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Mohammed Rafi sings for Pradeep Kumar

This little article has been written by Mr Gaurav.D.Bijoor and equally shared by Mr D.P.Bijoor.

Pradeep Kumar and Mohd Rafi

Pradeep Kumar and Mohd Rafi

The smart, handsome and princely attired personality and though this gentleman hardly possessed any acting ability in him still his various films can be considered as great hits mainly on account of the evergreen classic songs and equally on account of the popular female artists he worked with.

The list includes Nargis, Madhubala, Meena-Kumari, Bina Rai, Vyjantimala, Nutan, Mala Sinha, Kum Kum, Sayeeda Khan, Fariyal etc etc.

This gentleman throughout his life lived like a King or a Prince even in his personal life but all his life he hardly spoke of himself in any forum or filmy bashes which indeed can be considered as his unique greatness.

This gentleman was none other than Mr Pardeep Kumar Batabyal popularly known as Pradeep Kumar to all of us & the film industry in particular. He was born in the early 1925 in West Bengal and started his film career at the age of 17 years with the Bengali film “Alaknanda” which was directed by Debaki Bose.

Pradeep then shifted to Bombay and started working in the Filmistan Studious and his first important role was in the film “Anand Math” in the year 1952 followed by “Anarkali” in 1953 with Bina Rai and “Naagin” in 1954 with Vyjantimala.

Pradeep Kumar in TajMahal

Pradeep Kumar in TajMahal

Anarkali was a super hit film with music scored by C Ramchandra with all the songs sung by Lata Mangeshkar & a couple by Hemant Kumar. Simultaneously Naagin had music by Hemant Kumar and the record 12 songs sung by Lata Mangeshkar & Hemant Kumar himself.

In-spite of the success of Anarkali & Naagin this gentleman was almost jobless for several years until his film “Ghunghat” with Asha Parekh was released & clicked in the year 1960 followed by “Taj Mahal” and “Aarti” in the year 1963 became great and super duper hits.

He paired with Meena Kumari in films including Adal-E-Jehangir, Bandhan, Chitralekha, Bahu Begum, Bheegi Raat, Aarti & Noorjahan.

He paired with Mala Sinha in the films including Naya Zamana, Badshah, Hemlet, Detective, Fashion, Ek Shola, Duniya Na Maane, Mitti mein Sona.

With Asha Parekh in Ghunghat and Meri Surat Teri Aankhen, with Waheeda Rehman in Raakhi, with Nimmi in Jayshree, with Nargis in Adalat, with Nutan in Heer and with Madhubala in Rajhat.

Pradeep Kumar almost produced 3 films namely Police, Ek Jhalak which were considered as total flops and also Do Diloon kee Daastan with Vyjantimala which he had started in the year 1958 and was completed almost after 6 long years in 1964 and for this thanks to Vyjantimala who was very generous in offering the dates of this film to her Madras Producers. Indeed great work Vyjantimalajee.

From the year 1969 he started working in small character roles with the film Sambhand and almost retired from the industry after the film Badmaash in the year 1998.

This evergreen romantic hero when he was in great demand was aware of the fact that he was when compared to other of the artists or actors was a big zero and hence he always used to say “Kissee se behtar nahin hoon thho kissee se badkar bhee nahin hoon

Pradeep Kumars personal life was not as happy as it should have been mainly because of his only daughter Bina had married the director Ajoy Biswas without his consent and this blow had indeed struck him boldly.

In his last days mainly on account of his sickness & ill-health this once strong gentleman of the film industry had become very weak and used to roam in his house with the help of a wheel-chair and eventually this once smart, handsome & princely personality was rather difficult even to be recognized as the same Pradeep Kumar.

Mohammed Rafi Saab sings for Pradeep Kumar

HEER (1956) Music by Anil Biswas & Lyrics by Majrooh Sultanpuri

1)      “Aa jao tumhe dil ka afsana sunana hai” with Asha Bhosale

2)      “Le jaa uskee duayein jot era ho na saka

DETECTIVE (1958) Music by Mukul Roy

1)      “Aankhon pe bharosa mat kar

AARTI (1962) Music by Roshan & Lyrics by Majrooh Sultanpuri

1)      “Ab kya misaal doon main tumhare shabab kee insaan ban gayee hai kiran mahatab kee

2)      “Mohabbat se dekha

3)      “Jane woh kaun hai

TAJ   MAHAL (1963) Music by Roshan & Lyrics by Sahir Ludhianvi

1)      “Jo baat tujhme hai teree tasveer mein nahee

2)      “Paon choolene do phoolon ko inayat hogee” with Lata Mangeshkar

3)      “Jo waada kiya woh nibhana padega roke zamana chhahe roke khudayee tumko aana padega

USTADON KE USTAD (1963) Music by Ravi

1)      “Sau baar janam lenge Sau baar panam lenge

CHITRALEKHA (1964) Music by Roshan & Lyrics by Sahir Ludhianvi

1) “Manare too kahe na dheer dhare O nirmohee moha na jaane

BHEEGI RAAT (1965) Music by Roshan & Lyrics by Majrooh Sultanpuri

1)      “Aaise to na dehko ki” with Suman Kalyanpur

2)      “Dil jo na kahe saka wohee raze dil kehne kee raat

AFSANA (1966)

1)      “Chand kitni door tha sitare kitni door

BAHU BEGUM (1967) Music by Roshan & Lyrics by Sahir Ludhianvi

1)      “Lok kehte hai ki

2)      “Hum intezar karenge

RAJHATH – Music by Shankar Jaikishan

1)      “Aaye bahar ban ke lubha kar chalee gayee kya raaz tha jo dil mein chupa kar chalee gayee


1)      “Deewana keh ke aaj mujhe phir se pukaria

Please remember his words:

“Kuch nahee bana, kudrat ko nahee manzoor tha;
Logone ne samajha, muzheme talent nahee hai;
To shayad wakayee aaisa Hoga”

Pradeep Kumar worked in almost 124 films starting from “Krishna Leela” (1947) to “Badmaash” (1998).

He won the Kalakar Award – Lifetime Achievement in the year 1999

He died at the age of almost 76 years on 28th October 2001 in Calcutta.

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10 Blog Comments to “Mohammed Rafi sings for Pradeep Kumar”

  1. shabir rana says:


  2. S.CHANDAR says:

    The 2 songs “Jaane Woh Kaun hai kya” and “Mohabat se Dekha” are from the film “Bheegi Raat”

  3. arun gautam says:

    प्रदीप कुमार उन अभिनेताओं में से एक थे जिनके ऊपर रफी साहब की आवाज जमती थी । प्रदीप कुमार की अधिकांश फिल्मों के गीत या तो सुपरहिट हैं या फिर रेयर गीत हैं । इन दोनों प्रकार के गीत मेरे सबसे प्रिय गीत हैं । किंतु मुझे उनका सबसे प्रिय गाना हम आपकी महफिल में भूले से चले आएं ( फिल्म- जबसे तुम्हे देखा है ) लगता है । इस फिल्म की एक बड़ी खासियत है कि इस फिल्म में पहली शम्मी कपूर,शशि कपूर,कुमकुम और भगवान ने पहली बार एक कवाली के माध्यम से आइटम सोंग का चलन शुआ किया । प्रदीप कुमार की फिल्में कवाली के लिए भी विशेष जानी जाती है । उनकी लगभग हरेक फिल्म में रफी साहब की कव्वाली अवश्य हुआ करती थी ।

    अरुण गौतम
    रफी साहब का असाधारण फैन

  4. shakeel ahmed says:

    let’s us try to be more acquinted with rafi saheb,his song’s and his life and times…

  5. Souvik Chatterji says:

    Hello Mr. Bijoor,

    thanks for the article.

    You could have highlighted more on Pradeep Kumar, Roshan and Rafi relationship.

    It is because the biggest hits came in the film Tajmahal, Chitralekha, Bheegi Raat, Noor Jahan, Bahu Begum and Aarti, where music was composed by Roshan.

    The songs were of royal nature and musical masterpieces.

    I had referred them in my article on Roshan and Rafi.

    Souvik Chatterji.

  6. Nasir says:

    Pradeep Kumar had repented that he accepted whatever roles that came to him. That is, he was not selective, and that was his undoing though his start was tremendous.
    Speaking of the films that had Rafi Sahaab and Pradeep Kumar, the one film worth mentioning is BATWARA. Of course, the song (duet) was not lip-syched by Pradeep Kumar but Jabeen and someone else (Jawahar Kaul?).
    The interesting thing here is that the beautiful duet: YEH RAAT YEH FIZAAYEN…. Strange restriction! In YEH RAAT YEH FIZAAYEN, there’s the line AAO SHAMA BUJAAKAR HAMM AAJ DILL JALAAYE and some more wordings in the Antaras which the Censor found objectionable. They banned the film. Strange! Only after the song wordings were changed suitably that the film was released. So there are two versions. Consequently, the audio version is different from the filmy version.
    I thought the readers would find this interesting. LOL.

  7. Imran Rustam says:

    Whenever i think about Pradeep Kumar…. the Image of a royal king or prince comes in my mind. All most all of songs sung by Rafi Sb for Pradeep Kumar are melodious hits like songs of movies “ShahJahan”,”Bahu Begum” etc.

    In fact the combination of Rafi Sb and Pradeep Kumar was royalist.


  8. girish prahalad says:

    Bijoor saab & Gaurav bhai

    An excellent effort from the father-son duo. Pradeep Kumar was one of those actors who made it big in the hindi film industry mainly relying on his good looks & charm without displaying any outstanding histrionic abilities. His movies almost always had tremendous musical scores which helped in boosting his career to a large extent. When one looks at his hit movies like Taj Mahal, Chiralekha, Bahu Begum, the common factor of Roshan saab & Rafi saab shine like the proverbial kohinoor.

    Some more gems of Rafi-Pradeep Kumar combo

    Zameen se humen aasman par – with Asha – Adalat – Madan mohan
    Kyun na manaye hum picnic – Adalat – Madan mohan
    Hum aapki mehfil mein – Jabse Tumhe Dekha – Dattaram
    Phool sa chehra – Raat aur din – SJ
    Aapne yaad dilaya – with Lata – Aarti – Roshan
    Baar baar tohe – with Lata – Aarti – Roshan
    Chha Gaye baadal – with Asha – Chitralekha – Roshan
    Hazaron rang badlega zamaana – Shirin farhad – S Mohinder
    na taj-e-shahi na badshahi – Shirin farhad – S Mohinder
    saaz-e-dil chhed de – with lata –Passport – KA
    Yeh rang bhare baadal – with Asha- Tu nahi aur sahi – Ravi
    Haseeno se to bas – Ustaadon ke ustaad – Ravi
    Mori vinathi suno bhagwan – Taj – Hemath Kumar

    leave it to Rafifans for further additions .

  9. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Respected Bijoor jis,

    A very well-written and informative article on Pradeep Kumar. He lip-synched many great songs of Rafi Sahab.

    I want to add one great song (actually a ghazal) of film Raat aur din (1967). Sweet music is composed by great Shankar-Jaikishan and beautiful lyrics penned by Hasrat Jaipuri. The king Rafi Sahab has sung it such sweetly and ease which is just belong to him. The Ghazal is “Phool sa chehra, chand si rangat, chaal qeyamet kia kehiye”.

    Thanks and best regards.


  10. biman baruah says:

    Respected Senior Bijoor Ji & Dear Junior Bijoor

    nice write-up on Rafi Saheb & Pradeep Kumar combination. Rafi saheb sung some great songs for this simple & gentle actor which were very popular and added element for success of his films. The Rafi songs from Ustadoon Ke Ustad, Taj Mahal, Bheegi Raat , Aarti, Bahu Begam, Chitralekha, etc are everlasting.
    Due to limited acting ability he was type-casted , his career was also expanded to a limited extent. Predeep Kumar worked with Meena Kumari in 7 films i.e. Adal-E-Jahangir,Bandhan,Chitralekha,Bahu Begum,Bheegi Raat,Aarti & Noor Jahan & with Mala Sinha in 8 films i.e.NayaZamana,Hemlet,
    Badshah,Dedective,Faishon,Ek Shola,Duniya Na Maane,Mitti Mein Sona.

    He did not get to act in lead roles with the new heroines of the 1960s like Sadhana, Saira Banu, Sharmila Tagore, etc. though he did work with Asha Parekh in Ghunghat and Meri Surat Teri Aankhen & with Waheeda Rehman in Raakhi(1963). In 1969, he moved to small character roles with Sambandh, but did not have many visible roles till Razia Sultan in 1983.

    “Dil Jo Na Kehe Saka, Wohi Raze-e-Dil Kehene Ki Raat Aayee”

    Good Night & Warm regards to all Rafi Lovers.

    Biman, Sivasagar, Assam

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