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Maine Socha Tha Agar

This is written by Pradeep@HF. The song is translated by Unni@HF.

First time when I heard this song in Mumbai, I was just speechless. I repeatedly played back the song many times constantly. The poignancy in the lyrics by Nyay Sharma keeps me glued even today. Music is by Babul.

Download this song.

Mainey socha tha agar maut se pehle pehle
Mainey socha tha agar duniya ke veeraanon mein
Mainey socha tha agar hasti ki shamshanon mein
Kisi insaan ko bas el bhi insaan ki (a)gar
Sachhi belaag mohabbat kahin ho jaaye naseeb
Wohi sahil jo bohut duur nazar aatha hai
Khudbakhud khinchta chaa aata hai kashti ke qareeb
Mainey socha tha yunhi dil ke kanwal khilte hain
Mainey socha tha yunhi sabro sukoon milte hain
Mainey socha tha yunhi zakhme jigar siltey hain.

Lekin, sochney hi se muraadein tau nahin mil jaati
Aisa hota tau har ik dil ki tamanna khilti
Koshishen lakh sahi baat nahin banti hai
Aisa hota tau har ik raahi ko manzil milti
Mainey socha tha ke insaan ki qismat aksar
Phoot jaati hai bikharti hai sambhal jaati hai
Apsara chand ki badli se nikal jaati hai
Par mere waqt ki gardish ka tau kuchh anth nahin
Khusk dharti bhi tau manjdhaar bani jaati hai
Kya muqaddar se shikaayat kya zamaney se gila
Khud meri saans hi talwaar bani jaati hai

Phir bhi sochta hoon
Raat ki syaayi mein taaron ke diyey jaltey hain
Khoon jab rota hai dil geet tabhi dhaltey hai
Jinko jeena hai who marney se nahin dartey hain

Isliye, mera pyaala hai jo khaali tau yeh khaali hi sahi
Mujhko honton se laganey do, yunhi peeney do
Zindagi meri harik mod pe nakaam sahi
Phir bhi ummeedon ko pal bha ke liyey jeeney do.

I had wondered, that if only, before death,
In the desolation of life, in the crematoriums of existence,
If only a human be blessed with the sincere, unselfish love of even just one person:
That very shore, seen afar,
By its own volition, tugged to the boat.

I had thought, aspirations bloom thus,
Endurance acquired thus,
A wounded heart mended thus.

But, desires are not fulfilled by mere wistfulness,
Else every wish would come true.
Try as one might, that does not transpire.
Else, every seeker would attain his desire.

I had believed, invariably every person’s fate is shattered, scattered….(but) then restored,
That (eventually) the moon emerges from the cloud.

But there is no end to my misfortune,
Where even withered land serves as mid-stream (for me).
Why reproach fate? Why blame the world?
(When) My very breath turns into a (searing) sword.

Yet I assuage myself,
That stars twinkle in the darkness of the night,
That song pours forth (only) when tears of blood flow,
That one who wants to live does not fear death.

Hence, it is of no consequence that my goblet is empty.
Let me (still) raise it to my lips, let me drink.

Despite failure at every turn of life,
Let me sustain my hopes a while longer.

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10 Blog Comments to “Maine Socha Tha Agar”

  1. Venkatkrishnan says:

    Blessed is the one who has posted the lyrics and blessed is the one who has translated them so beautifully. I heard the ghazal and wrote out the lyrics myself so it helped a lot to check what I wrote. This ghazal so beautifully sums up a brave life and who else but Rafi Sahab to breathe immortality into such soulful words! Wah !

  2. Vv says:

    Anyone know wheee I can get more info bat mr nyay sharma

  3. Sanjeev says:

    The Poem ‘I Had Thought’ written in Urdu by Master Nyaya Sharma
    Now translated into English by Prashant Shah, address:
    I had thought, if before death,
    If in the grave yards of this life,
    If a person could get the pure love of just one another person,
    It would be like a distant boat
    That of its own gets drawn to the shore.
    In this way I think our aspirations blossom,
    We endure and
    Our wounded heart mends.
    But with mere wishes desires are not satisfied.
    For if wishes could fulfil, all would find fulfilment!
    I try so hard but it is all in vain.
    Who do I complain to?
    I believe that even if a person’s fate is shattered and scattered, it can be restored.
    Eventually the Moon will emerge from behind the clouds.
    But I can see no end to my misfortune.
    Now even a fresh stream appears like a barren land to me!
    Who do I blame — the world or my fate?
    Even my breathing hurts like a sword that is poking inside.
    And yet I go on thinking.
    In the dark of the night I see the twinkling of the stars.
    My tears flow like blood and yet my heart sings.
    For those who wish to live do not fear death!
    So, if my cup is empty, let it be so.
    I’ll just draw it to my lips and drink on.
    And though I had failure at every turn in life,
    Still let my hopes, even for a moment, live on.
    Let my hopes, even for a moment, live on.
    Let my hopes, even for a moment, live on.

  4. Sanjeev says:

    I have a better english translation of this Ghajal. How can I add it to your site?


  5. Mohammed Sheikh says:

    My dad is right, I liked this song so much that I try to sing it anyhow! But it’s not easy to sing it, only and only Rafi Saheb can sing it I bet!
    Mohammed Sheikh, Bujumbura, Burundi.

  6. Hussein Sheikh says:

    This ghazal was definitely made for Rafi Saheb only, I was stunned to hear this ghazal, so rich lyrics, Rafi Saheb sang it from his heart. I can’t really remain a single day without hearing this ghazal! My 10 year old son is mad after this song, so am I.
    Hussein Sheikh, Bujumbura, Burundi, Central Africa.

  7. Asha Talwar says:

    I was so thrilled to discover the lyrics. Have been looking for this song for a long time. Does anyone know where I could obtain the CD that features this song? Thanks.

  8. Mohan Flora says:

    Rafi Saab excells.He doesn’t need music. Music needs him.Umpteen such examples exist.

  9. I am very much thankful to the person who has posted this gazal “Maine Socha Tha Agar” God bless him it reajy gives a releaf who ever heres this gazal of Mohd Rafi Sahib,God bless his sole to rest in peace thanks onec again S.M.Iqbal

  10. I am very much thankful to the person who has posted this song God bless him it realy gives a releaf who ever here this Gazal of Mohd Rafi Sahib God bless in sole to rest in peace. thanks S.M.Iqbal

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