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Mohammad Rafi: An Unrivaled Singer

Written By: H.A.K. Walijah

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi


Rafi Sahab sang in many Indian languages including Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi and Telugu but is primarily remembered for his Hindi songs, which still remain very popular in the Indian subcontinent. Mohd. Rafi was very effective in singing/performing ghazals, qawwalis, or bhajans who has many admirers because of the talent, quality and is regarded as the genius of the entertainment industry, to whose numbers; millions of India’s young hearts from Kashmir to Kanyakumari respond today. Mohd. Rafi, the voice that sang many exquisite tunes; a dream voice of an entire magical era; launched and shaped the careers of many legendary screen personalities. Even to the date, he is extremely popular amongst old and young alike and that shows his true talent and timelessness. For more than three decades Mohd. Rafi went on to become perhaps the most influential male playback singer in Hindi film music whose contribution to Hindi film music is incomparable.

Rafi Sahab singing career starts from 1944 till 1980 which means 36 years; we can still recollect the output or the recorded songs of Mohd. Rafi Sahab which comes in between 5,000 ~ 6,000 that have been documented as per the factual database available; but whereas he had performed an estimated 28,000 songs of tall claims too sounds unlikely, and was finally removed from the Guinness Book entries in 1991 being not found as authentic; out of which Rafi had sung 4,516 Hindi film songs, 112 non-Hindi film songs, and 328 private (non-film) songs; the solo songs 2,109 and duets 1,995. Rafi Sahab sang duets with male singers 206 songs and with female singers 1,789 songs.  The highest number of duet songs recorded with male singer was Manna Dey that comes around 58 and with female singer was Asha Bhosle that was as near as 764. The above facts & figures are mainly drawn from the Rafi websites and books written on him which need not be considered as a final word or hundred percent correct, as such I have apprehension that even that may lead to controversial views and debates among Rafi fans or music lovers in general.

Mohd. Rafi was a religious, humble and soft-spoken; completely different from his all-conquering singing image that would pick up the subtle nuances of the screen character and present them through his songs with such unerring precision that you could close your eyes and still identify the person for whom the song was being picturised. With an unparallel and unique range Mohd. Rafi’s voice was soft and mellow in one instant to robust and forceful in the next, added to his ability to come up with just the right vocal expression and emotion for the screen-character he was singing for. Mohd. Rafi could switch gears so effortlessly that he became the byword in versatility who would do perfect justice to any composer’s tune.

Throughout his playback singing career Mohammed Rafi reigned supreme in Bollywood delivering classic numbers with unfailing regularity. The film industry recognized Rafi’s amazing talents and bestowed him with awards and laurels galore. Even though they do not reflect the true ambit of his genius, these awards and laurels nonetheless depict the unsurpassed supremacy of Mohd Rafi in playback singing. In his glittering career, Mohammed Rafi was nominated for the prestigious Filmfare Award a staggering 22 times. His first Filmfare came for the song Chaudvin Ka Chand Ho in the 1961 movie Chaudvin Ka Chand featuring Guru Dutt in the lead role. The song was penned by Shakil Budayuni and composed by Ravi. Mohd Rafi won a total of six Filmfare Awards, the last for the song ‘Kya Hua Tera Vaada‘ in the film ‘Hum Kissise Kum Nahin‘ in 1977. Kya Hua Tera Vaada also helped Rafi clinch his second National Award. This song was written by Majrooh Sultanpuri and composed by R.D. Burman is one of the landmark numbers of Rafi’s career. Rafi won his first National Award for the song Babul Ki Duaen Leti Ja in the 1968 film Neel Kamal. Mohammed Rafi was conferred the prestigious Padma Shri Award by the Indian Government in 1965.  Mohd Rafi Sahab should also be given Bharat Ratna and it should have been long long years before. He desrves to be called a Bharat Ratna because he was not only the most popular singer ever but a singer whose voice was called the “Golden Voice”. His songs bring smile, comfort & tears in eyes of millions of people of this country. He is the true ambassador of Indian Music and is Jewel of India. Thirty years after his death still his popularity is never declining. His songs are still requested and played on radio shows. His so many songs brought tears in the eyes of his fans and it is rightly said that Rafi Sahab voice is truly golden voice. I can say that nobody sang bhajans as he has (like a pandit) though he was a devout muslim, nobody could sang patriotic songs still remembers his songs which inspired a generation like,”jahan dal dal par sone ki:, “Ab koi gulshan na ujde ab watan azad hai”.”Ab tumhare hawale watan saathiyon”. Has any other singer inspired so much? We Indians used to sing these songs during 15th August & 26th January, we firmly believe that his songs are our “Dharohar“. We must keep it safely and preserve them for present day generations. Therefore if Bharat Ratna is awarded to him it will give boost to national integration which Mohd. Rafi believed in. Mohammed Rafi is no more but his legacy continues in the scores of unforgettable songs he churned out during his illustrious career. As a playback singer, Rafi’s versatility was unrivaled and his masterful renditions enhanced the screen roles enacted by some of the Bollywood’s greatest actors.

It has further been noticed during the recent times that Mohd. Rafi Fans’ Clubs are growing up with tremendous speed and were started few years back by few enthusiastic Mohd. Rafi Fans arranging Rafi programs regularly. This is an effort which would be spread across the country reviving the sweet nostalgia of the days when his numbers were on the lips of most young men and women and promoting local talent as well. The aim for such stage shows is to provide a platform for all the Mohd. Rafi fans to meet, discuss and appreciate all the facets of Rafi’s repertoire.  Another main objective of the group is to spread the fragrance of Mohd. Rafi Songs especially among youngsters. The fan clubs are mere organization and the only criterion for membership being the individuals love and knowledge of Mohd. Rafi’s songs. Further Music and film personalities invited for such musical stage programs to share notes on his personal life to describe the lovable adjectives and anecdotes is as much as icing on the cake from bollywood industry. This fan club working tirelessly is a group that is dedicated to Mohd. Rafi Saheb, a well known veteran in the world of Indian playback music and singing who created musical evolution that mesmerized the people with his charismatic performances like nobody had ever done before.  To describe the persona called Mohd. Rafi in a few lines or pages is a futile effort, the songs of Rafi Sahab can only be cherished in the memories of his fans, he rules outright on the heart of genuine music lovers who in turn love him relentlessly beyond any limited timeframe.

It is truly a miracle that even after thirty years of his untimely demise, Mohd. Rafi still reigns supremely on the hearts of music lovers, be it young or old, men or women, rich or poor, singer or layman, the list is unending and his fan following has ever been increasing day by day with a lot of youngsters imitating his songs in musical competitions organized by TV channels in reality shows. This gesture alone shows how popular his songs even of today, is it not a wonder!  Of course it is, a singer like Rafi Sahab has always addressed with respect that had left behind great style of singing to be followed by the later generations. Although his copycat singers has enormously multiplied since his death and as time passes by, but none could have achieved similar popularity and public admiration even as close as five percent what actually Rafi Sahab had enjoyed, I think a singer’s caliber like Rafi Sahab will not be born again on this planet Earth; he was one and only that had already been happened like a dream of 55 years bestowed on us with everlasting melodious songs spilled around. The popularity of his songs shall never be dull; or even blurred by passage of time. I always remember his song from the film “Shayad” (1978), whenever I feel sad remembering him by watching his videos and instantly that song which is close to my heart always gives me a lot of consolation –

Khusboo hoon main, phool nahin hoon jo murjhaoonga
Jab jab mausam lehrayega, main aa jaaonga, main aa jaaonga…

Rafi Sahab passed away on this day (31 July) 30 years ago, but seems as a matter of just yesterday. This day, we all Rafi lovers call it as a “Black Day”. He is remembered today through his songs all over. I pay my full respects to the “Golden-voiced Melody Monarch”, and pray to the Almighty to rest his soul in peace, Amen.

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52 Blog Comments to “Mohammad Rafi: An Unrivaled Singer”

  1. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    Dear Rafians,

    What a glorifying contributions of rafians to our Rafi Sahab on his 31st Death Anniversary.

    I thank each and every one who put efforts in writing beautiful comments here.

    I specially thank Khaja Aliuddin Sahab, Achal Rangaswamy ji, Vasudha Ji, Ahamad Kutty Sahab, Ramesh Ji, Nagesh Ji, J.K.Bhagchandani ji, Utthara Ji Binu Nair ji and others.

    Happy Independence Day to all Rafians.

    Best regards

    H.A.K. Walijah

  2. Ali says:

    A tribute to Shammi kapoor,no words to say about his greatness just I like say it is the same month of Ramdan when we lost mohd rafi…

  3. Prem Kumar says:

    Mohd. Rafi was and still the greatest playback singer of Bollywood of all times. During 1950s and 60s his presence overshadowed everyother presence in the world of Indian Music. There is no match of the songs that he sang notably ” Tu ganga ke mauj main Jamuna ka dhara”, “O duniyake rakhwale”, or ‘Chal ud ja re panchci”. The list can be longer. Listen to the duets he sang with Lata. Namely, “Jo wada kiya” or “Paon chun lene do” of Tajmahal and see how Rafi overshadowed Lata. There are plenty of such examples. ” Mere Mehoob tujhe’ or Dil jo na kah saka” was sung solo by both. But see the superiority of Rafi in these songs. Rafi is unparallel.

  4. Ahamed Kutty says:

    dear walijah saab,

    one more informative write up.congradulations.

    on 31st july malayalam tv channels had various reports about
    rafi saab on his 31st death anniversary.the great rafian from
    alleppy kunju sooppy was in surya tv – his words about rafi
    saab with tears in his eyes – it was from his hearts.

    after seeing my humble write up about rafi saab in this divine
    site one reporter called from “deshabhimaani” a malayalam
    daily requested for help to prepare a feature about rafi saab
    in his paper.i have given the mobile number of our beloved
    rafian mohmed parvezji in cochin.the interview with parvezji
    and his father with photo appeared in the daily on 28th july.
    (for the marriage of parvezji’s parents in 1958 rafi saab’s
    musical programme was there in their home in cochin.) the
    article shows the entire parvezji’s family’s love and affection
    for rafi saab.

    in “fm rainbow – bangalore” there was special programme
    with the veteran mannadha.he was narrating about rafi saab
    and his carrier as a singer.mannadha was telling he learned
    various “garaanas” from various musicians but rafi saab had
    created his own “gharaana”.

    in vividh bharathi there was a programme ‘man chaahe geeth
    through phone’.one singji from chandigrah was telling he used
    to visit the village where rafi saab born and brought up.he
    even brought some earth from the village and keeping in his
    home as a great respect for rafi saab!

    recently there was an article by one mr.baappu in “mathrubhoomi”
    weekly – a malayalam was a producer for
    hindi and malyalam movies of yesteryears.he had a very good
    personal relationship with rafi saab and according to him it is
    a prestgious thing for each and every indian to have a personal
    relationship with rafi saab.

  5. ANEES says:

    Mohammed Rafi still continues to entertain millions around the world everyday. That makes Rafi heritage, his perfect voice evergreen and his unique legacy immortal. He was above religious, race, cast, sect, political, national and even commercial differences. He politely refused to imitate other singers in case they get offended.

    “Kehta hai koi dil gaya, dil bar gaya.
    Sahil hai pukarta, samandar chala gaya.
    Jo baat sach hai kehta nahin koi,
    keh es dunya se museeqi ka payambar chala gaya,”

    according to one tribute to Rafi sahib by the great lyricist Gulzar.

    That sums up the late great singer Mohammed Rafi.

  6. fouzia says:

    Rafi saheb hameshaa zinda rahey geh jab tek u ke sunnewalah zinda hai


  7. RAJA says:

    to post 41; Anees Bhai

    Well said, i fully agree with your view.

    to post 38: Prem kumar
    your views are also valid and noteworthy.

    The songs sung by Rafi Sahab will never be old rather rejuvenate the vigor to the heart everytime listen to it.

    Rafi Sahab amar rahey

  8. Ali says:

    Mohd rafi is world ratna


    Rafisaab was a great human being and greatest singer. God (in the Heaven) has given a number of things to this God (of Voice), but forget to give a long life. I think God must be enjoying his singing in the heaven. That is why he has taken away Rafijee from us. What a cruelty !. Will it be possible for almighty to make Mohd. Rafi again ?.

  10. ANEES says:

    Whether singing classical or rock Mohammad Rafi Sahab was equally at ease. I can’t fathom any male singer in Indian film industry who could move in all the three octaves with equal ease (Late K L Sehgal included). Whether singing ‘Madhuban me radhika nache re’ or ‘yahoo, chahe kohi mujhe junglee kahe’ there was absolute clarity of voice and perfection in rendition. It is a pity that Naushad won his only filmfare award with Rafi, in Baiju Bawra. It was also the film when Rafi established himself as a play back singer. The best of Rafi was with Naushad and Shankar Jaikishan. Except for the life time award Naushad never won another filmfare award, whereas SJ won record nine (some worthless trivia).

  11. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Rafi Saheb, a true Bharat Ratna…

  12. Utthara says:

    Walijah saab,

    each time you come out with encyclopaedic articles__ a wealth of information, a collector’s delight. This article too tells us all we want to know about Rafi saab.

    Are you from Hyderabad?



  13. Prem Kumar says:

    Let the present Government confer the prestigious “Bharat Ratna” award to late Shri Mohammad Rafi Sahab for his invaluable services rendered in the entertainment industry, at least to wipe out the sins offended by not conferring until date the Bharat Ratna. And also make 31st July as mourning day for music lovers and declare a national holiday to pay full respects to the great departed soul whose heart was masoom like childrens’ heart and humble like a saint. The Government should confer the long pending award to legend of legends Mohd. Rafi without further delay. If these so called politicians have some shame, then they would immediately announce Bharat Ratna award to Rafi Sahab.

  14. ANEES says:

    Rewind the clock back to pre-1969 and the contrast could not be sharper. Rafi was the master of all he surveyed. He had his first major success with Naushad’s Suhani raat dhal chuki (Dulari, 1949). Naushad juggled between Talat Mehmood and Mukesh as Dilip Kumar’s voice. But he soon settled on Rafi as his lead singer, and what immortal music they gave in Aan, Amar, Deedar, Baiju Bawra, Kohinoor, Mere Mehboob, Palki, Dil Diya Dard Liya, Ganga Jamuna, Leader etc.

  15. Binu Nair says:

    SHUKRIYA WALIJAH SAHEB…. for pure love of our singing god….

    Many functions and mohd rafi musicals were held and i was fortunate to attend few at Calicut, mangalore and on 30th at New Delhis Kamani auditorium.

    the delhi event was organised by g.b.mathur of escorts group and he sung some great numbers. worth mentioning was the numbers : Na jaa kahi ab na jaaa and the quawali number : from hanste zakhm :Ye maaana meri jaan, mohabbat saza hai…

    the event was attended by rajan nanda, md escorts, his wife ritu nanda kapoor, their daughter natasha and kamala advani wife of l.k.advani with noted musicologist manek premchand.

    in calicut ahmed bhai (mohd Rafi friend) donated rs.10000 to singers in a singing competions.

    and at mangalore, the bajpai airports 60th aniversary was observed by a mohd rafi musical night . this was arranged by our rafi bakht and n.r.i. mr pascal pinto from mangalore.

    the vividh bharati did a wonderful programe on 31st at 1.30 pm featuring the rafi foundation.

    at shanmukananda hall abt 2800 people – braving rains – thronged to hear anil bajpai on july 31

    glad to inform that yours truly got calls from assam, mangalore and andhra pradesh. mohd rafi’s favourite song from Moti Mahal : “jaayega jab yahan se kuch bhi na saath hoga” was played in the tribute programe.

    thousands of tribute shows happened in the last week of july and the numbers are just swelling…..

  16. Nagesh Sidhanti says:

    Dear Walijah sab,

    Wonderful wonderful tribute !!

    You are such a magnonimous supporter of eveyone who writes here. Let me whole-heartedly congratulate you for being a very popular fan on this forum.

    Adaab rafi !!

  17. RAJA says:

    Mohammad Rafi one of the greatest playback singers of India, is considered no less than a genius when it comes to varied styles of music. this great soul had the perfect blend of melody, emotions and energy, which reflected greatly in his songs. Be it the classically inclined songs of Baiju Bawara or the foot tapping songs of Kashmir Ki Kali, Muhammad Rafi gave each song the treatment it deserved. His contribution to the Hindi film industry has been fabulous and perhaps no singer till date has managed to capture the hearts of fans the way Mohamed Rafi has. Mohammed Rafi was a legend of legends and shall remain so till eternity.

  18. Zaheendanish says:

    Chandni Chand se hoti hai sitaron se nahin
    Pyar bhi ek se hota hai hazaron se nahin

    Long Live Rafi Sahab

  19. Dr.Vasudha theertharam says:

    A superb write up that succeeds in giving the right information to the right readers at the right time in a splendid manner.Your love and committment to the cause called ‘Rafi’ is unparalled walijah saab!Kudos!!

  20. Prem Kumar says:

    ref. post 25

    It is indeed a fantastic post displaying the variety of adjectives used here for the single word “unrivaled”. Mr. Man Mouji is a top-notch rafi fan who digged out the meaning used by Walijah Sahab. I just stunned to read all those meanings just for one single word.

    hats off to you rafians, each rafian is a pandit of his own. I salute all rafi fans for their super human love for Rafi Sahab.

  21. sunil kumar says:

    Indeed a good write up but are we just happy wrting few lines .
    what have we done to spread Rafi saheb’s work in next generation . Todays generation is being flodded with all sorts of voices and music we are just sitting and wrting few lines. is it not our responsibility to make them listen to rafi when they say we have not heard rafi my heart pains . It is not their mistake they listen what is being given to them but what are we doing .
    pls all of us let us pledge to make todays generation aware of Rafi his work
    his golden voice and why he he king even today and will remain ever i am sure there will be many more rafi admirers.

  22. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    I wanted to write many posts yesterday (on Rafi saab’s 31st death anniversary)- in reply to all the articles that appeared on this web site- all showing their respects, love, admiration, bhakti for one and only unmatched Mohammed Rafi. But the occasion got better of me. The somber mood, feeling lost… could not write anything.

    I salute all the writers.

    Janaab Walijah saab, great write up, absolutely fantastic.

    Man Mouji saab (post 25): what a great post. Has left me speechless.

    -J.K. Bhagchandani

  23. Prasad says:

    Man Mouji Jee

    Hats off to you sir, for the dictionary you displayed for the single word ” unrivaled” in your post 25.


  24. Zaheendanish says:

    Post 25 – Man Mouji Saab

    Each adjective you displayed in your post is the qualities of Rafi Sahab.

    Whatever the adjectives all seems to be “pheeka” before Rafi Sahab

  25. RAJA says:

    to post 25: Man Mouji Sahab,

    What a post you have written, dil khush hogaya.

    Perhaps this is the response to post 21 (Lucky Ji) complaining about shortage of vocabulary to praise the millennium singer.

    Thanks for this treasure of adjectives, all these adjectives fits only on Rafi Sahab.

  26. Man Mouji says:

    On my second time reading this article, I stuck to the word “ UNRIVALED “ the adjective used for Rafi Sahab, I just stunned to note down the following meanings for the single adjective here used for Rafi Sahab, I would like to share this treasure of vocabulary with all rafi lovers and request to use such adjectives only for Rafi Sahab.

    Unrivaled (word) having the treasure of meanings:

    best, beyond compare, champion, excellent, faultless, greatest, incomparable, matchless, outstanding, perfect, second to none, super, superior, supreme, tops, unequaled, unmatched, unparalleled, unsurpassed, without equal

    incomparable, matchless, peerless, singly, singular, solely, unequalled, unique, unmatched, unparalleled, unsurpassed

    Best or most excellent
    A-1, ace, beyond compare, boss, champion, chief, choicest, culminating, finest, first, first-class, first-rate, foremost, greatest, highest, incomparable, inimitable, leading, matchless, nonpareil, number 1, optimum, out-of-sight, outstanding, paramount, peerless, perfect, preeminent, premium, prime, primo, principal, sans pareil, second to none, super, superlative, supreme, terrific, tops, tough, transcendent, unequaled, unparalleled, unsurpassed

    Matchless, unequalled
    alone, consummate, excellent, exquisite, incomparable, inimitable, nonpareil, only, peerless, perfect, superior, superlative, supreme, unapproached, unmatched, unparalleled,

    alone, apart, by oneself, exclusive, individual, isolated, lone, matchless, once in a lifetime, one, one and only, one shot, onliest, particular, peerless, single, sole, solitary, solo, unaccompanied, unequaled, unique, unparalleled,

    all-time, alone, best, beyond compare, champion, excellent, faultless, gilt-edge, greatest, incomparable, matchless, most, nonpareil*, only, outstanding, perfect, second to none, solid-gold, super, superlative, supreme, tops, unequaled, unexampled, unique, unmatched, unparagoned, unparalleled, unsurpassed, world class

    Most important
    arch, capital, cardinal, champion, chief, controlling, crowning, dominant, essential, first, foremost, greatest, head, highest, incomparable, key, leading, main, mainline, major, matchless, maximum, outstanding, paramount, peerless, predominant, preeminent, premier, prevailing, primary, prime, prominent, second-to-none, sovereign, star, stellar, strongest, supereminent, superior, supreme, transcendent, unapproachable, unequaled, unparalleled,

    distinguished, especial, exceptional, exclusive, individual, indivisible, isolated, lone, loner, not general, not public, odd, one, only, original, particular, peerless, personal, private, rare, restricted, secluded, separate, separated, simple, singled-out, singular, sole, solitary, special, specific, strange, unalloyed, unblended, uncommon, uncompounded, undivided, unique, unitary, unmixed, unshared, unusual, without equal

    Superb, first-rate
    admirable, august, best, breathtaking, choice, elegant, elevated, exalted, exquisite, fine, glorious, gorgeous, grand, great, lofty, magnificent, majestic, marvelous, matchless, noble, optimal, optimum, outstanding, peerless, prime, proud, resplendent, solid, splendid, splendiferous, splendorous, standout, state-of-the-art*, stunning, sublime, super, superior, superlative, very best

    Superlative, first class
    A-1, accomplished, all-time, best, capital, consummate, crack, effusive, exaggerated, excessive, extreme, finished, gilt-edge, greatest, highest, hundred-proof, inflated, magnificent, matchless, of highest order, optimum, outstanding, peerless, standout, superb, supreme, surpassing, tops, transcendent, unexcelled, unparalleled, unsurpassed, winning, world-class

  27. Dear all,
    As the late Firoz khan had once said , if there was no rafi saab all the yesteryear heroes of our hindi film industry would have been just just ZEROES. Its absolutely true. A combination of greatest singer and great human being. My tribute to a true legend of legends. The 8th wonder of the world ! The one and only Rafi saheb.Our tributes to the ‘ The original ratna of Bharat ‘ !!!!!! Salute…..

  28. Zaheendanish says:

    This article is simply superb.

    Long live Rafi Sahab

  29. Kabeer Aman says:

    moderator ji,

    what happened, my comemnts might have been gone in spam mail, please retrieve and publish it.

    Kabeer Aman

  30. LUCKY says:

    I find shortage of vocabulary to compose a good comment in appreciation of this enchanting piece of writing which gives us an ounce of courage to say few lines for the greatest singer and the one and only Mohammad Rafi Sahab whom addressed as “UNRIVALED SINGER” as said by Walijah Sahab, it is true in its truest sense.

    My compliments to all rafi lovers on the occasion of remembering the great human being.


  31. achal rangaswamy says:

    Walijah Saab, aadaab!!

    a beautifully written article indeed, straight from the heart of a very big and devoted Rafi Saab Fan.

    i look forward to reading more from your side Sir


    achal rangaswamy

  32. Kabeer Aman says:

    What an essay revealing the greatness of Rafi Sahab in a few lines, how could rafi fans do this, I always wonder, how could????? the immediate answer i get is the love, passion, devotion, respect and what not.. I just can not explain how they write such beautiful epithets and titles……how??? a million dollar question.

    I really wept while reading this article and felt by heart as Rafi Sahab has not left us, he is still with us somewhere……….. perhaps in our hearts or in our minds. His songs never ending legacy for the rafi fans to cherish and remember for the rest of life.

    What a wonderful article, an amalgamation of so many things, it is only the right of janab Walijah Sahab who writes with heart, a great standing ovation to you Sir, simply you are marvelous.

    Rafi Sahab amar hain aur amar rahengey……..

  33. zaheendanish says:

    31 years have been passed away without Rafi Saheb just slipped away from us just as today but his fond memories will never be diminished. His voice and songs are immortal. Almost 31 years of his departure, his fan following is increasing day by day, what a wonder! This alone shows as the strongest proof of his great voice. He was par excellence in singing but above all a good human being and with lots of care about humanity and kindness.

    It is hard to believe and find in todays world a person like Rafi Sahab, a man of his quality. I shed tears for this great soul remembering this day of his passing away, really a hard day to pass on.

    I literally salute you Walijah Sahab for bringing this write up to the forefront of Rafi Forum. Thanks a lot for your kindness.

    Zaheen Danish

  34. Y. Sharif says:

    Dil ka soona saaz tarana dhoondhega
    Teer e nigah e naaz nishana dhoondhega
    arrey, mujh ko mere baad zamana dhoondhega……..

    what a prophetic song! Rafi Sahab had sung it in a clear cut manner to tell his fans, tum mujeh yoon bhulana paaoge….. jab kabhi bhi sunoge geet mere… sang sang tum bhi gungunoge……

    These are some of the songs, but the list of songs is very long if anyone ponder over the deep hidden meanings in his songs.

    Walijah Sahab, what an article you have written, simply superb.. just keep it up. A true tribute from a rafi fan who never ever stop praising our farishta.

    Regards to all Rafi lovers.

    Y. Sharif

  35. JYOTI MOHANTY says:

    the infamous july-31st to all music lovers around the world in general and to all rafians in particular has now become a day of nostalgia rather than a nightmare as it happened to be!!!!!….. heart throbbing although…the agony,the wounds still remains…….LONG LIVE–THE SINGING GOD!!!

  36. Khaja Aliuddin, MD says:

    ASA, Walijah Sahab,
    Bahut Khoob, nice tribute to the legend. This is my request to all Rafi lovers, to keep him in your prayers.
    Ramadan Mubarak to all Rafians,

    Long live rafi sahab,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  37. VTEK_777 says:

    Rafi sahab was that rare gift to us from God which shined through his voice – his humbleness – his kind deeds – his everlasting smile – God decided his time with us would not be long and hence taken on this sad day in 1980. I remember my father listening to the radio in the UK on the 2nd August (the only indian radio programme aired at that time) where the sad news of Rafi sahab passing was anounced and his songs were being played. My father was informing my mother with sadness that Rafi sahab was no more, I was ten years old that time and that was the first I heard of Mohammed Rafi – Ever since then I have been a huge fan and admirer of this great humble man. Even to this present time I am discovering songs of Rafi sahab which I have never heard before and discovering many of his kind deeds of helping people.

    I always think of Rafi sahab and I often think when listening to some of his emotional numbers Why was he taken so early in his life?? How many more great numbers we could have heard by him if he lived on many more years but this was not meant to be by the grace of God.

    If only I could have met him and embraced him and hear that soft spoken voice!!

    I personally feel to an extent Rafi sahab was treated quite unfairly in the last ten years of his life by the film/music industry but deep down those who treated him this way knew perfectly well of his immense talent and supreme as a singer and had deeply regretted their actions after his passing. But it was Rafi sahab’s greatness as a singer that kept him in the hearts of millions around the world as the number one singer especially when he won his 6th filmfare award and national award two years before his passing for one of his all time super hits “Kya hua tera wada” which was ironically an RD Burman composition.

    So with no surprise at all to know that when he passed away on this fateful day he was at the number one position in the industry rendering more hits than any other singer that year in 1980 !!

    Rafi sahab we miss you with all our hearts !!!!!

  38. Narendra Yadav says:

    Well absorbed article named as a tribute to Rafi Sahab from a name known in rafi fans circle – all the things (rafi sahab greatness) summed up just in few lines without wasting a single sentence. What a love and passion that can be seen only in Mr. Walijah’s artcile, once again he proved it very nicely.

    I love Rafi Sahab and his songs since more than forty years and still his each song I do not know how many times I listened, but everytime the songs bring the freshness and warmth. This is the miracle of rafi sahab voice alone that binds the listener and finally a overwhelming peace of mind. I pay my shrddanjali to the legend silently.

    Great write up Mr. Walijah, God bless you.

    – Narendra

  39. Some people are immortal and Md.Rafi Saheb is one among them. Our pranams to Rafi Saheb.

  40. Syed Zameer says:

    A nice tribute to the singer par excellence from a rafi fan who came to the forefront with untiring passionte praise to our beloved singer of millennium – Mohammad Rafi Sahab, and the writer no other than Mr. Walijah whose writing never ever stop to praising this angel of music.

    A very nice tribute to Rafi Sahab. I just thrilled to read and absorbed the matter like a dry land. I just stumble to utter further words with grief stricken heart.

    Long live Rafi Sahab

    Syed Zameer

  41. M.Sachdeva says:

    Today we are remembering the genius , all time great Mohd.Rafi saheb on his anniversary.In fact,although he left millions of his fans stunned,he still lives in our hearts. No one could match his qualities. He was perfect in any kind of singing– Bhajans ,Naats, Qawaalies, Romantic songs, sad songs, soulful songs,Westernised compositions and what not ? His magic can never be faded from the music lovers all around world.
    On this day, I salute to the master craftsman of Indian music world.

  42. Hashmat Alvi says:

    What an expression! what a writing and what a personality of Rafi Sahab, indeed all in one – beautiful, wonderful and simply superb write up on World’s beloved singer, our Rafi Sahab who left us in flood of tears thirty one years ago, the mourning for this legendary singer is worth as all rafi lovers know this is the hardest day to bear while remembering Mohammad Rafi Sahab.

    Walijah Sahab, you have done a very nice home work and presented this work as a tribute to the legend. We (rafi lovers) all proud of you to post today on the occassion of the thirty first death anniversary of Rafi Sahab.

    May God give all rafi lovers strength to bear this loss.

  43. Prasad says:

    What a nice tribute paid to Rafi Sahab none other than but our beloved Walijah Sahab whose writing instantly pierce into the heart and kindle a lot of awakening. Today our beloved singer – Rafi Sahab 31 punyatithi, a very sorrowful day for rafi lovers. A total loss to the world and fans in the same manner.

    I pray to God kindly bless the soul of Rafi Sahab and let him rest in peace.

    A tearful salute to legend of legends our beloved Rafi Sahab.


  44. Man Mouji says:

    Mohd. Rafi the legend in music world on this day fallen prey to merciless claws of death, a very sad day for all of us (rafi lovers) to bear this unbearable loss to the world and to the rafi lovers alike. Today, 3st July 2011, exactly thirty one years ago our beloved singer said Alvidah ay jahan walo.. kar chale hum fida jaan o tan sathiyo, ab tumhare hawale watan sathiyo… A tearful day for those people who simply love this angel of music.

    Walijah Sahab, I have no words to praise your write up as you said it is a tribute from you to the legend. yes indeed it is a very beautiful tribute, I just salute you for your bade dilwale jaisa praising Rafi Sahab.

    Thank you Walijah saab for this write up.

    Man Mouji

  45. Shabana says:

    What a wonderful write up on legend of legends – Rafi Sahab on the occassion of his thirty first death anniversary (barsi) which come every year like a qayamat on music lovers and rafi lovers.

    Walijah Sahab, you have done full justice to address our farishta, ” an unrivaled singer” a fitting tribute indeed, Rafi Sahab one and only, it is one hundred percent true.

    I pray to the Alimighty for the magfirat of Rafi Sahab in my dua.

  46. RAJA says:

    A Black Day for Rafi lovers, today is the day on which Rafi Sahab left us and travelled to another world, no one return from that world, never!!!!

    A very well written write up, Walijah Sahab very nice of you to post this beautiful write up as a tribute to our beloved Rafi Sahab.

    A very sad day indeed, today for all rafi lovers, but the consolation remains always his songs and we remember this angel in all walks of life every day.

    Thank you Walijah Sir for your untiring efforts to revive and express the greatness of Rafi Sahab in a very wonderful way.


  47. Prem Kumar says:

    What an outstanding write up in the form of a Tribute to Rafi Sahab on his thirty first death anniversary. Well done Walijah Sahab, very nice, you summed up the greatness of Rafi Sahab in a few lines perhaps pages, that is truly admirable.

    Every eye of music lover today is wet with tears as this is the day on which Rafi Sahab left this world and flew for his heavenly abode. A real Bharat Ratna indeed!!!!!

    Thanks a ton Walijah Sahab for your nice write-up.

    Prem Kumar

  48. ANEES says:

    Hazaaron saal nargis apni benoori pe roti hai,
    Badi mushkil se hota hai chaman mein deedawar paida

    This couplet from Allama Iqbal only suits for Rafi Sahab personality.

    The one and only Rafi Sahab. Great write up, Walijah Sahab, keep it up.

    Thanks and regards


  49. Mohd Rafi Sahab should also be given Bharat Ratna and it should have been long long years before.

    great piece of literary work ” walijah sahab ” – you have said it all and in a most endearing manner so soothing to the soul, made me bask in the warmth of divine rafi sahab.

    in conclusion, i always tell myself every day ” naive nondescript nut ” try to pick up atleast one leaf out of a divine treasure called rafi sahab,

    adaab rafi,

    with warm regards, i remain yours sincerely,

    ramesh narain kurpad

  50. A. Almas says:

    Today is Rafi Sahab’s 31st death anniversay, I pay my full respects to the greatest singer ever born, lived and gone from this World and left behind his unforgettable songs to the rest of the world to remember him and his songs until the eternity.

    Walijah Sahab, aap ne fan hone ka haq ada kar diya, thanks a lot for this wonderful write up on the occassion of his death anniversary. The whole music world is praying for this great soul.

    Thanks again Walijah Sahab for your tribute to Rafi Sahab.

    Warm regards

    A. Almas

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