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List of 120 Patriotic songs by Rafi Sahab

By Swaminathan Rajan

Apni Azaadi Ko Ham

Patriotic songs are an integral part of Hindi films, and this trend had started even before independence. In fact a few songs/films were banned by British as they feared these would spark off a revolution.

Rafi Sahab was a trend setter in this too. His patriotic songs start from pre-independence and continue right till his death.

Nobody could convey “veer ras” or nationalism with such emotion (save maybe Manna Dey to some extent. Mahendra Kapoor hits were modeled on Rafi and were only a handful)

On the eve of independence day, a senior member in a whatsapp group of Rafi Sahab, Shri Trilokinath ji had suggested listing the patriotic songs of Rafi Sahab.

The internet search could not reveal much results, except one collector in Bhopal claiming 87 patriotic songs by Rafi Sahab.

I thought it would be 100+ and started compiling the list. I could get 122.

There is bound to be some nitpicking with version numbers like as in each para of “Ae watan“ being counted as a separate song (by Rafiology, one of the biggest Rafi Sahab fans in the planet, who selflessly uploaded songs in best quality in youtube). Many paras in Ae Watan are sung with different emotions. Similarly, sad and happy version in my view have to be counted as two different songs.

There are some real non filmi gems in the list 100+ is a stupendous number, and am sure all other singers put together would not have reached that number


The complete list is available here. Songs listed in the table below.

1. 15 August Se Humein Kyon Itni Preet Hai
2. Aaj Ga Lo Muskura Lo (happy)
3. Aaj Ga Lo Muskura Lo (sad)
4. Aaj Kasauti Ki Bela Hai
5. Aaj Watan Ne Humein Pukaara
6. Aaj Watan Ne Humein Pukaara
7. Aakash Ke Aanchal Mein
8. Aao Bhakto Katha Suno
9. Aao Lehraao Tiranga (Ek Baras Ki Azaadi Ka)
10. Aapas Ke Jhagdon Ne
11. Aaya Ant Jagat Ka
12. Ab Jung Shuru Kal Se
13. Ab Koi Gulshan Na Ujade
14. Ab Toh Dilli Door Nahin
15. Ab Tumhaare Hawaale Watan Saathiyo
16. Adam Ka Lahu
17. Ae Maa Meri Yaadon Ko
18. Ae Mere Laadlo Utho (originally composed during India’s war with China)
19. Ae Mere Watan Mere Pyaare Watan (part i)
20. Ae Mere Watan Mere Pyaare Watan (part ii)
21. Ae Mere Watan Mere Pyaare Watan (part iii)
22. Ae Watan Ae Watan (Hum rahe na rahe)
23. Ae Watan Ae Watan (Inqulaab Zindabaad)
24. Ae Watan Ae Watan (Jab Shaheedon Ki Arthi)
25. Ae Watan Ae Watan (Jalte Bhi Gaye)
26. Ae Watan Ae Watan (Koi Punjab Se)
27. Ae Watan Ae Watan (Raakhi Baandhi Thi)
28. Ae Watan Ae Watan (Seh Chuke Hain Sitam)
29. Ae Watan Ae Watan (Tu Na Rona)
30. Amar Hai Jhansi Ki Rani
31. Apni Azaadi Ko Hum
32. Apni Azaadi Ko Hum
33. Awaaz Do Hum Ek Hain (sung during Indo-China war in 1962)
34. Azaadi Aayi Bhi Toh Kya
35. Begunhaaon Ka Lahu Hai
36. Bharat Ka Lal Dil Ka Sahaara Chala Gaya
37. Bharat Waalon Bhool Na Jaana
38. Buddh Ki Pukaar Sun
39. Chad Kar Sooli Bharat Maa Ki
40. Daulat Ki Hukumat Jaayegi
41. Desh Mein Sankat Aaya Hai
42. Dhanye Dhanye Mata Ke Lal
43. Dharti Hai Yeh Gautam Ki
44. Dharti Maa Ke Veer Sipaahi
45. Dushmanon Saavdhan Satruon Saavdhan
46. Gandhi Subash Ke Bina
47. Ganga Meri Maa Ka Naam
48. Gaon Humein Gardan Se Pyaara
49. Hain abhi dil mein
50. Hamaara Pyaara Hindistan
51. Hamara Bharat Hamaari Janani
52. Hindustan Ke Hum Hain
53. Hindustan Ki Kasam
54. Hoke Majboor Usne Mujhe Bhulaya Hoga
55. Hua Savera Jaag Uthe
56. Hum Laayein Hain Toofan Se
57. Hum Na Sochenge Apne Bachchon Ki
58. Hum Punjabi Hum Bengali
59. Iss Dharti Par Basne Waala
60. Iss Vishal Dharti Pe Chaahe
61. Iss Waaste 15 August Hai Humein Pyaara
62. Jad Tak Desh Azaad Nahin Hunda Mera
63. Jahan Daal Daal Par
64. Jai Jawaan Jai Kisaan
65. Jannat Ki Hai Tasveer
66. Jin Veeron Ne Watan Ka Sar
67. Jin Veeron Ne Watan Ka Sar
68. Jug Jug Jiyo Jawahar (Hum Haath Jod Kar)
69. Jung Ka Dushman Aman Ka Saathi
70. Karo Zindagi Ko Watan Ke Hawaale
71. Karti Hai Fariyaad Yeh Dharti
72. Laakhon Rangon Se Rangna Hai
73. Laakhon Sardaaron Ka Sardaar
74. Lo Aaj Suno Apne Shaheedon Ki Kahaani
75. Maadar-e-Watan Maadar-e-Watan
76. Main Albela Hindustani
77. Mera Rang de basanti chola
78. Mera Rang De Basanti Chola
79. Mera Rang De Basanti Chola
80. Mere Geet Hain Anaam
81. Mere Himalaya Ke Paasbaanon
82. Meri Laash Ki Mitti
83. Nafrat Ki Laathi Todo
84. Naujawaanon Bharat Ki Taqdeer
85. Pagdi Sambhaal Jatta
86. Pagdi Sambhaal Oye
87. Pyaar Ki Raah Dikha Duniya Ko
88. Pyaar Ki Raah Dikha Duniya Ko (slow)
89. Raah-e-Wafa Mein Nikle Hain
90. Rajguru Ne Jhansi Chhodi
91. Ram Krishna Ki Dharti Par
92. Rang De Basanti Chola
93. Rang Se Roop Se Bhale Hum Juda
94. Saadi Sone Di Dharti
95. Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna
96. Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna
97. Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna
98. Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna
99. Sarfaroshi Ki Tammana
100. Shaheedi Yaar Di
101. Shaheedon Amar Hai Tumhaari
102. Shaheedon Ki Mazaaron Par
103. Shaheedon Tumko Mera Salaam
104. suno suno ae duniya walo bapu ki yeh
105. Taaqat Watan Ki Humse Hai
106. Uss Mulk Ki Sarhad Ko
107. Uth Ae Watan Ke Naujawaan
108. Utha Hai Toofan
109. Utha Ke Sar Chalo
110. Utho Bulbulon Tod Do
111. Vardi Hai Bhagwaan Fauji Mera Naam
112. Vekho Loko Khidan Toh Pehlon
113. Watan Ke Zarre Zarre
114. Watan Ki Aabroo Khatre Mein Hai
115. Watan Ki Amaanat Meri Zindagi
116. Watan Ki Raah Mein (Part i)
117. Watan Ki Raah Mein (Part ii)
118. Watan Pe Jo Fida Hoga (Part i)
119. Watan Pe Jo Fida Hoga (Part ii)
120. Yeh Desh Hai Veer Jawaanon Ka
121. Yeh Hind Ki Kahaaniyan
122. Yeh Sar Rahe Na Tan Rahe

Jai Hind

Waiting for additions.

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27 Blog Comments to “List of 120 Patriotic songs by Rafi Sahab”

  1. krishanu Bhattacharyya says:

    What Allah is to the Muslim brothers, Bhagwan to the Hindu brothers, Rafisaab to me like allah and bhagwan.

  2. Kota ravindra Nath Nandigama says:

    Mohammad rafi saheb was aGod sent singer to accomplish with Naushad saheb to show the university His love, beauty and affection towards people of all times. Some gems come from the earth some come from above Rafi Sab is such.

  3. Absar Ahmed says:

    Please Add one more “Watan ki Shan ke liye , Inquilaab ke liye , Congress ko Vote do “

  4. Anonymous says:

    Mere des me pawan chale purwai
    Mat puch mera hai kaun watan from mr india

  5. Mr. S. Rajan
    Your blog on Rafi Saheb’s patriotic song list is absolutely stunning
    and I don’t think that there can be any missing.. It looks perfect.
    In the same way, Can you compile his Non-filmy songs & gazals
    alongwith the name of lyricist & composer ?
    My self Rafi’s fan, namely Mahesh Thaker from Ahmedabad,Gujarat
    My phone-9824930655.

  6. Mohammad Basheer says:

    What is the use of this kind of hard efforts. It does not open the eyes of ‘Nav Desh Bakht’. Every Awards in the film world must be provided him posthumously. But the Undeserved possess Deserved.

    Authorised people unable to see, 35 years after his Demise he was elected the singer of the Millenn- ium in polls that were conducted by int’l media people. That was too twice in 2001 and 2015. Most of the competitors were alive at the polling period. Ridiculous.

  7. Zafar Ahmad says:


  8. Zafar Ahmad says:

    I will request you several millions Rafi lovers to cast vote to Rafi Sahib because our singer is the best in all respect in the world.

    Please go to google and write the mentioned below:

    Vote to Rafi

    and cast vote to Rafi sahib.

  9. Ahamed Kutty says:

    It is a wonder that even after 36 years of his heavenly abode,
    no singer could match,brought back or maintain the same
    versatility,divine voice of Rafi Saab.I think because of these
    qualities he will be remembered and his song will be played
    until the world exist.LONG LIVE THE ONE AND ONLY RAFI

  10. Mohd basheer says:

    The ultimate reality, that is Rafi Saheb,but who listens.

  11. Mohd Rafi Fan Club says:

    I have a running fan club account of Rafi Sahab on twitter by the name Mohd Rafi Fan Club and id @mohdrafiFC. Please join it and I like to link that account to this website, and 2-3 admins, to make it more active and popular on twitter.
    Please reply, if you want to do it. I will wait.

  12. Santhanakrishnan says:

    Dear Swaminathan,

    I do not know what is the criterion that you will use, I have the following songs to suggest.
    a. Nehruji ki amar kahani (Vidyarthi)ds
    b. Kadam badhaye ja (Bada bhai)(Inspirational)
    c. Nanhe munne bachche teri (Boot polish) (Inspirational)


  13. Santhanakrishnan says:

    Dear Swaminathan,

    “Amazing” is the word I have for this collection.

    There may be a few songs which praise parts of Bharat (Har chehra yahan chand ka har zarra sitara). And some funny songs praising Hidustani “Main hun mister Johny”

    Looking forward to more articles from you


  14. Dr. Khaja Aliuddin says:

    Swaminathanji, Salaam,
    Great compilation and enormous effort.
    You are a true lover of Rafi Sahab.
    Million thanks and keep up the good work.
    ” Khuda kare Zore Khalam aur Ziyada ”

    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin
    A Diehard fan of Rafi Sahab

  15. Sara says:

    A great article and what a grand job you’ve done in listing all these songs which are still being enjoyed today. I also have to agree with Ravi ji that the Bharat Ratna should be awarded in Mohd Rafi’s name as soon as possible as it’s long overdue. The great man died without receiving it which is very sad in itself but many of his fans would like justice to take place so they can die knowing that their legend finally got his due!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Dipak N Jham says:

    Hi Lovely Article
    What about the song from BALIKA BADHU which is not included
    “Yeh chooriyan nahin Hathkadiyan Hai” sung by Rafisaab
    Even that is I think a partiotic Song & also the song from SHANKAR DADA called “Amiron Watan Se”


  17. swaminathan says:

    Ravi Sarma ji and others

    Thanks for your kind words

    The website has provided a link to download the list in excel file. For that please click on the blue “here” ” The complete list is available here. Songs listed in the table below.

    This was done as the list with all the details viz Film Name, Year, MD, and Lyricist could not be provided in the blog page due to size/space limitations



  18. ravi sarma says:

    Dear Rajan and all Rafians,

    Many thanks to you for the lovely number of patriotic songs listed out here.

    It is indeed a great honor for all of us that we are living and enjoying the songs of the great singer who can never be replaced by anyone in the times to come.

    I request you to kindly arrange to send the name of the film, lyricist, music director and year of release so that anyone (like me) interested in making a CD can do so without much difficulty.

    Let’s enjoy Rafi’s every song and every moment.



    PS: It is long overdue that Rafi Saab has not yet been awarded the highest Civilian honor of the country – Bharat Ratna – which he deserved even while he was alive. At least now we should take up strongly with the Govt for a posthumous award on him.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I think Rafi Sahab singing for Talat ji is an error. Though Talat ji acted in around 14 films as per wikipedia, I dont think Rafi Sahab has given playback for him.

    Btw there is one addition to the list of patriotic songs, Mere desh mein pawan chale, film Jigri dost. (Two parts).

    Waiting for more additions

    The website has provided a link for downloading the excel file of the list, which gives all details viz film, year, Music Director and lyricist.



  20. Samir Bhakta says:

    Very Hard work done. Thanks!

  21. Ateb Shaikh says:

    My question is for Mehtab-Ud-Din who said on August 15, 2016 at 6:17 am that Rafi sahab sang for Talat Mehmood. I want to know which song & film name please.

  22. K P Hassan says:

    Mr. Swaminathan Rajan, the efforts made by you to find out the list of patriotic songs sung by our beloved RAFI SAHAB is very appreciable. Thanks for giving us this valuable information. Keep it up. Best of luck.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Hai Swaminathan Ji. .It is a great job that you did for Rafi fans in this occasion that our country celebrates its 70th Independence day. One song is missing from the list. Film Amar Shaheed. Music by Jamal Sen , song ” Raat Zulm ki kat jayegi baagega andhiyaara”

  24. Sharad Bhausaheb Desai says:

    Rafisahab contributed greatly with dedication all types of songs which his lovers go along in day to day life….Thank you swaminathanji…good collection…

  25. Arif Nazar says:

    Thanks Swaminathan Rajan Sir

  26. VINOD MEHRU says:

    great information swami jo. keep it up

  27. Thanks Mr. Swaminathan Rajan. for providing the Patriotic Songs’s List of Rafi Sahib. No other singer can match the heights of our Greaatest Rafi Sahib. He exceeds in every aspect. None can imitate him and nobody can never reach to his heights. You are immortal, Rafi Sahib. The Great Film Producer Director Manmohan Desai rightly said that ”The Voice of GOD would surely be just like Rafi Sahib.” There is no doubt that no other singer has such melodious and soothing voice, which suits to everybody.
    No other Playback Singer has sung so many Patriotic songs. No other main Male singer has sung so many Holy Hindu Bhajans, Muslim Naats, Shabads of Sikh religion and Christian songs. No other main male singer has sung so many Qawallis. No other male singer has sung on screen for Kishore Kumar and Talat Mehmood (who themselves were the renowned singers) etc. etc. The list for such achievements of Rafi sahib can be so long. No other singer has touched those heights of popularity, where he reached in his life-span.
    But Alas ! Rafi sahib didn’t get due recognition from the Government of India. He certainly deserves BHARAT RATNA, but perhaps due to some political or other reasons; still such decision is not being taken. We can feel pity on the part of Govt. Earlier, Honourable Mr. Ram Vilas Paswan, Union Minister of Food and Public Distribution has raised the issue of Bharat Ratna to Rafi Sahib, when he was not in power. But now all the Fans of Rafi Sahib or the related/concerned Organizations/Clubs should pursue the case through the Hon. Minister.

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