says:

    Gaurav ji: Welcome to the club of writers about divine singer mohd rafi saaheb.

    its about three decades that mohd rafi went away but he is remembered each day and heard every day by millions of his lovers and music lovers.

    the other day we had been to rafi saahebs mazhar and there was fresh flowers on that holy space. i asked the guard about the number of visitors coming with offerings for rafi saaheb.

    he told me about 30 to 40 people come each day from far off distant places, from india and abroad.

    i can bet that there will be very few legends in the world who will get such
    obesience from their admirers.

    welcome to the club gaurav ji……………………

    binu nair, rafi foundation, mumbai….

  28. sabnavees says:

    ayushman gaurav,

    its nice to read your article full of sweet sentiments especially for rafi sahab.

    like you i too did not have the opportunity of meeting rafi sahab in person.
    first time i visited mumbai in 1967 when i was 16 years old. i requested my uncle to take me to the residence of rafi sahab, but i got the reply that they are all big people & its very difficult to get their appointment & more over my uncle had no inclination towards fine arts. after that every alternate years i used to go to bombay but due my own shyness & lack of daringness i never ventured to proceed.

    latter i came to know that rafi sahab was highly hospitable by nature, but by that time there was ‘ sunset ‘

  29. Sagar says:

    Nice article and nice photo Gaurav. Me too a young reader. I love Rafi since the very beginning I heard his songs. How old r u dude?

  30. Nagesh Sidhanti says:

    Hello Gaurav,

    It is heart warming to see young admirers of retro music. It goes to
    prove that good music is evergreen.

    Your list has some awesome songs there.

    Thanks for writing

    Nagesh Sidhanti

  31. khaja Aliuddin,MD says:

    Dear Mr. Gaurav,
    Nice article. Glad to see a young man like you is so much interested in Rafi sahab.We would like to see you more often on this web-site. In future people like you are going to take responsibilities and control of
    Long live rafi saheb,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  32. Hussein Sheikh says:

    A short but impressive article by Mr. Gaurav. Although Asha Bhosle has sung more duets with Rafi Saheb than Lata, but in my opinion, Rafi-Lata pair is the best happening in Hindi film music. Further more, in the Rafi-Lata list privided above, the song # 4 should read as “Mehfil mein meri kaun yeh deewana aagaya…” from the film “Albela”, and for this Mr. Gaurav, you are 100% excused. We look forward for more articles from you. Long Live Rafi Saheb.

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